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Created: Monday June 26, 2017 6:58AM

Pierce County Corrections Jail Roster

The jail roster lists all persons that are in custody of the Pierce County jail including persons in the Yakima facility, in the hospital, and on a temporary release. The roster also lists persons released in the last 48 hours. The roster does not include persons who are on home detention, at Western State Hospital, or part of the Breaking the Cycle program.

  Jail Name Booking ID Facility Release Date
  AARON, D ANDRE DESHAY 2017145048   Main Jail
  ABSOLOR, ANTONIO FOSTER 2017073068   New Jail
  ACFALLE, FELIX KIM FLORES 2017026036   New Jail
  ADAMS-RUSSELL, JULIE JEANINE 2017034046   Maple Lane
  ADKINS, DARRELL GENE 2017065004   Maple Lane
  AGUIRRE, CARLOS WAYNE 2016270028   Main Jail
  AHMED, HUSSAIN HASSAN 2017120028   Main Jail
  AHQUIN, IVAN LEE 2017014024   Main Jail
  AHRENDSEN, TIFFANY 2017156014   New Jail
* AISPURO, JUAN MARCELINO 2017175001   (Not in Custody) 6/25/2017 1:40 PM
  ALEFOSIO, DANIEL MAX 2016298029   Main Jail
* ALEXANDER, MARTY ALLEN 2017174032   New Jail
  ALI, ABDIRAHMAN MOHAMUD 2017136020   New Jail
  ALLEN, ANDRE AVONCE 2017070029   Main Jail
  ALLEN, DARCUS DEWAYNE 2015064013   Main Jail
  ALLEN, DESTIN JAMES 2017170033   Main Jail
  ALLEN, JAYSON TODD 2017125033   New Jail
  ALLSHOUSE, GABRIEL LEANDREW 2017167044   Main Jail
  ALVAREZ ULLOA, NELSON JOSE 2017169016   Main Jail
  AMBURGY, JASON ALLEN 2017159042   Main Jail
  AN, KEVIN ERIC 2016259028   Main Jail
  ANDERSON, TRAVIS DEWAYNE 2017068040   New Jail
  ANDREWS, TIMOTHY JAMES 2016202028   New Jail
  ANTHONY, GERMARKUS DARON 2017147014   Main Jail
  ANTHONY, JAMES LEONARD 2017128008   Main Jail
  APPEL, KYLE RYAN 2017151060   New Jail
  ARAIZA GARCIA, MARCO ANTONIO 2017165031   New Jail
  ARAKAKI, FRANK MICHAEL 2017114012   New Jail
  ARCHULETA, ANTHONY WADE 2017087038   New Jail
  ARELLANO PEDRAZA, JOSE MARIA 2017135033   New Jail
  ARMSTRONG, TRANIECE LASHE 2017166049   New Jail
  ARREDONDO, JOSE ANGEL 2016327012   New Jail
  ARREOLA, JORGE 2017072041   Main Jail
  ASUNCION, RONALD VERA 2017146024   New Jail
  AVILA, III, RAFAEL ALEX 2017151010   Main Jail
  AVILA, RAUL 2017164055   New Jail
  AYALA REYES, JOSE JONAEL 2016190045   Main Jail
  BABUKAS, ELISHA LAREE 2017060063   New Jail
  BACH, DANIEL BENJAMIN 2017158040   New Jail
  BAGLEY, DEBORAH LYNN 2017130037   Main Jail
  BAILEY, SCOTT CHRISTOPHER 2017092020   New Jail
  BAILEY, TED ROLAND 2016343004   New Jail
  BAILEY, WILLIAM KEITH 2017158061   Main Jail
  BAKKO, SHINIKA LYNEA 2017138049   (Not in Custody) 6/25/2017 4:55 AM
  BALL, ELQUAN MALIK 2017156001   Main Jail
  BANGO, DONALD WILLIAM 2015347033   Main Jail
  BANKSTON, VINCENT TYLER 2017123036   New Jail
  BARBOZA, BRADLEY MICHAEL 2017141001   New Jail
  BARNES, WILLIAM HENRY 2017135027   Main Jail
  BARR, TYLER RYAN 2017121046   New Jail
  BARRETT, SEAN BRANDON 2017148023   Main Jail
  BARTON, CONNIN JAMES 2017170039   Main Jail
  BASS, LOUIE B JUNIOR 2017164049   Main Jail
  BAXTER, JEFFREY BRIAN 2017076054   New Jail
  BAYLIS, KHIRY TERRELL 2016154001   Main Jail
  BEASLEY, DAMENIQUE LAJUAN 2017118049   New Jail
  BELANGER, JAKE MICHAEL 2016312037   New Jail
  BELCHER, KYLE JAY 2017142038   New Jail
  BENSON, RAMON VICTOR 2017142021   Main Jail
  BERGMAN, MICHAEL LEE WAYNE 2017167036   New Jail
  BERINGER, JAMES ARLEN 2017167042   New Jail
  BERNARD, MARK JOHN 2016131030   Main Jail
  BERNARD, MICHAEL ROBERT 2017066040   New Jail
  BERRY, DESMOND EMMANUEL 2017122049   New Jail
  BISCHOFF, DOUGLAS ALFRED 2017071020   Main Jail
  BISHOP, CALEB SAMUEL 2017165007   New Jail
* BISHOP, JASON ROBERT 2017176008   New Jail
  BISHOP, RICHARD LAWRENCE 2016340028   Main Jail
* BJORNE, SHAWN EDWARD 2017175006   (Not in Custody) 6/24/2017 12:00 PM
  BLACK, JAMIE LEE 2017174006   (Not in Custody) 6/25/2017 9:50 PM
  BLACK, REBECCA JEAN 2017137055   New Jail
  BLACK, XAVIER DANGELO 2017061025   Main Jail
  BLANKS, BRANDON D'ANGELO 2017079012   Main Jail
  BLOCKER, III, WILLIAM WASLEY 2017170032   Main Jail
  BLOTZKE, TIMOTHY ALLEN 2017148017   Main Jail
  BOERM, DANIEL ROBERT 2017078026   New Jail
  BOLDEN, DONTAE RAYSHAWN 2017128024   Main Jail
  BOLDEN, WILLIAM EVERETT 2017165046   New Jail
  BOOZER, JORDAN LEGENDRE 2017088017   New Jail
  BOSTON, CORBIN DHAIN 2017147029   Main Jail
  BOUGARD, ANNETTE NICOLE 2017147038   New Jail
  BOURQUIN, JESSICA ANN 2017024009   New Jail
* BOWERS, KRIS M 2017175033   (Not in Custody) 6/25/2017 2:15 AM
  BOYD, BRODERICK JAMAR 2017109054   Main Jail
  BOYD, TYLER CLIFTON 2017136016   (Not in Custody) 6/25/2017 5:00 AM
  BOYKIN, JR, BENNY LEE 2017162008   Main Jail
  BRADFORD, RONNIE CLYDE 2017038045   Main Jail
  BRADLEY, DERRICK KLETE 2017086018   Main Jail
  BRADLEY, JAMES DENNIS 2017152055   Main Jail
* BRADLEY, JR, TOMMEY LEE 2017175016   Main Jail
  BRADLEY, RODREA VONSHON 2017110048   Main Jail
* BRAME, BRIAN PAUL 2017174023   New Jail
  BRANTLEY, JR, LONNIE LAWERENCE 2016148066   Main Jail
  BRAZIEL, LORRANE MICHELLE 2017007033   New Jail
  BREWER, JOHN LAWRANCE 2017010044   Main Jail
* BRISTER, DUANE LYLE 2017176025   New Jail
* BRITT, JR, CLARENCE PAUL 2017175008   (Not in Custody) 6/24/2017 12:00 PM
  BRITT, NATASHIA MONIQUE 2016207005   New Jail
  BROOKS, JAMES ELIJAH 2017167054   Main Jail
  BROSTROM, IAN ANDREW 2017159014   New Jail
  BROWN, BRUCE ANTHONY 2017151019   Main Jail
  BROWN, EMANUEL MARCEL 2017142012   New Jail
  BROWN, FALLON V 2015350030   Main Jail
  BROWN, JEREMY OWEN 2017162011   Main Jail
  BROWN, JR, AMOS LESTER 2017012005   New Jail
  BROWN, MILES ADAM 2017139024   Main Jail
  BROWN, NATHANIEL 2017158016   Main Jail
  BROWN, RICK JOE 2017003023   Main Jail
  BROWN, SYRETTA ROSHONA 2017125035   Main Jail
  BROWNING, ERIC VICTOR 2017115016   New Jail
* BROWNING, KEITH WAYNE 2017176007   New Jail
  BRUCE, KENDRICK DESHAUN 2017174005   New Jail
* BRUCE, RENEE MICHELLE 2017175022   New Jail
  BRUNDAGE, CHRISTOPHER TODD 2017142033   New Jail
  BRUNDAGE, DARRELL LLOYD 2017152002   New Jail
  BRYANT, RICKY SCOTT 2017130028   New Jail
  BULLARD, SHAMILLE JONATHAN 2017024005   Main Jail
  BULLOCK, MORGAN LEE 2017159055   Main Jail
  BUOB, BRANDON JOHN 2017171045   New Jail
  BURANEN, MICHAEL JAMES 2017137057   Main Jail
  BURDEN, JUSTIN CHASE 2017123002   Main Jail
  BURGESS, DANIEL WAYNE 2017151020   Main Jail
  BURKHART, BRANDON LEE 2017166028   Main Jail
  BURNAM, WARREN JUSTIN 2017167002   New Jail
  BUTERBAUGH, MIKHAIL ALLEN 2017168019   Main Jail
  BUTLER, AUSTIN J 2017168023   New Jail
  BUTLER, DEBRA 2017146010   New Jail
  CABRERA, CHARLES CHRISTIAN 2017009005   New Jail
  CADE, CASEY WAYNE 2017166030   Main Jail
  CALFLOOKING, MICHAEL VAUGHN 2017170016   Main Jail
* CALHOUN, JAMAL MONTERRIEST 2017177001   (Not in Custody) 6/26/2017 5:00 AM
  CALLIHAM, BRANDON VICTORLEE 2016088021   Main Jail
* CAMPAGNOLA, DAVID PAUL 2017175026   Main Jail
  CAMPBELL, JR, VICTOR ALLEN 2017145001   Main Jail
