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Created: Wednesday June 19, 2019 12:21PM

Pierce County Corrections Jail Roster

The jail roster lists all persons that are in custody of the Pierce County jail including persons in the Yakima facility, in the hospital, and on a temporary release. The roster also lists persons released in the last 48 hours. The roster does not include persons who are on home detention, at Western State Hospital, or part of the Breaking the Cycle program.

  Jail Name Booking ID Facility Release Date
  AASHIEM, JERRY LAVERNE 2019161020   New Jail
  ABANDO, RICARDO CHRIS 2019144011   New Jail
  ABEAR, MEGAN RICHELLE 2019109055   New Jail
* ACOSTA RAMIREZ, PAUL 2019169044   New Jail
  ADAMS, ANRIO DEMETREOUS 2019169012   Main Jail
  ADAMS, JR, JOSEPH CINQUE 2018353045   Main Jail
  ADAMS, MARTY JOSEPH 2019137048   New Jail
  ADAMS, MAURICE JOSEPH 2019167045   New Jail
  AGUILERA, OMAR MORAN 2019052061   New Jail
  AHOLA, ALYSHA LYNN 2019120031   New Jail
  AL ANSARI, AHMED ABDULELAH 2018152025   New Jail
  ALBERS, KRYSTAL CHRISTINE 2019149019   Main Jail
  ALBERT, SPENCER ELLSWORTH 2019167036   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 4:30 PM
  ALCANTARA, PARIS DESHAN 2019129015   New Jail
  ALLEN, DARCUS DEWAYNE 2015064013   Main Jail
  ALLEN, LARRY AVENS 2019151032   Main Jail
  ALLMAN, KARL GEORGE 2018309007   Main Jail
  ALLMAN, KEVIN MAURICE 2019155024   New Jail
  ALOISIO, JILLIAN LINAE 2019083035   Main Jail
  ALVARADO LOPEZ, RAYMUNDO 2019024049   Main Jail
  ALVAREZ CRUZ, ANGEL MANUEL 2019099046   Main Jail
  ALVAREZ, ADRIAN 2018205060   Main Jail
  AMILI, JAHMEZ ALJAJAUN 2019121022   New Jail
  ANDERSON, JAMES S 2019044043   Main Jail
  ANDRADE, LUKE JOEL 2019168016   Main Jail
  ANDREASEN, BRYAN MICHAEL 2019107014   Main Jail
  ANDREWS, DEXTER RAYNARD 2019085022   (Not in Custody) 6/19/2019 5:15 AM
  ANGELITO, VICTOR MANUEL 2019072058   Main Jail
* APPLE, ZACHARY ANDREW 2019170021   New Jail
  ARENAS ROMERO, FERNANDO 2019168041   New Jail
* ARLAND, HEATHER ANNE 2019169051   Main Jail
* ARMENTA, ELENA ESPERANZA 2019170001   Main Jail
  ARMSTEAD, WESLEY RICHARD 2019128057   Main Jail
  ARMSTER, ROBERT LOUIS 2019168019   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 1:54 PM
  ARMSTRONG, TRANIECE LASHE 2019143042   New Jail
  ARNOLD, JOSHUA ALEXANDER 2019141053   New Jail
  ARSENEAU, AARON LAWRENCE 2019100064   Main Jail
  ASSINK, BENJAMIN DAVID 2019167039   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 6:00 PM
  ASTRY, CHRISTOPHER BRIAN 2019168027   New Jail
  ATALIG, ALVIN ANTHONY 2019158026   Main Jail
  AUDREY, MARQUEL ANTHONY 2019106049   New Jail
  AUGUST, CEDRIC RAVEN 2019167030   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 1:12 PM
  AVERY, WILLIAM EDWARD 2019159011   Main Jail
  AVIS, IAN JACOB 2019158019   Main Jail
  AXTELL, JASON LEE 2019161059   New Jail
  BABCOCK, CHARLES JACOB 2019138011   New Jail
  BACA, MAREK 2019167012   New Jail
  BACHMANN, DANIEL ANDREW 2019155012   New Jail
  BACHTELER, LORNE EUGENE 2019155085   New Jail
  BACON, CODY ALAN 2019168051   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 4:00 PM
  BAILLIE, WILLIAM CHAD 2019166005   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 3:40 PM
  BAKER, JASON EDWARD 2019126041   Main Jail
  BAKER, LENA ROSE 2019119050   Main Jail
  BAKER, RONALD EUGENE 2019102043   New Jail
  BAKER, SHON KOOLAU 2019065036   Main Jail
  BAKER, YUL LAMONT 2019126009   Main Jail
  BALAESH, APRIL DAWN 2019163036   (Not in Custody) 6/19/2019 5:15 AM
  BALLARD, RONALD LLOYD 2019130036   Main Jail
  BANAL, JONEL TORRES 2019154026   New Jail
  BANKS, CASHUNDO SCOTT 2019038063   New Jail
  BANKS, ROGER BRIAN 2019165016   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 12:25 AM
  BARCLAY, TOM 2019057068   Main Jail
  BARNES, RASHEED DERRICK 2019149015   New Jail
  BARNWELL, MICHELE SHERI 2019167028   Main Jail
  BARQUEST, EVERETT JOHN 2019167044   New Jail
  BARRETT, BEAU FRANK 2018296020   Main Jail
  BARTO, ROBERT DAMIEN 2018352023   New Jail
  BATCHELDER, JEREMY LEE 2018306010   New Jail
  BATTS, DEMARR DOMINIQUE 2019107004   New Jail
  BAUGH, TIMOTHY ROOSEVELT 2018285027   New Jail
  BAXTER, RYAN RICHARD 2019158022   6/19/2019 11:30 AM
  BEAL, DEONTAY DASHAWN 2019158039   Main Jail
  BEAL, DONTAY DEVEON 2019086045   New Jail
  BEAN, GARY LEWIS 2019038028   New Jail
  BEASLEY, DAMENIQUE LAJUAN 2019149043   New Jail
  BEECHER, WILLIAM BENJAMIN 2019151020   Main Jail
  BELDEN, MICHAEL SHANE 2019137027   New Jail
  BELL, FREDRICK WAYNE 2018361026   New Jail
  BELL, SHAWN LAMAR 2019073047   Main Jail
  BELMORE, GARY RONALD 2019135002   New Jail
  BELTRAN, MARIO 2019120045   Main Jail
  BENNETT, DAVID GEORGE 2019166029   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 7:45 PM
  BENTLEY, JIMMY LEE 2019043016   New Jail
  BERTHIAUME, MICHELLE MARIE 2019057052   New Jail
  BERTSCHY, SELENA RENEE 2019121071   New Jail
  BEST, JORDAN LEE 2019156001   New Jail
  BILGI, MEHMET 2019162035   Main Jail
  BINGHAM, ANTHONY ROY 2019167020   New Jail
  BISHOP, JASON ROBERT 2018361049   New Jail
  BISHOP, KEITH WAYNE 2019165039   New Jail
  BISKEY, GREGORY MICHAEL 2019168008   Main Jail
  BLAISURE, GERALD THONGKUM 2019165019   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 1:26 PM
  BLAKESLEE, TIFFANEY RENEE 2019061028   New Jail
  BLANCHARD, ANTHONY CHARLES 2019109004   Main Jail
  BLANCO, OSCAR ANDRES 2018299010   Main Jail
* BLAND, JR, DARELL 2019169053   New Jail
  BLANKS, JR, DEREK LAMONT 2019150035   Main Jail
  BLEAKLEY, JOSEY NEIL 2019143023   Main Jail
  BLOCKMAN, WARREN DIEGO 2019052031   New Jail
  BLUBAUGH, MARK JAMES 2019149069   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 6:00 PM
  BOETCHER, SHAWN DAVID 2019162059   New Jail
  BOLDEN, WILLIAM EVERETT 2019036032   New Jail
  BOLDT, MARCUS WILLIAM 2019169005   New Jail
  BOND, JASON LEE 2018210042   Main Jail
  BONDS, EZEKIEL TRAIVON 2019089005   Outside - Temp Release
* BONOGOFSKY, JR., ALLYN JOHN 2019169036   (Not in Custody) 6/19/2019 5:05 AM
  BOOTH, MARVIN LAWRENCE 2019131045   Main Jail
  BOSARGE, JACOB ANDREW 2019061014   New Jail
  BOSDOCK, NICOLE LYNN 2019163031   Main Jail
  BOSTIC, BRETT WARREN 2019156036   New Jail
  BOSWELL, JR, ROY BRENT 2018299027   New Jail
  BOVAN, SR, DEONTEE LAMAR 2019151049   New Jail
  BRADLEY, TIANNA ROMY 2019168010   Main Jail
  BRANCH, BENNIE CHARLES 2019142057   Main Jail
  BRAY, SHERRYL ANN 2019165010   New Jail
  BRENNER, CHRISTOPHER PAUL 2019065059   Yakima
  BRENT, JAMES OLIVER 2019147031   Main Jail
  BRIDE, CALVIN EUGENE 2018065006   Main Jail
  BRIEGER, COREY DAVID 2019114035   Main Jail
  BRIGGS, TANISHA ANTOINETTE 2019165026   New Jail
  BRISSETT, JERAMY THOMAS 2019155057   New Jail
  BRITTAIN, REX ALDEN 2019166024   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 7:09 PM
  BROCK, MARKEES MORIO 2019146023   Main Jail
  BRODERICK, RANDY WAYNE 2018345032   New Jail
  BROMLEY, SCOTT LEE 2019115042   New Jail
  BROOKS, WILLIAM JACK 2018334030   Main Jail
  BROUSSARD, KENNETH WAYNE 2018344035   Main Jail
  BROWN, ALEX JAMES 2019159005   Main Jail
  BROWN, ANDRIES DERRELL 2019103018   Main Jail
  BROWN, CASEY WILLIAM 2019148018   Main Jail
  BROWN, III, DAVID MICHAEL 2019102003   New Jail
  BROWN, JAMEZ EDWARD 2019158042   Main Jail
  BROWN, JOSHUA TAYLOR 2018297078   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 8:00 AM
  BROWN, JR, MARK ANTHONY 2018177060   Main Jail
  BROWN, TOBY MITCHELL 2019074028   Main Jail
  BROWN, WILLIE NATHANIEL 2018051057   Main Jail
  BROWNE, WILLIAM JOSEPH 2019147028   Main Jail
  BROWNING, KEITH WAYNE 2019139031   Main Jail
  BRUMMETT, TERRY ARTHUR 2019157054   (Not in Custody) 6/19/2019 5:10 AM
  BRYANT, CHRISTOPHER EDWARD 2019033019   Main Jail
