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Created: Wednesday January 16, 2019 1:47AM

Pierce County Corrections Jail Roster

The jail roster lists all persons that are in custody of the Pierce County jail including persons in the Yakima facility, in the hospital, and on a temporary release. The roster also lists persons released in the last 48 hours. The roster does not include persons who are on home detention, at Western State Hospital, or part of the Breaking the Cycle program.

  Jail Name Booking ID Facility Release Date
  AASE, ANTHONY ALLAN 2019014044   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 4:07 PM
  ADAMS, JR, JOSEPH CINQUE 2018353045   Main Jail
  ADAMS, RICHARD DOANE 2018242051   Main Jail
  AHMED, FARDAWSA FARHAN 2019009013   Main Jail
  AIDE, AUSTIN JOSEPH 2019006030   New Jail
  AL ANSARI, AHMED ABDULELAH 2018152025   New Jail
  ALCANTAR, SELENA MARIE 2018362031   New Jail
  ALCORN, LENA MARIE 2019013004   New Jail
  ALLEN, ANDRE AVONCE 2019014011   Main Jail
  ALLEN, DARCUS DEWAYNE 2015064013   Main Jail
  ALLEN, PATRICK JOSEPH 2018326004   New Jail
  ALLENDE, VINCENT OCTAVIO 2018179049   New Jail
  ALLMAN, KARL GEORGE 2018309007   Main Jail
  ALMBERG, MICHAEL ROBERT 2019014034   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 12:55 PM
  ALVAREZ, ADRIAN 2018205060   Main Jail
  AMELINE, AUSTIN MICHAEL 2018302028   New Jail
* ANDERSEN, ZACHARY ADAM COREY 2019015031   New Jail
* ANDERSON, JOSHUA DAVID 2019015011   New Jail
  ANDERSON, JR, CHARLES COLEMAN 2018242021   Main Jail
  ANDERSON, JR, ROBERT JAMES 2018143049   Main Jail
  ANDERSON, MICHAEL DUANE 2019015003   New Jail
  ANDERSON, MICHAEL ERNEST 2019011002   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 8:30 AM
  ANDERSON, PHILIP DARIO 2019004033   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 11:10 AM
  ANDERSON, TRAVIS DEWAYNE 2018265003   New Jail
  ANGUS, DOUGLAS GLENN 2019012031   New Jail
  ARENAS ROMERO, FERNANDO 2019013047   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 3:50 PM
  ARTER, ALBERT BRIAN 2018350030   New Jail
  ASKREN, JUSTIN WADE 2018361019   Main Jail
  ASTRY, SEAN OLIVER 2018297014   New Jail
  AUGUST, CALEB ROBERT BAPTIST 2018352004   New Jail
  AUGUST, CHRISTOPHER RYAN 2018353015   Main Jail
  AUSTIN, JON STUART 2019014003   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 8:30 AM
  AYALA REYES, JOSE JONAEL 2016190045   Main Jail
  AYDELOTTE, BRADLEY GENE 2019004054   Main Jail
  BACHTELOR, LORNE EUGENE 2019010002   New Jail
  BADERDEEN, DANIEL CLIFFORD L 2019008024   New Jail
  BAILLIE, WILLIAM CHAD 2019014042   New Jail
  BAIM, BRANDON ARTHUR 2018254045   Main Jail
  BAKER, JOHN MICHAEL 2018318013   New Jail
  BAKER, JOSEPH SCOTT 2018208021   Main Jail
  BAKER, JUSTIN GENE 2018225009   New Jail
  BALDWIN GILMER, HASSAN AKIA 2018230010   New Jail
  BANKS, ADRIAN TERRELL 2018360026   Main Jail
  BANKSTON, VINCENT TYLER 2019014014   New Jail
  BANNISTER, KYLE ALLAN 2019010014   New Jail
  BARBER, TANNER DAVID 2018299035   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 8:00 AM
  BARRETT, BEAU FRANK 2018296020   Main Jail
  BARRETT, GAYLEN DEVERE 2019004038   New Jail
  BARRON, SARAH MARIE 2019011034   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 8:30 PM
  BARTO, ROBERT DAMIEN 2018352023   New Jail
  BATACAN, RONNIE MULATO 2018340005   New Jail
  BATCHELDER, JEREMY LEE 2018306010   New Jail
  BATIE, DAVONTA DELMAR 2019013036   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 12:00 PM
  BATTS, JR, ANTOINE MAURICE 2018220059   Main Jail
  BAUER, ADAM JOHN 2018134047   Outside - Temp Release
  BAUGH, TIMOTHY ROOSEVELT 2018285027   New Jail
* BAURICHTER, SAMUEL JOHN 2019015045   New Jail
  BEARDSLEY, BRANDON ROBERT 2018351029   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 8:00 AM
  BECK, JOSEPH CHARLES 2018210033   Main Jail
  BECK, MARSHALL DANIEL 2018341053   New Jail
  BEDKER, MATTHEW JAMES 2018264038   Main Jail
  BEERS FERGUSON, JOHN DERRICK 2019005021   New Jail
* BEES, ALEXANDER KAQUATOSH 2019015029   Main Jail
  BEESON, TIMOTHY GRANT 2017227044   New Jail
  BEH, CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH 2018243017   New Jail
  BELFORD, WARREN CHARLES 2018313041   Main Jail
  BELL, FREDRICK WAYNE 2018361026   Main Jail
  BELL, JEANETTE OCELIA 2019005027   Main Jail
  BENNETT, DALE EUGENE 2019010069   New Jail
  BENNETT, DARNELL TRAVON 2018294034   New Jail
  BENNETT, MALEISA JEANETTE 2018355017   Main Jail
  BERG, CHRISTOPHER RYAN 2019006003   Main Jail
  BERLIN, TOMMY LEE 2018239004   Main Jail
  BERNAL, CHRISTOPHER JULIAN 2018157030   Main Jail
  BERRY, JR, KEITH RICHARD 2018296027   New Jail
  BERRY, TIFFANY MICHELLE 2019010065   Main Jail
  BERVEN, WILLIAM COLEMAN 2019013031   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 6:00 PM
  BILL, CHRISTOPHER TAYLOR 2018346010   New Jail
  BIRCH, TIMOTHY TODD 2018362044   Main Jail
  BISHOP, ADAM MARK 2019008021   New Jail
  BISHOP, JASON ROBERT 2018361049   Main Jail
  BLACK, JAMIE MICHELLE 2018255051   Main Jail
  BLACK, SARAH ELIZABETH 2019007019   Main Jail
* BLACKWELL, BLAIR ANTHONY 2019015006   New Jail
  BLACKWELL, STEVEN ANTHONY 2018356024   New Jail
  BLAIR, ADRIAN ANGEL 2018348041   New Jail
  BLAKLEY, LISA CHRISTINE 2019012038   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 6:48 PM
  BLANCO, LUIS ENRIQUE 2018299029   Main Jail
  BLANCO, OSCAR ANDRES 2018299010   Main Jail
  BLATT, EDWIN RONALD 2018177043   New Jail
  BLEAKLEY, JOSEY NEIL 2019008015   Main Jail
  BLOUGH, NATHANIEL ALEXANDER 2018338004   Main Jail
  BLUE, SHAUN LEE 2018306069   Main Jail
  BOARDMAN, DAVID LEE 2019009008   New Jail
  BOND, JASON LEE 2018210042   Main Jail
  BONDS, EZEKIEL TRAIVON 2018364032   Main Jail
  BONELL, CHRIS EDMOND 2018257026   New Jail
  BONO, SHANE TAYLOR 2019001001   New Jail
  BORROWMAN, RACHEL MARIE 2018353019   Main Jail
  BOSWELL, JR, ROY BRENT 2018299027   New Jail
  BOULET, DAVID ROBERT 2018344042   Main Jail
  BOURGEOIS, JOHNNY MATTHEW 2018350016   New Jail
  BOUTON, JR, BRADLEY EUGENE 2018335022   Main Jail
  BOYD, DA'RON JERMAINE 2019014032   New Jail
  BRACEY, RICHARD EDMON JOHN 2019009007   Main Jail
  BRACKENS, RYAN ALEXANDER 2018307024   New Jail
  BRADFORD, RONNIE CLYDE 2017038045   Main Jail
  BRAITSCH, SAMUEL CARTER 2019010055   Main Jail
  BRANCH, BENNIE CHARLES 2019007014   New Jail
  BRANCH, CHARLES RYAN 2019010028   Main Jail
  BRATSCH, BRANDON KEITH 2019014002   New Jail
  BRAXTON, JR, NORMAN 2017249048   New Jail
  BREWSTER, JOEL 2018349036   New Jail
  BRIDE, CALVIN EUGENE 2018065006   Main Jail
  BRIDGE, ANZELEKA LEONA 2019003076   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 4:02 PM
  BRIGHTMON, LEONARD RAY 2019004026   Main Jail
  BRINK, LONNIE ALLEN 2019013001   New Jail
  BRITO CONTRERAS, ISRAEL 2018211032   New Jail
  BROCK, CARRIE ANN 2018254035   New Jail
  BRODERICK, RANDY WAYNE 2018345032   New Jail
  BROOKS, RICHARD DEAN 2019010068   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 11:10 AM
  BROOKS, WILLIAM JACK 2018334030   Main Jail
  BROUGHTON, MARCY RENEE 2018329033   Main Jail
  BROUSSARD, KENNETH WAYNE 2018344035   Main Jail
  BROWN, EVAN CHRISTOPHER 2018354011   Main Jail
  BROWN, JOSHUA TAYLOR 2018297078   Main Jail
  BROWN, JR, MARK ANTHONY 2018177060   Main Jail
  BROWN, LAWRENCE KENT 2018311035   Main Jail
  BROWN, RITCHARD NOEL 2019013002   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 4:10 PM
  BROWN, TERESA CECELIA 2018322036   New Jail
  BROWN, WILLIE NATHANIEL 2018051057   Main Jail
  BROYLES, JESSICA MARIE 2018364031   Main Jail
  BRYANT, GERALD ANTONIO 2019009053   Main Jail
  BRYSON, ANGELICA CHRISTINE 2018172061   Main Jail