* CANNON, CHARON LAVELLE 2017176012   (Not in Custody) 6/25/2017 12:40 PM
  CANTRELL, JR, RALPH 2017171029   New Jail
* CARDONA CHAVEZ, LUIS ANTONIO 2017175011   New Jail
  CAREY, IAN BOONE 2017161040   Main Jail
  CAREY, LISA MICHELLE 2017032055   Main Jail
  CARITHERS, NICHOLAS RYAN 2017054045   Main Jail
  CARLSON, ANDREW STEVEN 2017080034   New Jail
  CARLSON, PAUL DAVID 2017117037   New Jail
  CARR, STACEY ROBERT 2016348028   New Jail
  CARRILLO, ISAIAH SAMUEL 2017087005   New Jail
  CARROLL, RYAN MCDONALD 2017172014   Main Jail
  CASANOVA, JR, ARMANDO GO 2017164030   New Jail
  CASTERLOW BEY, GARY ELLIS 2017143013   Main Jail
  CATWAY, AARON MICAH 2017106022   New Jail
  CELAYA, FERNANDO ANDRES 2017171049   Main Jail
  CHAMBERLAIN, ERICA LEANN 2017146022   Main Jail
  CHAMBERS, ANTHONY STEVEN 2017166052   Main Jail
  CHAPMAN, SHAWN RAY 2017136018   New Jail
  CHARGUALAF, MARVIN JUNIOR 2016320056   New Jail
  CHAVEZ CUEVAS, JOSUE 2017003007   New Jail
  CHAVEZ ZUNIGA, EDWIN 2017109039   New Jail
  CHICAS CARBALLO, CESAR 2017103043   Main Jail
  CHILDS, BILLY GLEN 2016288037   Main Jail
  CHOATE, TEREN ELAINE 2017152020   New Jail
  CHRISTENSEN, JAY MARIA 2016305030   Main Jail
  CHRISTIAN, ANDREW LEE 2017087013   Main Jail
  CIEPLIK, WALTER ERIC 2017019013   Main Jail
  CISNEROS, JOSE RAFAEL 2017111028   New Jail
  CLARK, ANTHONY TYRONE 2017110010   Main Jail
  CLARK, KAYLA LYNN 2017160002   Main Jail
  CLARK, SHANE MICHAEL 2017168002   New Jail
  CLARK, TYVELL MICHAEL 2016334060   New Jail
* CLINE, TRENTON JAMES 2017174043   (Not in Custody) 6/24/2017 3:35 PM
  CLOUGH, PERRY DALE 2017172006   New Jail
  COCCHIARELLA, NINO PASQUALE 2017072036   Main Jail
  COGGIN, ELIZABETH MELSENE 2017164041   New Jail
* COLE, CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL 2017175007   (Not in Custody) 6/24/2017 3:35 PM
  COLEY, DEBORAH LEE 2017143057   Main Jail
  COLLIER, CLIFFORD JAMES 2016282015   Main Jail
  COLLINS, DAKOTA MIKALLE 2016158005   Main Jail
  COLLINS, DAVID ANDREW 2017110020   New Jail
  COLLINS, JR, EDWARD RONALD 2017126037   New Jail
  COLT SARMIENTO, ALBERTO 2015320033   Main Jail
  COLWELL, SABRINA MARIE 2017171041   New Jail
  COMBS, BRANDY ANN 2017158021   New Jail
  COMENOUT, JR, LEE ALLEN 2016168049   Main Jail
  COMENOUT, SHANNON AARON 2017144048   New Jail
  COMPTON, DANIEL WAYNE 2017139020   New Jail
  CONNER, DEREK ALAN 2017104003   New Jail
  CONTRERAS, PAUL THOMAS 2017102018   New Jail
  COOK, DAVID ARNOLD 2017130015   Main Jail
  COOLIDGE, CAROL LOREE 2017023030   New Jail
* CORBITT, ROBERT JAMES ALLEN 2017174038   Main Jail
  CORDOVA, MARCUS FRANCIS 2016326040   Main Jail
  CORNETT, MICHELLE LEE 2016255012   Main Jail
* CORONA, JUSTIN DEAN 2017174035   Main Jail
  CORSINI, JUDAH 2017169006   Main Jail
  COTMAN, NASHAWN GORDON 2017095023   Main Jail
  COUCH, LEVAR DEMETRIUS 2017091009   New Jail
  COX, ARMONDO LARON 2017069013   New Jail
  CRAMER, MICHAEL DAVID 2017168009   Main Jail
  CRANK, JERRI SCOTT 2016306030   New Jail
  CRAVEN, JOEL NATHAN 2017159020   New Jail
* CRESON, RUSSELL LOUIS 2017174015   New Jail
  CRESS, ASHLEY PARKER 2016103031   Main Jail
  CREWS, DONIVAN EMANUEL 2016288021   Main Jail
  CRITTENDEN, KHIRY OLAJUWON 2017151039   New Jail
  CROCKETT, CHARLES WESLEY 2017167029   Main Jail
  CROCKETT, WILLIAM JOHN 2017173017   Main Jail
  CROMOGA, CAMERON JOSEPH 2017166036   New Jail
  CROUCH, MICHAEL ANDREW 2017076022   New Jail
  CROWDER, JR, JAMES WILLIAM 2016279029   Main Jail
  CRUME, JR, REGGIE MICHAEL 2017008020   Main Jail
  CUBLE, EMMANUEL ONEAL 2017118026   New Jail
  CUMMINGS, AARON CLAYTON 2017158033   New Jail
  CUNNINGHAM, BONNIE LYNN 2017152003   New Jail
  CUNNINGHAM, JR, WALTER 2017154018   (Not in Custody) 6/25/2017 8:12 PM
  CURRY, DAVID HENRY 2017005062   Main Jail
  CURRY, RUBIN TROY 2017166037   (Not in Custody) 6/25/2017 4:55 AM
  CURTIS, MAXIMILLIAN TRUST 2017124040   Maple Lane
  CZARNEK, ROBERT NICHOLAS 2017142031   Main Jail
  DANIELS, CODY JAMES 2017172039   New Jail
  DAVES, DARREL ARTHUR 2015045015   Main Jail
* DAVIS, BRANDON PIERCE 2017174029   New Jail
  DAVIS, BRITTANY ANIER RUZA 2017034045   New Jail
  DAVIS, MARKIENA DE-SHANE 2016204031   Main Jail
  DAVIS, MICHAEL LOYD 2017140024   Main Jail
  DAVISON, JR, DAVID MICHAEL 2017034036   Main Jail
* DAWKINS, LUCAS REILEY 2017176022   New Jail
  DAYTON, JEREMY DARRYL 2017001021   Main Jail
  DEAN, NICHOLAS JAMES 2017114001   New Jail
* DEBOER, BRIAN DANIEL 2017174016   (Not in Custody) 6/24/2017 9:00 AM
  DEBYAH, MATTHEW PAUL 2017155017   New Jail
  DEGROAT, LISA MICHELLE 2017156022   Main Jail
  DEL CARMEN, CARL MICHAEL M 2017106033   New Jail
  DELACRUZ, MAXIMO KAPILEO 2017076041   New Jail
  DELANEY, DEVINE ZACHARIAH 2016286016   New Jail
  DEMBY, CORDARRYL GLENN 2016190042   Main Jail
* DENNY, CHRISTINA RAQUAL 2017174020   New Jail
  DERICKSON, RANDY LEE 2017121029   New Jail
  DESTEFANO, CHRISTIAN JORDAN 2017132017   Main Jail
  DEVINE, MARCEL LEE 2017145006   New Jail
  DEVONE, III, ARTHUR LEE 2017022018   New Jail
  DEXTER, JOSHUA PAUL 2017039007   New Jail
  DHELO, DAVID 2017132016   New Jail
  DIAZ, HORACIO LOZANO 2017130036   Main Jail
  DIAZ, JOSE ADELAIDO ARUJO 2017034004   Main Jail
* DIMOCK, SEAN SCOTT 2017176011   New Jail
  DIX, JAMES AARON 2017134013   Main Jail
  DOLAN, BRIAN JOSEPH 2017170023   New Jail
  DOLAN, FRANK CREEL 2017038019   Main Jail
* DOLATRE, JANICE MARIE 2017174011   Main Jail
  DONALD, TERRY EDWARD 2017017050   New Jail
  DOOLEY, TERILYN 2017151035   Main Jail
  DORSEY, SAMUEL 2017152036   Main Jail
  DOUGLAS, III, DANA ACE 2017143003   New Jail
  DRAVIS, JR, DONALD ALVAH 2017060044   Main Jail
  DUCKER, JONATHAN RAY 2017107039   New Jail
  DUCKSWORTH LOWE, ELIJAH IKEEM 2017058001   Main Jail
  DUDLEY, LEOPOLD 2017141018   Main Jail
* DUFF, DANIEL WROGER 2017176001   Main Jail
  DUGAR, XAVIER CLINTON 2017104025   Main Jail
  DUNAWAY, CHAD KENNETH 2017024016   Main Jail
  DUNN, DANIEL ADAM 2017166033   Main Jail
  DYCHES, WALTER EDWARD 2017165006   Main Jail
* EASTERLIN, JERMANE 2017174031   Main Jail
  EATON, DALE EDWIN 2017123020   New Jail
  EDWARDS JR, DALVON EUGENE 2017109020   Remann Hall
  EDWARDS, DEANNA TWANA 2017100033   New Jail
  EDWARDS, MICHAEL LEE 2017168007   New Jail
  EDWARDS, SR, LACASTE LEE 2016273043   Main Jail
* EHNAT, JOHN TODD 2017176010  
  ELLI, KENNETH LEE 2017122039   Main Jail
  ELLIS, BRIAN RAYMOND LORENZO 2017080002   New Jail
* ELLSON, PHILIP DAVID 2017174036   (Not in Custody) 6/24/2017 12:00 PM
  ELLSWORTH, SARAH BETH 2017045023   Main Jail
  ELY, TONY 2017067059   New Jail
  EMERY, ANTHONY WALLACE 2017160037   Main Jail
  EMERY, III, DONALD EDWARD 2017050029   Main Jail
  EMMETT, LINDSEY RAQUEL 2017164020   New Jail
  EMRY, TODD CARROLL 2017158003   Main Jail
  ERAZO, GERZON AMILCAR 2017164028   Main Jail
  ERHARDT, CHARLES ANTHONY 2017108056   New Jail
  ERICKSON, VICKI LYNN 2017125017   Main Jail
  ERNSTING, RICHARD LEE 2017160024   Main Jail
* ESCOBAR, CHRISTOPHER LEE 2017174014   New Jail
  ESCOBAR, JORGE ISMAEL 2017171003   Main Jail
