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Created: Monday January 22, 2018 3:57PM

Pierce County Corrections Jail Roster

The jail roster lists all persons that are in custody of the Pierce County jail including persons in the Yakima facility, in the hospital, and on a temporary release. The roster also lists persons released in the last 48 hours. The roster does not include persons who are on home detention, at Western State Hospital, or part of the Breaking the Cycle program.

  Jail Name Booking ID Facility Release Date
  AARON, D ANDRE DESHAY 2017145048   Main Jail
  ABDALLA, HAYTHAM MOHAMED 2017296033   New Jail
  ABIVA, DEAN EDGAR 2018003038   New Jail
  ACKERSON, JR, RONALD DOUGLAS 2017346019   Remann Hall
  ACOSTA DELA CRUZ, ELOY 2017325018   New Jail
  ADAM, JESSE BEN 2018012015   New Jail
  ADAMSON, JR, JEL SAMUEL 2018013018   New Jail
  ADLER, PAMELA JOY 2018011020   New Jail
  AFUVAI, LAMONT BENSON 2017314003   New Jail
  AGOSTO, MATHEW ADRIAN 2018018029   New Jail
  AGUIRRE, CARLOS WAYNE 2016270028   Main Jail
  AHQUIN, IVAN LEE 2017014024   Main Jail
  AHSAN, PELETISARA 2018019029   Main Jail
  ALEXANDER, MCKENZIE WILSON 2017336021   Main Jail
  ALLEN, DARCUS DEWAYNE 2015064013   Main Jail
  ALLEN, NATHANIEL BRIAN 2017214039   Main Jail
  ALLISON, BOBBIE SUE 2018008017   Main Jail
  ALLMAN, KEVIN MAURICE 2017323008   New Jail
  ALSTON, KENDALL TODD 2017295031   Main Jail
  ALSTON, SHAWN AVERY 2018001037   Main Jail
  ALVARADO, ANGELINA 2018004028   New Jail
  ALVARADO, JOSIAH RENE 2017321048   New Jail
  ANDERSEN, AARON ALAN 2018003004   New Jail
  ANDERSON, JR, ROBERT JAMES 2017200011   New Jail
* ANDERSON, TYLER JEFFERY 2018022033   New Jail
  ANDERSON, VANESSA LARAE 2018008041   New Jail
  ANDREASEN, BRYAN MICHAEL 2018007033   Main Jail
  ANDREW, JOHN GREGORY 2017274021   Main Jail
  ANTHONY, GERMARKUS DARON 2017147014   New Jail
  ARDRY, AARON MICHAEL 2018009056   Main Jail
  ARENCIBIA, DARIUS 2017348048   Main Jail
  ARMSTRONG, TRANIECE LASHE 2018002035   New Jail
  ARREDONDO, FERNANDO MARQUEZ 2017319029   Main Jail
  ARREOLA, JORGE 2017072041   Main Jail
* ARRINGTON, VANIKA CHERELL 2018022001   (Not in Custody) 1/22/2018 11:15 AM
  ARSIGA, ANTONIO JESUS 2018007028   New Jail
  ASHWORTH, JEREME JUSTIN 2017240053   New Jail
  ATALIG, FRANKLIN JESSE 2017362032   New Jail
  AUGUST, CHRISTOPHER RYAN 2017263030   Main Jail
  AUSTIN, JON STUART 2018014014   New Jail
  AYALA REYES, JOSE JONAEL 2016190045   Main Jail
  BABAUTA, JR, EDDIE TAJALLE 2017300035   Main Jail
* BABBS, KAREEM ABDUL 2018020005   (Not in Custody) 1/21/2018 9:35 PM
  BACON, JOHN HARLEY 2017353062   Main Jail
  BADGLEY, TODD BRYAN 2017286018   New Jail
  BAILEY, RYAN TIMOTHY 2018007027   New Jail
  BAKER, JASON BRANDON 2017352017   New Jail
  BAKER, KELSEA DAWN 2018002048   New Jail
  BALTAZA FLOREZ, JOSE LUIS 2017285043   New Jail
  BANGO, DONALD WILLIAM 2015347033   Main Jail
* BANKS HOPKINS, DAVID LEOTIS 2018021006   Main Jail
  BARNERT, TODD WILLIAM 2018006017   Main Jail
  BARNES, JR, WAYNE ERIC 2018005040   New Jail
  BARNES, SHAMINKA MONIQUE 2018018042   Main Jail
  BARRAGER, GREGORY ALLEN 2017304022   New Jail
  BARRAGON MENDOZA, JOSE 2018019012   New Jail
* BARRIGA, PEDRO ALEJANDRO 2018020016   (Not in Custody) 1/21/2018 12:40 PM
  BARTRO, DION ROBERT 2017341030   New Jail
  BASHAW, TYLER ROBERT 2017352042   Main Jail
  BASON, DERRICK ALLEN 2017222014   New Jail
  BASS, LOUIE B JUNIOR 2017164049   Main Jail
  BASSETTE, JEFFREY SCOTT 2017209028   Main Jail
  BATEMAN, DONOVAN PATRIC 2017222044   Remann Hall
  BATTEN, WAYNE GRAHAM 2017213052   Main Jail
  BAYER, RAYAH JISSELE 2018009061   New Jail
  BAYLIS, ZONTICE DASHAWN 2018003005   Main Jail
  BEAL, MICHAEL DONAVAN 2017180042   Main Jail
  BEANBLOSSOM, DANNY T 2017307022   New Jail
  BEAVERS, JR, FREDDIE LERONE 2017192036   New Jail
  BECKOFF, NICHOLAS DEEN 2017271035   New Jail
  BEERS, THEODORE JAY 2017312031   New Jail
  BEESON, TIMOTHY GRANT 2017227044   New Jail
  BEGNAUD, II, PAUL JOSEPH 2017348011   New Jail
  BELANGER, JAKE MICHAEL 2016312037   Main Jail
  BELLAMY, MAURYAE ISAAC 2017279001   Main Jail
  BENDER, TROY ALLEN 2018009069   New Jail
  BENEDICT, COLBY ALLAN 2018019008   New Jail
  BENNETT, CRYSTAL CIERRA 2017350024   New Jail
  BENZMILLER, JASON MICHAEL 2017287010   New Jail
  BERRY, DANTE LEE 2018018045   New Jail
  BERRY, DEREK TERRENCE 2017290049   Main Jail
  BERRY, DESMOND EMMANUEL 2017297012   New Jail
  BERRY, KERRY LYNN 2017314013   Main Jail
  BETTS, DANIELLE DENAE 2017220015   New Jail
  BETZ, DEVIN PAUL 2018008001   Main Jail
  BEVERLY, CHRISTOPHER SHANE 2017365020   Main Jail
* BIANCALANA, NICHOLAS DAVID 2018020024   (Not in Custody) 1/22/2018 8:30 AM
  BISCHOFF, DOUGLAS ALFRED 2017071020   Main Jail
  BISHOP, JACK LEROY 2017329015   New Jail
  BIZZLE, RICHARD LEANDRA 2017307006   Main Jail
  BJORNE, SHAWN EDWARD 2018018034   New Jail
  BLACKBEAR, JR, HERBERT 2018010041   Main Jail
  BLACKBURN, JOSHUA JAMES 2017353035   New Jail
  BLANCHETTE, JOSEPH N 2017299022   New Jail
  BLANCO, LUIS ENRIQUE 2017291011   Main Jail
  BLAND, MARCUS LONNIE 2018012010   Main Jail
  BLYTHE, JORDAN PAUL ALLAN 2017213054   Main Jail
  BOBBIT, CORY EVAN 2018018027   (Not in Custody) 1/22/2018 8:30 AM
  BOLDEN, WILLIAM EVERETT 2018007039   Main Jail
* BOLDT, MARCUS WILLIAM 2018022011   New Jail
  BONESKE, DONNA LOUISE 2018012016   Main Jail
  BORDERS, NICHOLAS ALLEN 2018012019   New Jail
  BORGEN SANDOVAL, LUDWING M 2018012021   New Jail
  BOWEN, JR, RONALD EUGENE 2017354050   New Jail
  BOWLIN, GARY JAQUEL 2018013006   Main Jail
* BOWMAN, MAXWELL LOUIS 2018022012   New Jail
  BOYD, BRODERICK JAMAR 2017109054   Main Jail
  BOYSEN, CHRISTIANA JOHANNA 2018016025   Main Jail
  BRADFORD, RONNIE CLYDE 2017038045   Main Jail
  BRAN, BOBBIE MARIA ALICIA 2018009075   New Jail
  BRANCH, JASIRI ELIJAH 2017348006   Main Jail
  BRANCH, KIA MARIE 2017353034   Main Jail
  BRANTLEY, ERIC MICHAEL 2017354038   (Not in Custody) 1/21/2018 3:24 PM
  BRASSELL, DIONTAE UTEESE 2017305025   New Jail
  BRAXTON, JR, NORMAN 2017249048   New Jail
  BRAYER, DOUGLAS LANE 2017323022   New Jail
  BREWER, MOSES MALACHI 2017297047   Main Jail
  BREWER, ROBERT SCOTT 2018009023   Main Jail
  BRIDGAN, SAMUEL JOSIAH 2017248050   Main Jail
  BRITAIN, DESTINY STARR SOLANO 2018012017   Main Jail
  BRITTON, DAVID PAUL 2017304010   New Jail
  BRODERSON, JOSEPH RICHARD D 2018019023   New Jail
* BROOKS, DWAYNE ANTONIO 2018020017   New Jail
  BROOKS, JASMINE MARIE-LYNN 2017277052   Main Jail
  BROUSSARD, ADRIAN TUBIS 2018003006   Main Jail
  BROUSSARD, LAMONT MATEO 2017333024   Main Jail
* BROWN, AMIE ANN 2018022008   Main Jail
  BROWN, CALVIN DEANDRE 2017341004   New Jail
  BROWN, ELIZABETH MARIE 2018009049   New Jail
  BROWN, EVAN CHRISTOPHER 2017310012   New Jail
  BROWN, FALLON V 2015350030   Main Jail
  BROWN, JAMES ANTHONY 2017351015   New Jail
  BROWN, MICHAEL EDWARD 2018017003   New Jail
  BROWN, NATHANIEL 2018001039   Main Jail
  BROWN, PAUL EUGENE 2017266013   Main Jail
  BROWN, SYRETTA ROSHONA 2018002006   Main Jail
  BROWN, TERESA CECELIA 2017353020   New Jail
  BROWNELL, KARL WESLEY 2017348002   New Jail
  BRUCE, HARVEY HAROLD 2017270023   Main Jail
  BRUNDAGE, DARRELL LLOYD 2018004005   New Jail
  BRYANT, GERALD ANTONIO 2018005026   Main Jail
  BRYANT, TYLER WILLIAM 2017291026   Remann Hall