  BUCCI, DANIEL GABRIEL 2018303032   Main Jail
  BUIE, RYAN DIETER 2018347014   New Jail
  BURCHETT, NAEEM JAMELLE 2019009038   Main Jail
  BURKHART, BRANDON LEE 2019011025   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 6:44 PM
  BURNS, NETESHA MARIE 2018275005   Main Jail
  BUSKE, JENNIFER ANN 2019006016   Main Jail
  BUTLER, KAI DOMONIC 2018340015   Main Jail
  CALDWELL, CHARRA RUTH 2019011044   New Jail
  CALDWELL, JENNAFER LYNNSEY 2018309037   Main Jail
  CALDWELL, OTTAHYO WILLIAM 2018332058   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 5:00 AM
  CALHOUN, DAVID CHRISTOPHER 2018344016   Main Jail
  CALLIHAM, VALERIE FRANCES 2018363019   Main Jail
  CAMPOS ROMAN, ANDY 2018208039   Remann Hall
  CANTZLER, TIA LAFAY 2019014009   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 1:35 PM
* CAOILI, LANCE CHRISTIAN 2019015017   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 1:20 PM
  CARDENAS, MARCOS STEVE 2018360035   Main Jail
  CARLILE, RICHARD WAYNE 2018241038   New Jail
  CARLSON, ALEXANDER 2018353014   Main Jail
  CARLSON, JOHN MICHAEL 2019013045   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 6:45 PM
  CARNAGEY, JR, JAMES EDWARD 2018265038   Main Jail
  CARPENTER, ROBERT GLEN 2019004040   New Jail
  CARR, BRONSON EDWARD 2017225034   Main Jail
  CARRUTHERS, III, TROY DAVID 2018178027   Main Jail
  CASKEY, TYLER TROY 2019007057   New Jail
  CASTELLANETA, COREY STEVEN 2018364024   Main Jail
  CASTERLOW, GERALD EDWARD 2018295008   Main Jail
  CASTRO, SEAN MICHAEL 2018341018   New Jail
  CEJA, MARCUS NATHANIEL 2019003033   Main Jail
  CERVANTES, CRISTIAN CORTES 2019013035   New Jail
  CHAGOLLA, DANIEL ANDREZ 2018330021   New Jail
* CHAMBERS, DAWN MARIE 2019015010   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 12:45 PM
  CHAN, JONATHON RAY 2018317045   New Jail
  CHAPMAN, SHAWN RAY 2018182031   Main Jail
  CHASTAIN, ALYSSA DANIELLE 2019010058   New Jail
  CHICAS CARBALLO, CESAR 2017103043   Main Jail
  CHILDRESS, CHAD LELUND 2019008012   New Jail
  CHILDS, KARI LEE 2019009062   Main Jail
  CHRISTENSEN, JAY MARIA 2016305030   Main Jail
  CHRISTMAN, ROBERT DANIEL 2018281004   Main Jail
  CHRISTNER, MICHAEL RAY 2019013016   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 8:30 AM
  CHUTE, TROY JOE 2018071029   Main Jail
* CID-GODINEZ, DALIA MARISOL 2019015032   Main Jail
  CISCO, VINNIE ANTHONY P J 2018325040   Main Jail
  CIULLA, KYMBERLIE ANN MARIE 2018323028   New Jail
  CLARK, CHRISTIAN BRIDGEMAN 2018208027   Main Jail
  CLARK, GORDON BAXTER 2019015002   New Jail
  CLELLAND, JAMIE LEE 2019004048   Main Jail
  CLEVELAND JR, MITCHELL 2019013005   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 1:34 PM
  CLIFFORD, FREDERICK WALTER 2018333055   New Jail
  CLOUD, DEANDRE MALIEK 2019012042   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 6:00 PM
  COCHRAN, KEVIN LEE 2019009026   Main Jail
  COLBERT, CASSIE ANN 2018353063   Main Jail
  COLE, TIMOTHY AARON 2018210009   Main Jail
  COLEMAN, JUSTIN ANTHONY 2018144025   Main Jail
  COLEY, JR, GREGORY EUGENE 2019003052   Main Jail
  COMPTON, CASIE CORRINE 2019011018   New Jail
  COMSTOCK, JEREMY JOSEPH 2018333026   New Jail
  CONNELLY, DONOVAN JOHN 2018260060   Maple Lane
  CONRAD, BILLY MONROE 2018276019   Yakima
  CONTRERAS SALAS, VICTOR HUGO 2018362036   Main Jail
  COOKS, ELIJAH IMMANUEL 2019004059   New Jail
  CORBIN, RANDOLPH SCOTT 2018331004   Main Jail
  CORNELIO, LUIS ALBERTO 2019012001   New Jail
  COUNTS, MARIA ANN 2018144056   Main Jail
  COX, CHRISTOPHER ALLEN 2018192051   New Jail
  COX, JULIAN ABRAHAM 2018337023   Main Jail
  CRAIGEN, MICHAEL JAMES 2018339008   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 8:00 AM
  CRAWFORD, JENSEN LAUREN 2019009051   New Jail
  CRISS, ERIC TAYLOR 2018360001   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 5:00 AM
  CRITCHLOW, DESHAWN JARVES 2019009025   Main Jail
  CROCKETT, CELINA CAITLYN 2018330040   Main Jail
  CROSBY, WILLIAM CHARLES 2019014040   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 3:30 PM
  CRUSCH, ALISHA KAY 2019014023   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 3:49 PM
  CRUZ, RICHARD 2018247002   Main Jail
  CURTIS, JOHN EDWARD 2018310020   Main Jail
  CUTFINGER, NATHAN JOSEPH 2018220024   New Jail
* DALLAS, ALENDRA JANITA 2019015026   New Jail
  DALRYMPLE, TIMOTHY STEVEN 2018363025   New Jail
  DARNELL, JESSE QUINCE STANLEY 2019008032   Main Jail
  DAVES, DARRELL ARTHUR 2018299025   Main Jail
  DAVID, RAELYNN MARIE 2018340034   New Jail
  DAVIS, ADRIAN LAVONT 2018183020   New Jail
  DAVIS, ALAN WALTER 2019012004   New Jail
  DAVIS, BRIAN LEROY 2018115037   New Jail
  DAVIS, DEANNA MARIE 2018360017   Main Jail
  DAVIS, DILLON ERIK 2018316014   Main Jail
  DAVIS, IV, CURTIS PIERRE 2018297079   Main Jail
  DAVIS, KENNETH MAURICE 2018360015   Main Jail
  DAVIS, MICHAEL EUGENE 2018225052   New Jail
  DAVIS, MITCHELL JOSEPH 2018164049   New Jail
  DAVIS, SHELDON EARL 2019013025   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 8:30 AM
  DAVIS, VERA FAYE 2018333056   New Jail
  DAWKINS, LUCAS REILEY 2019014019   New Jail
  DAY, DANIEL LAWRENCE 2018355022   Main Jail
  DEAN, RAVEN MARIAH 2018340036   Main Jail
  DEBOER, BRIAN DANIEL 2018302012   New Jail
  DEFREECE, AUNDREA CHANNEL 2018357033   New Jail
  DEFREECE, LEAH ANN 2018283068   New Jail
  DEGROAT, LISA MICHELLE 2019011006   New Jail
  DEGUZMAN, PAUL OLIVER 2018337002   Main Jail
  DELAUGHDER, JESSE LOREN JAMES 2018272009   Main Jail
  DELGADO, TRAVON ALEXANDER 2018361046   Main Jail
  DELTORO, VONQUEZ MARCELL 2018345005   New Jail
  DESORDI, BRANDON PHILIP 2018343011   New Jail
  DETWILER, PATRICK DOUGLAS 2018237033   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 1:40 PM
  DEVOE, DANIEL CHRISTOPHER 2018210019   Main Jail
  DEXTER, JOSHUA PAUL 2018174018   Main Jail
  DIAZ, ALFREDO 2018329009   New Jail
  DIBBLE, TRISTAN GREGORY 2018241055   New Jail
  DIBENEDETTO, ANTHONY LOUIS 2018166032   New Jail
  DIETZ, PAUL MATTHEW 2018304020   New Jail
  DILLER, ANTHONY JAMES 2018355018   New Jail
  DILLON, SANDRA KATINA 2018315004   New Jail
  DIRIYE, GULED MOHAMED 2018278027   New Jail
  DOMINGUEZ, NICHOLAS ALBERTO 2019012028   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 6:45 PM
  DONALD, JASON JOHN BRYAN 2018256031   New Jail
  DONALDSON, ANTONIO EDMON 2019007047   Main Jail
  DONOHUE, DANNY LEE 2019013046   Main Jail
  DOTTSON, REDIX CURTIS LEE 2018357026   Main Jail
  DOUGLAS, QUINCY DEMARYAH 2018185007   New Jail
  DOUGLASS, RACHEL LYNN 2018303033   Main Jail
  DOYLE, MEL WILLIAM 2018344043   Main Jail
  DRAKE, JOHN THOMAS 2019012029   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 11:15 AM
  DRESSEL, CHRISTIAN DELBERT 2019013027   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 8:40 PM
  DUBOIS, JEREMY PHILLIP 2018344010   Main Jail
  DUGAN, THERESA LEE 2019011017   Main Jail
  DUMAN, ZACHARY LEE 2019003034   Main Jail
  DUMFORD, KRYSTLE STARLENE 2018349022   Main Jail
  DUNBAR, DANTE DEVON 2017312019   Main Jail
  DUNCAN, KYLE FRANCIS 2019009010   New Jail
  DUNN, KEITH ALLEN 2019011020   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 12:00 PM
  DURAN, THOMAS EARL 2018363020   Main Jail
  DURAND, JOSHUA BRYAN 2019012039   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 6:45 PM
  DYCHES, JAMES LEE 2018290054   New Jail
  DYER, MICHAEL PATRICK 2018338024   Main Jail
  EAGLEHORSE, MARIAH LEA 2019004052   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 11:35 AM
  EARSKINE, JR, JEFFERY LEE 2018323029   Main Jail
  EDLUND, BRANDON JAMES 2019009031   Main Jail
  EDWARDS, KAHLIL RANELL 2018320029   Main Jail