  ESTRADA NAMBO, JOVANNY 2017166024   New Jail
  EUSTAQUIO, CORY JAMES 2017088013   New Jail
  EVALU, CEDRICK ANTONIO 2016303016   Main Jail
  EVANS, KENNETH LLOYD 2017174002   Main Jail
  EVANS, KIMBERLY HELENE 2017105009   Main Jail
  EVANS, STERLING BRANDON 2016340020   Main Jail
* EVANS, STEVEN DEWAYNE 2017174042   New Jail
* FAIRBANKS, MICHELLE ANN 2017175012   Main Jail
  FAMBRO, CURTIS RICHARD 2016279039   New Jail
  FANCHER, MICHAEL LONNIE 2017054022   Main Jail
  FARIAS MORFIN, RAFAEL 2017033029   New Jail
  FENDEL, DANIEL JAMES 2017020007   New Jail
  FERGUSON, KEVIN XAVIER 2017118019   Main Jail
  FERGUSON, SAMUEL ROY-WARNBERG 2017164033   (Not in Custody) 6/26/2017 5:00 AM
  FERRER, VANDRECK JAY 2017152026   (Not in Custody) 6/24/2017 2:00 PM
  FERWORN, SCOTT EMIL 2017011043   Main Jail
  FIELD, MATHEW ANTHONY 2017128046   Main Jail
  FISH, AMY KATHERINE 2017170028   Main Jail
  FITZSIMMONS, JR, WILLIAM JAMES 2017172033   New Jail
  FJELDAL, II, TIMOTHY SHANE 2017164040   New Jail
  FLAGG, COREY DEVONTE 2017128041   New Jail
* FLAGG, ERIC TYJUAN 2017177002   New Jail
  FLAHAUT, NATASHA MARIE 2016304020   Main Jail
  FLAMER, JR, JACKIE DABY 2017170017   New Jail
  FLETCHER, DOR-CHE DIEAKUA 2017168010   New Jail
  FLETCHER, JUSTIN RHOE 2017159060   New Jail
  FLOETER, WESTIN DANIEL 2017020016   New Jail
  FLORES, MARK VILLALUNA 2017136032   New Jail
  FONG, MICHAEL JOSEPH 2017136054   Main Jail
  FORD, ISIAH OCTAVIAS-XAVIER 2017080033   Main Jail
  FORSYTHE, LAURALY 2017172002   Main Jail
  FORTUNE, DIANE MARIE 2017130053   Main Jail
  FOSTER, JOHN DERWIN 2017172049   New Jail
  FOSTER, MACK ARTHUR 2017160013   (Not in Custody) 6/26/2017 5:00 AM
  FOTE, JOSEPH EDMUND 2017067025   New Jail
  FRAGA, JAIME 2017014030   Maple Lane
  FRANKLIN, JEHRAN STEVEN 2017068025   New Jail
  FREITAS, REBECCA LEE 2017139048   New Jail
  FRENCH, MITCHELL TIMOTHY 2017160020   Main Jail
  FRENCH, RORY CLAYTON 2017154011   Main Jail
  FULLER, TY WILLIAM THACKER 2017143053   Main Jail
  FULLERTON, JONATHAN LEE 2017137033   Main Jail
  FULTON, DARCIE SUE 2017138026   Main Jail
  FUQUA, ADRIENE LYNN 2017073055   New Jail
* GAINES, JORDAN SOLOMAN 2017176024   (Not in Custody) 6/26/2017 1:35 AM
  GAITAN VASQUEZ, JUAN JOSE 2017171034   Main Jail
  GAKING, JENNIFER MARIE 2017026047   New Jail
  GALLEGOS, DAVID EARL RAY 2017165056   Main Jail
  GALLER, JOHN JOSEPH 2017167027   Main Jail
  GALLOWAY, DANTE RAYNON 2017144029   New Jail
  GAPINSKI, JR, THEODORE ANDREW 2017170044   Main Jail
  GARCIA GUERRERO, EUCEVIO 2016150034   New Jail
  GARCIA, JEREMY RAYMOND 2017156009   New Jail
  GARCIA, MICHAEL FLORES 2017070013   New Jail
  GARCIA, RENE JAMES 2017131025   Main Jail
  GARCIA, YESENIA 2017166042   Main Jail
  GARZA, TIFFANY EVONNE 2017157055   New Jail
* GAY, KELDRICK DEON 2017177003   New Jail
  GAYLES, RONNIE LOUIS 2017149014   Main Jail
  GAYTAN-GAYTAN, SALVADOR 2017118021   New Jail
  GEEHAN, RICHARD GENE 2017087003   New Jail
  GEELAN, TODD JAMES ANTHONY 2017121019   New Jail
  GIBSON, MIQUEAL JENE 2017164057   New Jail
  GILCHRIST, ALFRED JEREMY 2017127013   Main Jail
  GILCRIST, TARAIL ELIJAH 2017045031   Main Jail
  GILLUM, DAVID ALLEN 2017166046   Main Jail
  GIOVANNONI, MICHAEL JORDAN 2017165071   New Jail
  GIRK, MERIAH MICHELLE 2017070028   Main Jail
  GLEASON, PHILLIP CONRAD 2015156021   Main Jail
  GLENN, RILEY MCKENZIE 2017167030   (Not in Custody) 6/26/2017 5:00 AM
  GLOVER, DAVID LEE 2017156034   New Jail
  GLOVER, ZACHARY ALAN 2017067033   Remann Hall
  GOLDEN, JESS CHARLES 2017025065   Main Jail
  GOMEZ VASQUEZ, JUAN JOSE 2016321005   New Jail
  GOMEZ, AVELINO 2017076009   (Not in Custody) 6/25/2017 4:55 AM
  GOMEZ, JOSE ADALBERTO 2017151042   Main Jail
  GONZALEZ HERRERA, JR, ARTURO 2017153028   New Jail
  GONZALEZ LOPEZ, JAVIER 2017034003   Main Jail
  GONZALEZ PARRA, JOSE DE JESUS 2017159004   New Jail
  GONZALEZ, BERNIE 2017165002   New Jail
  GOODWIN, DALE ANTHONY 2017065018   Main Jail
  GOODWIN, LAKISHA SHANAE 2017076011   New Jail
  GOODYEAR, KEYSUAN FREDRICK 2017151058   Main Jail
  GOPAUL, DARREN LENGSLEY 2017019044   New Jail
  GORDON, JUSTIN DANIEL 2017092022   Main Jail
  GORDON, TRAVIS ALLEN 2017166019   New Jail
  GORE, JERMAINE LARON ABDUL 2017134040   Main Jail
  GORODYUK, BOGDAN PAVEL 2017109058   Main Jail
  GOTAY, CHRISTOPHER ANDRES 2016342056   New Jail
  GOUKER, LANE ROBERT 2017128001   New Jail
  GRAMMER, BRANDON MICHAEL 2017118063   New Jail
  GRASSO, MICHAEL RICHARD 2017154010   New Jail
  GREEN, DONTA DASSHUN 2017048014   Main Jail
  GREEN, FRAZIER NATHAN 2016357017   Yakima
  GREEN, HEATHER FAWN 2017083030   Main Jail
  GREEN, JUAN JESUS 2016259015   Main Jail
  GREENE, DESHAWN XAVIER 2017158038   Main Jail
  GREENWOOD, TANIA JOELLE 2017173014   (Not in Custody) 6/24/2017 3:40 PM
  GRIFFITH, ZACHARY EUGENE 2017172023   New Jail
  GROVES, BRINA JUANITA NICOLE 2017161026   Main Jail
* GUINANE, FRANK EDWARD 2017175027   New Jail
  GUITRON, KEALIN MIGUEL 2017163029   New Jail
* GUNDERSON, JOSHUA LEE 2017175014   Main Jail
  GUNNARSON, KASEY RYAN 2017094049   Main Jail
  GUNTER, NATHAN ANDREW 2017069021   Main Jail
  GWYNN, DEJAHWAN SHAIRIC 2017154027   Main Jail
  HAAVIK, WILLIAM TERRY 2017004022   New Jail
  HAERER, NICOLAS MATTHEW 2017159026   Main Jail
  HAHN, DUSTYN PAUL 2017090007   (Not in Custody) 6/26/2017 5:00 AM
  HALE, JESSE DANNEL 2017128019   New Jail
  HALE, USO GENE 2017101036   Main Jail
  HALL, JOANNA CYNTHIA 2017171037   New Jail
  HALL, KIERRA MARIE 2016110036   New Jail
* HALL, MITCHELL LEE 2017175005   (Not in Custody) 6/24/2017 9:10 PM
  HALSTEAD, QUINTEN AURELIUS 2017104020   Main Jail
  HAMILTON, AMANDA LYNN 2017172047   New Jail
* HAMLING, KENNETH JOHN 2017175029   New Jail
  HAN, SEUNG 2017030011   Main Jail
  HANS, SILA 2017168006   Main Jail
  HANSEN, DERIK JOEL 2017163012   New Jail
  HANSEN, JAMES MICHAEL 2017109021   Remann Hall
* HARDEN, NORMAN ADAIL DELANO 2017175023   Main Jail
  HARDY, TADARWIN YVAIN 2017172041   New Jail
  HAROLD, SAMUEL SOLOMON 2017158023   Main Jail
  HARRIS CROFT, LAMAR MARCELL 2017052015   New Jail
  HARRIS, ANDRE JOSEPH 2017068016   New Jail
  HARRIS, ANDRIEA SHYTEISHA 2017083047   Main Jail
  HARRIS, DWIGHT ISAAC 2017161021   New Jail
  HARRIS, JR., ERIC FULTON 2017158002   Main Jail
  HARRIS, MICHAEL DWAYNE 2017043006   New Jail
  HARRIS, TRENTON ROBERT 2017161030   New Jail
  HARRISON, GREGORY EUGENE 2017150045   Main Jail
  HARRY, JASON DAVID 2017156023   Main Jail
  HART, MICHAEL ANDREW 2016357002   Main Jail
  HASKINS, ANTHONY LAVANTE 2017167043   New Jail
  HAYES, ALLEN PAUL 2017131037   New Jail
  HAYES, NICHOLAS JEFFERY 2017157053   Main Jail
  HAYNES, ALEXANDER GILSTRAP 2016266008   New Jail
  HAYNESWORTH, MONJAE NYKYLE 2017116027   Main Jail
  HAYS, JR, RICHARD JAMES 2017041024   New Jail
* HAZEL, BRANDON TYLER 2017177009   New Jail
  HAZEL, JONATHAN SAMUEL 2015295032   Main Jail
  HEATH, BRENT LEE 2017166041   New Jail
  HEBERT, MICHAEL BENJAMIN 2017173016   Main Jail
  HEFFINGTON, JOSHUA JON 2017128033   Main Jail