  BUFFUM, TRACY JONATHON 2017178062   New Jail
  BULLARD, SHAMILLE JONATHAN 2017024005   Main Jail
  BURBANK, JOY LYNNE 2018006007   New Jail
  BURDEN, WILLIAM JOSEPH 2017363014   New Jail
  BURGESS, DANIEL WAYNE 2017151020   New Jail
  BURNETT, CHARLES SAMUEL 2017306014   New Jail
  BURNETT, MARK MATTHEW 2017306047   Main Jail
  BURNS, JAMES MILTON 2017334027   New Jail
  BURNS, NETESHA MARIE 2017295019   New Jail
  BURRINGTON, CASEY ALAN 2018003007   New Jail
  BURTON, JIMMY DALE 2018014002   New Jail
  BUTCHER, TRAVIEN DAVID 2017352001   Main Jail
  BUTLER, JOSHUA DAVACIO 2017340021   Main Jail
  BYRD, TROY MONTGOMERY-KHYYAM 2018008035   New Jail
  CADWELL, THOMAS LEE 2017279022   Main Jail
* CALDWELL, CHARRA RUTH 2018021029   Main Jail
* CALI, CHRISTOPHER RAY 2018022023   New Jail
  CALVILLO, JAIME 2018013010   New Jail
  CAMACHO BALBUENA, ANGEL 2017307038   Main Jail
  CAMPBELL, BURNICE ELTON 2018009027   Main Jail
  CAMPBELL, RYAN STEVEN 2017345010   New Jail
  CAMPION, JENNIFER NICOLE 2017324011   New Jail
  CANONICA, SCOTT ALAN 2017363030   Main Jail
  CARDENAS, MARCOS STEVE 2018012018   Main Jail
  CARITHERS, NICHOLAS RYAN 2017054045   New Jail
  CARLSON, PAUL DAVID 2017346025   Main Jail
* CARPER, SARAH RENEE 2018021019   Main Jail
  CARRENO, MIGUEL MATEO 2017356017   New Jail
  CARRILLO, FABIAN BRAVO 2017363010   New Jail
  CARTE, JR, EDWARD LEROY 2017346021   Main Jail
  CARTER, JAMES LEE 2017332053   Main Jail
  CASAS, MICHAEL 2018010048   Main Jail
  CASTENADA, EDGAR BATRES 2017305029   Main Jail
  CASTILLO, DAVID WILLIAM 2018018053   New Jail
  CASTLE, AUTUMN ROSE 2018019022   New Jail
  CELAYA, FERNANDO ANDRES 2017171049   Main Jail
  CHAMBERS, II, PATRICK MICHAEL 2018003041   New Jail
  CHAPA, MANUEL LYNN 2017362029   Main Jail
  CHARLES, LEONARD DION 2017341018   New Jail
  CHELINE, RACHELE JONELLE 2018019025   Main Jail
  CHERRINGTON, RYAN NEAL 2017269011   New Jail
  CHHAY, JADEE 2017316031   Main Jail
  CHI, SOTHYRAK 2018015010   New Jail
  CHICAS CARBALLO, CESAR 2017103043   Main Jail
  CHITH, SOPHEAP 2018011008   Main Jail
  CHRISTENSEN, JAY MARIA 2016305030   Main Jail
  CIMMERY, GARRETT PAUL 2017346009   New Jail
  CISCO, VINNIE ANTHONY P J 2018008002   New Jail
  CIULLA, KYMBERLIE ANN-MARIE 2017349015   New Jail
  CLAIR, MARCUS RAMONTE 2017355015   New Jail
  CLARK, ANTHONY TYRONE 2017110010   Main Jail
  CLARK, CLARENCE EDWARD 2018007029   New Jail
  CLEARY, MICHAEL ANDREW 2018014006   New Jail
  CLEARY, SEXTON ONEAL 2018002047   New Jail
  CLEMENTS, JOSEPH JAMES 2018018009   Main Jail
  CLIFFORD, NICHOLAS EUGENE 2017254024   New Jail
  CLIFTON, SHERLISE NESHEY 2018014027   New Jail
  COLE, THOMAS ALLEN NORMAN 2017326019   New Jail
  COLEY, DEBORAH LEE 2017274024   Main Jail
  COLLINS, DAVID ANDREW 2017341068   Main Jail
  COLLINS, IAN MUSISI 2017208067   New Jail
  COLLINS, JR, ALFONZO GEORGE 2017364028   Main Jail
  COLON, JOSE RICO 2017328020   New Jail
  COLT SARMIENTO, ALBERTO 2015320033   Main Jail
  COMBS, TYLOR JAMES 2017318043   New Jail
  CONLEY, CHRISTOPHER JAMES 2017228031   New Jail
  CONNELL, STEVEN ROBERTO 2018004039   New Jail
  CONRAD, JR, BERNARD ANDREW 2017348039   New Jail
  COOK, CURTIS ROBERT LAWRENCE 2017365006   New Jail
  COOK, RODNEY ALLEN 2018015003   New Jail
  COOKSON, DAMIEN DAK 2017249006   New Jail
  COOPER, JOSEPHINE MARIE 2017304007   New Jail
  COPPADGE, III, LARRY DARNELL 2017360018   Remann Hall
  CORIA MUNIZ, LEONARDO 2017301035   Main Jail
  CORLISS, JEFFREY DUANE 2017358001   Main Jail
  CORNELL, CHARLES LEE 2018005005   Main Jail
* CORPENING, LAVONE MAURICE 2018020021   Main Jail
* COTA CASTRO, CELINA SOPHIA 2018020043   Main Jail
  COTA CASTRO, JOSE ANGEL 2018003054   New Jail
  COTMAN, NASHAWN GORDON 2017095023   Remann Hall
  COX, ANTHONY RICHARD 2017317005   Main Jail
  COX, ARMONDO LARON 2017069013   Main Jail
  COZBY, CHAD CRAWFORD 2018005025   New Jail
  CREIGHTON, KARA NICOLE 2018003033   Main Jail
  CRESS, ASHLEY PARKER 2017352022   Main Jail
  CRESS, JESSE EDWARD 2018002030   New Jail
  CROSS, JR, THIERRY LEON 2018016050   Main Jail
  CROWDER, JR, JAMES WILLIAM 2016279029   Main Jail
  CRUZ, BRYAN JARIET 2018012007   Main Jail
* CRUZ, JUSTIN RYAN 2018020010   Main Jail
  CUDJOE, JAVON LEE 2017317015   Main Jail
  CUNNINGHAM, KYLE DILLON 2017355026   New Jail
  CURRAN, EJAI DAVID 2017364009   Main Jail
  CURRY, DONTE JAMIL 2017339053   Main Jail
  CURTIS, MICHAEL ARDELL 2017362015   New Jail
  CURTIS, NOAH JOHN 2018005015   New Jail
* CURTISS, AARON ALLEN 2018022002   New Jail
  CURTS, JEREMY WAYNE 2018005032   Main Jail
  CUSHMAN, JOHN ARTHUR 2017214066   New Jail
* DALRYMPLE, TIMOTHY STEVEN 2018020030   New Jail
* DAMITZ, CHRISTOPHER ROBERT 2018022016   New Jail
* DANGELO, JAMES BRANDON 2018019057   New Jail
  DAVEY, JUSTIN ALLEN 2017347030   New Jail
  DAVIS, DAMIAN JAMES DAVID 2017317029   New Jail
  DAVIS, DIOJANIQUE DAVONTE 2018019007   (Not in Custody) 1/22/2018 1:00 PM
  DAVIS, KAYL SPENCER 2017258046   Main Jail
  DAVIS, MARKIENA DE-SHANE 2016204031   Main Jail
  DAVIS, MICHAEL LAMONT 2018012008   New Jail
* DAVIS, ORLANDO LAMONT 2018019054   (Not in Custody) 1/20/2018 5:05 PM
  DAWKNS, LUCAS REILEY 2018005008   New Jail
  DE ARCOS, JOSE DE JESUS 2017356016   Main Jail
  DE LEON, JESSICA COLCOL 2018009004   New Jail
  DEAN, NICHOLAS JAMES 2017114001   Main Jail
  DEDERICK, PERRY CLAIRE 2017332040   Main Jail
  DELAUGHDER, JESSE LOREN JAMES 2017230040   Main Jail
  DELEON, EDWARD ADRIAN 2017349023   Main Jail
  DELEON, JOSHUA NICHOLAS 2017324026   Main Jail
  DEMINGS, CODIA ALLEN 2017297063   Main Jail
  DEMOOR, TRENTON DONALD LEE 2017194057   Main Jail
  DESJARDINS, JR, RAYNE PAUL 2017339001   New Jail
  DESTEFANO, CHRISTIAN JORDAN 2017132017   Main Jail
  DETWILER, CHARLES RODNEY 2017346012   (Not in Custody) 1/21/2018 4:50 AM
  DEY, JASON ALAN 2018003058   New Jail
  DHELO, DAVID 2017132016   New Jail
  DIAZ, JUAN CARLOS 2017312011   Main Jail
  DIBBLE, JOSHUA JOSEPH 2017335034   Main Jail
  DICKJOSE, SAJE DAKHOTA 2017326043   Main Jail
  DICKSON, JR, WILLIAM LAWRENCE 2018019034   New Jail
  DILLON, ALEXANDER RAY 2017360003   New Jail
  DINTERU, DINTERU 2017340019   New Jail
* DJORDJEDIC, NATASHA LOUISE 2018022032   New Jail
  DOE, DAVID KYLE 2018002019   New Jail
  DONALDSON, RANDY LOUIS 2017310051   Main Jail
  DONELAN, IV, EDWARD JEROME 2018019004   Main Jail
  DORVAL, JR, MARC ANTOINE 2018016042   New Jail
  DOTSON, PAUL WILLIAM 2017311079   New Jail
* DRAFTON, TASHAWN EMANUEL 2018021017   New Jail
  DRAGOO, CHRISTOPHER EDWARD 2018003019   Main Jail
  DUENAS, JACOB MARK 2017333044   Main Jail
  DUGAR, XAVIER CLINTON 2017104025   New Jail
  DUHME, ROBERT DWAIN 2018002003   New Jail
  DUNBAR, DANTE DEVON 2017312019   Main Jail
  DUNCAN, ANTHONY LEE 2017270019   Main Jail
  DUNCAN, WILLIAM EVERETT 2017229020   Main Jail
  DUNLAP, DOUGLAS WILLIAM 2018002010   New Jail
  DUNN, DANIEL ADAM 2018012055   Main Jail
  DURHAM, JONATHAN PATRICK 2017291042   New Jail
  DYE, III, FRED 2017335026   Main Jail
* DYSERT, JEREMY MICHAEL 2018022007   New Jail
  EDWARDS, SR, LACASTE LEE 2016273043   Main Jail
* EHLERS, HALLEY WRAY 2018019051   New Jail
  EK, VANNAK 2017340038   Main Jail
  ELLENWOOD, LATONIA SKYY 2017343034   New Jail
  ELLIS, BRIAN RAYMOND LORENZO 2017352007   New Jail