  EDWARDS, MARK KEVIN 2018173059   Main Jail
  EIDER, BRYCE RUSSELL 2018355015   New Jail
  EISCHENS, TROY ROBERT 2019010012   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 11:10 AM
  EK, VANNAK 2017340038   Main Jail
* ELKINS, ERIC CHRISTIAN 2019015023   New Jail
  ELLIOTT, NICHOLAS PRESTON 2018365022   New Jail
  ELLIOTT, ROBERT FRED 2018333047   New Jail
  ELLIS, JOSHUA KIONI 2017317035   Main Jail
  EMIG, STEPHEN LEE 2019014022   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 8:30 AM
  ENGELMANN, MILINDA ANNE 2018341052   New Jail
  EPPS, JEREMY LATRONE 2019012034   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 6:00 PM
  ERICKSON, RAYMOND CHARLES 2019014007   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 8:30 AM
  ERNST, KYLE PHILLIP 2018306025   New Jail
  ESCACERGA, ANTHONY JAMES 2019014045   New Jail
  ESTRADA-URBANO, OMAR 2019009015   New Jail
  EVANS, DEXTER LAMAR 2018260063   Main Jail
  EVANS, JILL DEANNE 2019011039   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 12:45 PM
  EVANS, MICHAEL ROBERT 2018338040   New Jail
  EVANS, SARAH MERRI 2018250012   Main Jail
  EXLINE, II, STEVEN GAIL 2019007002   Main Jail
  EZELL, MONROE JAMES 2018304052   Main Jail
  FABER, KEITH ROBERT 2018337032   Main Jail
  FARAS, THOMAS JAMES 2018318009   New Jail
  FARNAM, JAMES PATRICK 2018332072   Main Jail
  FAULK, COLTON DOUGLAS 2018331011   New Jail
  FEELEY, ANDREW DAVID 2018193009   New Jail
  FEJERAN, BRIAN JOSEPH 2019008040   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 5:00 AM
  FELDER, CHRISTOPHER GEORGE 2018353012   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 12:00 PM
  FERGUSON, JR., STEVEN DANIEL 2018208050   Main Jail
  FERNANDEZ, RONNY DANIEL 2018206013   Main Jail
  FIGUEROA CARTAGENA, ANGEL D S 2019014030   New Jail
  FILITAULA, FAGALULU FEAU 2018149009   Maple Lane
  FIRETHUNDER, DEVIN DON 2018250008   Main Jail
  FISHER, AMBER NICOLE 2018360020   Main Jail
* FISHER, TAMMY LYNN ALDER 2019015033   Main Jail
  FITZPATRICK, SHAWN JAMES 2019010032   New Jail
  FLEMING, LONNIE EUGENE 2019005028   Main Jail
  FLYNN, III, JOHN FREDERICK 2018333012   Main Jail
  FORD, DAVID MICHAEL 2018334023   Main Jail
  FORD, JR, LOUIS EDWARD 2018305035   New Jail
  FORD, KEYSHAWN DAWAYNE 2019002048   Main Jail
  FOSTER, DERRICK BRANDON 2018202046   Main Jail
  FOWLER, MICHAEL LYNN 2019001030   New Jail
  FRANKEN, STEPHEN ANDREW 2019003001   Main Jail
  FRANKLIN, JR, MICHAEL JAMES 2018300040   Main Jail
  FRAZER, MICHAEL JAMES 2018343012   New Jail
  FRECKLETON, KENROY ORLANDO 2018349018   Main Jail
  FREDENBURG, RYAN ANDREW 2019010044   New Jail
  FREEMAN, SHANE JOSEPH 2018362024   Main Jail
  FRENCH, RORY CLAYTON 2018282007   Main Jail
  FRENCH, TONY 2018268072   Main Jail
  FRETT, RAMONG ALCEDO 2018282063   Main Jail
  FRYSON, DONDALAUNN DIMON 2018170006   Main Jail
  FUAAU, TUPO JIMMY 2019009060   New Jail
  FUAMAILA, CASEY TAUNGA 2018259017   New Jail
  FURGASON, REID ALLEN 2018299008   New Jail
  GAGE, JARROD STEPHON 2018326019   Main Jail
  GALLEGOS, JR, JERRY MICHAEL 2019012011   Main Jail
  GANTT, BRIAN STEPHEN 2018127024   New Jail
  GANTT, MATTHEW T 2018285026   Main Jail
  GARCIA DIAZ, ROBERTO ARTEMIO 2018339017   Main Jail
  GARCIA, DAVID CONRRODO 2018278025   Main Jail
  GARDLEY, PRENTISS ALEXEI 2018237018   Main Jail
  GARDNER, ADRIAN LEJUON 2019005008   Main Jail
  GARDNER, DAVID MICHAEL 2018320038   New Jail
  GARDNER, PAUL NORMAN 2019008053   Main Jail
  GARLAND, CHRISTOPHER LEE 2018346040   Main Jail
  GARNER, JR, RONALD ARTHUR 2018336017   New Jail
  GARZA, JR, PAULO EUGENE 2018249001   New Jail
  GARZA, WILLIE RODRIGUEZ 2018339043   Main Jail
  GASPER, JANEL KAY 2019009039   New Jail
  GASTELUM, JIM WAYNE 2018333054   Main Jail
  GATES, JEPTHA DEMETRIUAS 2018264063   New Jail
  GATTERSON, DEMARCO DEJON 2018342019   Main Jail
  GENSCHORCK, GREGORY JAMES 2018345043   New Jail
  GEORGE, ANTONIO MARTINEZ 2019015001   Main Jail
  GEORGE, RICKY TOMMY 2018326017   Main Jail
  GIKONYO, WIN MUTHONI 2018109006   Main Jail
  GILBERT, BRIAN DAVID 2018177069  
  GILBERT, TYRONE DEONDRE 2018325021   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 9:00 AM
  GILLETT, JOSHUA DILLON 2018260006   Main Jail
  GIST, KEITH BRADFORD 2019010057   New Jail
* GIUCHICI, ARINA OTNELLA 2019015042   New Jail
  GLEASON, CONNOR DOUGLAS 2018341049   New Jail
  GLEASON, PHILLIP CONRAD 2015156021   Main Jail
  GODWIN, DARRELL TRACY 2019007018   Main Jail
  GOE, LILRAN PATRICK 2019012025   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 6:00 PM
  GONG, JUNJIE 2018209012   Main Jail
  GONSETH, JEREMIAH LEE 2018316001   New Jail
* GONZALES, BENJAMIN FRANK 2019015007   Main Jail
  GONZALES, MARIAH LEE 2018363008   New Jail
  GOODWIN, DALE ANTHONY 2018349015   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 5:40 PM
  GORE, JERMAINE LARON ABDUL 2017299013   Main Jail
  GOSCINIAK, CRYSTAL ANN 2019014006   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 9:30 AM
* GRAHAM, PATRICK DALE 2019015014   New Jail
  GRAHAM, ROBERT DEVIN 2019013003   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 8:50 PM
  GRAY, BRANDON MICHAEL 2019014017   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 3:30 PM
  GREEN, ROBERT JOSEPH 2018158009   New Jail
  GREENE, IRVIN LEE 2019007059   Main Jail
  GREENWOOD, GILBERT MICHAEL 2018169041   Main Jail
  GREER, DEDRIC LAMAR 2018053013   Main Jail
  GREGOVICH, ANTHONY KELLY 2018313028   Outside - Temp Release
  GROGAN, ANDREW TIMOTHY 2019002040   Main Jail
  GUANDONG, JAMES WUOL 2018303061   Main Jail
  GUERRERO, GABRIEL TREJO 2018201045   New Jail
  GUERRERO, THOMAS TREJO 2018201044   New Jail
  GUMMERMAN, CODY ALLEN 2019011019   Main Jail
  GWYNN, DEJAHWAN SHAIRIC 2018286003   New Jail
  HACKWORTH, JEREMY DANIEL 2019012002   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 8:30 AM
* HAIRELSON, RICHARD CARL 2019015009   Main Jail
  HAIRSTON, JOSHUA SHANE 2018264025   New Jail
  HALL, BOBBY LARELLE 2018339010   Main Jail
  HALL, JACE CRISTOPHER 2019013013   New Jail
  HALLIDAY, LEAH LYNN 2019011008   New Jail
  HALSTEAD, QUINTEN AURELIUS 2019008029   Main Jail
  HAMILTON, JEREMY EUGENE 2018276004   Maple Lane
  HAMMAN, AUSTIN TRAVIS 2018285041   Main Jail
  HANKERSON, JR, CULLEN MICHAEL 2018031012   Main Jail
  HANNON, TIMOTHY LEE 2018317013   New Jail
  HANSEN, JIMI LEE 2018162011   Main Jail
  HARDWICK, TREVOR VUARNET 2018242035   New Jail
  HARRIS, CALVIN DESHAWN 2018290056   New Jail
  HARRIS, JR, LONNIE COLLINS 2018203024   Main Jail
  HARRIS, KEVIN EDWARD 2019003048   New Jail
  HARRIS, KISA MARIE 2018283020   Main Jail
* HARRISON, ALEC CLAUDE 2019015046   New Jail
  HARSTAD, RHONDA JEAN 2019010067   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 11:10 AM
  HART, AARON HARLEY 2018325022   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 8:15 AM
  HARTMAN, GARY CHARLES 2018171045   Main Jail
  HATCH, DANIEL DUANE 2018273040   Main Jail
  HATIDANI, CHIDOCHEMOYO 2018341027   New Jail
  HAWKINS, DEANDRE LASHONE 2019010070   Main Jail
  HAYES, ALLEN PAUL 2018352040   Main Jail
* HAYES, DOUGLAS DUANE 2019015053   (Not in Custody) 1/16/2019 12:00 AM
  HAYES, JASON MICHAEL 2018282068   Maple Lane
  HAYES, MICHEAL ALLEN 2018321040   New Jail
  HAYNESWORTH, MONJAE NYKYLE 2017277046   Main Jail
  HEATH, KRISTI LYN 2018292048   Main Jail
  HEIHN, CHANCE XAVIER LEE 2018355029   Main Jail
  HEISTER, CODY RYAN 2019011005   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 4:00 PM
* HEMPHILL, KERRY LEN 2019015048   New Jail
  HENDERSON, MARSELE KENNETH 2015113013   Main Jail
  HENDERSON, TERRENZ RAY 2018333027   Main Jail
  HENDERSON, XAVIOR LAMARE 2018044025   New Jail