  HENDERSON, AKEEM NURUDDIN 2017026013   Main Jail
  HENDERSON, MARSELE KENNETH 2015113013   Main Jail
  HENDERSON, WILLIAM GLENN 2017115033   New Jail
  HENRY, BRAD LEWIS 2017110058   Main Jail
  HERNANDEZ, ERIK SALVADOR 2017171048   New Jail
  HERNDON, LLOYD EDWIN 2016259053   Main Jail
  HERRING, BREYONA LEILA 2017030002   Main Jail
  HEWITT, JR, HENRY 2017142020   Main Jail
  HICKMAN, CHARLES JAMES 2016276022   Main Jail
* HIGUERA, JR, ELEAZAR 2017175003   (Not in Custody) 6/25/2017 11:22 AM
  HILL, ROBERT JESSE 2016323041   Main Jail
  HIMMELSPACH, MARVIN MICHAEL 2017109034   Main Jail
  HINDS, III, EDWARD KYA 2017173028   New Jail
* HINES, CODY STEVEN 2017174034   New Jail
  HINTON, THADDEUS SAFFRON 2017093052   New Jail
  HOBGOOD, PAUL RAYMOND 2017150057   Main Jail
  HODGES, JOSHUA DEAN 2016354026   New Jail
  HOFFMAN, JOHN ROBERT 2017167006   Main Jail
* HOGAN, AMANDA GRACE 2017175018   Main Jail
* HOLLIDAY, BRIAN KEITH 2017174037   New Jail
  HOLMES, ANTOINE JAMIR 2016337011   New Jail
  HOLMES, STEVEN EVERT 2017062031   New Jail
  HOOD, JONATHAN DAI 2017123031   Main Jail
  HOPSON, LOIS L 2017142019   New Jail
  HORACE, RAYMONE LAMAR 2017040039   Main Jail
  HORNER, MICHAEL LYN 2017129040   New Jail
  HORSLEY, III, NELIOUS EUGENE 2017028009   Main Jail
  HOUCK, ANTHONY LEE 2017135062   Main Jail
  HOWARD, CHARLES 2016312053   Main Jail
  HOWELL, DANA JEAN 2017171026   Main Jail
  HREHA, JOSEPH DANIEL THOMAS 2017122034   Main Jail
  HUBBARD, ARTEMUS RICKY 2017124021   New Jail
  HUBER, PATRICK DAVID 2017103037   Main Jail
  HUGHES, TIMOTHY LEE 2017154036   Main Jail
  HUKE, ROBERT ALDEN 2017173046   New Jail
  HULSE, JOHN KENNETH 2017150051   New Jail
  HUTCHINS, ERIC NATHANIEL 2016326015   New Jail
  IGLESIAS, III, BACARDI CRUZ 2017097009   Main Jail
  IMHOLT, BRADLEY DALE 2016291013   Main Jail
  IRVINE, ROBERT RALSTONE 2017160038   Main Jail
  ISDELL, EZEKIEL DANIEL 2017156024   New Jail
* ISLAS, JARED RODOLFO 2017176018   New Jail
  IVLIYEV, KIRSTEN MARIE 2017170027   New Jail
* JACKSON LOUIE, STEPHANIE A 2017175015   Main Jail
  JACKSON, CRYSTAL SHARE 2015045003   Main Jail
  JACKSON, D'ARIUS AKIM 2017121011   Main Jail
  JACKSON, DELVANTE DANIEL 2017102039   Main Jail
  JACKSON, DEMETRIUS MONTA 2017061001   Main Jail
  JACKSON, GLEN RAY 2017117007   (Not in Custody) 6/26/2017 5:00 AM
  JACKSON, JESSICA SHAUNTI 2017124043   Main Jail
  JACKSON, JOHN GRANT 2017173047   New Jail
  JACKSON, JR, MICHAEL ANTHONY 2017164015   Main Jail
  JACKSON, MICHAEL LEE 2016216053   Main Jail
  JACOBS, ADRIAN O 2016271030   Main Jail
  JACOBS, JR, LARRY RAY 2017120024   Main Jail
  JASMER, NATHAN ALLEN 2017126013   New Jail
  JEFFERIES, LAMAR HOWARD 2016316020   Main Jail
  JEFFERSON, LAMONT 2017135018   Main Jail
  JEFFREY, ELIZABETH LOUISE 2017173029   Main Jail
  JENNINGS, JUSTIN NICHOLAS 2017131032   Main Jail
  JENSEN, FORREST ERIC 2017170015   Main Jail
  JESKE, ROY OSCAR 2016266044   Main Jail
  JIMENEZ VARGAS, LUIS ENRIQUE 2017126045   New Jail
  JOHNSON, DAVID WESLEY 2017110017   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, FRANK CORTES 2017172022   New Jail
  JOHNSON, JAMES LARRY 2016168012   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, JAMES LELAND 2017068035   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, JOHN LEE 2017051011   New Jail
  JOHNSON, JOSEPH STEVEN 2017019002   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, MICHAEL LINERD 2017131034   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, NICHOLAS ARTHUR 2017160027   Main Jail
* JOHNSON, THOMAS CARROLL 2017174026   New Jail
  JONES, ANTOINE DEMARCUS 2017069007   Main Jail
  JONES, BRANDON JACOB 2017136026   New Jail
  JONES, CHARLES WILLIAM 2016321050   New Jail
  JONES, ERIC LEE 2017147015   New Jail
  JONES, MATTHEW LEE 2017161035   New Jail
  JONES, ROSEMARY ELIZABETH 2017172044   New Jail
  JONES, STUART TRAWEEK 2017145032   New Jail
  JORDAN, ROBERT JESS 2017166054   Main Jail
  JORGENSON, PATRICK EDWARD 2016194030   New Jail
  JOY, JENNIFER SUZANNE 2017163013   Main Jail
  JUNG, HYUNWOOK JAMES 2017141021   Main Jail
* JUSTICE, IV, RAPHIEL 2017176005   New Jail
* KASA, JEFFREY CORNENIO 2017175009   Main Jail
  KEEFE, TAYLOR JAMES 2017167049   Main Jail
  KEIFER, STEVEN CHARLES 2017167047   New Jail
  KELLER, JAMES FLYNN 2017135002   Main Jail
  KELLER, LAURIE SUSAN 2017140008   Main Jail
  KELLY, III, LEON 2017112037   New Jail
  KELLY, JR, STEVEN VEE 2017139029   Main Jail
  KENNARD, QUENTIN JERRELL 2017138015   Main Jail
  KENT, CARDELL CHASSION 2016336042   Main Jail
  KEYS, DOMINICK 2017088032   Main Jail
  KHAMBATA, BRADLEY STEVEN 2017146040   New Jail
* KHEN, AMANDA CHANTHREA 2017177005   Main Jail
  KIDD, JAKE ANDREW 2017166003   New Jail
  KILGORE, BRANDON SCOTT 2017129054   Main Jail
  KILLIAN, KURT RYAN 2017153022   Main Jail
  KILPATRICK, FLETCHER WARD 2017112016   Main Jail
  KIM, KENNEDY K 2017153049   Main Jail
* KIM, MIN SIK 2017174027   Main Jail
  KIMBALL, NATHANIEL RAY 2017151037   New Jail
  KIMBRELL, JR, NATHAN RICKY M 2017061009   Main Jail
  KINCAID, MICHAEL WAYNE 2017172042   Main Jail
  KING, RONALD ANTHONY 2017059061   Main Jail
  KINGMAN, ZACHARY NOEL 2017154028   New Jail
* KJELLESVIK, ALEX RUSSELL 2017174030   Main Jail
  KLIER, JEFFREY JOSEPH 2017172024   Main Jail
  KLINGER, MICHAEL RICHARD 2017048022   Main Jail
  KNAPP, TRISTEN MALACHI 2017025061   Main Jail
  KNAUS, JAZMINE ALEXIS RAONI 2017062041   Outside - Temp Release
  KNIGHT, ALBERT ARMAND 2017167045   Main Jail
  KNUDTSON, SAVANNAH MARIE 2017164019   Main Jail
  KOLBO, KENNETH ISAAC 2016355034   New Jail
  KONECNY, DEVIN JOHN 2016265047   Main Jail
  KORSLUND, ALLISON MARIE 2017173019   Main Jail
  KORST, TAYLOR NATHANIEL 2017109056   Main Jail
  KOTAS, THOMAS MICHAEL 2017145051   Yakima
  KREMPL, DANIEL JOSEPH 2017018013   New Jail
  KRUM, KERI JEAN 2017165030   Main Jail
  KRUSE, DILLON EUGENE 2017045062   Main Jail
  KUPPER, ANDREW THOMAS 2017166050   New Jail
  LABOY CRUZ, AUDIFFRED 2017123013   New Jail
  LABUDDE, MARK ANTHONY 2017138007   New Jail
  LAGERVALL, CHRISTOPHER SEAN 2017082017   Main Jail
  LAKE, DON ROBERT 2017149025   Main Jail
  LAKEY, BRADLEY SCOTT 2017111005   New Jail
  LAM, VINH QUANG 2017128015   New Jail
  LAMBERT, ROBERT MIKEL 2017143019   Main Jail
  LAND, JR, DUANE EDWARD 2017160035   New Jail
  LANDIS, HOWARD EDWARD 2017116029   Main Jail
* LANDRON, RYAN NICHOLAS 2017174021   New Jail
  LANE BATTLE, PATRICIA 2017173037   Main Jail
  LANE, TAELER RAE 2017111008   New Jail
  LANGE, DANNY PAUL 2017158032   Main Jail
  LANGFORD, TIMOTHY THEODORE 2017165051   Main Jail
  LANNOM ANDERSON, CODY LEE 2017146013   New Jail
  LAPID, MEGAN ELIZABETH 2017128023   Main Jail
* LARSON, JOSHUA DYLAN 2017176026   Main Jail
  LARSON, KEATON MATTHEW 2017008019   Main Jail
  LATIMER, STEVEN LEE 2017169020   New Jail
* LAVERDURE, JEFFERY ALLEN 2017175013   New Jail
  LAW, THOMAS EDWARD 2016352031   New Jail
  LAZALDE, SALVADORE 2017022004   New Jail
  LAZAR, AUSTIN P 2017081017   Main Jail