  ELLIS, JOSHUA KIONI 2017317035   Main Jail
  ELLIS, KEVIN JALIL 2017278003   New Jail
  ELLISON, CALVIN LEON 2017351010   Main Jail
  ESANBOR, ETINOSA MARIO 2017347032   Main Jail
  ESPINOSA, JOSE JESUS 2018017024   Main Jail
  ETUE, BENJAMIN ALLEN 2018009033   (Not in Custody) 1/22/2018 4:50 AM
  EVANOVICH, WHITNEY MARIE 2017230007   New Jail
  EVANS, MICHAEL ROBERT 2017310052   Yakima
  EVANS, STERLING BRANDON 2018018010   Main Jail
  FAAS, CARLOS JOSE 2017355023   Main Jail
* FABULAE, ANASTASIA LYN 2018022019   (Not in Custody) 1/22/2018 11:25 AM
  FAIN, JR, ROBERT ALAN 2017318050   New Jail
  FALANAI, MAVAEGA 2018009067   New Jail
  FALANIKO, TALOLO LEMISIO 2017345052   (Not in Custody) 1/22/2018 4:45 AM
* FALEALILI, JOSHUA PATRICK 2018019056   (Not in Custody) 1/21/2018 5:16 PM
  FARNAM, JAMES PATRICK 2017300005   Main Jail
  FASCILLA, ALEXANDRA JOY 2017335031   New Jail
* FAWCETT, BRETT MICHAEL 2018019052   New Jail
  FEAZELL, JR, RAY CHARLES 2018002051   New Jail
  FEELEY, ANDREW DAVID 2018013017   Main Jail
  FELIX, AMMIE MARIE 2017337019   New Jail
  FELL, STEVEN RAY 2017352039   New Jail
  FERNANDEZ, BRYONNA SABINA A 2018019039   Main Jail
* FERRER, VANDRECK JAY 2018022015   Main Jail
  FIDELER, THOMAS BARNETT 2017279019   Main Jail
  FIELD, SCOTT GREGORY 2017315016   Yakima
  FLEMING, LEONA MARIE 2017345007   New Jail
* FLETCHER, MELISSA ANN 2018022018   Main Jail
  FLINT, TYLER TODD 2017341048   New Jail
  FOISY, TRACY LYNN 2017284047   Main Jail
  FOJT, JOHN THOMAS 2017325010   New Jail
  FORD, CASEY EVAN 2017221069   New Jail
  FORD, JR, LOUIS EDWARD 2017355039   New Jail
  FORTUNE, DIANE MARIE 2017130053   Main Jail
  FORTUNE, DIVONTE MARTICE 2017291039   Main Jail
  FRANDSEN, WAYNE PETER 2018011041   Main Jail
  FRANKE, MARK CHRISTIAN 2017336011   New Jail
  FRANKLIN, JASON TYREE 2017317011   New Jail
  FREITAS, CHRISTOPHER MARTIN 2017298015   Main Jail
  FRENCH, RORY CLAYTON 2017154011   Main Jail
  FREY, BRIAN ANTHONY 2018011022   New Jail
  FROST, TODD GEOFFREY 2018019013   Main Jail
  FUENTES, MONTEMAR CRUZ 2018001045   Main Jail
  FULLER, TY WILLIAM THACKER 2017143053   New Jail
  FULLERTON, JONATHAN LEE 2017137033   Main Jail
  GAITAN VASQUEZ, JUAN JOSE 2017171034   Main Jail
  GALE, PARRISH SYRON 2017344038   New Jail
  GALLEGOS, DAVID EARL RAY 2017165056   Main Jail
  GAMET, NANAMBI IBO 2017198026   Main Jail
  GANGIDINO, SHANE LEO 2018019032   New Jail
  GARCIA, JENNY LYNN 2018010043   New Jail
  GARCIA, JORGE ALFONSO 2017307031   New Jail
  GARCIA, JUAN JOSE 2017356014   New Jail
  GARCIA-MOLINA, ALFREDO 2018011035   (Not in Custody) 1/21/2018 4:50 AM
  GARDNER, RYAN DANIEL 2017343023   Main Jail
  GARNER, DESIRE KI 2017337017   Main Jail
  GARZA, JR, DAMIEN RAY 2017292013   New Jail
  GARZA, WILLIE RODRIQUEZ 2017317042   Main Jail
  GAU, LORI RENEE 2018016039   New Jail
* GAULT, COLE RICHARD 2018021028   (Not in Custody) 1/21/2018 7:00 PM
  GAYLES, RONNIE LOUIS 2017149014   Main Jail
  GENSCHORCK, GREGORY JAMES 2017288014   Main Jail
  GERRISH, ANDREW EUGENE 2017309033   Outside - Temp Release
  GIBSON, ASHLEY DANIELLE 2017318056   New Jail
  GIESSEL, STUART FREDERICK 2017274020   Main Jail
  GIL, YEVGENY S 2017250025   New Jail
  GILCRIST, TARAIL ELIJAH 2017045031   Main Jail
  GIPSON FAISON, TYREE JEVON 2017285047   Main Jail
  GLEASON, PHILLIP CONRAD 2015156021   Main Jail
  GLIMBERG, CHRISTIAN KIRK 2017317024   New Jail
  GLOVER, DAVID LEE 2018009015   New Jail
  GOMEZ, ROBERT PETE 2017264045   Main Jail
  GONZALEZ MARQUEZ, JUAN RAMON 2017307037   New Jail
  GOODMAN, MARCELLUS XAVIER 2017323012   Main Jail
  GOODWIN, LAKISHA SHANAE 2017076011   New Jail
  GOODYEAR, KEYSUAN FREDRICK 2017291031   Main Jail
  GORDON, III, RICHARD 2017339058   Main Jail
  GORE, JERMAINE LARON ABDUL 2017299013   Main Jail
  GORE, JR, JERMAINE LARON ABDUL 2018013007   Main Jail
* GRADE, JARED JOHN 2018021004   Main Jail
  GRAMMER, BRANDON MICHAEL 2017361040   Main Jail
  GRANACKI, DAVID WAYNE 2017190002   New Jail
  GRAVITT, ASHLEE LYNN 2018012036   New Jail
* GREENLAND, ALEISSIA MAKAYLA 2018022003   Main Jail
  GREENWOOD, KYLE RAYMOND 2018003009   New Jail
  GREER, STEPHEN PATRICK 2017340013   New Jail
  GRIFFIN, DARNELL ELLIOT 2017332011   Main Jail
  GRIFFIN, TERRY JOHN 2018004052   New Jail
  GRIFFITH, ZACHARY EUGENE 2018012035   New Jail
* GROTHER, JEREMY LEE 2018020031   New Jail
  GULLIKSON, SKYLER GORDON 2017354054   New Jail
  GUNTER, NATHAN ANDREW 2017069021   Main Jail
  GUTHRIE, JODY LYNN 2018010020   New Jail
  GUTIERREZ, ROBERTO BUE 2018009047   New Jail
  GUTUTALA, WILLIAM MILE K S 2017325014   New Jail
  HAABY, RICHARD WAYNE 2018005043   New Jail
  HAAG, EMIL HERMAN 2017356037   Main Jail
  HADLEY, JORDAN KEITH 2017353056   Main Jail
* HAFERBECKER, ERICK HENRY 2018021011   New Jail
  HAGEDORN, DAMAN JAMES 2018015009   New Jail
* HAGENESS, LAUREN MARIE 2018020041   Main Jail
* HAINES, SARA FRANCIS 2018022024   Main Jail
  HALL, DONALD ALLEN 2018009043   New Jail
  HALL, KIERRA MARIE 2016110036   New Jail
  HALL, MICHAEL RAE KELLY 2017304023   New Jail
* HAMBRICK, DANNY RAY 2018021036   Main Jail
  HAMILTON, JORK PAUL 2017334031   Main Jail
  HAMILTON, RUSSELL THOMAS 2018018003   New Jail
  HAMILTON, VINCENT PAUL F 2017356040   Main Jail
  HAMILTON, WILLIAM EARNEST 2017313011   New Jail
  HANEL, ANTHONY JAMES 2018007015   Main Jail
  HANEY, JIMMY DEAN 2017276030   New Jail
  HANEY, TRAVIS ALLEN 2018012011   (Not in Custody) 1/22/2018 11:15 AM
  HANNOLD, JR, RICHARD WAYNE 2017333048   New Jail
  HANSON, KEVIN JAMES JAY 2017228032   Main Jail
  HARLEY, DONOVAN BRENT 2018003011   Main Jail
  HARMON, DAMIAN MARCEL 2017191009   New Jail
  HARRIS, DOMONIC ALEXANDER 2017332022   Main Jail
  HARRIS, JR, DENNIS 2017326054   New Jail
  HARRIS, LONNIE COLLINS 2017353063   New Jail
  HARRIS, RICHARD ALLEN 2017278049   New Jail
  HARRIS, RONALD AMIR 2017347026   (Not in Custody) 1/21/2018 5:35 PM
  HART, CECIL JHURAY 2017312045   New Jail
  HART, MICHAEL ANDREW 2016357002   Main Jail
  HAWKINS, CODY JAMES 2017361039   New Jail
  HAWKINS, SEAN JUSTIN 2017312052   Main Jail
  HAYES, VERNELL LAURTHEL 2018007012   Main Jail
  HAYNESWORTH, MONJAE NYKYLE 2017277046   Main Jail
  HAZEN, JAMEZ CHARLES 2018013002   New Jail
  HEALEY, JONATHAN MICHAEL 2017362055   New Jail
* HEATH, KRISTI LYN 2018022020   Main Jail
  HECK BENNETT, TERRELL 2018002013   Main Jail
  HECKART, JAMES MICHAEL 2018011036   New Jail
  HECKER, DANIEL BLANE 2018005023   New Jail
  HEDRICK, DYLAN JAMES 2018013024   New Jail
  HEDSTROM, JOSHUA PAUL 2017347036   New Jail
  HEIDAL, FLORA JANE ANTONIA 2017254030   Main Jail
  HENDERSON, EFREM CENTRELL 2017325009   New Jail
  HENDERSON, MARSELE KENNETH 2015113013   Main Jail
  HENDERSON, TRAVIS LYNN 2017236046   New Jail
  HENDRICKS, MICHAEL BLAIN 2017308012   Main Jail
  HENINGTON, FOREST WARD 2017325016   Main Jail
  HENN, DONALD JOSEPH 2018019017   New Jail
  HENRY, JAMAL RASHEEM 2017179047   Main Jail
  HENRY, JESSE ROMELL 2017305049   New Jail
  HENRY, PATRICK JAMES 2017362014   New Jail
  HERNANDEZ, JASON PAUL JOSEPH 2017236015   New Jail
  HERNDON, II, LLOYD EDWIN 2017355014   New Jail
  HERRING, JOHN DION 2017326004   New Jail
  HERRON, DOMINIQUE RENEE 2017293061   Main Jail
  HETRICK, CHRISTINA NICOLE 2018015025   New Jail
  HICKS, JAREL MYCHAEL 2017213043   Main Jail