  BRYARLY, CHARLES LEE 2019143037   Main Jail
  BUCIO MARISCAL, EDGAR SALOMON 2019163014   Main Jail
  BUITRAGO, EDWIN GIOBANY 2019153042   New Jail
  BURCHETT, NAEEM JAMELLE 2019166008   Main Jail
  BURCHETTE, MICHAEL KALE 2019147005   New Jail
  BURGESS, TYSHANA JOYCE 2019152028   Main Jail
* BURKS, FRANCHOT FRANKIE 2019169052   New Jail
  BURMEISTER, JR, ROBERT JAMES 2019169013   Main Jail
* BURNS, GARY GENE 2019169022   New Jail
  BURNS, SEAN MICHAEL 2019118018   Main Jail
  BURNS, WILLIAM ROSHEEN 2019050022   New Jail
  BURTON, SABRINA MICHELLE 2019162017   Main Jail
  BUTERBAUGH, MIKHAIL ALLEN 2019153023   Main Jail
  BUTLER, JR, DERRICK LANCE MARKEL 2019141077   New Jail
  BUTLER, KAI DOMONIC 2019094061   Main Jail
  BUTRICK, DOMINIK MICHAEL 2019162015   New Jail
  CADIZ CRUZ, LAKEISHA TAMIRA 2019167037   Main Jail
  CALHOUN, DAVID CHRISTOPHER 2018344016   Main Jail
  CALLAGHAN, MICHAEL VAN 2019158018   Main Jail
  CALLEN, ASHLEY ANN 2019063009   New Jail
* CAMPAS, NICK LYNN 2019169047   Main Jail
  CAMPBELL, MICHAEL ANTHONY 2019165034   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 8:00 AM
  CAMPOS ROMAN, ANDY 2018208039   Remann Hall
  CANLEY, JONAS L J 2019163023   Main Jail
  CAPPA, ANTONIO WOLFFGANG 2019166028   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 8:30 AM
  CAPSHAW, CANDACE LOUISE 2019149012   New Jail
  CAPUTO, JOSEPH CHRISTOPHER 2019168013   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 7:45 PM
  CARAAN, SHANE KILLY 2019073031   New Jail
  CARLSON, ALEXANDER 2018353014   New Jail
* CARROLL, SHANNON DARCEY 2019170008   (Not in Custody) 6/19/2019 8:40 AM
  CARSON, SHANNON CORDE 2019168033   Main Jail
  CARTER, DANIEL ROBERT 2019161016   New Jail
  CARTER, JOHNATHAN SCOTT 2019113023   New Jail
  CASE, DANIEL RYAN 2019154016   Main Jail
  CAULK, ROBERT BERNARD 2019108028   New Jail
  CENKUSH, ZANE RAY 2019145041   New Jail
  CHAFFEE, THOMAS MORRIS 2019150017   New Jail
  CHAMPAGNE, TARA JEAN 2019136003   New Jail
  CHOATE, BRADLEY ALLEN 2019158036   Main Jail
  CHOEU, JONATHAN BOCHETRA 2019148022   New Jail
  CHRISTENSEN, JAMIE LYNN 2019160002   (Not in Custody) 6/19/2019 9:00 AM
  CHRISTENSON, KYLE LES 2019122014   New Jail
  CHRISTIANSEN, CHARLES RAY 2019165030   6/19/2019 11:30 AM
  CHRISTMAN, ROBERT DANIEL 2018281004   Main Jail
  CHUTE, TROY JOE 2018071029   Main Jail
  CISCO, ANTHONY PAUL 2019117044   New Jail
  CISCO, VINNIE ANTHONY P J 2018325040   New Jail
  CLARK, CHRISTIAN BRIDGEMAN 2018208027   New Jail
  CLARK, VICTOR ALEXANDER 2019151024   Main Jail
  CLARK, VICTOR EUGENE 2019167043   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 6:00 PM
  CLEMENTE, NAYONNI LECHELLE 2019166019   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 2:00 PM
  COCHRAN, TONY BLAINE 2019060035   New Jail
  COE, ASHLEY MARIE 2019164008   New Jail
  COFFEE, JAMES PHILLIPS 2019166014   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 11:21 AM
  COGGER, NATHANIEL LEE TAYLOR 2019119016   Main Jail
  COGGIN, ELIZABETH MELSENE 2019156079   New Jail
  COLE, JR, GERALD LAWRENCE 2019044012   Main Jail
  COLE, TIMOTHY AARON 2018210009   Main Jail
  COLEMAN, JAMES PATRICK 2019117032   Main Jail
  COLEMAN, REGINALD MARCEL 2019120020   Main Jail
  COLGLAZIER, WILLIAM DETMER 2019165031   Main Jail
  COLLINS, CARISSA ANNE 2019168052   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 1:28 PM
  COLLINS, DAVID ANDREW 2019147003   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 2:25 PM
  COLON, JOSE RICO 2019145039   Main Jail
  COMSTOCK, JEREMY JOSEPH 2019158007   Main Jail
  CONNERS, LABARRON TESHAUN 2019156011   Main Jail
  CONTRERAS SOLIS, JOSE 2019091011   New Jail
  COOK, TAVAR ANTHONY 2019099040   New Jail
  COOKE, JR, TYRONE DONALD 2019161021   Main Jail
  COOPER, THOMAS WAYNE 2019160044   New Jail
  CORBIN, RANDOLPH SCOTT 2018331004   Main Jail
  CORTEZ RAMIREZ, IVAN DE JESUS 2019109057   New Jail
  COUNTS, MARIA ANN 2018144056   Main Jail
* COX, CORNELIUS GRANT DESHAWN 2019169043   New Jail
  COX, JULIAN ABRAHAM 2018337023   Main Jail
  COX, RANCE LAVILLE 2019099009   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 8:00 AM
  CRAIG, JAMES WALTER 2019109005   Main Jail
  CRAIG, JASON WHITNEY 2019146028   Main Jail
  CREAMER, MATTHEW SCOTT 2019162062   Main Jail
  CRITCHLOW, DESHAWN JARVES 2019154029   New Jail
  CRULL, JACEE PEARL 2019165027   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 4:10 PM
  CRUMPTON, ALICIA ALENE 2019149059   New Jail
  CUDINI, DANTE ALBERT 2019120009   New Jail
  CUELLAR, CARLOS MIGUEL 2019162013   New Jail
  CURTIS, NOAH JOHN 2019144026   New Jail
  CUTSHALL, MICHAEL NEWMAN 2019167007   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 4:30 PM
  DAHL, WILLIAM ROBERT 2019168049   Main Jail
* DALLAS, ALENDRA JANITA 2019170015   Main Jail
  DANIELS, CODY JAMES 2019144034   Main Jail
  DANIELS, JR, TAJUANE RAY 2019028001   New Jail
  DAVIS, CRAIG DEVON 2019077041   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 12:11 PM
  DAVIS, IV, CURTIS PIERRE 2018297079   Main Jail
  DAVIS, KENNETH MAURICE 2018360015   Main Jail
  DAVIS, MICHAEL EUGENE 2019160035   Main Jail
  DAWLEY, MITCHELL DULTON 2019151040   New Jail
  DAY, MICKEY ALAN 2019168022   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 8:00 AM
  DEADMOND, ANDREW NICOLAS 2019156024   Main Jail
  DEARMOND, FAITH THERESA 2019142039   Main Jail
  DECKARD, DANIEL ELLIS SCOTT 2019167009   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 6:00 PM
  DELTORO, VONQUEZ MARCELL 2018345005   New Jail
  DEROSA, ADRIENNE KYLE 2019168035   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 1:28 PM
  DESCHAINES, NORMAN BLAKE 2019142063   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 6:40 PM
* DEVETTORI, HUMBERTO JAMES 2019170017   New Jail
  DEVOE, DANIEL CHRISTOPHER 2019165012   Main Jail
  DEXTER, JOSHUA PAUL 2018174018   Main Jail
  DIAZ, ALEJANDRO LORENZO 2019071051   New Jail
  DIAZ, ALFREDO 2018329009   New Jail
  DICKINSON, ELIJAH RAHEIM 2019163033   New Jail
  DICKJOSE, SAJE DAKHOTA 2019152005   New Jail
  DIETZ, COREY JOHN 2019148027   New Jail
  DIGBY, ARRON JAY 2019166023   Main Jail
  DIX, MASON JOHN 2019136016   Main Jail
  DOANE, ZACHORY RUSSELL 2019151021   Main Jail
  DOE, DAVID KYLE 2019161035   Main Jail
  DOMBRAUSKY, BRIAN JOSEPH 2019127034   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 5:00 AM
  DOSS, LEVI JAMES 2019167033   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 6:00 PM
  DOTTSON, REDIX CURTIS LEE 2018357026   Yakima
  DOUGLASS, TODD ALAN 2019155041   Main Jail
  DOYLE, MEL WILLIAM 2019114011   Main Jail
  DOZIER, TONY DEAN 2019150040   New Jail
  DRAGHI, JASON CHARLES 2019137019   New Jail
  DROHIN, MICHAEL BRANDON 2019151052   New Jail
  DUKES, ARTHUR 2019105017   Main Jail
  DUMAN, ZACHARY LEE 2019157026   Main Jail
  DUMFORD, KRYSTLE STARLENE 2019165020   New Jail
  DUNEGAN, MICHAEL WARD 2019127005   Main Jail
  DUNIGAN, JR, JAMES ARTINEZ 2019159016   New Jail
  DUPLANTIER, ANTHONY JAMES M 2019150041   Main Jail
  DUPLESSIS, II, GREGORY ABRAHAM 2019145028   Main Jail
  DURHAM, JONITHAN DEMETRIUS 2019025012   Main Jail
  DYCHES, III, WALTER EDWARD MATHEW 2019131027   Main Jail
  DYCHES, JAMES LEE 2018290054   New Jail
  DYCHES, JOSHUA MICHAEL 2019044007   New Jail
  DYER, MICHAEL PATRICK 2018338024   Main Jail
  EARNEST, KEVAN SCOTT 2019162040   New Jail
  EARSKINE, JR, JEFFERY LEE 2018323029   Main Jail
  EATON, JORDAN MARK 2019151046   Main Jail
  EDWARDS, JOB MITCHELL 2019122019   Main Jail
  EFFELBERG, LINDSEY MAY 2019156025   Main Jail
  ELDRIDGE, ANTHONY STEPHEN 2019157067   Main Jail
  ELKINS, JASON ANTHONY 2019151028   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 5:00 AM
  ELKINS, TYLER WALLACE 2019114013   Main Jail