  LEATIOTA, MURPHY FALEULU 2016284009   New Jail
  LEAVITT, ERIN CASEY 2017171039   Main Jail
  LEE, JACOB SKYLAR ALLYN 2016336023   Main Jail
  LEE, ROBIN ANN 2017137066   Main Jail
  LEE, SR, BILLY RAY 2017127018   Main Jail
  LEE, TIMOTHY DANEIL 2017102005   Main Jail
  LEGGE, DAVID KEITH 2016171027   New Jail
  LEIFSON, KYLER HARRISON 2017160050   Main Jail
  LESTER, MICHAEL LAWRENCE 2017105010   New Jail
  LETOURNEAU, DANIEL RICHARD 2017117043   (Not in Custody) 6/26/2017 5:00 AM
  LEUPOLD, LINDSEY MARIE 2017010009   Main Jail
  LEUPOLD, MATTHEW RYAN 2017010010   Main Jail
  LEWIS, DAVID LETRAIL 2017158046   Main Jail
  LEWIS, JOSEPH CARL 2017129062   New Jail
  LEWIS, JR, MICHAEL JEROME 2017135061   Main Jail
  LEWIS, ROBERTO JOBETE-SHINEMI 2017152005   Main Jail
  LIM, SONSAK 2017099008   New Jail
  LITTLEJOHN, KEVIN TRENELL 2017166047   Main Jail
  LIZOTTE, JR, MICHAEL LAWRANCE 2017160021   Main Jail
  LOETSCHER, SHIRLEY MARIE 2017061048   New Jail
  LONG, PIRUM MIKE 2017143035   Main Jail
  LOPEZ, DIANA JEAN 2017151033   New Jail
  LOPEZ, JOSE ANGEL 2017127021   Main Jail
  LOTT, ANDREW 2017106023   Main Jail
  LOUGHLIN, KELLY RICHARD 2017070011   New Jail
  LOVATA, COREY JOE 2017075009   New Jail
  LUCAS, MINNETTE LYNN 2017142005   New Jail
  LUCK, MATTHEW ALLEN 2017041014   Main Jail
  LUKKASSON, AARON LEE 2017130052   Main Jail
  LUNA CRUZ, DEIVI JEOVANI 2017014015   Main Jail
  LUND, YOLANDA DONNELLE 2014269007   Main Jail
  LYNCH, KEVIN OBRIEN 2017139042   New Jail
  LYONS, TOM MICHAL 2017030040   Main Jail
  MAAE, ALLEN VINTORA 2017035021   Main Jail
  MABE, DYLAN B 2017039048   New Jail
  MACK, TYLER JAMES 2017140016   Main Jail
* MACKIE, DUSTIN KELLY 2017174019   New Jail
  MADIGAN, NEAL SALEM 2017166001   New Jail
* MALO, IUNI MOANA 2017176015   New Jail
  MAPP, III, JAMES PURNELL 2016164007   Main Jail
  MARSENINO, THARRY MAC 2017161025   Main Jail
  MARSH, BREANNA MARIE 2016344013   Main Jail
* MARSHALL, JULIAN JAMES 2017175020   New Jail
  MARTIN, JEFFERY SCOTT 2017026033   New Jail
  MARTIN, MARTY JOSEPH 2017169017   Main Jail
  MARTIN, TRACY PAUL 2017144010   New Jail
  MARTINEZ LOPEZ, ANDY OSIEL 2016365032   Main Jail
  MARTINEZ RUIZ, JUAN MANUEL 2016307020   New Jail
  MARTINEZ, ANTONIO MILTON 2016034039   New Jail
  MARTINEZ, CHRISTIAN OJEDA 2017139030   New Jail
  MARTINEZ, JR, RODNEY 2017006001   New Jail
  MARTINEZ, TRINO VALENTINO 2016075041   Main Jail
  MASANIAI, JR, NIMO MARESALA 2017067039   Main Jail
* MASE, JR, LARRY REINHOLD 2017174017   Main Jail
  MASSEY, CRAIG AUSTIN 2017153023   New Jail
  MAST, JOSEPH BUD 2017108057   Main Jail
  MASTERS, JAY MICHAEL 2017096019   New Jail
  MATAAFA, DAVID 2017151011   Main Jail
  MATHENY, DARIN JOSEPH 2017073032   Main Jail
  MATHEWS, NAPOLEON SHONPAUL 2017094044   Main Jail
  MATHIS, JASMINE LEAH 2017091030   New Jail
  MATTEO, JADE JOSEPH EDGAR 2017068023   New Jail
  MATTHEWS, ANTONIO MAUREECE 2017138051   Main Jail
  MATTHEWS, JENARO TRAVON 2017084001   Main Jail
  MATZICK, MICHAEL DAVID 2016286011   Main Jail
  MAXWELL, GEORGE EARL 2017164031   Main Jail
  MAXWELL, JR, LONNIE EDWARD 2017143010   New Jail
  MAXWELL, MATTHEW DAVID 2017150023   Main Jail
  MAYER, ERIC NICHOLAS 2017164023   Main Jail
  MAYO, DARSHAY DOMINIQUE 2017172010   Main Jail
  MCALLISTER, NATHAN JOSEPH 2017113005   Main Jail
  MCCARTY, SAVANA RAE 2017173033   New Jail
  MCCLAIN, MARCUS KEITH 2016203020   Main Jail
  MCCOLLAUM, JOSHUA MATTHEW 2017166021   Main Jail
  MCCORNACK, GRACE ANN 2017152023   New Jail
  MCCOY, COREY JEMEL 2017166002   New Jail
  MCCRAY, PATRICK LEE 2017150025   New Jail
  MCDANIEL, ANTHONY TRISTON 2017173054   New Jail
  MCDERMOTT, MATTHEW RICHARD 2017081057   Main Jail
  MCELROY, MASON NATHANIEL 2017163008   Main Jail
  MCELROY, NICHOLAS ALLEN 2017173055   New Jail
  MCEWEN, TRAVIS SEAN 2017167015   Main Jail
  MCGINNIS, CHRISTINIA ANN 2017158006   New Jail
  MCGOWAN, JERMAINE RAPHIAL 2017144014   Main Jail
  MCINTIRE, DAVID FRED 2017020028   Main Jail
  MCIVER, MAC LEROY 2016246035   Main Jail
  MCNAMEE, DANIEL JOSEPH 2016327013   Main Jail
  MCNEILL, CHRISTOPHER BRIAN 2017172016   New Jail
  MCQUEEN, JENETTE OCELIA JOYCE 2017124033   Maple Lane
  MCQUEEN, JOHNNY DAVID 2017138024   New Jail
  MCVEY, DEAN ANTON 2017151032   Main Jail
  MCVEY, ELIZABETH GENE 2017119005   New Jail
  MECHTLEY, TYIANA SANTYNA 2017153035   Main Jail
  MEDINA, ROILAND FERNANDEZ 2017173026   Main Jail
  MEJIA-CRUZ, SANTIAGO 2017152012   Main Jail
* MENDEZ, MELISSA RAE 2017174018   Main Jail
  MENDIOLA, XAVIER JOSHUA 2017162017   New Jail
  MENEFEE, TYLER CHRISTIAN 2017138018   New Jail
  MENZIES, JR, TIMOTHY LLOYD 2016159023   Main Jail
* MERCADO, LISAMONIQUE ANN 2017175024   Main Jail
  MERCADO, MICHAEL RAY 2017101009   Yakima
  MERCHANT, MICHAEL ROBERT 2017123007   Main Jail
  MEROLA, EDWARD JOSEPH 2017171006   Main Jail
  MEYER, DAVID JEREMY 2017162005   Main Jail
  MICHAEL, LOUIS BRADLEY 2017050027   Main Jail
  MILBRATH, MESHACH JACOB 2017060049   Main Jail
  MILLER, ANTHONY LEE 2017171009   Main Jail
  MILLER, JOHN CHARLES 2017142015   New Jail
  MILLER, JORDAN MARQUIES RAMON 2017150009   Main Jail
  MILLER, JOSHUA DEMETRIUS 2017164052   Main Jail
  MILLER, SIDNEY ALLEN 2017005008   Outside - Temp Release
  MILLS, LINDSEY MARIE 2017031051   New Jail
  MILTON, AMBER DAWN 2017141029   Main Jail
  MISAENGSAY, THANOME LANOY 2017131040   Main Jail
  MITCHELL, ROBERT ALLEN 2017139046   New Jail
  MOLINA, CHRISTINA JASMINE 2017139047   New Jail
  MOLTRUM, STEVEN NICKOLAS 2017040010   New Jail
* MONTERO PACHECO, BRAYN JUNIN 2017177008   New Jail
  MONTES, JR, ANTHONY 2017095033   New Jail
  MONTOYA, MICHAEL JUAREZ 2017151022   Main Jail
  MOODY, JR., DANIEL SCOTT 2017150049   Main Jail
  MOODY, TAYVAIRAH MONTAE 2017164016   Main Jail
  MOORE, GOLDIE WILLIAM 2017173058   Main Jail
* MOORE, JAMES COLE 2017176023   New Jail
  MOORE, PAUL 2017067035   Outside - Temp Release
  MOORE, SHABIEZ ALBERT 2017134017   Main Jail
* MOORE, SHAUNA RE 2017174033   Main Jail
  MOORE, WILLIAM ANDREW 2017165052   Main Jail
* MOORS, KAREN TOETU 2017175017   Main Jail
  MORALES, ADELA 2017153030   New Jail
  MORALES, GABRIEL JOSEPH 2017027027   Main Jail
  MORALES, MALISHA MIRANDA 2017067032   Remann Hall
  MORALES-ARROYO, JUAN CARLOS 2017137043   New Jail
  MORAN, JEFFREY ROBERT 2017026016   New Jail
* MORENO DELGADO, OMAR 2017176030   New Jail
  MORFORD, BRENNAN DANIELS 2017161046   Main Jail
  MORFORD, BRYAN RAY 2017129046   Maple Lane
  MORGAN, DANIEL SCOTT 2017010043   Main Jail
  MORITZ, CARL CHRISTOPHER 2017168014   New Jail
  MORRIS, II, DANIEL DEAN 2017004004   Main Jail
  MORTON, JOSHUA DUANNE 2017173035   (Not in Custody) 6/25/2017 4:55 AM
  MORTON, TREQUAN DUANE LAMAR 2017154002   Main Jail
  MOSES, ERIC CHONG 2017165011   New Jail
  MOUTH, DENNIS SISOWATHA 2017060065   New Jail
* MULLAN, SUSAN 2017176020   New Jail
  MULLIKIN, JEFFREY MITCHEL 2017129069   New Jail
  MURILLO SOLTERO, NOE 2017025069   New Jail
  MURPHY, ROBERT JIMMY 2017151007   New Jail
  MURRAY, DOUGLAS REID 2016259027   Main Jail