  HENDREN, LISA RENEE 2018325019   Main Jail
  HENRY, TUJUAN ARNESS 2019012006   New Jail
  HERNAN, MATTHEW DAVID 2018299022   Main Jail
  HERNANDEZ, JAIME 2018362047   Main Jail
  HERRERA MARQUEZ, ELOY 2018330002   New Jail
  HERRING, DERWIN ALEXIS 2019008043   Main Jail
  HESTER, JOHN DAVID 2018212005   Main Jail
  HEYER, BRANDON DAVID 2018345009   Main Jail
  HICKETHIER, ANTHONY TOM 2019010064   New Jail
  HICKS, RUSSELL JAMES 2018198037   Main Jail
  HIGGINS, DOUGLAS EUGENE 2018250039   Main Jail
  HIGHAM, JR, RORY JOSEPH 2019012013   New Jail
  HIGHCOCK, WILLIAM ALAN 2019002032   Main Jail
  HILL, WAYNE RALPH 2019013006   New Jail
  HILLMAN, II, JUNIOR LEE 2018277039   New Jail
  HINES, JOSHUA STEPHEN 2018355028   Main Jail
  HITE, STANLEY BLAIN 2019013009   Main Jail
  HOEKSTRA, DERRICK ANTHONY 2019010056   Main Jail
  HOGAN, AMANDA GRACE 2018328018   Main Jail
  HOGAN, DALLAS CHRISTOPHER 2018304026   Main Jail
  HOGAN, EDDIE LAMONT 2018075010   Main Jail
  HOGAN, JARRED EUGENE 2019011003   New Jail
  HOGAN, MICHAEL JACK 2019007042   New Jail
  HOGAN, RAYMOND JOSEPH BEN 2019014015   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 10:30 AM
  HOLDEN, PETE 2019014021   New Jail
  HOLIFIELD, TRUNG THANH NGUYEN 2018325020   Main Jail
  HOLLIDAY, EMANUEL CARL 2018351013   Main Jail
  HOLLINS, JR, TROY XAVIOR 2018330048   New Jail
  HOLMES, TERRILL PATRICK 2018361003   New Jail
  HOLT, JR, CHRISTOPHER DANIEL 2018296009   Main Jail
  HOLT, MATTHEW JEFFREY 2017257031   Main Jail
  HOMBLETTE, MICHAEL EDWARD 2018332025   New Jail
  HONDLE, JR, JASON WILLIAM 2018341041   New Jail
  HOOK, JERRYJOE ARNOLD 2018328033   New Jail
  HOOKS, CHRISTOPHER CHE-KEL 2018335043   Main Jail
  HOPKINS, III, DARRYL EUGENE 2018003015   Main Jail
  HORNICK, TIFFANY JEAN 2019014041   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 4:08 PM
  HORSLEY, JR, NELIOUS EUGENE 2018253023   Main Jail
  HOWARD, SPENCER CORBAN 2019011016   Main Jail
  HOWELL, MICHAEL THOMAS 2018266030   Main Jail
  HOWELL, ROBERT DALE 2018229031   Main Jail
  HOXIE, RICKY ALLEN 2018346048   New Jail
  HUBBARD, LARUE JEROME 2018347009   New Jail
* HUBBARD, SHERRICK JAMALL 2019015019   New Jail
  HUBER, PATRICK DAVID 2018362030   Main Jail
  HUDSON, QUALAGINE APERO 2019003017   Main Jail
  HUNT, KAYSHA MONIQUE 2019014010   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 2:00 PM
  HUNTER, JR, CHARLSTON 2018348038   New Jail
  HURST, MICHAEL JEROME 2017275045   New Jail
  HUYNH, THU THUY THI 2019012008   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 6:49 PM
  IBARRA, CHELSI ANN 2018226041   New Jail
  IMAN, PAUL ALLAN 2019008035   Main Jail
  IMHOLT, CAMERON BRADLEY 2019011030   New Jail
  IRONNECKLACE, BRYAN ROBERT 2018362025   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 12:45 PM
  ISAAK, BOE DEAN 2018292028   New Jail
  ISLER, JACOB EDWARD 2018355010   New Jail
  ITURBIDE MENDOZA, FRANCISCO M 2018156042   Main Jail
  IVERSON, ADRIAN WAYNE 2019014047   New Jail
  JACKSON WARREN, DARON LEMAR 2019003019   Main Jail
  JACKSON, ARSENIO LAMAR 2019007020   Main Jail
  JACKSON, DARIUS AKEEM 2018347005   Main Jail
  JACKSON, JR, CURTIS MANDELL 2019015004   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 1:40 AM
  JACKSON, NICHOLAS LOUIS 2019005041   Main Jail
  JACOBS, STERLING ANN 2018360011   New Jail
* JACOBSEN, RYAN ANTHONY 2019015035   New Jail
  JAFAR, MUSE ABDULKADIR 2019011021   Main Jail
  JAHASKE LEBO, SKYE ASHLEY 2019005009   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 3:49 PM
  JAMES, IRALEE ERNEST ANTHONY 2018349019   Main Jail
  JARVIS, PHILLIP RENELLE 2018283045   Main Jail
  JEFFERSON, TYREE WILLIAM 2018361013   Main Jail
  JELINEK, COREY AUSTIN 2018318061   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 8:00 AM
  JENDRICK, SHAUN MICHAEL 2019012014   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 4:00 PM
  JENSEN, JASON MICHAEL EAMON 2019001013   Main Jail
  JETER, III, JAHMICHAEL ANTHONY 2018345059   Main Jail
  JOB, RACHELLE NICOLE 2018355044   Main Jail
  JOHN, VERNADENE BERTHA 2019007043   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 5:00 AM
  JOHNSON SCOTT, KHIREE SHAKUR 2019002065   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, CODY DALTON 2019012012   New Jail
* JOHNSON, DESHONNE UCERY 2019015028   New Jail
  JOHNSON, DONALD ISAAC 2018300007   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, ENNICE LAMON 2018292016   New Jail
  JOHNSON, ERIC PAUL 2018360002   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, JAMES ELMER 2018352018   New Jail
  JOHNSON, JAMES LELAND 2019008051   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, JAMIL CASIMIR 2018156008   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, JATEEVA FAYEREKA 2019009030   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, JR, CURTIS CHARLES 2018265023   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 8:00 AM
  JOHNSON, LESLIE DAVID 2018360019   New Jail
  JOHNSON, MICHAEL LINERD 2019010022   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 8:00 AM
  JOHNSON, RICHARD JOSEPH 2019012003   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 10:40 PM
  JOHNSON, SCOTT LEROY 2018255044   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 5:00 AM
  JONES, DASMON TAIWIAN 2017277040   Main Jail
  JONES, HOWARD RAY 2017275037   Main Jail
  JONES, JARROD LEE 2018184049   New Jail
  JONES, JOSEPH ANTHONY 2019002054   New Jail
  JONES, JUSTICE RONALD OTIS 2018325036   Main Jail
  JONES, KENNETH RAY 2018343009   Main Jail
  JONES, KEVIN JOSEPH 2019006027   Main Jail
  JONES, LAMONT EMORY 2018355041   Main Jail
  JONES, MARVEN LAMONT 2018078012   Main Jail
  JONES, MICHAEL ALLEN 2018278019   Main Jail
  JONES, RONNELL RAY 2018364025   Main Jail
  JONES, RYAN JOHN DAVID 2019013034   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 6:00 PM
  JONES, SAMANTHA DAWN 2018023032   Main Jail
  JONES, TERRELL EDWARD 2018200048   Main Jail
  JUAREZ, CATARINO 2019013010   Main Jail
  KAGUARA, SARAH NJOKI 2019014036   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 3:27 PM
  KANG, CHAIDAN 2018219067   New Jail
  KARHU, SHANNON DAVID 2019014039   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 3:27 PM
  KAVALSKI, CONNOR JAMES 2018275008   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 1:40 PM
  KELLY, JR, STEVEN VEE 2018257014   Main Jail
  KEMP, DIAMOND LAZARIA 2018252042   Maple Lane
  KENFIELD, GORDON LEE 2019012021   New Jail
  KENNEDY, MICHAEL JOHN 2019013028   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 6:00 PM
  KEYS, ALVIN LEE 2018213030   Main Jail
  KHEN, AMANDA CHANTHREA 2018357029   Main Jail
  KIDD, RAYNELL JAQUEES 2018330010   New Jail
  KIM, DO YOON 2018352029   New Jail
  KING, ASHLEY CHRISTINE 2018298021   Main Jail
  KING, III, CLAYTON TYRONE 2017295011   Main Jail
  KING, MATUU MAIAVA 2018332008   New Jail
  KINGKEO, KYLE JOSEPH 2019013040   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 8:40 PM
  KINGMAN, ZACHARY NOEL 2018356016   New Jail
  KIRK, ADAM LOREN 2018305031   New Jail
  KIRTLAND, KRISTINE HELEN 2019003074   New Jail
  KNAUS, JAZMINE ALEXIS RAONI 2018318034   Main Jail
  KNOBLOCK, DAVID ALLEN 2019005010   New Jail
  KOENIG, LAINE ALEXANDER 2018319038   New Jail
  KOHL, CHARLES JAMES OLIVER 2018350013   New Jail
  KOWALSKI, ANTHONY WARREN 2018304032   Main Jail
  KRETZER, KENNETH MORRIS 2018275047   New Jail
  KURKOV, NIKOLAY ALEXANDER 2019008004   New Jail
  KYLLONEN, CHRISTOPHER RYAN 2019014033   New Jail
  LACROIX, ROBERT WILLARD 2018324048   Main Jail
  LACY, STEPHEN MICHAEL 2018353035   Main Jail
  LAKE, JR, DONNIE ROBERT 2018309043   Main Jail