  ELLIOTT, NICHOLAS PRESTON 2019144019   Main Jail
  ELSTON, KRISTA PEARL 2019058070   Main Jail
  EMERSON, MICHAEL DAVID 2019142037   Main Jail
  EMRICK, JILLIAN NICOLE 2019156008   New Jail
  ENGLAND, WALKER JACOB 2019165042   Main Jail
  ENGLE, KURT ANTHONY 2019143007   New Jail
  ERICKSON, BRYON MICHAEL 2019151057   New Jail
  ERICKSON, DAVID LEE 2019169017   Main Jail
  ESPENSHADE, ALSHTON SHARAIN 2019167004   Main Jail
  ESTRADA-CONSUELO, RUFINO 2019167008   Main Jail
  EUFRACIO DIAZ, ELDILVERTO 2019044005   New Jail
  EVANS, MARCUS CHRISTOPHER 2019102051   New Jail
  EVESKCIGE, TINA MARIE 2019166010   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 7:07 PM
  FALEALII, REUBEN TELEA 2019164068   New Jail
  FALSETTA, MARIO ELLIOTT 2019057056   New Jail
  FARNAM, ERIC EDWARD 2019141014   Main Jail
  FARRAR, MATTHEW ALLEN 2019132038   Main Jail
  FARRELL, EVAN JSOREN 2019137031   New Jail
  FARRINGTON, VICTOR DEMAR 2019022038   Main Jail
  FAWCETT, BRETT MICHAEL 2019066028   New Jail
  FERGUSON, DANIEL LEE 2019133008   New Jail
  FERNANDEZ, RONNY DANIEL 2018206013   Main Jail
  FIEDLER, SABRINA LEE 2019165040   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 4:40 PM
  FIELDER, EDNA JANE 2019160005   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 4:10 PM
  FIELDS, WILLIAM EUGENE 2019046026   New Jail
  FILITAULA, FAGALULU FEAU 2018149009   New Jail
  FILLEY, BRANDON MICHAEL 2019143064   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 6:00 PM
  FINNILA, EMILY ANNE 2019163002   New Jail
  FISCHER, JAY FRANK 2019162050   Main Jail
  FISHER, ANDREW LOWELL 2019168002   Main Jail
  FLAGG, COREY DEVONTE 2019159013   New Jail
  FLATH, AUSTIN WILLIAM 2019163050   Main Jail
  FLEGEL, KELSIE JORDAN 2019160021   New Jail
  FLIGOR, MITCHELL EUGENE 2019161027   New Jail
  FLOWERS, ROBERT ISSAC 2019152040   Main Jail
  FOLLIS, CHARLES EDWARD 2019139027   Main Jail
  FORD, BRYSON GERALD-BEACHER 2019160006   Main Jail
  FORD, DAVID MICHAEL 2018334023   Main Jail
  FOREMAN, IRA LYNNY 2019154037   Main Jail
  FORSMAN, JOHNATHON MICHAEL 2019163030   Main Jail
  FORTUNE, DIVONTE MARTICE 2019165035   Main Jail
  FOSTER, IVAN GREGORY 2019166035   Main Jail
  FOWLER, ANNA LISA WILLIAMS 2019164013   Main Jail
  FOWLER, AUSTIN WILLIAM 2019142053   Main Jail
  FOWLER, JR, MICHAEL LYNN 2019164046   New Jail
  FOWLER, MATHEW WAYNE 2019130034   New Jail
  FOX, ELEWEL KUNIWO 2019166026   Main Jail
* FRANKLIN, JR, SCOTT BRAD 2019170010   New Jail
  FRANZ, JEREMY CHAD 2019156034   (Not in Custody) 6/19/2019 9:00 AM
  FREEMAN, JR, GREGORY DELVON 2019123054   Main Jail
  FRENCH, TONY 2018268072   Main Jail
  FRETT, RAMONG ALCEDO 2018282063   Main Jail
  FREYMANN, AARON KELLEY 2019119002   New Jail
  FRUNZ, RANDY LEE 2019164005   Main Jail
  FRYBERG, BYRON JOSEPH 2019166042   Main Jail
  FRYER, ANTHONY RUSSELL 2019161041   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 8:00 AM
  FRYSON, DONDALAUNN DIMON 2018170006   Main Jail
  FUGATE, SIDNEY EDWIN 2019166032   Main Jail
  GAGE, JARROD STEPHON 2018326019   Maple Lane
* GALINDO, KEVIN AMARO 2019170014   New Jail
  GAMBLIN, CHELSEA RAE 2019155032   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 8:00 AM
  GANTT, MATTHEW T 2018285026   Main Jail
  GARCIA RAMIREZ, JOEL 2019074024   New Jail
* GARCIA ZIRA, LUIS 2019170013   New Jail
  GARCIA, CHARLES JOSEPH 2019036026   Main Jail
  GARCIA, JOHN PATRICK 2019155074   Main Jail
  GARRETT, DERRICK MICHAEL 2019145030   New Jail
  GARRISON, JERMAINE TYRONE 2019129043   New Jail
  GATHAURI, FRANCIS 2019165018   Main Jail
  GATLIN, RICKEY BARNETT 2019117035   New Jail
  GATTERSON, DEMARCO DEJON 2018342019   Main Jail
  GEORGE, IV, DONALD 2019077028   New Jail
  GEORGE, RICKY TOMMY 2019155065   New Jail
  GESNER, ROBERT DANIEL 2019162020   New Jail
  GIDEON, CHRIS MONROE 2019151013   Main Jail
  GILCHRIST, ALFRED JEREMY 2019084032   Main Jail
  GIPSON, PAUL THOMAS 2019025035   Main Jail
  GIRDLER, NICHOLAS BRANDON 2019152032   New Jail
  GLASCO, TRAVIS JAMES 2019168011   New Jail
  GLAZKO, DAVID SERGEY 2019168025   New Jail
  GLEASON, PHILLIP CONRAD 2015156021   Main Jail
  GLYMPH, TROY JAROD 2019117011   Main Jail
  GOFF, DYLAN MICHAEL 2019157045   New Jail
  GOINS, MATTHEW GLEN 2019021031   Main Jail
  GONG, JUNJIE 2018209012   Main Jail
  GONGAS, JEREMY MICHAEL 2019081046   New Jail
  GOODE, MARCUS MANDELL 2019153007   New Jail
  GORE, JR, JERMAINE LARON ABDUL 2019043040   Main Jail
  GRANDBERRY, ROBERT LOUIS 2019162031   Main Jail
  GRANT, CHESTER LAMAR 2019134051   New Jail
  GRANT, TRAVIS VERNON 2019077024   New Jail
  GRAY, CARL JOSEPH 2019072069   New Jail
  GRAYBEAL, AARON READ 2019100026   New Jail
  GREEN, DERRICK D'SHAWN 2019056042   New Jail
  GREEN, III, MERLE GENE 2019167024   New Jail
  GREENWOOD, GILBERT MICHAEL 2018169041   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 8:00 AM
  GREER, DEDRIC LAMAR 2018053013   Main Jail
  GREVE, TARA LYNN 2019147015   Main Jail
  GRIFFIN, CHERYL LYNN 2019169010   New Jail
  GRIFFIN, JOHN PATRICK 2019097032   New Jail
  GRIFFIS, JASON ROBERT 2019100052   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 5:00 AM
  GUADALUPE, CARLOS PIERRE 2019102032   New Jail
  GUMMERMAN, CODY ALLEN 2019011019   Main Jail
  GWYNN, DEJAHWAN SHAIRIC 2018286003   New Jail
  HAGANS, MAURICIO ALFREDO 2019131020   New Jail
  HAHN, ALMA ANN 2019156053   Main Jail
  HALL WOOD, CURTIS DION 2019155047   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 4:00 PM
  HALL, BOBBY LARELLE 2018339010   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 8:00 AM
  HALL, JR, DONALD RAY 2019166011   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 6:10 PM
  HAMILTON, IV, FRANCIS LAWSON 2019119047   Main Jail
  HAMILTON, JEREMY EUGENE 2018276004   Main Jail
  HAMILTON, KELSEY RENEE 2019155037   Main Jail
  HAMMAN, AUSTIN TRAVIS 2018285041   Main Jail
  HAMMOND, DARIUS TREVON 2019107040   Main Jail
  HANEY, ELLYSE NOEL 2019133013   New Jail
  HANFORD, GEORGE ROLAND 2019101036   Main Jail
  HANKERSON, JR, CULLEN MICHAEL 2018031012   Main Jail
  HANNON, TIMOTHY LEE 2018317013   New Jail
* HANSEN, COBI LANE 2019169035   (Not in Custody) 6/19/2019 5:15 AM
  HANSON, JOSEPH ROBERT 2019167034   Main Jail
  HARDEMAN, CERION MALIK 2019168015   Main Jail
  HARDING, GEORGE FRANKLIN V 2019162048   Main Jail
  HARMAN, NICHOLAS JAMES 2019122049   New Jail
  HARPER, NICHOLAS ALEXANDER 2019127028   Main Jail
* HARRIS, ALFRED NEMIAH 2019169039   Outside - Temp Release
  HARRIS, ANDRE ZENOR 2019169003   New Jail
  HARRIS, DEVINE DAMARIA ALLEN 2019149048   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 6:40 PM
  HARRIS, JAMES ELIOTT THEODORE 2019165013   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 8:30 AM
  HARRIS, SEBURN EMORY 2019162061   Main Jail
  HART, AARON HARLEY 2019157055   New Jail
  HART, JOHN CHRISTOPHER 2019066019   Main Jail
  HART, MICHAEL ANDREW 2019129035   New Jail
  HARTMAN, GARY CHARLES 2018171045   Main Jail
  HARVILL, MIRANDA MARIE 2019166017   Main Jail
  HASELWOOD, DONALD DEAN 2019155013   Main Jail
  HATCH, DANIEL DUANE 2018273040   Main Jail
  HAUNHORST, JEREMY CHARLES 2019020036   New Jail
  HAWS, DAVID ALLAN 2019168023   Main Jail
  HAYES, DERRICK RAMON 2019149041   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 5:00 AM
  HAYES, MICHEAL ALLEN 2018321040   New Jail
  HAYES, NICHOLAS JEFFERY 2019133026   New Jail
  HAYMORE, KENNY LAMONT 2019121064   Main Jail
  HAYNES, JOSEF DIETRICH 2019149037   Main Jail
  HAYNESWORTH, MONJAE NYKYLE 2017277046   Main Jail
  HAZEL, JONATHAN SAMUEL 2019088020   Main Jail
  HEATH, KRISTI LYN 2018292048   Maple Lane
  HEDLAND, TOM ODERT 2019045029   Main Jail
  HEITMAN, RANDA MARLENE 2019165007   Main Jail
  HELLMAN, CHRISTOPHER MARK S 2019165029   New Jail