  HIGHTOWER, ASIA MARIE 2017249015   New Jail
  HILL, JACQUINA JAMIE 2017365007   New Jail
  HILL, JR, DAVID LEE 2017359015   New Jail
  HINES, CODY STEVEN 2018018011   New Jail
* HINES, HAVIER ELIAS 2018021018   New Jail
  HINES, LIAM ETHAN JAWARA 2018017026   New Jail
  HITE, STANLEY BLAIN 2017344010   New Jail
  HOBBLE, JONATHAN LEE 2017341012   New Jail
  HOBGOOD, PAUL RAYMOND 2017150057   Main Jail
* HODGINS, CHRISTOPHER DAVID 2018020014   New Jail
  HOFFMAN, JARED EVAN 2017348055   Main Jail
  HOLLAND, BRIAN JOSEPH 2017244023   Main Jail
  HOLLAND, TARA LYNN 2017293028   New Jail
  HOLLIDAY, EMANUEL CARL 2017334055   Main Jail
  HOLT, MATTHEW JEFFREY 2017257031   Main Jail
  HOOK, RIO CHRISTOPHER 2017355033   New Jail
  HOOKS, JUSTUS TAIJAUNE 2018007037   Main Jail
  HOPEY, MATTHEW ALLEN 2018004014   New Jail
  HOPKINS, III, DARRYL EUGENE 2018003015   Main Jail
  HORSLEY, III, NELIOUS EUGENE 2017028009   Main Jail
  HOSCHAR, THOMAS EDWARD 2017339015   New Jail
  HOULE, KYLAN KEATON 2017345019   Main Jail
  HOWARD, JASON MICHAEL 2018019044   New Jail
  HOWARD, STEPHEN DARNELL 2017334052   New Jail
  HUBER, PATRICK DAVID 2017103037   Main Jail
  HUDSON, BRANDON MICHAEL 2017301003   New Jail
  HUDSON, NATASHA NOEL 2018019024   Main Jail
* HULSE, JOHN KENNETH 2018021015   New Jail
  HUNT, DONTEAS ROGER LEE 2017249009   New Jail
  HUNTER, ROBERT NATHANIEL 2018012047   New Jail
  HURST, MICHAEL JEROME 2017275045   Main Jail
  HUSE, DEVAN TREY 2017340031   Main Jail
  HUSON, KENNETH JEFFREY 2018008008   Main Jail
* HUTCHINS, MICHELLE LEANNE 2018021035   Main Jail
  IBRAHIM, SAMUEL AARON 2017335037   Main Jail
  ICKES, JR, HOWARD JAMES 2018009048   New Jail
  IDLER, MICHAEL MARTIN 2018016002   New Jail
  INGE, JERAMIE MICHAEL 2018018041   New Jail
  INMAN, DANIEL JAMES 2018004003   Main Jail
* IRISH, JORDEA ISABELLE 2018019055   (Not in Custody) 1/20/2018 4:45 PM
  ISAACSON, HOWARD ALLEN 2017240036   Main Jail
  ITTU, LIKAIK DAVID 2018017032   Main Jail
  IVERSON, DOUGLAS JEROME 2018009010   New Jail
  JACKSON, CRYSTAL SHARE 2015045003   Main Jail
  JACKSON, DEMARIO DESHAWN 2017319040   Main Jail
  JACKSON, JR, MICHAEL ANTHONY 2017164015   New Jail
  JACKSON, MICHAEL LEE 2016216053   Main Jail
  JACKSON, ROBERT ALLEN 2017249046   New Jail
  JAFFE, JOHN IRWIN 2017279039   New Jail
  JAMES, DAVID WILLIAM 2017316033   New Jail
  JAYNES, ADAM LEE 2017353050   New Jail
  JENKINS, KATHERINE MARIE 2017354022   New Jail
* JENKINS, LILA KAY 2018021007   Main Jail
  JENNINGS, JUSTIN NICHOLAS 2017131032   Main Jail
  JENSEN, FORREST ERIC 2017348020   Main Jail
  JOHNSON MOORE, WHITNEY O 2018019040   New Jail
  JOHNSON, ADRIAN PIERRE 2017349044   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, DESHONNE UCERY 2018002011   New Jail
  JOHNSON, DONALD ISAAC 2017330003   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, FRANK CORTES 2017357024   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, JAMES LARRY 2016168012   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, JAMES LELAND 2017068035   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, JOSHUA JAMES 2017326053   New Jail
  JOHNSON, MAKAYLAH MORAE 2017354025   New Jail
  JOHNSON, MARIO UCERY 2018016035   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, MICHAEL LINERD 2017131034   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, NYKYA HOPE 2017317016   Main Jail
  JOHNSTON, TONY EUGENE 2017341024   Maple Lane
  JONES, BYRON LAVIRGNE 2017334022   New Jail
  JONES, CHRISTOPHER STERLING 2017191029   Main Jail
  JONES, DASMON TAIWIAN 2017277040   Main Jail
  JONES, DEONTEA XAVAIR 2017249011   New Jail
  JONES, HOWARD RAY 2017275037   Main Jail
* JONES, JAMES FABIAN 2018022013   New Jail
  JONES, JONATHAN ROBERT 2017316019   Main Jail
  JONES, KIERRA MONIQUE 2017360024   (Not in Custody) 1/21/2018 4:50 AM
  JONES, MARVEN LAMONT 2017315010   New Jail
* JONES, RYAN JOHN DAVID 2018022028   New Jail
  JONES, SONYA LEKESHIA 2018017028   Main Jail
  JORY, CLINT JAMES 2018004031   New Jail
  JOYA, MARC ANTHONY 2018013035   New Jail
* JUGE, ERIN MARIE 2018020009   New Jail
  JUNEAU, BEVERLY CHRISTINE 2017357014   New Jail
  KALCHIK, PAUL ANTHONY 2017254007   New Jail
  KARPINSKI, ANDREW PETER 2017302028   New Jail
  KAZIBWE, IVAN THOMAS 2018019041   New Jail
  KAZULIN, JEFFREY JAY 2017326032   New Jail
  KEARL, STEVEN JOHN 2017286016   Main Jail
  KEGLEY, SCOTT MICHAEL 2017355019   New Jail
  KELDERHOUSE, THOMAS JOSEPH 2017315004   Main Jail
* KELLOGG FULGHUM, ALIESHA MARIE 2018020004   (Not in Custody) 1/21/2018 5:16 PM
  KENDRICK, CHRISTOPHER CHARLES 2018018023   (Not in Custody) 1/22/2018 8:30 AM
  KERSHAW, TOMMIE JORDAN 2017326034   Main Jail
  KEYS, ALVIN LEE 2017354023   New Jail
  KEYS, DOMINICK 2017088032   Main Jail
* KIDD, JR, GREGORY LEE 2018022022   New Jail
  KIDD, ROSS WARNER 2017266015   New Jail
* KIELY, KEVIN MAURICE 2018022031   New Jail
* KILLIAN HORACE, OCTIVIUS TYRON 2018019053   (Not in Custody) 1/21/2018 8:35 PM
  KILLIAN, KURT RYAN 2018001036   New Jail
  KIM, JONG HOON 2017248001   New Jail
  KIM, KENNEDY K 2017153049   Main Jail
  KIMBRELL, JR, NATHAN RICKY M 2017061009   Main Jail
  KING, III, CLAYTON TYRONE 2017295011   Main Jail
* KINMAN, MARLY JEAN 2018021025   Main Jail
  KINYANJUI, DUNCAN MUIRURI 2017362040   New Jail
* KIRBY, JOSHUA RYAN 2018021005   Main Jail
  KIRKEVOLD, GARRETT ERICK 2018016037   New Jail
  KITNA, STEPHANIE MARIE 2018017025   New Jail
  KNIGHT, TOR KILDAL 2018003055   New Jail
  KONECNY, DEVIN JOHN 2016265047   Main Jail
  KOTLYAROV, SERGEY VLADIMIR 2017228030   New Jail
* KROL, SR, MATTHEW DAVID 2018022010   (Not in Custody) 1/22/2018 1:00 PM
* KRONLUND, JOSHUA GENE 2018022026   New Jail
  KUDLA, JUSTICE ELIZABETH 2018016018   Main Jail
  KURYLAS, PAVLO SVITOSLAV 2017232014   New Jail
  KUYOTH, JORDAN ALEXANDER 2017251034   Main Jail
* LACKIE, NICOLE MARIE 2018020019   New Jail
  LAKEY, CHRISTOHER ALLEN 2017319058   Main Jail
  LAMPHERE, CHARLES ROBERT 2017283012   Main Jail
  LANCASTER, DAVID JAMES 2017358023   New Jail
  LANDRON, RYAN NICHOLAS 2017346043   New Jail
  LANG, KARL ANDREW 2018018044   Main Jail
  LANGLOW, MICHAEL DEAN 2017213026   Main Jail
  LARSON, JASON EUGENE 2018004068   Main Jail
  LARSON, KEATON MATTHEW 2017008019   New Jail
* LAURRY, VERNE 2018020026   New Jail
  LAYTON, JONATHON STEVEN 2017279015   New Jail
  LAZALDE, SALVADORE 2017309011   New Jail
  LAZAR, AUSTIN P 2017081017   Main Jail
  LEAVITT, ERIN CASEY 2017171039   New Jail
  LEBLANC, AKEEM JAMAL 2017326051   Main Jail
  LEBLANC, JR, REGINALD ANTHONY 2017293004   New Jail
  LEE, ALECZANDER THOMAS 2018002028   New Jail
  LEE, DANIEL 2017322008   Outside - Temp Release
  LEE, HENRY KYONG 2018003050   (Not in Custody) 1/20/2018 4:20 PM
  LEE, JACOB SKYLAR ALLYN 2016336023   Main Jail
  LEFFLER, REBECCA LYNNE 2018005017   Main Jail
  LELAND, BRIAN CHRISTOPHER 2017364017   New Jail
  LELLI, JANELLE FRANCIS 2017361022   New Jail
  LENTZ, ROBERT JOHANNES 2018015021   New Jail
* LESKE, NATHAN CHARLES 2018021001   New Jail
  LESLIE, JUSTIN RICHARD 2017339041   New Jail
  LETOURNEAU, DANIEL RICHARD 2017231037   New Jail
  LEUPOLD, MATTHEW RYAN 2017010010   Main Jail
  LEVENS, TIMOTHY JAMES 2017343036   Main Jail
  LEWIS, JESSIE JAMES 2018009042   New Jail
  LEWIS, JR, MICHAEL JEROME 2017135061   New Jail
  LEWIS, RONNIE JAMES 2018015005   New Jail