  MURRAY, STEVEN KENNETH 2017021005   New Jail
  MYERS, RICHARD WILLIAM 2016288024   New Jail
  NAILS, GREGORY TRAMAINE 2017168018   Main Jail
  NAMULAUTI, PETUERU LOTONU'U 2017109064   Main Jail
  NAON, NICKLAUS VICTOR 2017154003   Main Jail
  NASH, DILLON ZACHARY 2017012071   New Jail
  NASIM, ZAVAR K 2017118012   Main Jail
  NAVA FERNANDEZ, CARLOS 2017101035   New Jail
  NEAL, ANDREW DANIEL 2017168017   Main Jail
  NEILSON, SPENCER ALLEN 2016301001   Main Jail
  NELSON, ADAM ELRY 2017054040   New Jail
  NELSON, BRIAN PHILLIP 2017139023   Main Jail
  NELSON, JR, SHEDRICK 2017130058   New Jail
  NELSON, KRISTY ANN 2017164004   New Jail
  NELSON, REBECCA LEANN 2017161002   New Jail
  NESS, JASON GORDON 2016235003   Main Jail
  NESTEGARD, KENDRA NICOLE 2017173015   Main Jail
  NEVAREZ, GABRIEL INDELICIO 2016231048   Main Jail
  NGO, HOAISON DINH 2017008024   Main Jail
  NIEVES, DEVIN MICHAEL 2017115025   New Jail
  NILSON, THOMAS BLAYZE 2017123029   New Jail
  NIZ, NATHAN VOUNE 2017146039   Main Jail
  NOBLE, TRACY LEE 2017129003   New Jail
  NOLAN, JEFFERY ALLAN 2017112027   New Jail
  NOONAN, MICHAEL JOHN 2017167033   New Jail
  NORDE, ENJOLI CHOLE 2017095058   Main Jail
* NORM, NANG 2017177004   New Jail
  NOUN, YOUNGRYCHANNA RICHIE 2017151041   (Not in Custody) 6/25/2017 3:30 PM
  NOYOLA, VICTOR ORTIZ 2017033008   New Jail
  NUBILE, TODD JEAN 2017104047   New Jail
  NUNU, TAAPE SAMSON 2017147007   Main Jail
  NUTU, REBECCA 2017167011   New Jail
  NYLAND, JAMISON PARKER 2017173043   Main Jail
  O'BRIEN, COREY KENNETH 2017137011   New Jail
  O'HARE, SHAWN PATRICK 2016302018   New Jail
  O'NEAL, CAITLIN MARY 2017136019   New Jail
  O'NEAL, DEAN MICHAEL 2016142013   Main Jail
  OBRIEN, RHIANNON LUISE 2017153015   New Jail
  OCKERT, BRENT WADE 2017143006   New Jail
  ODOM, JAMAR ANDRA 2017107035   Main Jail
* OGLES, DYMOND LE'DAVID 2017175030   Main Jail
  OLDROCK, GEORGIA MAE 2017163032   New Jail
  OLSON, THEODORE WILLIAM 2017143051   Main Jail
* OMALLEY, JAMES M 2017177010   New Jail
* ORMANDY, MICHAEL JAMES 2017175004   New Jail
  OROZCO, PAUL DARYL 2016259019   New Jail
  ORTIZ REYES, FELIPE MANUEL 2016166053   New Jail
  ORTIZ, JUAN 2017094068   Main Jail
  ORTIZ, MARCUS ANDRE 2017138011   New Jail
  OSBORNE, JAMES CALVIN 2017110039   Main Jail
* OSES, MYISHA ELLEN 2017174025   Main Jail
  OSTERKAMP, DYLAN KELLY 2017149027   Main Jail
  OTIS, JR, GREGORY DEWYANE 2017165005   New Jail
  OVERBY, ANTONIO DOMINIQUE 2017017021   Main Jail
  OWENS, DEVERON ZERRICK 2017153044   Main Jail
  OWENS, MADISON JORDAN 2017163009   Main Jail
  OWINGS, RYAN LEE 2017151025   New Jail
  OZBUN, STEVEN ALEXANDER 2017149028   New Jail
  PACHECO, LISA VIOLA 2017144036   New Jail
  PACKER, CHRISTIAN HONG 2017158058   New Jail
  PAEPER, DALE LEE 2017092008   New Jail
  PALMER, III, TERRENCE BRUCE 2016306008   Main Jail
  PARKER, DANI MARIE 2017045006   New Jail
  PARKER, SHAMARR DERRICK 2016138011   Main Jail
  PARKS, ZACHARY CHRISTOPHER 2017115004   Main Jail
  PARRISH, ARRON CHRISTOPHER 2017134023   Main Jail
  PARRY, JAMES SIDNEY 2017083056   Yakima
  PARSONS, JOSEPH WADE 2016098043   Main Jail
  PARTLOW, BLAIR CHRISTIAN 2017129025   New Jail
  PASSMORE, STEPHEN EDWARD 2017172020   New Jail
  PATAROZZI, KENNETH JAMES 2017010021   Main Jail
  PATE, SHANE FORREST 2017104014   New Jail
  PATTERSON, MARK RICHARD 2017100036   New Jail
  PAXTON CHAN, CARLOS ROMALDO 2017138032   New Jail
  PAYTON, ZAK CHRISTOPHER 2017166039   New Jail
  PEARSON, SHANE NEAL 2017093029   New Jail
  PECK, BRYAN CHIP 2017157036   New Jail
  PEDEN, ARLAN RANDALL 2017041016   Main Jail
  PEDERSON, ROXANNE LEE 2017039008   Main Jail
  PEDRAZA, DESIREE DELORES 2017155021   Main Jail
  PENA RAMIREZ, HUGO ALBERTO 2017113036   Main Jail
  PENEUETA, MANU JAY 2017153050   Main Jail
  PERDUE, MICHAEL JACK 2017157032   Main Jail
  PEREZ, GONZALO 2016134031   New Jail
  PERRIGOUE, KIMBERLY ANNE 2017165025   New Jail
  PETERS, JR, LARRY AYO 2017012060   Main Jail
  PETERSEN, KEVIN VERLE 2017094018   New Jail
  PETERSON, NADIA LIDYA 2017146023   Main Jail
  PETTUS, DETRIC LA TRON 2016332012   New Jail
  PEYTON, JUSTIN EDWARD 2017164056   New Jail
  PHILLIPS, ANTHONY LYNN 2016064020   New Jail
  PHILLIPS, DUSTIN DAMON 2017159033   New Jail
  PHILLIPS, KELSEY TYRELL 2017026041   Main Jail
  PHILLIPS, RONALD DARRELL 2017098008   New Jail
* PHILLIPS, TRAVIS BRYAN 2017175021   New Jail
  PICCOLO, ANDREA MARIE 2017073024   Main Jail
* PIECUCH, LUKE THOMAS 2017176014   (Not in Custody) 6/25/2017 6:48 PM
  PIGHIN, JOHN VINCENT 2017170014   New Jail
* PINSON, LINDY MICHELLE 2017174041   (Not in Custody) 6/24/2017 9:20 PM
  PITTMAN, II, JUNIOUS CEASUR 2017160029   Main Jail
  PLUNKETT, MICHAEL ROY 2017165019   Main Jail
  PORTER, DANIEL DEAN 2017124018   New Jail
  PORTER, LARRY ARDELL 2017150012   Main Jail
  PORTILLO, CHRISTIAN 2017048038   New Jail
  POTTS, THOMAS STERLING 2015111045   Main Jail
  POWELL, JR, LARRY LAMONT 2016350004   New Jail
  POZOS RIVERA, NESTOR RICARDO 2017053020   Main Jail
  PRICE, BERNARD SCOTT 2016335045   New Jail
  PRICE, DARCI BUCK 2017127014   Maple Lane
  PRIDE, VERNON ANTONIO 2017141017   Main Jail
  PRINCE, RANDY MICHAEL 2017065009   New Jail
  PRINDLE, ROBERT LAWRENCE 2017124024   New Jail
  PRUITT, NICHOLAS JAMES 2017152039   New Jail
* PRUITT, STEPHEN DYKE 2017175019   (Not in Custody) 6/24/2017 3:50 PM
  PUGH, KEVIN TYRENCE 2016181044   Main Jail
  PULICICCHIO, JEREMY THOMAS 2017161028   Main Jail
  PURVES, RICHARD LEONARD 2017123038   New Jail
  QUINLAN, DANIEL PATRICK 2017136003   New Jail
  RABE, KEVIN DERRICK 2016363028   New Jail
* RACZ, ALEXANDER LASZLO 2017175031   (Not in Custody) 6/25/2017 2:40 AM
  RAE, JENNILLE ROSE 2017024006   Main Jail
  RAINES, DUSTIN WAYNE 2017161024   Main Jail
* RAINS, JUSTIN MICHAEL 2017176003  
  RAMOS QUIROZ, RAFAEL 2017123006   Main Jail
  RAMSEY, CHRISTOPHER WAYNE 2017146038   Main Jail
  RANDAL, JR, GUY MICHAEL 2017139017   New Jail
  RANGAMAR, LUCIANO MANGARERO 2017155011   Main Jail
  RASHER, CORY THOMAS LEE 2017156018   New Jail
  RATTERREE, RYAN JEFFREY 2017140025   Main Jail
  RAY, JR, MICHAEL GREGORY 2017114007   Main Jail
  RAY, YANCY WADE 2016265039   Main Jail
  REDDING, CURTIS DAMION 2017068020   New Jail
  REES, JASON MICHAEL 2017153024   New Jail
  REEVES, EARL DONALD 2017167018  
  REHA, JAMES MICHAEL 2016327057   Main Jail
  REICH, JOHN ABRAHM 2017052012   New Jail
  REICHERT, ROBERT HAROLD 2017166048   Main Jail
  REICHMAND, WESLEY WARD 2016260014   Main Jail
  REIFSNYDER, RICHARD WILLIAM 2017134010   Main Jail
  REINHART, DEVONA CELESTA 2017172040   Main Jail
  REYES, FELIPE BRAXTON 2017110021   Main Jail
  RHODES, JOSEPH ALLEN 2017170038   New Jail
  RHONE, THEODORE ROOSEVELT 2017117015   Main Jail
* RHYNER ZIMMERMAN, TAMMI JO 2017176032   Main Jail
  RICE, DANIEL WESLEY 2017108040   Main Jail
  RICHARDSON, JASON DONALD 2017073047   New Jail
  RIDDALL, TIMOTHY LEE 2017097024   New Jail
  RIGGS, SCOTT JOSEPH 2017134018   Main Jail
  RILEY, MARCUS DEMETRIUS 2017160034   New Jail