  HENDERSON, III, JESSE JAMES 2019165015   Main Jail
  HENDRON, ADAM ROSS 2019023043   Main Jail
  HENGSTLER, ANNEMARIE BETTY 2019166002   New Jail
  HENRIKSEN, SHANE KENNETH 2019097008   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 8:00 AM
  HENSTRA, RUSTY ALLEN 2019136001   New Jail
  HERBOLD, CHRISTOPHER BRIAN 2019129020   Main Jail
  HERDEG, ALBERT JOSEPH 2019165008   New Jail
  HERNAN, MATTHEW DAVID 2019162046   New Jail
  HERNANDEZ, ALBERTO GALINDO 2019061035   New Jail
  HERRERA LOPEZ, LUCIANO 2019149047   New Jail
  HERRERA MARQUEZ, ELOY 2018330002   Main Jail
  HESS, RYAN ALLEN 2019115022   New Jail
  HESTER, JOHN DAVID 2018212005   Main Jail
  HEUSER, ALLEN DALE 2019168030   Main Jail
  HICKS, II, NATHANIEL 2019150010   Main Jail
  HICKS, RONNIE 2019138022   Main Jail
  HIEB, ANDREW FLOYD 2019169011   Main Jail
  HIGGINS, CODY ALLEN 2019032040   Maple Lane
  HIGGINS, REBECCA LYNN 2019136044   Main Jail
  HIGGINS, VALERIE DANIELLE 2019166003   New Jail
  HILTON, MICHAEL LEE 2019121016   Main Jail
  HIPOLITO, JERRY SUSANO 2019102029   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 5:00 AM
  HODGES, MANDESA KAWANNA 2019164067   Main Jail
  HODGES, TYLER NEAL 2019148029   New Jail
  HOFFMAN, EDWIN CHRISTOPHER 2019099077   Main Jail
  HOGAN, DALLAS CHRISTOPHER 2018304026   New Jail
  HOGAN, EDDIE LAMONT 2018075010   Main Jail
  HOLLAND, JR, GEORGE JEROME 2019066032   Main Jail
  HOLLEY, IESHA LYNETTE 2019124020   New Jail
  HOLLEY, TORY EVON 2019133011   Main Jail
  HOLMES, DESHAWN DEVARA WENDEL 2019164052   (Not in Custody) 6/19/2019 5:05 AM
  HOLT, MATTHEW JEFFREY 2017257031   Main Jail
  HOPKINS, III, DARRYL EUGENE 2018003015   Main Jail
  HOPKINS, JR, LUIS GUSTAVO 2019139036   New Jail
  HORRIGAN, AIDAN LEE 2019164041   New Jail
  HORST, JORDAN ROBERT 2019168007   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 4:00 PM
  HOUN, DEREK RINDARO 2019105006   New Jail
  HOUSE, MARLON OCTAVIUS LUVELL 2019141008   Main Jail
  HOWARD, DAVID JAMES LEE 2019116036   New Jail
  HOWELL, MICHAEL THOMAS 2018266030   Main Jail
  HOWSE, JR, THOMAS EUGENE 2019152030   Main Jail
* HRUZA, HALEY LYNN 2019170007   Main Jail
  HUBER, PATRICK DAVID 2018362030   Main Jail
  HUDSON, BRANDON MICHAEL 2019058015   New Jail
  HUFFMAN, ROBERT EUGENE 2019161055   Main Jail
  HUGGINS, JR, AARON LAMONT 2019167017   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 7:46 PM
  HULL, JOANNA JOY 2019127017   6/19/2019 11:30 AM
  HUMMER, DERICK JUSTIN 2019165014   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 7:22 PM
  HUMPHREYS, NICOLAS DEAN 2019169014   New Jail
  HUNT, DEONDRE ALLEN 2019168034   Main Jail
  HURST, MICHAEL JEROME 2017275045   New Jail
  HUSTON, JAY WILLIAM 2019151036   New Jail
  HUTCHINS, DEBRA ANN 2019165021   New Jail
  HUTCHINS, ERIC NATHANIEL 2019103041   Main Jail
  IDE, DAVID HERBERT 2019119039   New Jail
  IMAN, PAUL ALLAN 2019008035   Main Jail
  IMHOLT, CAMERON BRADLEY 2019167005   New Jail
  INFANTE, STEVEN 2019152031   Main Jail
  IVERSON, ADRIAN WAYNE 2019014047   Yakima
  IYALL, GLENN SOLOMON 2019147040   (Not in Custody) 6/19/2019 8:00 AM
  JACKSON WARREN, DARON LEMAR 2019003019   Main Jail
  JACKSON, ARSENIO LAMAR 2019132007   Main Jail
  JACKSON, DARIUS AKEEM 2018347005   Main Jail
  JACKSON, GLEN DUPREE 2019039018   New Jail
  JACKSON, HENRY JOHN CARR 2019165001   Main Jail
  JACKSON, MARCUS ANTHONY 2019067049   Yakima
  JACKSON, TRAVON EARL 2019146001   Main Jail
  JAFAR, MUSE ABDULKADIR 2019011021   New Jail
  JAMES, IRALEE ERNEST ANTHONY 2018349019   Main Jail
  JAQUEZ, SHERYL LINDA 2019157072   (Not in Custody) 6/19/2019 11:30 AM
  JARVIS, PHILLIP RENELLE 2018283045   Main Jail
  JEFFERSON, TYREE WILLIAM 2018361013   Main Jail
  JENKINS, ANTHONY ZEKE 2019160015   Main Jail
* JENKINS, DENISE ELLEN 2019169037   Main Jail
  JENKINS, DOMINIC ANTONIO 2019123037   Main Jail
  JENKINS, NOAH WILLIAM 2019074022   New Jail
  JENSEN, AUSTIN WAYNE 2019139020   Main Jail
  JEROME, STACY LYNN 2019109028   New Jail
  JEWELL, IV, GEORGE ROOK 2019112028   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, AMBER LYNN 2019168024   New Jail
  JOHNSON, DONALD ISAAC 2018300007   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, ETHAN MOSES 2019168004   New Jail
  JOHNSON, JASON CORNELIUS 2019055034   New Jail
  JOHNSON, JR, JAY SHAWN 2019147010   Main Jail
* JOHNSON, RICHARD JOSEPH 2019170016   New Jail
  JOHNSON, STEVEN ORVILLE 2019146033   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, TYLER JAMES 2019153048   Main Jail
  JOHNSTON, TONY EUGENE 2019067012   Main Jail
  JONES, CLIFF ALAN 2019143019   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 8:00 AM
  JONES, DASMON TAIWIAN 2017277040   Main Jail
  JONES, DAVID EUGENE 2019148035   Main Jail
  JONES, DERRICK QUINN 2019139018   Main Jail
  JONES, ERIC LEE 2019060028   Yakima
  JONES, JAMES MCRAE 2019161030   New Jail
  JONES, KEVIN JOSEPH 2019006027   New Jail
  JONES, MARCUS ANDRAY 2019144033   Main Jail
  JONES, MARTIN ARTHUR 2019108020   Main Jail
  JONES, MATTHEW LEE 2019152017   Main Jail
  JONES, MICHAEL WAYNE 2019111005   New Jail
  JONES, SAMANTHA DAWN 2018023032   Main Jail
  JONES, TERRELL EDWARD 2018200048   Main Jail
  JORDAN-WIGGINS, LEVI AVERY 2019165046   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 4:30 PM
  JOYCE, CHARLES ALLEN 2019162049   Main Jail
  JUAREZ CASTRO, OMAR 2019081065   New Jail
  JUREK, ERNEST EDWARD 2019123034   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 2:00 PM
  KAEKA, ALAN EDWARD 2019123055   New Jail
  KAEM, ASHA 2019151001   Main Jail
  KANNE, DONALD COLEMAN 2019132005   Main Jail
  KAPPHAHN, HAROLD JEFFRY 2019127031   Main Jail
  KARANJA, JULIUS MWANTI 2019168040   New Jail
  KAUSSUHN, BRADLEY DEAN 2019137016   Main Jail
  KEEFE, TAYLOR JAMES 2019128059   New Jail
  KEENER, ALEIRA PAINU'ULASI 2019162057   Main Jail
  KELLER, FRANK ANTHONY 2019090014   Main Jail
  KELLY, RAYMOND PERRY 2019150006   Main Jail
  KEMPF, AARON ALEXANDER 2019166012   Main Jail
  KENFIELD, GORDON LEE 2019012021   New Jail
  KENLY, AARON RUEBEN 2019166036   (Not in Custody) 6/19/2019 12:50 AM
  KERBY, JR, MICHAEL AUSTIN 2019160046   Main Jail
  KIDD, CODY ALLEN 2019168036   6/19/2019 11:30 AM
  KILGORE, ANTHONY OLEN 2019091042   Main Jail
  KIM, ANDREW YANG 2019139025   Main Jail
  KIM, KI HYUN 2019070016   New Jail
  KIM, SUN KYUNG 2019069020   New Jail
  KING, ASHLEY CHRISTINE 2018298021   Maple Lane
  KING, III, CLAYTON TYRONE 2017295011   Main Jail
  KING, MIKAH JAMES 2019149018   New Jail
  KING, RYAN MICHAEL 2019072044   New Jail
* KIRCHER, JOLEE ANN 2019169042   Main Jail
  KIRKPATRICK, DONNA LEIGH 2019156035   Main Jail
  KITTELSON, THOMAS DEAN 2019168050   New Jail
  KLETT, TAYLOR JORDAN 2019129042   New Jail
  KLOMP, LOIS MARIE 2019161038   Main Jail
  KLUM, BLAKE ALLEN CLAIRANCE 2019123017   New Jail
  KNAACK, NICHOLAS CHARLES 2019165032   New Jail
  KNIGHT, ALBERT ARMAND 2019143056   New Jail
  KOHL, CHARLES JAMES OLIVER 2019153037   New Jail
* KONG, TRACE RICHARD 2019169050   New Jail
  KORST, TAYLOR NATHANIEL 2019161018   Main Jail
  KOTAS, THOMAS MICHAEL 2019163048   Main Jail
  KREFT, PAUL ROBERT 2019031064   New Jail
  KRETZER, KENNETH MORRIS 2018275047   New Jail
  KURKOV, NIKOLAY ALEXANDER 2019071073   New Jail
  LA BISSONIERE, TYLER DEVION 2019168039   New Jail
  LA, NGHIEP XUONG 2019165004   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 8:31 PM
  LACROIX, ROBERT WILLARD 2018324048   Main Jail
  LADUKE, JOHNATHAN RICHARD 2019079038   Main Jail
* LAFOGA, EMANUEL DELBER 2019169034   New Jail
  LANGWORTHY, RANDY WILLIAM 2019126036   New Jail
  LARSEN, BRIAN WILLIAM 2019134007   New Jail
  LARSON, AARON JAMES 2019168045   New Jail
  LARSON, RACHAEL MARGARET 2019020023   Main Jail