  LARAMIE, JR, MICHAEL TERRANCE 2018352022   Main Jail
  LARSON, ALEXANDREA DARLEEN 2019007036   New Jail
  LAUAMA, PETRA JORDAN 2019004041   Main Jail
  LAUZON, REBECCA ANN 2018345011   New Jail
  LAZALDE, SALVADORE 2018360004   Main Jail
  LEAGUE, JR, RICKY FRANK 2018307002   New Jail
  LEAVITT, ERIN CASEY 2018324047   New Jail
  LEE, DANIEL 2019009054   Main Jail
  LEE, JR, ROBERT HAROLD 2019004005   Main Jail
  LEE, KERRY DAWAYNE 2018306042   New Jail
  LEE, LONDON LYDIA 2019012005   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 3:25 PM
  LEE, MARK CHUN 2019010052   New Jail
  LEE, MICHAEL ANTHONY 2018277059   Main Jail
  LEE, RICHARD TERRELL 2018096042   New Jail
  LEE, THOMAS EUGENE 2018255037   New Jail
  LEE, WILLIAM RYAN 2018293004   Main Jail
  LEEPER, TAMIRA PASEAN 2018357032   New Jail
  LEIVA, GUADALUPE RAMOS 2018298056   Main Jail
  LEMARR, JACOB MICHAEL 2019013019   New Jail
  LEMASTER, PAUL IVAN 2019011037   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 5:40 PM
  LEMAY, CASEY RYAN 2019014025   Main Jail
  LEMUS TRUJILLO, JUAN ALBERTO 2018359016   New Jail
  LEON, ANDREW MICHAEL 2019013041   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 1:40 PM
  LETOURNEAU, DANIEL RICHARD 2018225018   New Jail
  LEUPOLD, MATTHEW RYAN 2017010010   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 8:00 AM
  LEWIS, KRISTEN MARIE 2019008037   New Jail
  LEWIS, MAURICE ROMONE 2018165064   Main Jail
  LIGHT, TYLER JOSEPH 2019004006   Main Jail
  LINDSAY, JEREMY ORAL 2019007009   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 4:10 PM
  LINDSEY, LUKE THOMAS 2019012018   New Jail
  LINTHICUM, JEREMY JAY 2018266025   New Jail
  LISING, SARAH JOY SIGUA 2018334058   New Jail
  LITZENBERG, RYAN PAUL 2018327018   New Jail
  LOMAX, KRISTOPHER ALLAN 2019010049   New Jail
  LOPEZ LEON, ALEX 2018270023   Main Jail
  LOPEZ, CRUZALMA 2018351011   New Jail
  LOPEZ, DEONYT 2018345001   New Jail
  LOPEZ, JR., JESUS CHUY 2018208036   Remann Hall
  LOPEZ, OSCAR ADRIAN 2019003047   New Jail
  LOPEZ, VERONICA LETICIA 2019008020   Main Jail
  LOTT, TROYVONTE DEMONTRIE 2019010001   New Jail
  LOUTH, THEODORE ANTHONY 2018316008   Main Jail
  LOVATO, COREY JOE 2018350031   New Jail
  LOVE, DAVID WAYNE 2018117021   Main Jail
  LUCAS, JR, RICHARD ALAN 2018270012   New Jail
  LUEDTKE, CONNOR JOSEPH 2019003003   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 8:30 AM
  LUMBERG, JEFFREY HAROLD 2018349031   Main Jail
  LUNDY, JACOB LEROY 2019010059   New Jail
  LUPENKO, JULIA ANN 2018307012   Main Jail
* MAC GILVARY, JAMES BRADLEY 2019015051   New Jail
  MACIEL, RICHARD 2018171061   New Jail
  MACKAY, JOHNATHAN RUSSELL 2018349027   New Jail
  MACKIE, JR, JAMES ROBERT 2018348026   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 1:00 PM
  MAFNAS, FRANKLIN FRANCIS 2018192016   Main Jail
  MAGNO, MYRON PATRICK 2019008033   New Jail
  MAIAVA, DANIEL 2018211037   New Jail
* MAK, SOPHAN 2019015008   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 4:08 PM
  MALO, VERDELL ISAAKO 2019002041   New Jail
* MALONEY, ANTHONY JAMES 2019016003   New Jail
  MANN, BRIAN LEE 2019011004   Main Jail
  MANNON, ANTHONY RICHARD 2019008030   New Jail
  MANUS, WILLIAM ALEXANDER 2018263030   Main Jail
  MAPU, SEGI FUANUU MOA 2018360034   Main Jail
  MARCOTTE, LONNIE RAY 2018256054   Main Jail
  MARSHALL, AUDREY SUE 2019014043   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 12:00 PM
  MARTIN, TREMEL DESHAWN 2019011035   Main Jail
  MARTINEZ, JOE DUQUE 2018207063   Main Jail
  MARTINEZ, JR, MIGUEL 2018356019   Main Jail
  MARTINEZ, JULIA KRISTEN 2018274040   Main Jail
  MARZANO, GABRIEL THOMAS 2018278032   Main Jail
  MASON, CORY NATHAN 2018034024   Main Jail
  MASON, JERIC TODD 2019013044   Main Jail
  MATHENIA, LOUIE ANDREW 2019010006   New Jail
  MATHEWS, JEREMY JOHN 2019007029   Main Jail
  MATHISEN, JR, CHRISTIAN MARTIN 2018364017   Main Jail
  MATNEY, KIRK LEON 2019001023   New Jail
  MATTICE, CHRISTOPHER LEE ROY 2018241033   Main Jail
  MATTSON, KELLY RYAN 2019003055   New Jail
  MAXWELL, SHAWN JERMAINE 2018337004   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 5:00 AM
  MAYHALL, JONATHAN DAVIS 2019009037   New Jail
  MCARTHUR, JULIAN DESMOND 2018106021   Main Jail
  MCBRIDE, ROBERT BLAIN 2018318025   Main Jail
  MCCLAIN, JAVARIS JEROME 2018198054   Main Jail
* MCCLURG, JR, DAVID EMERY 2019015054   New Jail
  MCCOLLAUM, JOSHUA MATTHEW 2019010030   Main Jail
  MCCONNELL, RICHARD GARY 2018353024   Main Jail
  MCCOY, MALCOM EUGENE DWAYNE 2018293001   New Jail
  MCCOY, MARK T. DEWAYNE 2019011033   Main Jail
  MCCREARY, RYAN EDWARD 2018347023   Main Jail
  MCCREARY, SHAWN MICHAEL 2019014024   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 12:55 PM
  MCCRONE, JOHN DAVID 2018243047   New Jail
  MCDANIEL, DEJAKEEM SHECEME 2018364009   Main Jail
  MCDONALD, KEVIN SHAWN 2018317030   New Jail
  MCDONALD, MICHAEL 2018357002   Main Jail
  MCELROY, TERRANCE JERMAINE 2019009050   New Jail
  MCFARLAND, PATRICK DAVID 2018344017   New Jail
  MCGINNIS, CHRISTINA ANN 2018332049   New Jail
  MCGOWAN, JERMAINE RAPHIAL 2018297005   Main Jail
  MCGRANAGHAN, JENNIFER M L 2018332034   New Jail
  MCKAY, AARON JENNINGS 2018350009   Main Jail
  MCKENZIE, ANDRE DEVON 2018211013   Main Jail
* MCKENZIE, JR, CHARLES MORT 2019015027   Main Jail
  MCKITTRICK, SHANNE THOMAS 2019010024   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 10:41 AM
  MCLAUGHLIN, JOHN JOSEPH 2019004016   Main Jail
  MCLEAN, JONATHAN ROY 2018348045   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 2:25 PM
  MCLEAN, ZACHARY ALLEN 2018357009   Main Jail
  MCMILLIN, STEVEN MICHAEL 2018143030   Main Jail
  MCPHERSON, HAKIIM IMAN 2019010003   New Jail
  MCQUEEN, HEATH SIMEON 2018353034   Main Jail
  MCQUEEN, JOHNNY DAVID 2018321023   New Jail
  MCVEY, KRISTA ANN 2018171037   New Jail
  MEANS, DONISHA IDAMAE 2019012023   Main Jail
  MEDEROS, JESUS RICHARD 2018221056   Main Jail
  MEDINA, VICTOR 2018331027   Main Jail
  MELBERT, CHAD EARL 2019003081   Main Jail
* MERCHANT, MICHAEL ROBERT 2019016004   New Jail
  MERRILL, BRANDON REID 2019007016   New Jail
  METCALF, WILLIAM KRAMER 2019011024   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 6:34 PM
  MICHAEL MENGISTU, TARIK 2018301009   New Jail
  MILKO, NAVIN AVERY 2018291035   Main Jail
  MILLER, DAVID MONATE 2019003045   New Jail
  MILLER, JAMES MITCHELL 2019007034   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 11:10 AM
  MILLER, MICHAEL EARL 2018257042   New Jail
  MILLER, MICHAEL KEITH 2019004034   Main Jail
  MILLER, SALLY 2018290063  
  MILLER, SARAH STARR 2019011046   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 6:47 PM
  MILLIGAN, VICTOR SEBASTIAN 2017252003   Main Jail
  MILLS, AUDRIE ANN 2019012027   New Jail
  MILLS, SHAWN MICHAEL 2018323032   Main Jail
  MINCEY, EARLEY GENE 2018222047   Main Jail
  MINGO, JOSEPH ANTHONY 2018051036   Main Jail
  MITCHELL, ANDRE TORIAN LAVON 2018204014   Main Jail
  MITCHELL, BRANDON ALAN 2018297016   Main Jail
  MOFFETT, TRAVIS GENE 2018296045   New Jail
  MOFFITT, MICHAEL EDWARD 2019003030   Main Jail
  MOLINA, JOSHUA CARLOS 2018330009   Main Jail
  MONROE, DONALD CHARLES 2019014013   New Jail
  MONROE, JAMES ARTHUR 2019010015   New Jail
  MONSON, JOSEPH WILLIAM 2018288021   New Jail
  MONTERO, JEFFREY RAY 2018259018   New Jail
  MONTES, ANTHONY JR 2019003005   Main Jail
  MONTES, JR, MARIO FRANSISCO 2018235001   New Jail
  MONTGOMERY, RONALD ANTHONY 2019002022   Main Jail
* MOON, KEVIN DALE 2019015041   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 5:50 PM
  MOORE, DANIEL JONATHAN 2018218017   New Jail
  MOORE, JEPHTHAH ANOZIE A 2018067018   Main Jail
