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*** 2-Step Verification***

2 Step Verification has been implemented, the Pierce County Clerk has implemented a 2-Step Verification process for the viewing of Confidential cases or documents from the LINXONLINE public website. The process requires two-step verification for access to confidential documents and cases by LINX subscribers. To view a confidential document or case the subscriber must complete an additional verification step. Options include Google Authenticator, Key Fob, Email or Text message verification.

Setup your 2-Step Verification from the My Account button.
For more Information go to 2 Step Verification Instructions.

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Enter your LINX Account number and Password/PIN. If you are an attorney, your LINX account number is your Washington State Bar Association Number. If you are a county employee and use the LINX application, enter your username and password.

You may request a LINX account.  An account will enable you to electronically file documents, confirm and strike proceedings, and more.

LINX Help Desk: 253-798-7757.