  LARSON, SEAN ADAM 2019142054   New Jail
  LAUAMA, PETER JUNIOR 2019156072   Main Jail
  LAUZON, REBECCA ANN 2019143038   New Jail
  LAZCANO, ERIKA 2019168018   New Jail
  LEAL, CHRISTOPHER 2019060027   New Jail
  LEAL, CHRISTOPHER REY 2019157047   Main Jail
  LEAVITT, JR, ROBERT ARDELL 2019151023   New Jail
  LEE, DANIEL 2019009054   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 8:00 AM
  LEE, JAMES TREVANTE 2019168047   Main Jail
  LEE, MICHAEL ANTHONY 2018277059   Main Jail
  LEE, PEAPEA DEA JONG 2019064033   New Jail
  LEFFLER, REBECCA LYNNE 2019121041   New Jail
  LEIVA, GUADALUPE RAMOS 2018298056   Main Jail
  LEMUS TRUJILLO, JUAN ALBERTO 2018359016   6/19/2019 11:30 AM
  LEWIS, RONNIE JAMES 2019155006   New Jail
  LIBBY, ERYN JEAN 2019161051   New Jail
  LIGHT, TYLER JOSEPH 2019071010   New Jail
  LILLY, DEMARCO ANTONIO 2019026021   Main Jail
  LINDSAY, CORDELL SCOTT 2019164045   Main Jail
  LINKFIELD, LEIF LOWELL 2019134044   Main Jail
  LISTER, JIHARRY DESHUN 2019150038   Main Jail
  LLABAN, JERWELL VILLANUEVA 2019169007   (Not in Custody) 6/19/2019 9:00 AM
  LOGGIN, ANTHONY LAMARR 2019156073   Main Jail
  LOMAX, KRISTOPHER ALLAN 2019010049   New Jail
* LONG, PHILLIP DERAND 2019169023   New Jail
  LOPEZ LEON, ALEX 2018270023   Main Jail
  LOPEZ, JR, JESUS CHUY 2018208036   Main Jail
  LOPEZ, SAIRA GRISELL 2019168009   Main Jail
  LOPEZ, SERGIO 2019160039   Main Jail
  LOPEZ-FLORES, JOSE ANGEL 2019054028   New Jail
  LORD, BILL KILIAM 2019154017   Main Jail
  LOSACCO, NEHEMIAH TALYNN 2019108050   New Jail
  LOVATO, COREY JOE 2018350031   New Jail
  LOVE, ROMELLO RAEKWON 2019119048   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 8:00 AM
  LOVE, SHAWN DERNELL 2019103032   Main Jail
  LUCY, AMANDA RENEE 2019157033   Main Jail
  LUNA SIPIRIANO, JAVIER 2019146029   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 12:30 PM
  LUPKES, ALEXANDER STEFAN 2019169008   Main Jail
* LYLE, MICHAEL RITO 2019169049   New Jail
  LYONS, DENA MARLENE 2019155072   Main Jail
  MAAE, ALEXANDROS MISATULI 2019103031   Main Jail
  MACHETA, JEFFREY WILLIAM 2019038026   New Jail
  MACIAS, GILBERT DWIGHT 2019044014   New Jail
  MACKIE, JR, JAMES ROBERT 2019147011   Main Jail
  MACLAINE, III, WILLIAM JAMES 2019146010   Main Jail
  MADIGAN, NEAL SALEM 2019164003   Main Jail
  MAGEL, MICHAEL DEAN 2019161032   New Jail
  MAIERS, CHAD RICK 2019148037   Main Jail
  MANSKIE, DAVID ANTHONY 2019113049   New Jail
  MAPP, RAMAL MAX 2019167046   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 4:30 PM
  MARCHAN, MICHAEL ANTHONY 2019109054   New Jail
  MARCIULIANO, MICHAEL DANIEL 2019165005   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 2:00 PM
  MARCOTTE, LONNIE RAY 2018256054   Main Jail
  MARKS, MICHAEL ALLEN 2019058044   New Jail
  MARRERO SOTO, JUAN CARLOS 2019168014   Main Jail
  MARRS, AUSTIN JEFFREY 2019148012   New Jail
  MARSHALL, DERIK JOHN 2019044042   New Jail
  MARTEMIANOV, ARTYON OLEGAVICH 2019168042   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 7:33 PM
  MARTIN, FLOYD WILLIAM 2019157046   New Jail
  MARTINEZ, JOE DUQUE 2018207063   Main Jail
  MARTINEZ, JR, MIGUEL 2019156009   Main Jail
  MARTINEZ, MICHAEL SCOTT 2019162022   New Jail
  MARTINEZ, SR, ELIAS JOSE 2019122031   New Jail
* MARTINEZ, TATIANA ALZATTI 2019170003   Main Jail
  MARTINEZ-AVILA, HUMBERTO 2019043023   Main Jail
  MARTINEZ-MARTINEZ, DIEGO 2019106046   Main Jail
  MARZOLF, MEAGHANNE ANN 2019057049   Main Jail
  MASON, RODNEQUE ONEZ GENE 2019158016   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 12:40 PM
  MATHES, AARON STEVEN 2019169019   Main Jail
  MATTHEWS, LETRAIL MARQUELL 2019164025   New Jail
  MATTICE, CHRISTOPHER LEE ROY 2018241033   Main Jail
  MATTSON, KEVIN KYLE 2019105001   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 6:30 PM
  MAUGA, TAYLOR KAPENETA 2019127027   Main Jail
  MAY, JOSEPH ALLEN 2019166039   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 8:30 AM
  MCABEE, VICTORIA ERIN 2019066054   Maple Lane
  MCARTHUR, JULIAN DESMOND 2018106021   Main Jail
  MCCAIN, GAGE ALDEN WAYNE 2019161010   Main Jail
  MCCALPINE, DARIEN LOVELL 2019167013   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 4:30 PM
  MCCLOUD, MARK MACK 2019145026   Main Jail
  MCCRAY, PATRICIA LEEANNE 2019161039   Main Jail
  MCDANIEL, ANTHONY TRISTON 2019116046   New Jail
  MCDERMOTT, MATTHEW RICHARD 2019134013   Main Jail
  MCDOWELL, SIDNEY 2019050017   New Jail
  MCGAUGH, ALLEN SUBIEL 2019168048   New Jail
  MCGOWAN, JERMAINE RAPHIAL 2018297005   Main Jail
  MCKENZIE, ANDRE DEVON 2018211013   Main Jail
  MCKINNEY, JR, WILLIAM ALFRED 2019158037   Main Jail
  MCKINNEY, ONTARIO TYRELL 2019077001   New Jail
  MCLAUGHLIN, MARIA RENE 2019163043   New Jail
  MCLEES, ALEXI LAUREN 2019150007   New Jail
  MCQUAIN, BRIAN VANCE 2019021039   New Jail
  MCQUEEN, HEATH SIMEON 2018353034   New Jail
  MCQUEEN, JOHNNY DAVID 2019135036   New Jail
  MCVEY, KRISTA ANN 2018171037   New Jail
* MCWHORTER, ISAIAH 2019169026   New Jail
  MEEKS, JOSHUA DANIEL 2019156063   Main Jail
  MELBERT, CHAD EARL 2019003081   Main Jail
  MELENDEZ, SHAUN DAVID 2019165048   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 6:10 PM
  MELTON, CHEY DIMITRIUS 2019048012   Main Jail
  MERCADO, FRANCISCO JAVIER 2019017034   New Jail
  MERCADO, MICHAEL RAY 2019075007   Main Jail
  MEYERS, ROBERT GRANT 2019167040   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 6:00 PM
  MILKO, NAVIN AVERY 2018291035   Main Jail
  MILLENDER, SR, RICKIE LEE 2019155060   (Not in Custody) 6/19/2019 11:05 AM
  MILLER, DAVID MONATE 2019151003   Main Jail
  MILLER, JAMES CHARLES 2019164037   New Jail
  MILLER, MICHAEL EARL 2018257042   New Jail
  MILLER, WILLIAM LEE 2019131005   New Jail
  MILLIGAN, VICTOR SEBASTIAN 2017252003   Main Jail
  MILLS, XAVIER M 2019063022   New Jail
  MINGKEO, ASHLEY AMANDA 2019149045   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 5:00 AM
  MINGO, JOSEPH ANTHONY 2018051036   Main Jail
  MITCHELL, ANDRE TORIAN LAVON 2018204014   Main Jail
  MITCHELL, JR, EDWARD WILLIAM 2019146017   New Jail
  MITCHELL, PATRICK BERNARD 2019065064   Main Jail
  MITCHELL, ROBERT ALLEN 2019016049   Main Jail
  MITZEL, LORRAINE MARY 2019167031   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 4:40 PM
  MOHLER, TIFFINEY JENE 2019161048   New Jail
  MOLI, JR, FAULALO M 2019136042   New Jail
  MONTES, JR, ANTHONY 2019003005   Main Jail
  MOODY, TAMMY SANA 2019168026   Main Jail
  MOORE, ANDREA DAWN 2019112043   Main Jail
  MOORE, DANIEL ALAN 2019167026   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 6:00 PM
  MOORE, GARY LEE 2019157032   Main Jail
  MOORE, JAMES COLE 2019167018   Main Jail
  MOORE, TANERIA LACHARAE 2019082009   Main Jail
  MOORE, THEOTIS LENDELL 2019155018   Main Jail
  MOORE, TREVOR JAMES 2019169006   New Jail
* MORALES, ALEXANDER LEE 2019170004   New Jail
  MORALES, JR, OSCAR ANGELO 2019120010   New Jail
  MORFORD, BRYAN RAY 2018221047   Main Jail
  MORGAN, DONALD JAMES 2019052022   New Jail
  MORGAN, RYAN LAVERN 2018341040   New Jail
  MORISCH, LONNIE RAY 2018352024   Main Jail
  MORRIS, JR, OSCAR LEE 2019122038   Main Jail
  MOSS, ALBERT JOUANTAE 2019151064   Main Jail
  MOTON, RAHMEL DOMINIQUE 2019127024   New Jail
  MOTTINGER, THERESA DAWN 2019161025   New Jail
  MOULTRY, KENNETH ALLEN 2019065048   Main Jail
  MOY, SHANE LEE 2019147042   Main Jail
  MULKA, TREVOR DANIEL 2019134039   New Jail
  MULLINS, MICHAEL STEVEN 2019166033   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 1:30 PM
  MUNOZ, KIMBERLY DAWN 2019154007   New Jail
  MUNROE, OSMAN TURAY 2019103023   Main Jail
  MUNYWE, MICHAEL MUTHEE 2018326007   New Jail
* MUSTAIN, BRENT JAMES 2019169054   New Jail
  NABOR ALCANTARA, LUIS ANGEL 2019126031   New Jail
  NAPOLEON, REGINA LENA 2019154030   New Jail