  RIOS, RUBEN CERVANTES 2017172015   New Jail
  RIPP, JOSIAH LEA 2017111025   New Jail
  RISER, DANIEL RAYBURN 2017173030   New Jail
* RITTENHOUSE, LARA RAE 2017176004   (Not in Custody) 6/25/2017 11:55 PM
* RITTER, BRADLEY JACOB 2017176021   New Jail
  RIVERA-COOK, CHRISTOPHER 2016183024   Main Jail
  ROARK, MATTHEW ADAM 2017059062   Main Jail
  ROBBINS, JAMES ROBERT 2017145033   New Jail
  ROBERTS, TRAVIS JAMES 2017124034   New Jail
  ROBERTS, TRESON LEE 2017117012   Main Jail
  ROBERTS, TREVOR JOHN 2017149007   New Jail
  ROBINSON, ABEL LAWRENCE 2017067055   Main Jail
  ROBINSON, CHELSEY BRIANNA 2017161022   New Jail
  ROBINSON, DASJON MICHAEL 2016154006   Remann Hall
  ROBINSON, GARY RAYKEEM-JAMES 2016309017   Main Jail
  ROBINSON, IESHA RAYSHAWN 2017169024   Main Jail
  ROBINSON, RASJON ANDRE 2016154007   Main Jail
  ROBINSON, RYAN SHANE 2017118035   Maple Lane
  ROBINSON, VINCENT GEORGE 2016327018   Main Jail
  ROBINSON, WADE ALEXANDER 2017086020   Main Jail
  ROCKWELL, RAVEN LOVE 2017131043   Main Jail
  RODGERS, SCOTT DARELLE 2017126016   New Jail
  RODRIGUEZ, CARLOS AUDENCIO 2017114033   New Jail
  RODRIGUEZ, MANUEL LUIS 2017143016   Main Jail
  RODRIGUEZ, PAUL JOSEPH 2017150056   Main Jail
  ROGERS, DAVID ANTHONY 2017125002   Maple Lane
  ROGERS, HEIDI ANN 2017166022   Main Jail
  ROGERS, TAYLOR MARIE 2017110027   New Jail
  ROLAND, TRICIA BJ 2017167035   New Jail
  ROLLINS, TYRONE LONELL 2017174003   New Jail
  ROMANO, III, CHARLES EDWARD 2017144034   New Jail
  ROMERO, LUCIANO 2017167023   Main Jail
  RONCO, JULIANA CHLOE 2017149033   Main Jail
  ROSETTE, ISAAC JOSEPH 2016364029   New Jail
  ROWAN, SHANA RENEE 2017165038   Main Jail
  ROY, GABRIEL WOLF 2017113032   Main Jail
  RUDOLPH, TERRIAN LYNN 2017152041   Main Jail
  RUSSELL, JASON LEE 2017172011   Main Jail
  RYAN, BRANDON LEE 2017171015   New Jail
* SABEY, TYLER JAMES 2017174013   New Jail
  SABLAN, TERRENCE JORDAN L 2015309007   Main Jail
  SALAZAR, JAIME JUNIOR 2017158059   Main Jail
  SALAZAR, ROBERTO RUDOLPHO 2017172043   New Jail
  SANABRIA, OSCAR 2017009022   Main Jail
  SANCHEZ-RADILLA, ADRIAN 2017118018   New Jail
  SANDERS, BRANDON SEAN 2017114002   Main Jail
  SANDERS, ERIC SHANTRELL 2017112034   New Jail
  SANDOVAL, JR, GENNARO NARO 2017161043   New Jail
  SANFORD, LENA MAE 2017167039   Main Jail
  SAO, TAUTALAFUA 2016298042   Main Jail
  SAR, SOPHEA 2016103051   New Jail
  SARGENT, ALAN ALBERT 2017160003   Main Jail
  SARVIS, JORDAN DERRICK LEE 2017169033   Main Jail
  SATIACUM, TALLON NIKO C 2017047015   Main Jail
  SATTERWHITE, JR, OWENS 2017151055   Main Jail
  SAYAVONG, CHANTHABOUN 2017111020   Main Jail
* SCHNEIDER, SHARRON KAY 2017176031   Main Jail
  SCHOFIELD, JEREMIAH HARLAN 2017157001   New Jail
  SCOTT, CLINTON TYRELL 2017170013   New Jail
* SCOTT, MARK ALEXANDER 2017176029  
  SEATON, IV, CHARLES AUGUST 2017110004   Main Jail
  SHAFFER, JASON PAUL 2017166034   Main Jail
  SHARP, DAVID EDWARD 2017131031   Main Jail
  SHAW, NATHAN ALLEN 2016177008   Main Jail
* SHAW, ZACHARY JAMES 2017174040   New Jail
  SHEAFFER, ROBIN LEE 2017104043   Maple Lane
  SHEDWIN, ADRIAN CORPUZ 2017103049   New Jail
  SHELBY, MICHAEL FERNANDO 2017052039   New Jail
  SHELLEY, BENJAMIN 2017161044   Main Jail
  SHEPARD, TERRY WAYNE 2016318011   Main Jail
  SHERWOOD, ARNOLD JOHN 2017170009   (Not in Custody) 6/24/2017 9:50 PM
  SHIRK, JEREMY LEE 2017032015   Main Jail
  SHOLD, JR, DONALD RAY 2017050003   New Jail
  SIBBITS, HANNAH NICOLE 2017172038   Main Jail
  SIBLEY, PAMELA RAE 2017173042   Main Jail
  SIDNEY, JOHNATHN WAYNE 2017167041   New Jail
  SIKOFF, SHYLOH 2017033037   New Jail
  SILICANI, MICHELLE RENEE 2017097013   Main Jail
  SILVESTRI, GINA ANGELICA 2017153018   New Jail
  SIMMONS, DONALD LYLE 2017104004   New Jail
  SIMMONS, TIMOTHY GRANT 2017167026   New Jail
  SINOR, EAN SCOTT 2017115021   Main Jail
  SIOLO, FAAPALEMATA 2017131023   Main Jail
* SIVER, MICHAEL ETHAN 2017176027   New Jail
  SKINNER, CASEY ALLEN 2017145042   Main Jail
  SLATON, CLARA CASONDRA MARIE 2017147030   New Jail
  SLEEP, HASIN LEE 2017164007   Main Jail
  SMITH, JESSE ELTON 2017136002   New Jail
  SMITH, KURTIS BRANDON 2017124037   Main Jail
  SMITH, LAVONTE CHARLES 2016345029   New Jail
  SMITH, MARTINE ARKEEM 2017093012   Main Jail
* SMITH, RICHARD LEE 2017175025   New Jail
  SMITH, RYAN RUSSELL 2017066017   New Jail
  SMITH, STEPHANIE FAYE 2017157031   Main Jail
  SMITH, VENUS LOUISE 2017140013   Main Jail
  SNEDDEN, SARAH CHRISTINE 2017162009   New Jail
  SNELL, MICHAEL JAMES 2017159002   Main Jail
  SNYDER, MICHAEL JAMES 2017152025   Main Jail
  SODEN, SCOTT ANTHONY 2017069052   Main Jail
  SODERSTROM, BRENT ALAN 2016145041   New Jail
* SOLHEIM, NICHOLAS AARON 2017175002   Main Jail
  SOMMER, STEVEN MIKEAL 2016293045   Main Jail
  SOUM, LIANNA 2016305023   New Jail
  SPANN, III, LENNIS 2017116037   Main Jail
  SPARKS, DANIEL JOE 2017123047   Main Jail
  SPEARS, ROBERT BENJAMIN 2017107003   New Jail
  STAHLMAN, CHAD MICHAEL 2017167004   New Jail
  STALLING, DEANDRE LARCEL 2017097026   Main Jail
  STANFIELD, KEVIN ARTHUR 2017065048   New Jail
  STANTON, TIMOTHY TALON 2017157013   Main Jail
  STARKEY, ANTHONY THOMAS 2017150011   Main Jail
  STARKS, BRANDON LEONARD 2017023052   Main Jail
  STARKS, JR, LEE ANTHONY 2015288056   Main Jail
  STEELE, MICHAEL ERNEST 2017172046   New Jail
  STEWART, ANDRE DAVID 2016107019   Main Jail
  STILTNER, KATRINA LOUISE 2017118055   Main Jail
  STOKER, TRAVIS OWEN 2017166044   Main Jail
  STONE, RYAN CLARK 2017158044   New Jail
  STOUDMIRE, BRIAN KEITH 2017136055   Main Jail
  STOVER, MATTHEW MILES 2017145066   New Jail
  STRICKLIN, BRIAN DAROLD 2017148002   Main Jail
  STUEART, DANIEL LOYD 2017119023   New Jail
  STUTZMAN, KEVIN RAY 2017130029   Main Jail
  SUHAY, ROBERT THOMAS 2017095064   Main Jail
  SULLIVAN, JR, RONALD SLATER 2017038048   Main Jail
* SULLIVAN, KOREY L 2017177007   Main Jail
  SULLIVAN, PATRICK ERIC 2016084014   New Jail
  SULLIVAN, STEPHANIE LEANNE 2017165020   New Jail
  SUM, PALLA 2016288020   New Jail
  SUMMERS, TERESA RAELENE 2017160039   Main Jail
  SUMPTER, CHELSEA BARBARA 2017097040   New Jail
  SUN, SOEUN 2015356007   Main Jail
  SUPPAH, JOHN FRANCIS JUDE 2015355054   Main Jail
  SWANSEY, SR, DEONDRE DERMONT 2017089004   New Jail
  SWANSTROM, ROBERTA SUE 2016293016   Main Jail
  SWEENEY, JOSEPH KENNETH 2017135023   New Jail
  TABLAZON, ANTHONY JOY M 2017121022   New Jail
  TAITANO, JAMES RAY 2017165014   New Jail
  TALAVERA LEMUS, MIGUEL 2016152044   Main Jail
  TALMADGE, WILLIAM HENRY 2017132018   Main Jail
  TANKIEWICZ, ISABELLA PAULINA 2017170018   (Not in Custody) 6/24/2017 5:55 PM
  TANNER, GARY CURTIS 2017137052   New Jail
  TANSON, ERIK WILLIAM 2017110063   Main Jail
  TAPIA, JAVIER AMADO 2017172004   New Jail
* TARAYA, SANITA MARIE 2017176013   Main Jail
  TAU, JASON TOVIO 2017090024   New Jail
  TAUFETEE, RANDALL 2017097035   Main Jail
  TAYLOR, ALEX VICTOR 2016274047   Main Jail
  TAYLOR, ANDRE JONES 2014308015   Main Jail
  TAYLOR, CURTIS TREVOR 2016352005   New Jail