  LEWIS, WILLIE STEPHON 2017190017   New Jail
  LIBBY, ERYN JEAN 2017348053   New Jail
  LIPPINCOTT, LISA MARIE 2018005002   New Jail
  LITTLEFIELD, JOSEPH TYLER 2017345046   Main Jail
  LITTLEJOHN, KEVIN TRENELL 2018004055   (Not in Custody) 1/22/2018 8:30 AM
  LITTLES, JEFFERY DARNELL 2018010049   New Jail
  LIVINGSTON, ANTHONY JAMES 2017251004   Main Jail
  LIVINGSTON, SUNNY ANGELICA 2017334038   New Jail
  LOETSCHER, SHIRLEY MARIE 2017061048   New Jail
  LOPEZ, SERGIO 2017364016   New Jail
  LOPEZ-FLORES, LAZARO 2017351030   New Jail
  LOREN, JOSHUA LEVI 2017332013   New Jail
  LOUDERBACK, TINA MAY 2017284006   Main Jail
  LOZADA, PABLO 2018012020   New Jail
  LUCY, AMANDA RENEE 2018006026   Main Jail
  LUKE, EZEKIEL ZACHARY 2017318066   Main Jail
  LUKKASSON, AARON LEE 2017199028   New Jail
  LUNA CRUZ, DEIVI JEOVANI 2017014015   Main Jail
  LUNA, JR, SALVADOR 2017248048   Yakima
  LUND, YOLANDA DONNELLE 2014269007   Main Jail
* LUPENKO, JULIA ANN 2018021023   Main Jail
  MAAE, ALLEN VINTORA 2017035021   Main Jail
  MACIAS, JOSE LUIS 2017286039   Main Jail
  MACOMBER, ROBERT LEE 2017218026   Main Jail
  MADDEN, DALE SCOTT 2017194030   Main Jail
  MADDEN, ELDON MAURICE 2017314005   New Jail
* MADDEN, JORDAN REGINA 2018021016   (Not in Custody) 1/21/2018 11:00 AM
  MAESTAS, KEVIN LEE 2018009029   New Jail
  MAGIERA, JESSICA LYNN 2017313033   New Jail
  MAGNUS, JR, DAVID EARL 2017244015   New Jail
* MAKOVINEY, ADAM DOUGLAS 2018022005   New Jail
  MAKUNGU, KAY CHIKOPELA 2017252022   Main Jail
  MANOI, DANNY 2017311024   Main Jail
  MANUS, WILLIAM ALEXANDER 2018010040   Main Jail
  MANVILLE, DAVID NICOLAS 2017349019   New Jail
  MANZANARAS, NICHOLAS 2017346020   New Jail
* MAPUATULI, VALENTINO JOELL 2018022030   New Jail
  MARKWARDT, KYLEEN MARIE 2017271041   New Jail
* MARL, BRIAN JAMES GRADY 2018020033   New Jail
  MARLOWE, COLTON EUGENE 2017342022   New Jail
  MARQUEZ, ERIC RONALD 2017344036   New Jail
* MARTIN, BRANDI ALEXANDRA 2018019048   New Jail
  MARTIN, JEFFERY SCOTT 2017026033   New Jail
  MARTINEZ CHAVEZ, LUIS MANUEL 2017361038   New Jail
  MARTINEZ, JR, MIGUEL 2017233041   Main Jail
  MARTINEZ, TRINO VALENTINO 2016075041   Main Jail
  MARTINI, STEVEN CHARLES 2017321012   (Not in Custody) 1/22/2018 11:15 AM
  MARZANO, GABRIEL THOMAS 2018010037   Main Jail
  MASON, ANDREW JOHN 2018019005   Main Jail
  MASSEY, KENNETH LEWIS 2017204008   Main Jail
  MATCHETT, JUDD DAVIS 2017354020   New Jail
  MATOL, MICHAEL VINCENT 2017263003   Main Jail
  MAULOLO, SANELE FAAUI 2017275014   Main Jail
  MAXWELL, GEORGE EARL 2017164031   Main Jail
  MC GINNIS, CHRISTINIA ANN 2017226036   New Jail
  MCALLISTER, JEFFREY DAVID 2018010032   New Jail
  MCCARTY CAMP, SAVANA RAE 2018007019   New Jail
  MCCLAIN, MARCUS KEITH 2016203020   Main Jail
  MCCLURG, JR, DAVID EMERY 2018003034   New Jail
  MCCONNELL, RICHARD GARY 2017310021   New Jail
  MCCOY, MALCOM EUGENE DWAYNE 2018010054   New Jail
  MCCRAY, PATRICK LEE 2018001040   New Jail
  MCCULLA, JR, JOHN MARTIN 2017282020   New Jail
  MCDANIEL, MAURICE MARCELL 2017313026   Main Jail
  MCDOWELL, LUCAS DANIEL 2017359028   Main Jail
  MCDOWELL, SIDNEY 2017187018   New Jail
  MCFARLAND, JAMES EVERT 2017365037   Main Jail
* MCFARLAND, KATELYN RUTH 2018019047   New Jail
  MCFIELD, JEROME JOSEPH 2017205019   Main Jail
  MCGEE, LARON TERRILL 2017334021   New Jail
  MCGUIRE, EUGENE JOHN 2017303010   Main Jail
  MCKEE, CHARLES DWIGHT 2017220027   Main Jail
  MCKEOWN, VERNON MARK 2017307004   Main Jail
  MCKINNEY, WILLIAM ALFRED 2017214054   (Not in Custody) 1/22/2018 1:30 PM
  MCKNIGHT, JR, CURTIS LEE 2017343017   New Jail
  MCLEOD, SUTTEE 2017355020   New Jail
  MCNEILL, CHRISTOPHER BRIAN 2018017009   New Jail
  MCQUEEN, VICTORIA CRYSTAL 2017204015   New Jail
  MEDELEZ, NICHOLAS AARON 2017337020   New Jail
  MEDINA TZEC, RICARDO 2017288026   Yakima
  MEJIA, GEORGIA ANN 2017298018   Main Jail
  MELENDEZ FLORES, JOSE GEOVANY 2018014018   Main Jail
* MENDIZABAL, TIMOTHY 2018020037   (Not in Custody) 1/22/2018 8:30 AM
  MENEFEE, TYLER CHRISTIAN 2017138018   New Jail
  MERCADO, LISA MONIQUE ANNE 2017362019   Main Jail
* MERRILL, DAVID ALBERT 2018022025   New Jail
  MEUN, JOSEPH L 2018009005   New Jail
  MEYER, CHRISTOPHER LEE 2018012050   Main Jail
  MEZA, ARMANDO 2018004061   New Jail
  MICHAEL, MATTHEW WILLIAM 2017264011   New Jail
  MICHELS, BRENTON DWAYNE 2018009070   Main Jail
* MICHLITCH, BRIAN MICHAEL 2018020013   New Jail
  MIDDLEBROOKS, JR, RONALD KEITH 2017275028   New Jail
  MILES, JASON DEAN 2017223034   New Jail
  MILKO, TROY OSTIN 2017269002   New Jail
  MILLER, ALISON MARIE 2017338054   Main Jail
  MILLER, CASEY JAMES 2017244016   New Jail
  MILLER, JEREMY TODD 2018017006   Main Jail
  MILLER, PATRICK RILEY 2017337002   New Jail
  MILLER, RAYMOND CARL ANTHONY 2017296028   New Jail
  MILLER, SONNY 2018017031   Main Jail
* MILLER, TARREL JUMAR 2018021012   New Jail
  MILLIGAN, VICTOR SEBASTIAN 2017252003   Main Jail
  MILLS, ERIC JAMES 2017357027   Main Jail
  MILLS, JUSTIN PHILLIP 2018002049   New Jail
  MILNER, JEFFREY DEAN 2017318018   New Jail
  MILSAP, DEREK KENNETH 2018002026   New Jail
  MINOR, GREGORY JAMES 2017285034   Main Jail
  MITCHELL, CHERISE LAVON 2017354019   New Jail
  MITCHELL, ROBERT ALLEN 2017139046   New Jail
  MITTON, SEAN ALLEN 2017279026   Main Jail
  MOHS, CHRISTOPHER LEE 2017323017   Main Jail
  MONROE, IEISHA BRAWLEY 2018018001   Main Jail
  MONTANEZ AGOSTO, REYMUNDO 2017317054   Main Jail
  MONTOYA, ZACHARY RYAN 2017318062   Main Jail
* MOORE HUGHES, CASANDRA NICOLE 2018021032   Main Jail
  MOORE, ALYSSA TANAE 2018012041   Main Jail
  MOORE, CURTIS ALLEN 2017365005   New Jail
  MOORE, JAYCE O C 2017249013   Main Jail
  MOORE, LORI ALEXANDRIA 2017356042   Main Jail
  MOORE, PAUL 2017067035   Outside - Temp Release
  MOORE, TE'RON ANTHONY 2018004018   New Jail
  MOORE, TODD JEFFREY 2018011031   New Jail
  MORALES, ALEXANDER LEE 2017361006   New Jail
* MORALES, JR, OSCAR ANGELO 2018019050   New Jail
  MORGA GARCIA, JOSE RAUL 2017342009   Main Jail
  MORGAN, ANMARIE 2018002058   Main Jail
  MORGAN, DANIEL SCOTT 2017010043   Main Jail
  MORGAN, SHAWN DEE 2017341043   Main Jail
  MORRIS, AUSTIN DAVID PATRICK 2018009057   New Jail
  MORRIS, II, DANIEL DEAN 2017004004   Main Jail
  MORRIS, JENNIFER ASHLEY 2017212036   Main Jail
  MORRIS, JESSICA LEANN 2018012025   New Jail
  MORTON, LASHAUNDA MONTRICE 2018017004   Main Jail
  MOSLEY, DONTEISE LETRALL 2018009052   New Jail
  MOUTH, DENNIS SISOWATHA 2017060065   New Jail
  MOUTRY, RACO LAMONZ 2018019035   New Jail
  MUGOMBA, DOUGLAS SAJJABI 2018019036   New Jail
  MUHAMMAD, QADEERA SHAAHIDA 2018004026   Main Jail
  MULLIGAN MARCY, RASCHAD JAMIL 2018018018   Remann Hall
  MULLIN, TIMOTHY DANIEL 2018011025   New Jail
  NAMULAUTI, PETUERU LOTONU'U 2017109064   Main Jail
* NAPUTI, JEROLD KENNETH 2018020003   New Jail
  NARO, DANE ALLEN 2018007031   New Jail
  NASH, DILLON ZACHARY 2017012071   New Jail
  NELSON, FRED DWAYNE 2017349049   New Jail
  NELSON, STEPHEN JAMES 2018005012   New Jail
* NESTER, MICHAEL TODD 2018021022   New Jail
  NEVAREZ, GABRIEL INDELICIO 2016231048   Main Jail
  NEWELL, TIERRE XAVIER 2017363004   Main Jail
  NEWSOME, ANTONIO RAPHA'EL 2017326045   Main Jail
  NEWTON, JR, ISAIAH WILLIAM 2017260023   Main Jail
  NICHOLS, ANTHONY CHARLES 2017358003   New Jail