  MORALES CARDENAS, REGINALDO 2018210010   Main Jail
  MORALES, JORGE ALFREDO 2019007007   Main Jail
* MORALES, JR, OSCAR ANGELO 2019015047   New Jail
  MORENO DELGADO, JOSE MANUEL 2018350001   New Jail
  MOREY, KIRK PATRICK 2018256018   New Jail
  MORFORD, BRYAN RAY 2018221047   Maple Lane
  MORGAN, DONALD JAMES 2019014026   New Jail
  MORGAN, RYAN LAVERN 2018341040   New Jail
  MORISCH, LONNIE RAY 2018352024   Main Jail
  MORROW, MICHAEL LAMONT 2018328017   Main Jail
  MOTON, LADELL SATFFOND 2019004053   Main Jail
  MUNKIRS, JORDAN ALLEN 2019009045   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 10:00 AM
  MUNOZ, KIMBERLY DAWN 2018345050   New Jail
  MUNYWE, MICHAEL MUTHEE 2018326007   New Jail
  MYLES, LARENZO EDDIE 2019011012   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 8:40 PM
  NARAYAN, RATESH ROSHAN 2018341046   New Jail
  NATHAN, TONIA LEE 2018356020   New Jail
  NAVA, CARLOS 2018318048   Main Jail
  NEARY, JACI RINAE 2018208003   Main Jail
  NELSON, ANTHONY THOMAS 2018312035   Main Jail
  NELSON, DEREK JOSHUA 2019012009   New Jail
  NESBITT, AKEEL AMIR 2018324056   Main Jail
  NEWSON, LUTHER LEON 2018326016   Main Jail
  NEWVILLE, JACOB THOMAS 2019009044   New Jail
  NGUGI, GEORGE NYANJUI 2019008056   New Jail
  NGUYEN, NGOC VAN 2019013014   New Jail
  NICKLAUS, SHERI KAY 2018365004   New Jail
  NICODEMUS, MINDY SELINE 2018361044   Main Jail
  NIXON, AUSTIN NATHANEL 2018287013   New Jail
  NOLAND, III, ROBERT 2018214019   Main Jail
  NORDSTROM, JAMES PAUL 2019008038   New Jail
  NORMAN, ATERE KEVEL 2018351046   Main Jail
  NORMAN, III, JACOB TIMOTHY 2018215003   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 9:00 AM
  NORRIS, CRAIG ELIOT 2018309019   Main Jail
  NUON, JIMMY 2018361007   Main Jail
  OBERHANSLY, ALYSSA MASHEL 2018362012   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 3:30 PM
  OCASIO, STEVEN ANTONIO 2018269055   New Jail
  OLDS, LANDRI JA'WAUN 2018136032   Main Jail
  OLIVAREZ RAMIREZ, FELIX 2019013023   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 8:55 PM
* OLIVER, TIMOTHY FRANK 2019016002   New Jail
  OLSEN, KODY DEAN 2018345024   Main Jail
  OLSON, COLTON JOSEPH R 2018358010   Main Jail
  ONEILL, MEGHAN LAURA 2019007010   New Jail
  ONETHAVONG, DIANA DAVONE 2018284028   Maple Lane
  ORAK, RIGGS TAUT 2019010063   Main Jail
  ORNESS, JORDA KERI 2018339037   New Jail
  ORTIZ, ISRAEL 2018342005   New Jail
  OWEN, JACOB NATHANAEL 2019013015   Main Jail
  OWENS, JR, ERNEST RAY 2018324007   Main Jail
  PACE, ALICIA ANN 2018320033   Main Jail
  PACKER, STEVEN 2019007013   New Jail
  PAIGE, ANTHONY LAMONT 2019007026   New Jail
  PAPPAS, IV, PETER GREGORY 2018360022   Main Jail
  PARKER, DEMARCO LAMONT 2018233014   Main Jail
  PARKHILL, MATTELYNN LAMAY 2018239028   Maple Lane
  PARKS, ZACHARY CHRISTOPHER 2018269033   Main Jail
  PARRISH, ARRON CHRISTOPHER 2018347016   New Jail
  PARRY, JAMES SIDNEY 2017083056   Main Jail
  PATNAUDE, ANTHONY RYAN 2019013043   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 12:00 PM
  PATTERSON, WENDY LYNN 2019013032   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 1:00 AM
* PAUL, SHALENA LEE 2019016005   New Jail
  PAULSON, ANTHONY BRENDEN 2018361033   Main Jail
  PAYAN ACUNA, RUBEN 2018338064   Main Jail
  PAYNE, MICHAEL DAVID 2018104018   Main Jail
  PAYNE, SAMIR OMARI 2018210006   Main Jail
  PAYTON, ZAK CHRISTOPHER 2018235006   New Jail
  PEDERSON, ARTHUR J 2018210040   Main Jail
  PEDRO, JASPER RHEINHARDT 2018311049   New Jail
  PEN, SARAH 2018357034   New Jail
* PENA, ANTHONY LUIS 2019015012   New Jail
  PENDER, TROY ALLEN 2018321014   New Jail
  PERAZA REYES, YOBANI 2018201018   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 8:00 AM
  PEREZ SANCHEZ, JOSE LUIS 2018328015   Main Jail
  PEREZ, JOHN EDDISON 2018208007   Main Jail
  PERKINS, KYRON SETH 2018331001   Main Jail
  PERRY, ANTOINE JOSEPH 2018061025   Main Jail
  PERRY, FARON WAYNE 2018326003   New Jail
* PERRY, JESSE JAMES 2019015016   New Jail
  PETERS, THOMAS LEE 2019007041   New Jail
  PETERSEN, REEVE 2018335019   Main Jail
* PHAY, ANGLIA ANNE 2019015015   New Jail
  PHILLIPS, KEIANNA LEASHEA 2018365009   Main Jail
  PHILLIPS, KELSEY TYRELL 2017026041   Main Jail
  PHILLIPS, KURTUS ALLAN 2018198050   Main Jail
  PHILLIPS, TYLER RYAN 2018314002   Main Jail
  PHOMMAVONG, SAENGATHIT 2019014012   New Jail
  PIGOTT, DANA IRENE 2019011026   Main Jail
  PILCHER, JR, MICHAEL EUGENE 2018348017   New Jail
  PINKNEY, JAMAAL LAMONT 2017275041   Main Jail
  PLAI, TIMMY ALEX 2019013012   New Jail
  PLUMB, ROSS CULLEN 2018310034   Main Jail
  POLO, JUSTIN RAMON 2018318008   New Jail
* PORTER, SHANIAH JEAN MARCHE 2019015037   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 11:59 PM
  POSEY, CHRISTOPHER LAMONT 2019009021   Main Jail
  POSEY, JERRELL ALLEN 2018047023   Main Jail
  POSEY, KENDAL GLEN 2017365019   Main Jail
  PRASAD, PRANIL PRITESH 2018273032   New Jail
* PRATER, TERRY LEE 2019015040   New Jail
  PRATT, DON MICHAEL 2018303009   New Jail
  PRAYTOR, MICHAEL RAY 2019007058   Main Jail
  PRICE, TANISHA ANN 2019012030   Main Jail
  PRIME, ANTHONY JONATHAN 2018016040   Main Jail
  PRINDLE, ROBERT LAWRENCE 2018161030   New Jail
  PROESCHEL, COLE JAMES 2019010051   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 8:00 AM
  PROULX, RYAN JAMES 2018303035   New Jail
  PULLEN, MARK LEE 2018284032   Main Jail
* PUTMAN, JERHED VINCENT 2019015020   New Jail
  QUACKENBUSH, FLORENCE JEAN 2019008057   New Jail
  QUEEN, ELLERY SCOTT 2018333038   New Jail
  QUICHOCHO, JUSTIN JOHN 2018283035   New Jail
  RAE, JENNILLE ROSE 2018334054   Main Jail
  RAIFORD, DEVON MILIK 2018162041   Main Jail
  RAIKOGLO, LANCE CRAIG 2019013008   New Jail
* RAINES, JOSHUA AL 2019015052   New Jail
  RAMIREZ MARTIN, DESIDERIO 2018330013   Main Jail
  RAMIREZ OCHOA, MARJORIS 2018330007   Main Jail
  RAMIREZ, VINCENT PHILLUP 2018113037   Main Jail
  RANEY, MARK ALLEN 2018245005   Main Jail
  RAY, TIMOTHY ALLEN 2018325017   Main Jail
  RAYGOR, AARON LLOYD 2018354034   Main Jail
  REAL, CHHANTARN 2018319022   Main Jail
  REDDING, GARY EDWARD 2018324042   Main Jail
  REDIC, III, LEESHAWN MYLES-LENNY 2018042008   Main Jail
  REED, FARRELL JOE 2018329005   New Jail
  REED, LASEMIAL VARNELL 2019010061   Main Jail
  REEVES, DAVID WILLIAM 2018343017   Main Jail
  REICHERT, ROBERT HAROLD 2018185040   Main Jail
  REITZ, WILLIAM LEONARD 2018358013   Main Jail
  REYES DIMAS, EFRAIN MARTINE 2018194022   Main Jail
  REYES, EDUARDO 2018303048   New Jail
  REYES, JAMES 2019014005   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 1:40 PM
  REYES, RUDY DANIEL 2018320041   New Jail
  REYNALD, LAMAR PAUL 2019014001   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 5:01 PM
  REYNOLDS, ROBERT MOORE 2018085005   Main Jail
  RICE, JEREMY JASON 2018365018   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 11:15 AM
  RICHARDSON, III, COSTELLO 2018292022   Main Jail
  RICKETT, JOSHUA DAVID 2019007001   New Jail
  RIEDEL WILLMAN, SARAH LEEANN 2018328016   Main Jail
  RIEDEL, BRADLEY STEVEN 2019011023   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 8:00 AM
  RIIPPI, NICHOLAS THOMAS 2019011045   New Jail
  RIKLON, JOKANE 2018300014   New Jail
* RILES, WILLIAM ROBERT 2019015018   New Jail
  RILEY, JR, JOHNNY LEE 2018298014   Main Jail
  RILEY, KELLY ANN 2018340049   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 9:00 AM
  RINE, EMMALEY LYNN 2019009027   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 5:00 AM
  RIOS, ALANA CHEYENNE 2019011015   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 2:30 PM
  RIOS, JR, HAROLD ALBERT 2018296010   Main Jail
  RIVERA MERCADO, BERNABE 2018214057   New Jail
  RIZK, JAMEL MORGAN 2019009059   New Jail