  TAYLOR, LEETO LIZIET 2017116041   Main Jail
  TAYLOR, REGINALD XAVIER 2017019012   New Jail
  TAYLOR, SHERAYA JEANELLE 2016228001   New Jail
  TELLEZ GONZALEZ, JOSE CARLOS 2017074008   New Jail
  THAMERT, RICHARD JOSEPH 2017065010   Main Jail
  THIERRY, III, CHATEAU WARREN 2017170030   Main Jail
  THOMAS, ANDREW LLOYD 2017115007   New Jail
  THOMAS, KEMO KATU 2017151049   Main Jail
  THOMAS, LAKARM L 2017102044   Main Jail
  THOMAS, LOWELL OLANGO 2017090019   Main Jail
  THOMAS, NICKOLAS ADAM 2017136012   Main Jail
  THOMPSON, HANNAH MELANIE 2017113021   New Jail
  THOMPSON, JERRY CAROLL 2017013048   Main Jail
  THOMPSON, KURT DOUGLAS 2017173021   New Jail
  THOMPSON, RONALD CHARLES 2017079034   Main Jail
  THOMSON, MATTHEW CHARLES 2017153045   Main Jail
  THURMAN, SEAN MICHEL 2017089006   New Jail
  TILI, ATALANI 2017047042   Main Jail
  TILMON, NICHOLAS RYAN 2017170045   New Jail
  TINIFU, MILO JUNIOR 2017066006   Main Jail
  TOWLER, KAYTLIN ANN 2017165066   Main Jail
  TOWN, PATRICK CLINTON 2017155005   Main Jail
* TOWNSEND, JASON RYAN 2017175034   Main Jail
  TRAN, DAT DINH TIEN 2017137056   Main Jail
  TREMPER, MARK JOHN 2017119027   Main Jail
  TRINIDAD, JOSE MIGUEL 2017012062   Main Jail
  TRINWITH, RODNEY PATRICK 2017159009   Main Jail
* TRUB, JASON PAUL 2017177006   New Jail
  TRUITT, DESHAUNEA DMR 2017169026   Main Jail
  TRUJILLO, AVELARDO ERIC 2017150061   Main Jail
  TRUJILLO, JUAN 2017164046   New Jail
  TRUJILLO, MICHAEL ANTHONY 2016294007   Main Jail
* TRUONG, VINCENT THE 2017176006   New Jail
* TUILATA, VILIAMU 2017176016   New Jail
  TUPUA, SHELDON 2017096046   Main Jail
  TURCQ, STEVEN ROBERT 2017167021   Main Jail
  TURNER, JONATHAN DONNELL 2015115008   Main Jail
  TURNER, JR, DAVID WAYNE 2015133025   Main Jail
  TURNER, SARENA LANIGH 2017110031   Main Jail
  TYSON, ALEXANDER ARMANDO 2017032028   Main Jail
  UHRICH, CHARLES LEWIS 2017121005   New Jail
  UTANIS, DELL LAUREL 2017172048   New Jail
  VAETOE, RAYMOND SINAPATI 2017135013   New Jail
  VALADEZ, ALEX LEVI 2016336025   Main Jail
  VALDERAS, JESSE JAMES 2016340014   Main Jail
  VANLEUVEN, AARON ROBERT 2017072046   Yakima
  VARGAS, ANDRE GERARD 2016176018   New Jail
  VASHCHENKO, MAURICE DANIEL 2017145007   New Jail
  VASSEUR, DIANE LEINAALA 2017173040   Main Jail
  VAUGHAN, NICHOLAS LEE 2017153047   Main Jail
  VAUGHAN, SIERRA DANIELLE 2017165067   New Jail
  VEGAS, PETER JOHN 2016123019   Main Jail
  VENZ, MICHAEL JAMES 2016359015   New Jail
* VILLEGAS, ALFREDO 2017175010   New Jail
  VISSER, CODY JAY 2017025049   New Jail
* VOGEL, MELANIE ALEXIS 2017176009   Main Jail
  VON DITTER, TOBIN KARL 2017128044   Main Jail
  VONBERKS, SHAMUS DERIG 2017124044   Main Jail
  WADSWORTH, ALEXANDER EUGENE 2017143018   Main Jail
  WAGNER, LATREL CURRY 2017169025   Main Jail
* WAHL, DARRYL DWAYNE 2017175028   New Jail
  WALKER, DAVID ANTHONY 2017164014   New Jail
  WALKER, MATHEW TYLER 2017021011   New Jail
  WALL, TERRELL RAKAI 2017164039   Main Jail
  WALLER, TIOGA MCCALL 2016322051   New Jail
  WALP, BRADFORD LEE 2017157046   New Jail
  WALTON, LATEASCH SILHOUETTE 2017125012   Main Jail
  WARD, BRITTANY JEAN 2017167022   Main Jail
  WARD, DEVIN RICHARD 2017102017   New Jail
  WARREN, JERRMELL RASHADD 2016084045   Main Jail
  WARREN, ROBERT SCOTT 2017138027   New Jail
  WARUIMBO, SAMUEL KINYANJUI 2015288020   Main Jail
  WASHINGTON, AMANDHLA UBA 2017110037   Main Jail
  WASHINGTON, ANTHONY JAMES 2017034039   Main Jail
* WASHINGTON, JERRELL DEVON 2017175032   New Jail
  WASHINGTON, JOSEPH LOUIS 2017159052   Main Jail
* WASIL, ANTHONY SHAWN 2017176028   New Jail
  WATKINS KITT, BRIAN WAYNE 2017153012   Main Jail
  WATSON, LAWRENCE THOMAS 2017161032   Main Jail
  WATTS DYSON, JEANIA ANDREA 2017096010   Main Jail
* WATTS, ANTHONY LAMONT 2017176019   New Jail
  WATTS, CHRISTINE MARIE 2017165057   New Jail
  WEAVER, KYLE CRAIG 2017112038   Main Jail
* WEBB, LEE EASTWOOD 2017176002   New Jail
  WEBER, TIMOTHY MICHAEL 2017173018   New Jail
  WEIDEMAN, JR, DWAINE DALE 2016347037   Main Jail
  WEIR, ANTHONY EARNEST 2017156028   Main Jail
  WEISS, JOEY ANGEL ST. JOHN 2016362017   New Jail
* WELLS, MATTHEW BRIAN 2017177011   New Jail
  WELLS, WILLIAM HAUGHTON 2017154001   Main Jail
  WEST, ALTON ELI 2017161017   New Jail
  WEST, CHRISTIAN EZEKIEL 2017073020   Main Jail
  WEST, MICHAEL RENE 2017091026   Main Jail
  WHEELER, DAIJA RENEE 2017158031   Main Jail
  WHEELER, MORGAN CONRAD 2017151046   New Jail
  WHEELER, SCOTT ALLEN 2017036014   Main Jail
  WHITE EAGLE, NAOMI SUE 2016027010   Main Jail
  WHITE, BRANDON CHARLES 2017158019   New Jail
  WHITE, SEBASTIAN DANIEL 2017101002   New Jail
  WHITTIER, BRIAN WAYNE 2017132001   New Jail
  WHITTIER, KRISTOFER FLOYD 2017145035   New Jail
  WHITWORTH, JEAN LILLIAN 2017164043   New Jail
  WIDEN, ERIC SCOTT 2016321032   Main Jail
  WILKINS, GERELL GORDON 2016363002   New Jail
  WILKINSON, ROBERT ALAN 2016357032   Main Jail
  WILLAM, JAMES DONALD 2017113037   Main Jail
  WILLEY, SEAN PATRICK 2017168027   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, AMANDA MARIE 2017151050   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, ASKIA ROMMUL 2016345022   New Jail
  WILLIAMS, DEMARCUS JEFFERY 2017165016   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, DEREK LEVON 2017162015   New Jail
  WILLIAMS, GARRETT ANTHONY 2017131027   New Jail
  WILLIAMS, IV, STERLING THOMAS 2017123055   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, KRISTIFER RICHARD 2016248015   Main Jail
* WILLIAMS, KYLA LYNN ANNISE 2017174009   New Jail
* WILLIAMS, MARC CAMERON 2017174039   New Jail
  WILLIAMS, SHADRACH GEORGE 2017097043   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, WALTER RICHARD 2017131026   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS-DIXON, MICHAEL RAY 2017152040   Main Jail
  WILLIAMSON, BILLY GENE 2017064026   Main Jail
  WILLIAMSON, DARIAN OWEN 2017080015   New Jail
  WILLIAMSON, MARKUS CHARLES 2017080042   Main Jail
  WILLINGHAM, TONY RAY 2017171046   Main Jail
  WILLIS, JAMES CHRISTOPHER 2017093004   Main Jail
  WILSON, BLAKE CAMERON 2017108013   New Jail
  WILSON, CLIFFORD ADAM 2015252007   Main Jail
  WILSON, TERRELL DASHAWN 2017096060   New Jail
  WITCHER, ANTWAN D 2017152019   Main Jail
  WITKOWSKI, WILLIAM HOWARD 2016221027   Main Jail
  WOLFF, LANI COREEN 2017157020   New Jail
  WOLLUM, JOHNNY CLAYTON 2017130022   New Jail
  WOODBURY, STEVEN GERT 2017066043   New Jail
  WOOLERY, TANNER DEAN 2017109002   New Jail
  WORLEY, MATTHEW DWAYNE 2016326048   Main Jail
  WUCO, KENNETH ALAN 2017102026   New Jail
  WYATT, DILLON CODY 2017159012   Main Jail
  XAIYAVONG, BOUNME 2017101037   New Jail
  YAN, SAROM 2017165070   Main Jail
  YATES, ANDREW THOMAS 2017059037   New Jail
  YOUNG, TEEA LANAY 2017142063   New Jail
  YOUNGMAN, FARREN WAYNE 2016211020   New Jail
  ZIMMERMAN, DENNIS KALINOV 2017156008   Main Jail
  ZOLLNER, RON ERNEST LEE 2017144043   New Jail
  ZUNIGA GONZALES, JUAN JAVIER 2016075025   Main Jail
  ZURINSKAS, JASON ALBERT 2017093027   Main Jail

* Booked Less Than 72 Hours Ago