  NICHOLS, JACOB EDWARD 2018010031   Main Jail
  NICHOLS, KENNETH ERWIN 2017297017   New Jail
  NIX, CURTIS GEORGE 2017181033   New Jail
  NIXON, KENNETH DOUGLAS 2018008044   New Jail
  NJENGA, JOSEPH NDUATI 2017346044   Main Jail
  NORGAN, DAVID ANDREW 2018008012   New Jail
  NORM, NANG 2017200001   New Jail
  NUU, MOSE 2017338024   Main Jail
  NYLAND, JAMISON PARKER 2017173043   New Jail
* O'HARA, JEREMY PAUL 2018020038   New Jail
  OCKIMEY, DOMINIC SAMSON 2018009011   New Jail
  OGANS, JEROME ANTHONY 2018001049   Main Jail
  OGBEMUDIA, FESTUS ETINOSA 2017323018   New Jail
  OGLE, JIMMIE YI 2018006019   Main Jail
  OGLES, DYMOND LE'DAVID 2018010016   Main Jail
  OHLER, JR, JAMES CERVANA 2018019031   (Not in Custody) 1/22/2018 9:00 AM
  OLDENKAMP, JENNY LYNN 2017314029   New Jail
  OLDS, LANDRI JA'WAUN 2017247022   New Jail
  OLIVER, BUCK TERRY 2017343013   New Jail
  OLIVER, TYRRELL JEROD 2018017029   New Jail
  OLSEN, TAEDON 2017352035   Main Jail
  ORGAN, KENNETH JAMES 2017361014   New Jail
  ORNELAS LOMELI, HORACIO I 2017226023   New Jail
  ORTIZ RODRIGUEZ, ELIEZER 2018009018   New Jail
  ORTIZ, JUAN 2017094068   Main Jail
* ORTIZ, MICHELLE STEPHANIE 2018022029   Main Jail
* OSTERHOUT, BRANDON THOMAS 2018020002   (Not in Custody) 1/20/2018 9:45 PM
  OTO, JACK VIANE 2017361003   New Jail
  OVERBY, JEREMY JOE 2018018055   Main Jail
  OWEN, ASHLEY MARIE 2017345024   Main Jail
  OWENS, DEVERON ZERRICK 2017153044   Main Jail
  OYA, LEON SILVESTER 2017365010   Main Jail
  PACHECO, RICKEY BOBBY 2016061037   Main Jail
  PACKARD, ZACALA VALIANT'E 2017314034   New Jail
* PAQUIN, ANGELICA DASHA 2018019058   Main Jail
  PARK, PHILLIP LESTER 2017239004   Main Jail
  PARKER, NELLIS CARVER 2017197031   New Jail
  PARKER, ROCKY MURANDO 2017271040   New Jail
  PARKER, SHAMARR DERRICK 2016138011   Main Jail
  PARNELL, TROY MICHAEL 2017325040   New Jail
  PARR, JULIAN DEAN 2017299015   New Jail
  PARRY, JAMES SIDNEY 2017083056   Outside - Temp Release
  PASCHICH, MICHAEL TODD 2017242014   Main Jail
  PASZTOR, JUSTIN JULIUS 2017218001   Main Jail
  PATAROZZI, KENNETH JAMES 2017010021   Main Jail
  PAUL, SHALENA LEE 2018010053   New Jail
  PAWUL, FRANK WILLIAM 2018008010   Main Jail
  PAYNE, MICHAEL DAVID 2018009013   Main Jail
  PEARSON, VELTON DAVONE 2017354011   New Jail
* PEBLEY, MILAN ANTHONY 2018021026   New Jail
  PEDERSON, RICHARD MURRAY 2017268018   Main Jail
  PENA RAMIREZ, HUGO ALBERTO 2017113036   Main Jail
  PENEUETA, MANU JAY 2017153050   New Jail
  PEREZ, JUSTIN LLOYD 2017188040   Main Jail
  PERKINS, ROBERT JAMES 2018004008   Main Jail
  PERRY, JELANI AKAELI DEWAYNE 2017250049   New Jail
  PERRY, JESSE JAMES 2017273034   New Jail
  PERRYMAN, RICKY ARNEZ 2017263025   Main Jail
  PETERS, JR, LARRY AYO 2017012060   Main Jail
  PETERSON, DILLON JOSEPH 2017312003   New Jail
  PETERSON, MARQUIS ALONZO 2017278048   Main Jail
  PETRENKO, ALEX SERGHEY 2018009077   New Jail
  PETTUS, DETRIC LA TRON 2016332012   New Jail
  PEYCKE, TABITHA DANIELLE 2017324018   New Jail
  PFEIFFER, JOSEPH ROBERT 2018018051   (Not in Custody) 1/22/2018 8:30 AM
  PHILLIPS, KELSEY TYRELL 2017026041   Main Jail
  PHILLIPS, SHARN DURAN 2018002059   New Jail
  PHOMMAVONG, SAENGATHIT 2018009037   New Jail
  PIERCE, CHRISTOPHER CORY 2017306023   New Jail
  PIERCE, DAVID MAX 2017346005   New Jail
  PINKNEY, JAMAAL LAMONT 2017275041   Main Jail
  PINNEY, RANDI AMANDA 2017338035   New Jail
  PLEMMONS, JOSEPH MICHAEL 2017346045   New Jail
* PLUMB, ROSS CULLEN 2018022017   Main Jail
  POCAN, TYRONE THOMAS 2017365023   New Jail
  POINTER, SHAWNTINA LEAVELLE 2018003029   Main Jail
  POLO, JUSTIN RAMON 2017283055   New Jail
  PORTER, JR, WILLIAM GRANT 2017336017   New Jail
  PORZIO, ERNA RAE 2017354015   Main Jail
  POSEY, KENDAL GLEN 2017365019   Main Jail
  POWELL, CHARLENE 2017234010   Main Jail
  POWELL, NATHEN DANIEL 2018002065   New Jail
* POWERS, AARON JAMES 2018020032   (Not in Custody) 1/20/2018 8:38 PM
  PRESCOTT, DANIEL CHARLES 2017199066   Main Jail
  PRESTON, MICHAEL ALAN 2018006020   (Not in Custody) 1/22/2018 5:00 AM
  PRIDE, VERNON ANTONIO 2017319019   Yakima
  PRIME, ANTHONY JONATHAN 2018016040   Main Jail
  PRINCIPE, ARTHUR VERA 2017318044   New Jail
* PRITCHETT, BRANDON ROBERT 2018021031   New Jail
  PROFIT, SIMON DAVANTE 2018004037   New Jail
  PRUITT, ONTARIO LAVELL 2017342008   Main Jail
  PRUITT, STEPHEN DYKE 2017324046   Main Jail
  PUA, KALOLO K 2017318037   New Jail
  PUGH, KEVIN TYRENCE 2016181044   Main Jail
  PURCELL, TAUSHA LEVENIA 2017358017   Main Jail
  PUTMAN, HANNAH ELIZABETH 2018016023   New Jail
  PUTNAM, JACOB ROBERT 2017234003   New Jail
  QUINLAN, DANIEL PATRICK 2018002034   New Jail
  RADTKE, DENNIS LLOYD 2018018047   New Jail
* RAHMANI, SHAHIN 2018021008   New Jail
  RAIKOGLO, LANCE CRAIG 2017292002   New Jail
  RAMIREZ RAMIREZ, JORGE 2018001019   New Jail
  RAMIREZ, CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL 2018019027   (Not in Custody) 1/21/2018 5:35 PM
  RANDHAWA, SATNAM SINGH 2017279035   New Jail
  RANSOM, MARQUIS DEMETRIUS 2017342015   Main Jail
  RASHID, ALEA MAXINE 2017352031   Main Jail
  RASMUSSEN, ZACHARY ALLEN 2018009072   New Jail
  RATLIFF, CHARLES EDWARD 2018017021   (Not in Custody) 1/22/2018 8:30 AM
  RAYMOND, NICHOLAS ADAM 2018010012   Main Jail
  RAYMOND, SHAWN PAUL 2018019006   New Jail
  RAYNOR, JR, HARRY MELVIN 2017235039   Outside - Temp Release
  RECARDO, DELRICO RUIZ 2017331001   New Jail
* REDIFER, DEION NORMAN 2018022014   New Jail
  REED, FARRELL JOE 2017220016   New Jail
  REED, GREGORY ALAN 2017260021   New Jail
  REED, JR, DOUGLAS MICHAEL 2018018015   New Jail
  REESE, COBY JAY 2017208005   New Jail
  REEVES, HALI ANN 2017232031   New Jail
* REICHERT, ROBERT HAROLD 2018021002   Main Jail
  REIFSNYDER, RICHARD WILLIAM 2017354007   Main Jail
  REW, BRANDON CLIFFORD 2018016015   New Jail
  REYES, MARIO TOMAS 2018012024   Main Jail
  REYNOLDS, NORA IRENE 2017227024   New Jail
  RHODES, COLIN DAVID 2018009068   (Not in Custody) 1/20/2018 9:45 PM
  RICE, JAMES FRANCIS 2018012029   New Jail
  RICHARD, TREVON XZAVIER LAMAR 2017342020   Main Jail
  RICHOTTE LAMM, SARAH LYNN 2018008022   New Jail
* RIDINGER, BRANDON GRAHAM 2018021027   New Jail
  RINGGOLD, LAMAR ELLIS 2018017007   New Jail
  ROBERTS, NIKKOLE RUBY CHRISTA 2018016001   Main Jail
  ROBERTSON, MICHAEL JOHN 2017313024   Main Jail
  ROBINSON, ABEL LAWRENCE 2017067055   Main Jail
  ROBINSON, COREY DEMETRIUS 2017299012   New Jail
  ROBINSON, DABLEYA FATUMA 2018010057   Main Jail
  ROBINSON, ERIC MALCOLM 2017359021   Main Jail
  ROBINSON, FORREST RUSSELL 2017363040   Main Jail
  ROBINSON, II, ERIC GLENN 2017273031   Main Jail
  ROBINSON, ROBERT JOHN 2017340037   New Jail
  RODRIGUEZ VAZQUEZ, MIGUEL 2018006029   Main Jail
  RODRIGUEZ, IZAC CHRISTIAN 2017255024   New Jail
  RODRIGUEZ, MANUEL LUIS 2017143016   New Jail
  RODRIGUEZ, RONALD HARVIN 2017342039   Main Jail
* RODRIQUEZ, RONALD PEREZ 2018021034   New Jail
  ROGERS, RICKY JOHN 2018019021   Outside - Temp Release
  ROLAND, THOMAS FLOYD 2018018028   New Jail
  ROLAND, TRICIA BJ 2017356012   New Jail
* ROMAN, JAMES DAVID 2018020020   Main Jail
  ROMERO DIAZ, EDY OMAR 2017287009   Main Jail
  ROMERO VELASQUEZ, MIGUEL 2018005027   New Jail
  RONCO, JULIANA CHLOE 2018017027   Main Jail
  ROPER, THOMAS SCOTT 2018011034   Main Jail