  ROACH, ALPHONSO ISSIAH 2018360030   Main Jail
  ROARK, CODY ALLEN 2019007025   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 6:47 PM
  ROBBINS, JAMES ROBERT 2018300003   New Jail
  ROBERSON, CHRISTOPHER JAMES 2019005022   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 8:00 AM
  ROBERSON, JAQUAIL WALTER 2018241045   Main Jail
  ROBERSON, JESSICA MECHELLE 2019011028   Main Jail
  ROBERSON, JR, KENNETH EARL 2019013038   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 6:00 PM
  ROBERTS ESPEY, KALI DAWN 2018282028   Maple Lane
  ROBERTS, RICKY REY 2018297031   New Jail
  ROBINSON, ABEL LAWRENCE 2019007024   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 3:40 PM
  ROBINSON, ANTIA RA'CHELLE 2018337047   New Jail
  ROBINSON, LUKE ANDREW 2018103031   Main Jail
  ROBLES, BRIANNA LORRAINE 2018315003   New Jail
* ROCHTE, DEVAN LEE 2019015024   New Jail
  RODRIQUEZ, RONALD PEREZ 2019003002   New Jail
  ROGERS, CODY DANE 2019004002   New Jail
  ROGERS, DAVID TROYE 2019002060   New Jail
  ROGERS, RICKY EUGENE 2018250032   New Jail
  ROJAS, JONATHAN 2018197033   New Jail
  ROJAS, JORDAN 2018365014   New Jail
  ROJAS-LAZO, DAMIAN 2018330008   Main Jail
  ROSAS ARENAS, GERMAN 2019004044   Main Jail
  ROSE, MELINDA M.N. 2019010005   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 11:10 AM
  ROSI, DANIEL RAY 2018341017   New Jail
  ROSS, JACK 2018347046   Main Jail
  ROSS, SR, JOSEPH ALLEN 2018349012   New Jail
  ROUGEAU, LANCE GENE FRANCOISE 2017298050   Main Jail
  ROZIER, KEVIN CHRISTOPHER 2019003054   Main Jail
  RUDOLPH, JOSHUA BRYCE 2018249026   New Jail
  RUIZ, CHRISTIAN CARLOS 2018365010   Main Jail
  RUSCHMAN, MICHELLE ALLEEN 2018365023   Main Jail
  RUSH, MARK ANDREW 2019007053   Main Jail
  RUSSELL, MICHAEL BENJAMIN 2018333062   New Jail
  RUSSELL, SOHN MARTINI LAMAR 2019004030   Main Jail
  RUSSELL, TYEE NATHAN 2018355048   Main Jail
  RYAN, BRANDON LEE 2017171015   New Jail
  SABEY, TYLER JAMES 2018192057   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 8:00 AM
  SADOWSKI, III, HENRY ANTHONY 2018365019   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 9:00 AM
  SAENZ, ALBERT JOSE 2019011007   Main Jail
  SALAS ESQUIVEL, ANGEL 2019003066   Main Jail
  SALDAVIA, RICKY JAMES 2018363026   New Jail
* SALERNO, SHERRY ANN 2019015039   Main Jail
  SALLINGER, RENE 2018268029   Main Jail
  SALTERS, CHAD JEROME 2019009009   New Jail
  SAND, KERI JO 2019011011   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 6:49 PM
  SANDERS, BRANDON SEAN 2018346017   New Jail
  SANDERS, ROBERT ROY 2018311023   New Jail
  SANDLING, DEBBIE JEAN 2019008028   Main Jail
  SANDVIGEN, MICHAEL JASON 2018045024   Main Jail
  SATTERWHITE, ALIAJUAN LEE 2018157027   Main Jail
  SAULSBERRY, DERRELL 2018337030   Main Jail
  SAVELLE, MARK JAMES 2018332053   New Jail
  SAYLOR, KAREN EILEEN 2018358027   New Jail
  SBITNEV, MARK VLADIMIR 2017239037   Maple Lane
  SCHAEFFER, AMOS ALLEN 2018286017   Main Jail
* SCHMID, ANDREW FREDERICK 2019015005   New Jail
  SCHNEIDER, CRAIG CLINTON 2019014035   New Jail
  SCHRUM, GARRISON WILLIAM 2018326014   Main Jail
  SCHRUPP, CASIE WAYNE 2019013042   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 11:10 AM
  SCHUH, LEE ALLEN 2018214045   Main Jail
  SCHULLER, ROGER ANTHONY 2018190024   Main Jail
  SCHUSTER, MICHAEL THOMAS 2018320040   New Jail
  SCHWENK, JR, LARRY ROY 2018345052   Main Jail
  SCOTT, CLINTON TYRELL 2018328020   New Jail
  SCOTT, DAVID MATTHEW 2018318067   Main Jail
  SCOTT, MICHAEL JAMES 2018358009   Main Jail
  SEARIGHT, DARRIN LAVON 2018316035   New Jail
  SEGURA, STEPHANIE MONIQUE 2019011041   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 6:46 PM
  SENIGAL, TIMOTHY SHANE 2019007008   New Jail
  SEUFALE, JONATHAN SILITAI 2018358016   New Jail
  SEVILLA, HECTOR ARTURO 2018254019   New Jail
  SEWARD, GLEEN ROBERT 2018336015   Main Jail
  SHANS, JAMES ANTHONY 2018320005   Main Jail
  SHAW, CONLAN JADEN 2018323003   Main Jail
  SHEARON, RYAN PATRICK 2018221048   New Jail
  SHEFCIK, III, JOHN JOSEPH 2019010038   Main Jail
* SHEPPARD, JEROME CORDELL 2019016001   New Jail
  SHERRELL, ADAM WESLEY 2019011036   New Jail
  SHERRY, RYAN JOSEPH 2018355019   Main Jail
  SHILLEY, VINCENT AUGUSTUS 2019011001   New Jail
  SHOEMAKER, BUDDY ALLEN 2018304038   Main Jail
  SHPAK, DAVID ALEX 2018313021   Main Jail
  SIBLEY, STEVEN GREGORY 2018125021   New Jail
  SILVA TORO, JAYSON 2018301027   New Jail
  SIMI, HUNSTEINII SALATI 2018247016   Main Jail
  SIMMONS, JR, ADAM THOMAS 2018109037   New Jail
  SIMMONS, MARK MARCO 2018202044   New Jail
  SIMON, CALVIN JOVAN 2019014046   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 10:19 PM
  SIMON, GREGORY MARK 2019002017   Main Jail
  SIMON, JEREMY THOMAS 2018226024   New Jail
  SIMPKINS, JUSTIN MICHAEL 2018270046   Main Jail
  SIMPSON, DERON DARNELL 2018182004   Main Jail
  SIMS, KALLAI D'SHEA 2018187006   Main Jail
  SIO, TAUALAI 2018364010   Main Jail
  SIPES, SHAWN THOMAS 2018289013   New Jail
  SITTS, JOSEPH EDWIN 2018283001   Main Jail
  SLADE, JR, ERIC DRANTE 2018327038   Main Jail
  SLAYMAKER, DAMION WOLFE 2019005004   Main Jail
  SLYE, AKEEM ISRAEL 2018319018   Main Jail
  SMITH, CHANCE JERRISEN 2018204039   New Jail
  SMITH, JENA MARIE MARVEL 2019009042   Main Jail
  SMITH, JR, DARREN RONELL 2019002037   Main Jail
  SMITH, JR, EDDIE RICHARD 2018144005   Main Jail
  SMITH, JR, JASPER 2018346063   Main Jail
  SMITH, KALYN PENELOPE 2018158045   Main Jail
  SMITH, KRISTINA MARIA 2019014038   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 6:50 PM
  SMITH, KRYSTAL ROSE 2018251019   New Jail
  SMITH, MICHELLE ELAINE 2018343003   Main Jail
  SMITH, NATHAN LOUIS 2018362019   Main Jail
  SMITH, QUANTREYVIS ALONZO 2017277041   Main Jail
  SMITH, RANDY 2018250007   Main Jail
  SMITH, RANDY ANTONIO 2019013033   New Jail
  SMITH, STEPHANIE FAYE 2018282072   Main Jail
  SMITH, STEPHEN MICHAEL 2019005020   Main Jail
  SMITH, TAWNYA RENEE BRANSCOM 2019003029   New Jail
  SMITH, TERAWON ANTONIO 2018319040   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 5:00 AM
  SMITH, TREVOR ALLEN 2018364030   Main Jail
  SMITHLIN, AMBER MAE 2018225054   New Jail
  SNAVLEY, TORY CHARLES 2018306001   New Jail
  SNOW, MICHAEL JUSTIN 2018323035   New Jail
  SNYDER, CHRISTIAN ZACHARY 2018315033   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 8:00 AM
  SONNIER, ADAM ESTEBAN TERRY 2018318032   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 8:00 AM
  SORIA, JOSHUA JAZZ 2018205063   Main Jail
  SPADONI, JAY ROBERT 2018330030   New Jail
* SPENCER, JAY DREW 2019015043   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 7:00 PM
  SPENCER, VERLONDA 2018356022   Main Jail
  SPITZER, TYLER JACOB 2018353060   New Jail
  ST. GERMAIN, JEFFREY SCOTT 2019012010   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 6:00 PM
  STANDLEY, JARED P. T. 2018074007   Main Jail
  STAPLES, JEREMY TODD 2018349025   New Jail
  STARBIRD, ALEXANDER KEITH 2018323015   Main Jail
  STEELE, III, ROBERT ANTHONY 2018199047   New Jail
  STEEVER, COLE YOUNG 2019003036   New Jail
  STEPHENS, LUKE DANE 2018324050   Main Jail
  STEPHENSON, THOMAS CHARLES 2018358026   Main Jail
  STEVENS, TIMOTHY WADE 2018332060   New Jail
  STEWART, MICHAEL JAY 2018187024   Main Jail
  STEWART, SHANNON LEVAR 2018300017   New Jail
  STOKES, WALTER JAMES 2018241037   Main Jail
* STONER, SUNDAY LEE 2019015025   Main Jail
  STOUT, SHAWN MATTHEW 2018243032   Yakima
  STOWERS, JASON ALVIN 2018333050   Main Jail
  STRADER, KURT LEE 2019005043   Main Jail
  STREETER, BRANT ALEXANDER 2019001004   Main Jail
  STRICKLAND, ROVAE LEONIRAY 2018257043   Main Jail
  SUD MARTINEZ, DEREK JOHN 2018340040   New Jail