  NATHAN, ERIC WILLIAM 2019162051   Main Jail
* NELLO, DOMINICK JACOB 2019170002   New Jail
  NESBITT, AKEEL AMIR 2018324056   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 8:00 AM
  NESPER, JONATHON RAY 2019168020   New Jail
  NEUMANN, JONATHAN TYLER 2019156070   Main Jail
  NEWSON, LUTHER LEON 2019076034   Main Jail
  NEWTON, JR, ISAIAH WILLIAM 2019063042   Main Jail
  NGOEUNG, NGA 2019157017   Main Jail
* NGUYEN, THANH TUAN 2019170006   New Jail
  NICHOLS, JACOB EDWARD 2019031006   New Jail
  NICODEMUS, MINDY SELINE 2018361044   New Jail
  NIELSEN, SHANNON LEE 2019156058   New Jail
  NIKIEMA, YACOUBA 2019166041   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 6:00 PM
  NIXON, AUSTIN NATHANEL 2018287013   New Jail
  NOLL, ROBERT LLOYD 2019111039   Main Jail
  NORDE, ENJOLI CHOLE 2019081016   Main Jail
  NOREM, CHRISTOPHER RANDALL 2019121039   Main Jail
  NORMAN, ATERE KEVEL 2018351046   Main Jail
  NORMAN, III, JACOB TIMOTHY 2019110042   New Jail
  NORRIS, CRAIG ELIOT 2018309019   Main Jail
  NOWAKOWSKI, BILLY JOE 2019117026   New Jail
  NUGENT, KENNETH OLIVER 2019114063   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 6:00 PM
  NUNNS, MATTHEW ALAN 2019155063   Main Jail
  NUU, MOSE 2019123009   New Jail
  O'NEILL, STEVE SEAN 2019148030   Main Jail
  OATES, JUSTICE TATUM 2019140031   Main Jail
  OGLE, JIMMIE YI 2019129055   Main Jail
  OGLES, DYMOND LE'DAVID 2019079023   Main Jail
  OJEDA MONTUFAR, BRIAN 2019163052   Main Jail
  OKERSON, KARI BRIANNE 2019161003   Main Jail
  OLFS, BRANDON LEE 2019114016   New Jail
  OLLIE, LEONARD CHARLES 2019169018   Main Jail
  OLSEN, CHRISTOPHER DANIEL 2019100018   New Jail
  OLSEN, KEVIN WADE 2019037051   Main Jail
  OLSEN, RICHARD ARNOLD 2019159038   New Jail
* ONEIL, BRANDON JAMES 2019169031   New Jail
* ORCUTT, RYAN MICHAEL 2019170012   (Not in Custody) 6/19/2019 10:32 AM
  ORTEGA, LEONARDO DAVID 2019101058   New Jail
  ORTIZ, MICHELLE STEPHANIE 2019140020   6/19/2019 11:45 AM
  OSBORNE, JODY LYNN 2019168003   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 2:24 PM
  OSE, DAVID DADA 2019167032   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 1:30 PM
  OVERBEY, JOHN MICHAEL 2019030065   Main Jail
  OWENS, DUSTEN JAMES 2019127012   New Jail
  OWENS, JR, ERNEST RAY 2018324007   New Jail
  OZUNA, JOSHUA ALEJANDRO 2019026006   Main Jail
  PACE, JUSTIN ROBERT 2019167019   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 6:00 PM
  PADDEN, SHANE ROBERT 2019165023   (Not in Custody) 6/19/2019 5:10 AM
  PAINE, DONTA ADRIEL 2019112050   Main Jail
  PALMER, ANGELINA ANN 2019075013   Maple Lane
  PALMER, REGINALD FRANKLIN 2018274034   Main Jail
  PALMER, XAVIAR BOB 2019160042   Main Jail
  PAMON, BRANDON CHRISTOPHER 2019024061   Main Jail
* PANKRATZ, ALIE JULIA 2019170011   Main Jail
  PARK, CHANG ON 2019153024   New Jail
  PARKER, ANTEUS JOHN 2019166020   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 11:56 AM
  PARKER, DEMARCO LAMONT 2018233014   Main Jail
  PARKS, ZACHARY CHRISTOPHER 2018269033   Main Jail
  PARMELE, JASON PAUL 2019128015   New Jail
  PARR, JESSE JAMES 2019126020   New Jail
  PARRY, JR, ARTHUR GEORGE 2019100055   Main Jail
  PARSONS, JASON RUSSELL 2019097037   Main Jail
  PATTERSON, MATTHEW DALTON 2019058072   Yakima
  PATTON, ALISHIA NICOLE 2019166021   Main Jail
  PAYAN ACUNA, RUBEN 2018338064   Main Jail
  PAYNE, MICHAEL DAVID 2018104018   Yakima
  PEARSALL, RYANN MICHELLE 2019162026   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 8:00 AM
* PECINA, JONATHAN CRUZ 2019170020   New Jail
  PEDERSON, BRANDON SCOTT 2019071053   New Jail
  PEDERSON, CODY EUGENE 2019046011   New Jail
  PEMBERTON, JAMES ORLANDIUS 2019066034   Main Jail
  PEREZ SANCHEZ, JOSE LUIS 2018328015   Main Jail
  PEREZ, GLEN QUICHOCHO 2019156007   New Jail
  PERKINS, KYRON SETH 2018331001   Main Jail
  PERNELL, DION ANTOINE 2019163042   Main Jail
  PERRY, ANTOINE JOSEPH 2018061025   Main Jail
  PERRY, JEAN MARIE 2019109023   Main Jail
  PETERS, RONALD BENJAMIN 2019150049   New Jail
  PETERSON, DEAN HOWARD 2019098019   Main Jail
* PETERSON, JEFFREY MICHAEL 2019169046   New Jail
  PETERSON, MCKINZIE MARIE 2019156060   New Jail
  PETTAWAY, BRANDON RAYNARD 2019165006   Main Jail
  PETTY, JR, ROGER LEE 2019164066   Main Jail
  PETTY, RICHARD MARTIN 2019166040   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 4:30 PM
  PHILLIP, JOSHUA THOMAS CAMRON 2019147032   Main Jail
  PHILLIPS, KELSEY TYRELL 2017026041   Main Jail
  PHILLIPS, KURTUS ALLAN 2018198050   Main Jail
  PHILLIPS, TYLER RYAN 2018314002   Main Jail
* PICKETT, JAVIER MALEK 2019169029   New Jail
  PINKNEY, JAMAAL LAMONT 2017275041   Main Jail
  PIOCOS, CINTHYA 2019168012   Main Jail
  POPE, DAVID WAYNE 2019165009   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 5:45 PM
  POSEY, CHRISTOPHER LAMONT 2019009021   Main Jail
  POZOS RIVERA, NESTOR RICARDO 2019155017   Main Jail
  PRAWL, JR, GABRIEL J V 2019160023   New Jail
  PRICE, CHRISTIAN BARTON 2019076043   New Jail
  PRICE, JUSTIN RYAN 2019060025   New Jail
  PRIM, RONNIE 2019142016   New Jail
  PRINCIPE, ARTHUR VERA 2019029025   Main Jail
  PROZIALECK, LYNDSEY MADELINE 2019168038   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 1:29 PM
  PUBIGEE, AMMON ELIAS 2019115011   Main Jail
  PULLEN, HENRY ISSAC 2019057069   New Jail
  PURCELLA, ANTHONY JAMES 2019133010   Main Jail
  PUTMAN, JERHED VINCENT 2019164033   Main Jail
  QUESADA, EMILIO 2019165017   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 11:55 AM
  RAINS, MISTY ANN 2019132035   New Jail
  RAMIREZ, COREY DAVID 2019065011   New Jail
  RAMIREZ, JUAN JOSE 2019137028   New Jail
  RAMSEY, MARY AGNAS 2019150057   (Not in Custody) 6/19/2019 5:05 AM
  RANEY, MARK ALLEN 2018245005   Main Jail
  RANGAMAR, SERGIO MANGARERO 2019146027   Main Jail
  RANGEL, ADRIANA ANGEL 2019141052   Main Jail
  RATTERREE, ALICIA MARIE 2019154024   Main Jail
  RAWLINS, JR, ALFRED 2019157018   New Jail
  RAY, TIMOTHY ALLEN 2019146045   Main Jail
  REAL, CHHANTARN 2018319022   Main Jail
* REAMER, JOSEPH MYKOL ALONZO 2019170019   New Jail
  REAVES, JR, MICHAEL DAVID 2019163037   Main Jail
* REAVIS, MATTHEW DALE CLARK 2019169038   New Jail
  REDDING, GARY EDWARD 2018324042   Main Jail
  REDDING, JOSHUA LEWIS 2019057071   New Jail
  REDIFER, JOSHUA WAYNE 2019166034   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 5:45 PM
  REED, ARON RICHARD 2019149056   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 5:00 AM
  REES, ROBERT STEVEN 2019168044   New Jail
  REEVES, BRANDON HARRISON 2019153002   Main Jail
* REEVES, DAVID WILLIAM 2019170009   New Jail
  REICHL, FRANK CLAYTON 2019141057   Main Jail
  REYES DIMAS, EFRAIN MARTINE 2018194022   Main Jail
  REYES-CHAVEZ, RONNY LORENZO 2019169001   New Jail
  REYNOLDS, KEVIN LEE 2019169016   New Jail
  RHOADS, MARY MARIE 2019156013   New Jail
  RHYNER ZIMMERMAN, TAMMI JO 2019140007   Main Jail
  RICHARDS, DONALD RAY 2019164011   New Jail
  RICHEY, MICHAEL GEORGE 2018227041   Main Jail
  RIDINGER, BRANDON GRAHAM 2019168001   New Jail
  RILEY, JR, JOHNNY LEE 2018298014   Main Jail
  RILEY, TYSIN JACOB EDWARD 2019048046   Main Jail
  RINE, DEANNA LYNN 2019078005   Main Jail
  RIOS, AURELIA HELENA MARCELLE 2019154043   Main Jail
  RIOS, JR, HAROLD ALBERT 2018296010   Main Jail
  RIPICH, NICKOLAY NICK 2019149068   New Jail
  RIVERS, HEAVEN MAURIA LARAE 2019146003   Main Jail
  ROBERSON, JAQUAIL WALTER 2018241045   Main Jail
  ROBERSON, VANESSA RENEA 2019139022   Main Jail
  ROBERTS, WILLIAM KEVIN 2019167023   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 2:00 PM
  ROBERTSON, ANDREW LYLE 2019123014   New Jail
  ROBINSON, DANTE DYANGULO 2019158020   Main Jail
  ROBINSON, DAVEON JUNIUS 2019066031   New Jail