  ROQUE GASPAR, DAVID DORRANCE 2017261017   Main Jail
  ROSCOM, SHANNA DAWN 2017349035   New Jail
  ROSETTE, ISAAC JOSEPH 2017303013   New Jail
  ROSS, ROBERT WILLIE 2017365011   New Jail
  ROSS, SHAWN MICHAEL 2018002016   New Jail
  ROUGEAU, LANCE GENE FRANCOISE 2017298050   Main Jail
* ROWIN, APRIL MICHELLE 2018019045   New Jail
  RUBEY, MICHAEL GARITHY 2018010002   New Jail
  RUSSELL, JR, TERRY LEE 2017239008   New Jail
  RYAN, BRANDON LEE 2017171015   New Jail
  SALAS ESQUIVEL, GUILLERMO 2018018052   (Not in Custody) 1/21/2018 6:50 PM
  SALAZAR, JAIME JUNIOR 2018002033   Main Jail
  SALWAY, PEDRO ABEL 2018004074   New Jail
  SAMAGA, LEILUA KITZERA 2018019014   New Jail
  SANABRIA, OSCAR 2017009022   Main Jail
  SANCHEZ RADILLA, ADRIAN 2017325012   Main Jail
* SANCHEZ, JAMIE LYNE 2018020025   Main Jail
* SANDERS, JEREMY DONALD 2018020040   (Not in Custody) 1/21/2018 3:23 PM
* SANDIDGE, CARL MICHAEL 2018020042   New Jail
  SARGENT, ALAN ALBERT 2017160003   New Jail
  SARVIS, JORDAN DERRICK LEE 2017169033   Main Jail
  SBITNEV, MARK VLADIMIR 2017239037   Main Jail
* SCHACHER, PHILLIP MICHAEL 2018020018   New Jail
  SCHAFER, STEVEN LEE 2017341052   New Jail
  SCHELL, VALERIE 2017324031   New Jail
  SCHILLE, MASON LEWIS 2017346040   New Jail
  SCHLEIF, BRYAN EDWARD 2018004024   New Jail
  SCHMIDT, IAN DALE 2017343006   New Jail
  SCHMIDT, WILLIAM SAMUEL 2017324037   Main Jail
  SCHWARTZ, KATIE MARIE 2017220043   Main Jail
  SCIARINI, MICHAEL JOSEPH 2018010036   New Jail
  SCOTT, LEROY PHILLIP 2018018026   Main Jail
* SEAMAN, KENNETH LOUIS 2018021009   New Jail
  SEAMAN, MARINA LOUISE 2017365021   (Not in Custody) 1/22/2018 12:00 PM
  SEAN, HONG KIM 2018010008   New Jail
  SEARIGHT, DARRIN LAVON 2018013028   New Jail
  SEARIGHT, DIONCE ARMAND 2018010010   New Jail
  SELL, CURTIS LEON 2017234008   New Jail
  SEPIN, BEVER 2018008018   New Jail
  SEVILLA RIVAS, JOSE ANTONIO 2017328019   New Jail
  SHAFER, DAVON LAQUARE 2018018043   Main Jail
  SHANDROW, ROBERT GERRIT 2017296051   Main Jail
  SHARK, PHILEMON JEROME 2017288010   Main Jail
  SHARPE, PARIS CHRISTIAN 2018007013   New Jail
  SHELBY, MICHAEL FERNANDO 2017336012   Main Jail
* SHELTON, KRYSTINA MARIE 2018020028   (Not in Custody) 1/21/2018 9:40 AM
  SHENEFELT, DEREK WAYNE 2018019015   New Jail
  SHENEFELT, DUSTIN KENT 2018019016   New Jail
  SHEPARD, LINO CERAFIN 2017335024   Main Jail
  SHEPARD, TERRY WAYNE 2016318011   Main Jail
  SHEPHERD, JEROME CORDELL 2017278027   New Jail
  SHIELDS, JACOB PAUL 2018008019   New Jail
  SHINE, TYLYNN RAILEEN 2017365003   Main Jail
  SHORT, SHERWELL HARTON 2018008024   New Jail
  SHULTS, CHRISTOPHER BARRETT 2018001051   Main Jail
  SIATUNUU, TAILEPUA SAMUEL 2017345003   Main Jail
  SIKES, CHRISTOPHER KYLE 2017261024   New Jail
  SIM, SEAN SOPHEA 2017300038   New Jail
  SIMARD, CRAIG ANTHONY 2018008046   Main Jail
  SIMMONS, AARON ALLEN 2017284030   New Jail
* SIMPSON, DERON DARNELL 2018020023   Main Jail
  SIMPSON, MARTAVIS TREMAIN 2017354018   Main Jail
  SIMS, ADRIAN DAMON 2017285051   New Jail
  SIVONEN, RONALD FRANKLIN 2017215027   New Jail
  SKAAR, JUSTIN DUANE 2018018007   Main Jail
  SLAYMAKER, DAMION WOLFE 2017341002   Main Jail
  SLYE, AKEEM ISRAEL 2018001038   Main Jail
* SMITH, BRANDON LEE 2018020035   New Jail
  SMITH, CHANCE JERRISEN 2017365016   New Jail
  SMITH, CODY ALLEN 2017353019   New Jail
  SMITH, DANIEL RAY 2017346038   New Jail
  SMITH, DON CARLOS 2017256026   Main Jail
  SMITH, DRACARRIO BRUCE 2017196020   New Jail
  SMITH, JAMES RUSSELL 2018016027   Main Jail
  SMITH, KEONTE AMIR 2017258028   Main Jail
  SMITH, KURTIS BRANDON 2017276008   Main Jail
  SMITH, LYNNETTA SHUNTILLIONA 2017305044   Maple Lane
  SMITH, QUANTREYVIS ALONZO 2017277041   Main Jail
  SMITH, RAZEL ANTON 2017291025   Remann Hall
  SMITH, ROBERT LEE 2017305015   Main Jail
  SMITH, RYAN RUSSELL 2017361048   Main Jail
  SMITH, WILLIAM THOMAS 2018003028   New Jail
  SNELL, MICHAEL JAMES 2018013022   New Jail
  SNYDER, CHRISTIAN ZACHARY 2017284036   Main Jail
  SODEN, SCOTT ANTHONY 2017341051   New Jail
  SOK, THOEUN 2017225032   Main Jail
  SOMMER, STEVEN MIKEAL 2016293045   New Jail
  SORENSEN, BJORN RORY 2017240054   New Jail
  SOUNG, KIMSANN 2017340026   New Jail
  SPATH, SHANE EDDIE 2017342035   New Jail
  SPENCER, JASON SCOTT 2018018013   New Jail
  SPINKS, DUANE ANTHONY 2017240005   New Jail
* SPRAGLE, BONNIE SUE-ANN 2018022004   Main Jail
  SPRAGUE, RAYMOND LEE 2017332037   Main Jail
  SPRATT, GURN 2017361009   New Jail
  SPRINGER, VERNON WAYNE 2017223030   New Jail
  SREY, SETTHERY 2017296052   New Jail
  ST GERMAIN, ALEX WILLIAM R 2018019003   New Jail
  ST. MARIE, JARED A 2018009024   New Jail
  STAHLMAN, CHAD MICHAEL 2017265016   New Jail
  STAMBAUGH, STEVEN JR ANTHONY 2018018049   Main Jail
  STANLEY, DONALD JIMMY 2018002025   (Not in Custody) 1/22/2018 4:50 AM
  STANLEY, MITCHELL ELI 2017286042   Yakima
  STARGEL, SCOTT DOUGLAS 2017340033   New Jail
  STECKER, JEBEDIAH JOSEPH 2017347011   Main Jail
  STEEL, LAWRENCE 2017343014   New Jail
  STEELE, III, ROBERT ANTHONY 2018015011   Main Jail
  STEINMAN, TRISTON HARRIS 2017208063   New Jail
  STEINMEYER, TEASHA LYNN 2017339027   Main Jail
  STEPHENS, JASON EDWARD 2017314024   New Jail
  STEPHENSON, JULIAN MAXWELL 2017311073   New Jail
  STEVENS POLOKOFF, TAYLOR FRANCES JAMES 2018019038   (Not in Custody) 1/22/2018 8:30 AM
  STEVENSON, ANTQUIN LAMAR 2017242025   Main Jail
  STEWART MOORE, LISA LORETTE 2017220037   Main Jail
  STEWART, ALICEN KAROL 2017353029   New Jail
  STEWART, CYRIL WINSTON 2018019020   New Jail
  STILSON, MITCHELL RAY 2018018048   Main Jail
  STINSON, RAYMOND JONAS 2017213049   Main Jail
  STOCKBRIDGE, MATTHEW ISSAC 2018017017   New Jail
  STOKES, DARRIS 2017354059   Main Jail
* STOKES, JARRED BRANFORD 2018022009   New Jail
  STOKES, WALTER JAMES 2017214013   New Jail
  STONE, RYAN CLARK 2017349025   New Jail
  STORFA, JENNIFER MARIE 2017197004   New Jail
  STORM, TRAVIS JAY ROY LOREN 2017342030   New Jail
  STOUMBAUGH, DEANNA RAE 2018010007   Main Jail
* STRATTON, REBECCA ANN 2018020006   Main Jail
  STRICKLEN, FRANKIE 2017212045   Main Jail
  STUART, WILLARD AARON 2017342026   New Jail
  SUAREZ, ANTHONY 2018001033   New Jail
  SULLIVAN, JONATHAN CHARLES 2017311055   New Jail
  SULLIVAN, JR, RONALD SLATER 2017038048   Main Jail
  SUMMER, PAUL TEMAN 2017348061   New Jail
  SUN, SOEUN 2015356007   Main Jail
  SUNDMAN, SHANE DOUGLAS 2017363007   New Jail
  SUTTON, JEFFREY VON 2017319008   New Jail
  SUTTON, KENNETH MAURICE 2017276034   Main Jail
  SWAN, DURELL KELLY 2017350005   New Jail
* SWANN, JACOB ROBERT 2018022006   New Jail
  SWARTHOUT, TROY WALLACE 2017342019   Main Jail
  SWEENEY, JOSEPH KENNETH 2017361025   New Jail
  SWEET, DERRICK VINCENT 2017222023   Yakima
  SZABO, SASHA LORENA-JEAN 2017354029   New Jail
  TACACA, BENEDICTO TALARO 2018019019   New Jail
  TAII, RICHARD UTAIFEAU 2017363022   Main Jail
* TALBOTT, TREVOR ALLEN COLE 2018021030   New Jail
  TATE, ROBERT STORMY WESLEY 2017259019   Main Jail
  TATE, TYVAL JAMAL 2017363019   New Jail
  TATE, ZHARRION LIONEL 2017355010   New Jail
  TAYLOR, ALEX VICTOR 2016274047   Main Jail
  TAYLOR, CATHERINE LYNN 2018012052   Main Jail
  TAYLOR, DWAYNE ERIC 2017296035   Main Jail
  TAYLOR, ZACHARY AUSTIN 2017267017   Main Jail
  TENNYSON, ANTHONY EARL 2017296031   New Jail
  THOM, STEVEN EDWARD 2017246030   Main Jail