  ROBINSON, GARY RAYKEEM-JAMES 2019167010   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 6:10 PM
  ROBINSON, LUKE ANDREW 2019164034   Main Jail
  ROCK, CHAD MICHAEL 2019104004   New Jail
  RODRIGUEZ HUERTA, STEVEN 2019166044   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 1:30 PM
  RODRIGUEZ, RAFAEL VILLA 2019160025   Main Jail
  RODRIGUEZ, RONALD HARVIN 2019149021   Main Jail
  RODYGIN, ALEKSEY 2019139010   New Jail
* ROGACKI, RYAN LEE 2019169032   New Jail
  ROGERS, NATASHA NICOLE 2019128055   Main Jail
  ROGERS, RUSSELL LAVERN CLYDE 2019149028   New Jail
  ROGERS, TASHA MARIE 2019079045   New Jail
  ROGERS, TODD DWAYNE 2019094015   Main Jail
  ROJAS FUSTE, EDWARD EUGINO 2019101039   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 8:00 AM
  ROJAS, JONATHAN 2019164053   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 8:00 AM
  ROMERO, MICHAEL ANTHONY 2019112032   Main Jail
  RONCO, ISREAL CALEB 2019145038   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 1:57 PM
  RONCO, JULIANA CHLOE 2019152034   Main Jail
  ROPATI, KAZUO LOKENI 2019095026   New Jail
  ROSS, ANDREW JOSEPH 2019145043   New Jail
  ROSS, JACK 2018347046   Main Jail
  ROSS, JOSEPH ALLEN 2019150045   Main Jail
  ROTH, BOB NOEL LEE 2019130033   New Jail
  ROUGEAU, LANCE GENE FRANCOISE 2017298050   Main Jail
  ROUSE, MICHAEL PAUL 2019134020   Main Jail
  ROWELL, BENJAMIN RAY 2019117024   New Jail
  RUBINO, TODD DANIEL 2019156077   New Jail
  RUCH, DSHAWN MARCHE 2019082040   Main Jail
  RUFFATTO, TERRY LYNN 2019166001   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 7:22 PM
  RUSSELL, DAVID MICHAEL 2019168017   Main Jail
  RYAN, ROBIN JAMES 2019150012   New Jail
  SAAVENDRA RAMIREZ, TANYA 2019081038   New Jail
  SAENZ, ADAM VICTOR-MONTELONGO 2019165036   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 1:30 PM
  SAETURN, AY CHIANG 2019058011   New Jail
  SALAZAR, JESSE JAMES 2019097030   New Jail
  SALDANA, JOSE GUADALUPE 2019155016   New Jail
  SALKIN, JOSHUA MICHAEL 2019115028   Main Jail
  SALLINGER, RENE 2018268029   Main Jail
  SALTERS, CHAD JEROME 2019009009   New Jail
  SALTZMAN, CALEY DANIELLE 2019162033   New Jail
  SALUD, MYRONE BARZAGA 2019108048   Main Jail
  SALVADOR VELAZQUEZ, PAULINO 2019166045   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 4:30 PM
  SAMAGA, LEILUA KITZERA 2019063024   New Jail
  SAMPLE, TRISTAN LEE 2019086025   Main Jail
  SANCHEZ MONYOYA, ARMANDO 2019144016   Main Jail
  SANCHEZ, JORGE ACOLTZI 2019092001   Main Jail
  SANCHEZ, JOSEPH ROGER NOEL 2019107051   Main Jail
  SANCHEZ, JULIUS THEODORE 2019153003   New Jail
  SANDHOLM, DAVID LEE 2019140029   (Not in Custody) 6/19/2019 5:05 AM
  SANDLING, DEBBIE JEAN 2019008028   Main Jail
  SANTELLI, ADAM RICCO 2019065065   New Jail
  SANTIAGO, JOSE CARLOS 2019056015   Main Jail
  SAWYER, HEATHER ANN 2019150036   Main Jail
  SAYAH, JR, ROBERT XAVIER 2019025014   Main Jail
  SCHATZ, TIFFANY AMBER 2019162047   Main Jail
  SCHMIDTKE, III, RAYMOND CALVIN 2019167014   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 7:00 PM
  SCHOONOVER, MATTHEW LENARD 2019164051   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 4:00 PM
  SCHOUTEREN, PAUL ANTHONY 2019114053   New Jail
  SCHULLER, ROGER ANTHONY 2018190024   Main Jail
  SCHWENK, JR, LARRY ROY 2018345052   Main Jail
  SCOTT, CALVIN MORRIS 2019167016   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 4:30 PM
  SCOTT, CLINTON TYRELL 2019163004   Main Jail
  SCOTT, DAVID MATTHEW 2018318067   Main Jail
  SEARS, JAYMAHT NOTEAQ DE'ZAIRE 2019165033   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 1:30 PM
  SENIGAL, TIMOTHY SHANE 2019158024   New Jail
  SEPIN, BEVER 2019119026   New Jail
  SERAFINO, STEPHAN JOSEPH 2019022012   Main Jail
  SERR, THEMAR EUGENE 2019066061   New Jail
  SERRANO, JOSE LUIS 2019151054   Main Jail
  SHARTS, RONALD EUGENE 2019169015   New Jail
  SHAW, EDDIE EUGENE 2019095025   New Jail
  SHAW, TRAVIS VANTREL JANALE 2019158023   Main Jail
  SHCHERENKOV, NIKOLAY NIKOLAY 2019145036   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 2:00 PM
  SHEETS, ALANTA MARIE 2019157006   Main Jail
  SHPAK, DAVID ALEX 2018313021   New Jail
  SIBLEY, STEVEN GREGORY 2018125021   New Jail
  SIGLER, LISA LYNNE 2019072048   New Jail
  SILVA TORRES, CESAR 2019141049   Main Jail
* SILVA, PEDRO OTAVIO 2019169056   Main Jail
  SIMMONS, JR, ADAM THOMAS 2018109037   New Jail
  SIMMONS, JR, FRANK LEE 2019128047   New Jail
  SIMMONS, JR, SAMUEL LEE 2019116017   Main Jail
  SIMON, CALVIN JOVAN 2019156052   New Jail
  SIMON, GREGORY MARK 2019002017   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 8:00 AM
  SINGLETON, MILTON DEAN 2019105062   New Jail
  SIOLO, SAMSON JOSHUA 2019126008   Main Jail
  SISNEROS, KYLE JORDAN 2019077038   Main Jail
  SMALLEY, DARRY DAQUAN 2019058012   Main Jail
  SMALLEY, DAVID EDWARD 2019065069   New Jail
  SMITH, AMANDA GAIL 2019150019   New Jail
  SMITH, CHRISTOPHER HARPER 2019158040   Main Jail
  SMITH, DRACARRIO BRUCE 2019129010   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 5:00 AM
  SMITH, HORACE EMANUEL 2019166016   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 4:30 PM
  SMITH, JASON DANE 2019167035   New Jail
  SMITH, JASON RICHARD 2019151019   New Jail
  SMITH, JR, DARREN RONELL 2019002037   New Jail
  SMITH, JR, DAVID EDWARD 2019156051   New Jail
  SMITH, JR, EDDIE RICHARD 2018144005   Main Jail
  SMITH, JR, ORIN FRANCIS 2019050002   Outside - Temp Release
  SMITH, KALYN PENELOPE 2019134021   Main Jail
  SMITH, MICHAEL JEAVONI 2019139002   Main Jail
  SMITH, NINA JOY 2019108031   Main Jail
  SMITH, QUANTREYVIS ALONZO 2017277041   Main Jail
  SMITH, RANDY 2018250007   Main Jail
  SMITH, REBECCA LYNN 2019160041   New Jail
  SMITH, STEPHEN MICHAEL 2019005020   New Jail
  SMITH, TEZON 2019115059   Main Jail
  SMITH, WILLIAM HOWARD 2019087062   New Jail
  SNIDER, TAMARA ANNE 2019161062   New Jail
  SNOW, MICHAEL JUSTIN 2018323035   New Jail
  SOLIER, ERIC ONEAL 2019068015   New Jail
  SOLIGA, SAMSON SIOFU 2019094034   Main Jail
  SOLIS, PHILLIP RYAN 2019090028   New Jail
  SOLOMON, KEVIN EUGENE 2019144012   Main Jail
  SORIA, JOSHUA JAZZ 2018205063   Main Jail
  SOU, MATTHEW SARITH 2019038054   New Jail
  SOVA, MICHAEL WAYNE 2019092012   Main Jail
  SPARKS, DUSTIN WADE 2019158025   Main Jail
  SPEAR, AIDAN VICTORIA 2019169004   Main Jail
  SPEARS, MARCUS ISAIAH 2019087025   New Jail
* ST PIERRE, SEAN HAYES 2019169021   (Not in Custody) 6/19/2019 9:00 AM
  STANTON, STEVEN RAY 2019164026   New Jail
  STAPLES, MICHAEL JOSEPH 2019125016   Main Jail
  STARBIRD, ALEXANDER KEITH 2018323015   Main Jail
  STEPHENS, JASON LEE 2019131032   New Jail
  STEPHENS, LUKE DANE 2018324050   Main Jail
  STEPHENSON, THOMAS CHARLES 2018358026   New Jail
  STOGDILL, EDWARD LEONARD 2019077055   Main Jail
  STOVER, TRACEY MARIE 2019150014   Main Jail
* STRATTON, MICHAEL JONATHAN 2019169041   New Jail
  STREETER, TRACY THEODORA 2019163040   Main Jail
  STRONG, JONATHAN MYRON 2019167022   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 4:30 PM
  STRONG, TONYA MARIE 2019067051   New Jail
  STUCKEY, TIMOTHY JOSEPH 2019166030   Main Jail
  STUTSMAN, VANESSA AUDREY 2019152027   New Jail
  SUAREZ, ANGEL DANIEL 2019152029   New Jail
  SULLIVAN, II, JERRY RICHARD 2019158011   Main Jail
  SUM, PALLA 2019099019   New Jail
  SUSTAITA, VICTOR HUGO 2019166007   New Jail
  SUTTLE, ANTHONY LORENZO 2019043039   Main Jail
  SVENDSEN, KARI ANN 2019168046   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 6:00 PM
  SWAN, PETER ALEXANDER 2019150005   Main Jail
  SWAN, SAMORY TOURE FRED 2019149005   Main Jail
  SWANSEY, DEMMEITRICK DONYA 2019157059   Main Jail
  SWEET, JR, RUSSELL ZACK 2018283019   Main Jail
  SWIATEK, ANDREW MARK 2019135033   New Jail
* SWIFT WEST, DONTEY ANTHONY 2019169020   New Jail
  SWINGLE, SR, LAWRENCE NELSON 2019116016   Main Jail
  SYDNOR BROWN, JIMMY RAY 2019158038   Main Jail
  SYKES, KENWAHTA LAMAR 2019085062   Yakima
  SYLLING, ALICIA DAWN 2019148031   New Jail
  TACHELL, ADAM LAWERANCE 2019140037   Main Jail
  TAFOYA, ARMANDO LEON 2019075025   New Jail
  TALAMANTES, JR, HUGO URIEL 2019052027   New Jail
  TALAVERA LEMUS, JAIME 2019020042   Main Jail
  TALL, ZACHARY ALAN 2019137022   New Jail
  TATE, ANTONIO LEMARR 2019095021   New Jail
  TATE, JUSTIN LEE 2019168043   Main Jail
  TAUAVE, FELEI LAPANA 2019078043   Main Jail
  TAWES, RYAN BRUCE 2019164049   New Jail
  TAYLOR, AMANDA RENE 2019159014   New Jail
  TAYLOR, ROMAN EMMANUEL 2019152023   New Jail
  TENNANT, JAMES MARSHALL 2018344033   Maple Lane
  THACKER, JEREMI ALLEN 2019084036   (Not in Custody) 6/19/2019 12:00 PM
  THISSELL, KATLIN ELLIOT 2019115035   Main Jail
* THOMAS, JEFFREY ALLEN 2019169048   New Jail
  THOMAS, NATHAN ROSSCO 2019156026   Main Jail
  THOMAS, RASHEEDD SHAMON 2019156075   Main Jail
  THOMAS, RICKY RANDOLPH 2019150063   New Jail
  THOMAS, ROBERT F MITCHELL 2019162030   Main Jail
  THOMPSON, BOBBY SAVION 2019123036   Main Jail
  THOMPSON, EDWARD FALLON IV 2019164028   New Jail
  THOMPSON, ROBBRIE PURDELL 2019121046   Remann Hall
  THOMPSON, RYAN JAMES 2019151050   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 6:00 PM
* THORNBY, II, JAMES BRIAN 2019169028   Main Jail
  TILLEY, JEFFREY ALAN 2019163006   Main Jail
  TILLMAN, BRIAN CORDELL 2019164027   Main Jail
  TIPOAI, SAMSON ESERA 2019085023   New Jail
  TOGIA, NATHAN SEU 2019165044   Main Jail
  TOLBERT, JASIAH INPEACE 2019164030   Main Jail
  TONEY, JONATHAN MICHAEL 2019153028   New Jail
  TONKIN, MICHAEL GENE 2019081021   New Jail
  TORRES JUAREZ, ADRIAN EMANUEL 2019167001   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 10:25 PM
  TREADWAY, DANIEL MARK 2019135022   New Jail
  TREADWELL, TOMMYE JANELL 2019105057   New Jail
* TRIANA, OMAR ARMANDO 2019169045   New Jail
  TRIESCH, JR, MELVIN GENE 2018065007   Main Jail
  TROUSDALE, TIMOTHY ROY 2018357001   New Jail
  TROWBRIDGE, JUSTIN WILLIAM 2019167025   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 8:08 PM
  TRUESDELL, JORDAN LEE 2019134032   New Jail
  TRUITT, DESHAUNEA DMR 2019156019   Main Jail
  TRUJILLO, DIEGO 2019167021   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 8:08 PM
  TURNER, CHERISE LYNN 2018099049   New Jail
  TURNER, III, JAMES JEFF 2019123020   New Jail
  TYAS, RYAN JEROME 2018337026   Main Jail
  UCHENDU, CHANNING LEON 2019094020   New Jail
  UGALDE, MARCIA JUDITH 2018206008   Main Jail
  URIOSTEGUI, MARGARITO 2019110032   New Jail
  VALDEZ-LOPEZ, FAUSTINO 2019167027   New Jail
  VALENZUELA FELIX, JAVIER 2018177029   Main Jail
  VAN WAGONER, MARY ARLENE 2019162019   New Jail
  VANCE, JENNIFER JUNE 2019047008   New Jail
  VANMECHELEN, JACOB MICHAEL 2019160019   Main Jail
  VASSEUR, DIANE LEINAALA 2019155062   Main Jail
  VELASQUEZ, ESTEVAN MARTIN 2018227054   New Jail
  VENEGAS, DANIEL S 2019003038   Main Jail
  VERNON, CASHWAUN EMMANUEL 2019149053   Main Jail
  VEVEA, ALEX CHARLES 2019085035   Main Jail
  VIGIL, DAVID ROBERT 2019085017   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 8:00 AM
  VILLALON, ALEJANDRO 2019167011   New Jail
  VINES SHANNON, COLBY DERELL 2018104025   Main Jail
  WACHTER, SHANNON LEANNE 2019168005   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 3:50 PM
  WADE, JOVAN ANTWANN 2019167029   Main Jail
  WAGNER, ANDREA JO 2019168037   New Jail
  WAGNER, GABRIELLE JEANETTE 2019164009   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 12:12 PM
  WALKER, CHRISTOPHER EVANS 2018364027   Main Jail
  WALLACE, THOMAS WILLIAM 2019165043   Main Jail
  WALLER, BRENT WILLIAM 2018358001   Main Jail
  WALSH, RICHARD JOHN 2018348004   New Jail
  WARD, JESSIE RA 2019150039   New Jail
  WARE, JESSICA RACHEL 2019165011   Main Jail
  WARILA, ISAIAH SHANE 2019156057   New Jail
  WARREN, JERRMELL RASHADD 2018038004   Main Jail
  WARREN, NICHOLAS LAWERENCE 2019156021   New Jail
  WARSALLA, ELIZABETH MARIE 2019163038   New Jail
  WASHINGTON, EDWARD TYRONE 2019132014   New Jail
* WATERS, DARRICK WILLIAM 2019169040   New Jail
* WATKINS, KAYLA DAWN 2019169033   Main Jail
  WATKINS, MYLON GRANVILLE 2019168021   New Jail
  WEBB, DAVID KEITH 2019065025   New Jail
  WEBB, TIMOTHY JAMES 2019109015   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 8:00 AM
  WEBSTER, FREDRICK ISIDORE 2019157012   New Jail
  WEDLUND, JR, EARL JONATHAN 2019140021   Main Jail
  WEDLUND, TIMOTHY JOSEPH 2019010050   New Jail
  WEEKLY, JACOBI LYNN 2018222008   Main Jail
  WEILENMAN, KENNETH RAY 2019168006   New Jail
  WEILENMAN, PHILLIP ANTHONY 2019128041   New Jail
  WEISENBARGER, IAN TRAVIS 2019087059   Main Jail
  WELLS, JESSE WAYNE 2019161013   New Jail
  WELLS, PHILIP BURL 2019164018   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 3:50 PM
  WENZEL, DAVID ANTHONY 2019164042   New Jail
  WEST, CHRISTIAN EZEKIEL 2019113046   Main Jail
  WEST, MATTHEW SCOTT 2019005023   New Jail
  WEST, RICHARD LAMARR 2019161060   New Jail
  WHITE, KEONTIS DEMOENTE 2019155026   Main Jail
  WHITE, MARVIN ALAN 2018238026   Main Jail
  WHITFIELD, III, ROBERT GLEN 2019130029   New Jail
  WILBER, JOSHUA LLOYD 2019166018   New Jail
  WILHARM, FREDERICK JOHN 2019153033   New Jail
  WILKERSON, JANET LEE 2019166043   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 2:00 PM
  WILKINSON, JOSHUA DEAN 2019143017   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, DERRIK EUGENE 2019163025   New Jail
  WILLIAMS, EDWARD BARRINGTON 2019157020   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, II, ALEXANDER RYAN 2019064013   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, JACOB EMERY 2019073038   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, JOHN FITZGERALD 2019139016   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, JR, WAYNE MORRIS 2019084009   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, MICHAEL ANDREW 2017348059   New Jail
  WILLIAMS, STEVEN ELLIOT 2018263028   New Jail
  WILLIAMS, TRENTON ISAAC 2019150021   Main Jail
  WILLIAMSON, JOSHUA ALAN 2019116045   Main Jail
  WILLIS, JONTE THOMAS 2019131034   Main Jail
  WILSON, ERIC NICHOLAS-RAFAEL 2019063005   Main Jail
  WILSON, JACKSON MCCOY 2019156023   Main Jail
  WILSON, MARSHALL MARION 2017305057   Main Jail
  WILSON, MICHAEL JOVAN 2019036028   New Jail
  WINDMEYER, BRYAN MICHAEL 2018266027   Main Jail
  WINDSOR, JARED ROY 2019164039   Main Jail
  WINSTON, JOHN 2018279020   Main Jail
  WINTERS, JESSICA NICHOLE 2019143025   New Jail
  WITHERS, TERRANCE DEWAYNE 2018338030   Main Jail
  WOLFENBERGER, MICHAEL LEE 2018209057   Main Jail
  WOOD, COLEEN RAE 2019169009   (Not in Custody) 6/19/2019 9:00 AM
  WOODARD, DAVID THOMAS 2019155080   (Not in Custody) 6/18/2019 2:14 PM
  WOODARD, DAVON MALCOM 2019135055   Main Jail
  WOODS, JR, MYRON LYNN 2017178040   Main Jail
  WOODS, WILBER 2019074025   Main Jail
  WOODY, NICHOLAS ROBERT 2019070009   New Jail
  WRIGHT, SEAN PATRICK 2019165038   New Jail
  WUHRMAN, CHRISTOPHER ERNEST 2019166022   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 6:30 PM
* WYATT, FREDERICK LEE 2019169024   New Jail
  XAIYAVONG, BOUNME 2019167041   Main Jail
  YARBROUGH, NICOLE ANN 2019157039   (Not in Custody) 6/17/2019 1:30 PM
  YEAGER, JACOB LAMAR 2019161007   Main Jail
  YOKERS, ANDRE MARK 2019116025   Main Jail
  YOST, ERIKA ELISABETH 2019135010   Main Jail
  YOUNG, JAYTHANIEL RAYVAUGHN 2019146004   Main Jail
  YOUNG, JR, YUDORIAN 2019114058   New Jail
  YOUNG, MICHAEL MARQUIS 2019111006   Main Jail
  YOUNG, SEAN SHAMUS 2019163024   Main Jail
  YOUNG, SHAUMONT ALLEN 2019073020   Main Jail
* ZELLMER, LEVI DENNIS JOEL 2019169027   New Jail
  ZUNIGA, EDWIN CHAVEZ 2019143048   Main Jail

* Booked Less Than 24 Hours Ago