  THOMAS, DARIUS J 2017351022   New Jail
  THOMAS, DAVID DEAN 2017358018   Main Jail
  THOMAS, DEMARKRIS ARNESS 2017349033   Main Jail
  THOMAS, DONALD JOHN 2017330022   New Jail
  THOMAS, NICKOLAS ADAM 2017136012   New Jail
  THOMAS, RASHEEDD SHAMON 2018001014   Main Jail
  THOMAS, ROBERT F MITCHELL 2017262033   New Jail
  THOMPKINS, DARIUS TREVONE 2017293053   Main Jail
  THOMPKINS, JAHMAL TEREIN 2017346002   New Jail
* THOMPSON, ALYSSON HOME 2018020036   New Jail
  THOMPSON, GEROME 2018009059   New Jail
  THOMPSON, JERRY CAROLL 2017013048   Main Jail
  THOMPSON, ROBERT JAMES 2018012044   Main Jail
  THORNE, MARCUS SHANNON 2017356003   Main Jail
  THORNTON, SCOTT ALLAN 2018014007   New Jail
  THORNTON, STEVEN PAUL 2018018006   New Jail
  TILI, ATALANI 2017047042   Main Jail
  TIMMONS, KEITHAV DEMETRICE 2018019037   (Not in Custody) 1/21/2018 11:40 AM
  TINIFU, MILO JUNIOR 2017066006   Main Jail
  TIRADO, NATHAN PATRICK 2017352024   New Jail
* TLUSTY, JR, PAUL CHARLES 2018020034   New Jail
* TOA, SI'I TOLOPA 2018021024   Main Jail
  TOLSON, THEOPHILOUS GEMAR 2017291034   Main Jail
  TOMLINSON, JEREMY SCOTT 2017363034   Main Jail
  TONKIN, MICHAEL GENE 2017327005   Main Jail
  TOOMER, DEVERETTE JAUDON 2018015015   New Jail
  TORAL, JR, MIGUEL ANGEL 2018012051   New Jail
  TORRES, STEPHEN DANIEL 2017213040   New Jail
  TORREY WILKERSON, JARED L 2018011012   Main Jail
  TORREY, RANDY SCOTT 2017315018   New Jail
  TOUCH, MATTHEW SOPHEAP 2017338026   Main Jail
  TOUN, SUNNY POEV 2017326002   New Jail
  TOWE, CODY LANE 2017348050   Main Jail
  TRAN, DENNIS LEE 2017299010   New Jail
  TREADWELL, ROBERT BRYAN 2018019043   New Jail
  TROYER, BRENDA KAYE 2018009009   Main Jail
  TRUJILLO, ADAM WILLIAM 2017251029   Main Jail
  TUCKER, TEI'ANA ZIOLA 2018002017   New Jail
  TUCKER, TOMMIE BERNARD 2017345041   Main Jail
  TURNER, JEFFARAY JERMAINE 2017350020   Main Jail
* TURNER, MATTHEW MILTON 2018022027   New Jail
  TURNINGROBE, MICHAEL JAY 2018019026   Main Jail
  TYSYACHUK, ARTUR VENIAMIN 2017365014   New Jail
  ULLOA, CARLOS 2017320005   New Jail
  URPMAN, MARK EUGENE 2017254010   Yakima
  USMIAL, DRAVEN MARTEN 2017291020   Remann Hall
* VAIALEGA, TOFU ESAU 2018022021   New Jail
* VALDEZ, CHRIS FERNANDO 2018021014   New Jail
* VALENTA, AARON MICHAEL 2018020027   New Jail
* VALLIE, ARMIN DANIEL 2018019046   New Jail
  VELAZQUEZ LEMUS, GERARDO 2017254036   New Jail
  VENZ, MICHAEL JAMES 2017363009   New Jail
  VIGIL CROSS, JAKE WAYNE 2017233025   Main Jail
* VILLA JAIMES, ITZEL 2018021020   (Not in Custody) 1/21/2018 9:40 AM
* VILLAGOMEZ, LORENZO ITI 2018020044   New Jail
  VORIES, SAMUEL MATTHEW 2017357033   New Jail
  WADDINGTON, JAMES DENNIS 2017319018   New Jail
  WADDLE, SEAN AARON 2017346015  
  WAITERS, CAROLYN MARIE 2017324042   New Jail
  WALETZKO, DESTIN BLUE 2018004070   New Jail
  WALEY, KYLE NICHOLAS 2017297009   New Jail
* WALKER, JR, TAUREAN LAFAYETTE 2018020029   New Jail
  WALLER, OLIVIA AGNES 2018017020   New Jail
  WALLER, ROBERT LEE 2018011030   Main Jail
  WALLER, TALAUREAN EARL 2018009003   New Jail
  WALLS, TRISHA DANNETTE 2018015006   Main Jail
  WARD, DAVID 2018006030   New Jail
  WARD, LAVERN JAMES 2017296034   New Jail
  WARFEL, TRAVIS JAMES 2017349028   New Jail
  WARNER, CARL LOUIS 2017256039   New Jail
  WARREN, KIMO MONROE 2018004009   New Jail
  WATKINS, DANJUMA NAJJA SOWANB 2017348040   Main Jail
  WATSON, CHRISTOPHER A 2017198008   Main Jail
  WATSON, TYSON LEE 2018011040   New Jail
  WATTS DYSON, JEANIA ANDREA 2017096010   Main Jail
  WEBB, ANTHONY LAMAR 2017323010   (Not in Custody) 1/22/2018 1:00 PM
  WEBB, EARL LEE 2017348056   New Jail
  WEBKING, SHAYNE KENTON 2017222048   New Jail
  WEED, JESSICA LYNN 2018007006   Main Jail
  WEGNER, NICHOLAS DAVID 2017257019   Main Jail
  WEIR, ANTHONY EARNEST 2017351036   Main Jail
  WELLS, KEARSTIN TYME 2017235028   (Not in Custody) 1/22/2018 1:15 PM
  WEST, BOBBY GENE 2017355040   Main Jail
  WEST, DESHAWN LAMAR 2018013008   Main Jail
  WEST, JEANETTE MARIE 2017287021   New Jail
* WEST, KYLE ANTON-PHILLIP 2018021003   Main Jail
  WESTON, JOSHUA JOHN DEAN 2017295028   Main Jail
  WEXLER, JOSHUA DAVID 2018007032   New Jail
  WHALEY, MANDY MARIE 2017322002   Main Jail
  WHEELER, JOEL ROYALE 2018009053   Main Jail
  WHEELER, MORGAN CONRAD 2017338004   New Jail
  WHEELER, SCOTT ALLEN 2017036014   Main Jail
  WHEELER, TAYLOR JORDAN 2017353047   New Jail
  WHITE, DANIEL RYAN 2018018002   New Jail
  WHITE, REILLY FOREST 2017255020   New Jail
  WHITTEN, STACY KEVIN 2018002074   New Jail
  WILD, SHANE MATTHEW 2017340045   Maple Lane
  WILKINS, MICHAEL RONALD 2017243027   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, DAVID JAMES 2017334040   New Jail
  WILLIAMS, DAWN MALISSA 2017320046   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, JR, BRITISH LEE 2017317023   New Jail
* WILLIAMS, JR, DAYOUN 2018019049   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, MICHAEL ANDREW 2017348059   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, REGINALD GERARD 2017330035   New Jail
  WILLIAMS, ROBERT CHRISTIAN 2018010005   New Jail
  WILLIAMS, SHADRACH GEORGE 2017097043   New Jail
  WILLIAMS, STEVEN ELLIOT 2018002073   New Jail
  WILLIAMS, WALTER RICHARD 2017131026   Main Jail
  WILLIAMSON, ANDREW EMIL 2017310014   Main Jail
  WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM JOSEPH 2018018056   (Not in Custody) 1/22/2018 8:30 AM
  WILLIS, SEDRICK ANTHONY 2017287016   New Jail
  WILSON, AARON SCOTT 2018003008   New Jail
  WILSON, CLIFFORD ADAM 2015252007   Main Jail
  WILSON, DUSTIN MARK 2018009073   Main Jail
  WILSON, GEORGE DEO 2018012004   New Jail
  WILSON, KYLER ANTHONY 2018015024   Main Jail
  WILSON, MARSHALL MARION 2017305057   Main Jail
  WILSON, TERRELL DASHAWN 2017096060   New Jail
  WILSON, TIMOTHY DWIGHT 2017289042   Main Jail
* WINDSOR, JARED ROY 2018021033   New Jail
  WINKLER, DEVIN RICHARD-MARTIN 2017198015   Main Jail
  WINN, FRANCIS MICHAEL 2018010047   New Jail
  WITCHER, ANTWAN D 2017152019   Main Jail
  WITKOWSKI, WILLIAM HOWARD 2016221027   Main Jail
  WOLDHAGEN, JUSTIN JAMES 2018009019   New Jail
  WONG, BRADLEY KENLOY 2018008033   Main Jail
  WOOD, BETTY JOANNE 2017304043   Main Jail
  WOOD, RANDOLPH WEBSTER 2017322031   Main Jail
* WOODARD, DANIEL J 2018021021   (Not in Custody) 1/21/2018 7:09 AM
  WOODRUFF, DAVID MARCUS 2018015026   New Jail
  WOODS, JR, MYRON LYNN 2017178040   Main Jail
* WOOTEN, JAMES ALLEN 2018021010   (Not in Custody) 1/21/2018 4:50 AM
  WRIGHT, PHILLIP AARON 2018002015   (Not in Custody) 1/22/2018 4:50 AM
  WRIGHT, STEPHANIE LYNN 2017208001   New Jail
  WURGES, DUSTIN CARL 2017223017   New Jail
  YANEZ, DAVID 2017355036   New Jail
  YANEZ, DAVID FRANCISCO 2018009062   New Jail
  YBARRA, RICHARD ARTHUR 2017292051   Yakima
  YORK, TERESA JUNE 2018019010   Main Jail
  YOUNG, BENJAMIN THADEUS C 2018016047   New Jail
  YOUNG, JONATHAN LEWIS 2017336007   New Jail
  YOUNG, RON DEYANSO 2018006024   New Jail
  YOUNGBLOOD, MICHAEL ASHTON 2017332054   New Jail
  YUN, JAMES 2017262031   New Jail
  ZELL, JAMES RICHARD 2018005038   Main Jail
  ZIEGLER, JACE JEFFERY 2018003031   New Jail
  ZIKO, ROCKY SAMUEL 2018017022   New Jail
  ZIMMERMAN, KENNETH PAUL 2017321040   Outside - Temp Release
  ZUNIGA GONZALES, JUAN JAVIER 2016075025   Main Jail

* Booked Less Than 72 Hours Ago