* SUMERALL, LUCAS ROBERT 2019015038   New Jail
  SUTTON, KENNETH MAURICE 2017276034   Main Jail
  SWAIM, FRANKIE RAY 2018325008   New Jail
  SWAW, II, PAUL WILLIAM 2019008019   New Jail
  SWEET, JR, RUSSELL ZACK 2018283019   Main Jail
  SWILLEY, DARIUS TRAVELLE 2018351002   New Jail
  TAII, RICHARD UTAIFEAU 2019003018   Main Jail
  TAMBURELLO, VITO JOSEPH 2019011027   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 6:00 PM
* TANT, ZACHERY JORDAN 2019015013   New Jail
  TAYLOR, CELESTE DONAY 2019001026   New Jail
  TAYLOR, DANDRILL 2019008046   Main Jail
  TAYLOR, JUSTIN LEE 2018359001   New Jail
* TAYLOR, KARIE ANN 2019015034   Main Jail
  TENNANT, JAMES MARSHALL 2018344033   Main Jail
  TESKE, SAMANTHA LOUISE 2018288050   New Jail
  THOMAS, ANTHONY EDWARD 2019012037   New Jail
  THOMAS, DAVID JOSEPH 2018236019   Main Jail
  THOMAS, DWIGHT EARL 2018282049   Main Jail
  THOMAS, HOWARD EARL 2018332028   New Jail
  THOMAS, LEKARM LATOV 2018323055   Main Jail
  THOMPKINS, JR, DELMA LEON 2018069006   Main Jail
  THOMPSON, MICHAEL LESLIE 2018360012   Main Jail
  THOMPSON, SETH MICHAEL 2018324051   Main Jail
  THORMAN, WENDY ANN 2018296012   Main Jail
  TILSON, SAEED TARIQ 2019009001   New Jail
  TINSLEY, BRADLEY ALLEN 2018351026   New Jail
  TIPA, RANDY FAOATO 2018332007   Main Jail
  TLUSTY, PAUL CHARLES 2018302021   Main Jail
  TOMATICH, ANTHONY EDWARD 2018362023   Main Jail
  TOMATICH, MIKEAL RYAN 2019002062   New Jail
  TOMPKINS, BRANDON WAYNE 2018319003   New Jail
  TROTTER, JR, WALTER MAMOUN 2018242034   New Jail
  TROUSDALE, TIMOTHY ROY 2018357001   New Jail
  TROYER, BRENDA KAYE 2018009009   Main Jail
  TSCHABOLD, JIMMIE LOUIS 2019006023   New Jail
  TUATOO, APOMATAGI VICTORIA 2019014029   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 4:08 PM
  TUBIG, PETER KENNETH 2019014004   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 1:30 PM
  TUFFS, NEIL CHRISTIAN 2018336030   New Jail
  TUILATA, VILIAMU 2019007028   Main Jail
  TURNER, CHERISE LYNN 2018099049   New Jail
  TURNER, TIFFANY BELL 2018306058   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 2:30 PM
  TURNPAUGH, KATELYNN 2019010023   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 10:05 AM
  TUUPO, UELESE SUE 2019008007   New Jail
  TYAS, RYAN JEROME 2018337026   Main Jail
  TYNDALL, MATTHEW ALLEN 2018240009   New Jail
  UGALDE, MARCIA JUDITH 2018206008   Main Jail
  ULBRIGHT, REX ALLEN 2019002013   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 6:34 PM
  ULLOA, CARLOS 2019008048   Main Jail
  VAIALEGA, TOFU ESAU 2018304033   Main Jail
  VAIESE, SABASTIANO EMELIO 2019010021   Main Jail
  VAINA, SITIVI I 2019008006   Main Jail
  VAITOGI EWING, NOBLE 2018279014   Main Jail
  VALDEZ ALVARADO, GERARDO 2018282015   New Jail
  VALDEZ, CARLOS ANGEL 2018211005   Main Jail
  VALDEZ, FAUSTINO LOPEZ 2018302011   Main Jail
  VALENTINE, JAMES STACY 2019013011   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 8:40 PM
  VALENTINE, KIRK EUGENE 2019003062   Main Jail
  VALENTINE, NICHOLAS RYAN 2019003063   Main Jail
  VALENZUELA FELIX, JAVIER 2018177029   Main Jail
  VASQUEZ ROMERO, KEVIN RAUL 2018361023   Main Jail
  VASSEL, ADRIAN LYNN 2019014018   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 6:46 PM
  VELASQUEZ CARRENO, JOSE LUIS 2019002043   New Jail
  VELASQUEZ, ESTEVAN MARTIN 2018227054   New Jail
  VENEGAS, DANIEL S 2019003038   Main Jail
  VESIKURU, JAMES FRANCIS 2019012026   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 6:00 PM
  VESSELS, JAMES ROY 2018045018   New Jail
  VINES SHANNON, COLBY DERELL 2018104025   Yakima
  VOSHELL, JAMES CARL 2019004003   New Jail
  WADDLE, CHAD KENNETH 2019014016   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 11:00 AM
  WAGNER, GABRIELLE JEANETTE 2018297019   Main Jail
  WALKER, CHRISTOPHER EVANS 2018364027   Main Jail
  WALKER, DAINE DWAYNE 2018282065   New Jail
  WALLACE, CASEY LEE 2018357017   Main Jail
  WALLACE, CHRISTOPHER 2019002028   Main Jail
  WALLACE, KEVIN ALLEN 2019002042   Main Jail
  WALLACE, NICHOLAS REED 2018316030   New Jail
  WALLER, BRENT WILLIAM 2018358001   Main Jail
  WALLER, STEFAN CORDAL 2019013017   New Jail
  WALSH, RICHARD JOHN 2018348004   New Jail
  WALSH, THOMAS EDWARD 2018162017   New Jail
  WARNER, WILLIAM ALLEN 2018351019   New Jail
  WARREN, JERRMELL RASHADD 2018038004   Main Jail
  WARUIMBO, SAMUEL KINYANJUI 2018234027   Main Jail
  WASHBURN, ROBERT DWANE 2018143047   Main Jail
  WASHINGTON, AMANDHLA UBA 2018134048   Main Jail
  WASHINGTON, MELVIN DARNELL 2018361014   Main Jail
  WATKINS, BRIAN WAYNE 2018361050   Main Jail
  WEAVER, ADAM LANCE 2019009040   New Jail
  WEAVER, GARY WAYNE 2018355007   New Jail
  WEBB, DAVID KEITH 2019010025   Main Jail
  WEBB, MICHEAL ALAN 2018305008   Main Jail
  WEBBER, DANA JEREL 2018278022   New Jail
  WEDLUND, TIMOTHY JOSEPH 2019010050   New Jail
  WEEKLY, JACOBI LYNN 2018222008   Main Jail
  WELCH, CHANDLER JAMES 2019012041   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 6:43 PM
  WELLS, BRANDON HOWARD 2019010013   New Jail
  WELTON, DETRA LEE 2019011031   New Jail
  WERNER, GEORGE MARTIN 2018360027   Main Jail
  WEST, MATTHEW SCOTT 2019005023   New Jail
  WEST, MICHAEL RENE 2018105007   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 8:00 AM
  WHEELER, BRANDON JOEL 2018029019   New Jail
* WHITE, CHONG LEE 2019015049   Main Jail
  WHITE, DWAYNE LEONARD 2018296008   Main Jail
  WHITE, HEIDI LYNN 2019008005   New Jail
  WHITE, MARVIN ALAN 2018238026   Main Jail
  WHITE, TIMOTHY LORAN 2018345021   New Jail
* WHITEMAN, KENNETH MICHAEL 2019015036   New Jail
  WHITMAN, EDWARD 2018201073   New Jail
  WHITMAN, TIFFANY MARIE 2019005039   New Jail
  WHITTEN, STACY KEVIN 2018243040   New Jail
  WHITTLE, JOHNATHAN DANIEL 2018363018   Main Jail
  WIFFEN, DAMON KEITH 2018340032   New Jail
  WIFFLER, DALIN ANDREW 2019008059   New Jail
  WILBURN, BRANDON MARTEZ 2018317042   Outside - Temp Release
  WILES, ONA LEAH 2019002002   New Jail
  WILEY, KALUB MICHAEL 2019012015   New Jail
  WILKINS, MICHAEL RONALD 2017243027   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, ANDRE MARCUS 2019011014   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 3:55 PM
  WILLIAMS, ANDREW POWELL 2019014027   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 9:56 PM
* WILLIAMS, ARIANA KETIA 2019015021   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, ASKIA ROMMUL 2018229014   Yakima
  WILLIAMS, JEROME T 2018246014   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, KEITH PASCAL 2019005037   New Jail
  WILLIAMS, KYLA LYNN ANNISE 2019003023   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, LYNWOOD EARL 2018350026   New Jail
  WILLIAMS, MALIK NAEEM RACHEED 2018211010   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, MICHAEL ANDREW 2017348059   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, QUINZY EZEKIEL 2018117033   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, STEVEN ELLIOT 2018263028   New Jail
  WILLIAMS, SUSAN ANN 2019011029   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, TRENTON ISAAC 2018262048   Main Jail
  WILLIAMSON, MARKUS CHARLES 2018365026   Main Jail
  WILMS, LEVI AARON 2018352006   New Jail
  WILSON, DARRELL EDWARD 2018334056   Main Jail
  WILSON, JACKLYNN CUBA 2018306027   New Jail
  WILSON, JASON DEAN 2018313025   New Jail
  WILSON, MARSHALL MARION 2017305057   Main Jail
  WILSON, MICHAEL RAY 2019011010   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 4:00 PM
  WINSTON, JOHN 2018279020   Main Jail
  WITHAM, BRIAN DAVID 2018345020   Main Jail
  WITHERS, TERRANCE DEWAYNE 2018338030   Main Jail
  WITKOWSKI, WILLIAM HOWARD 2016221027   Main Jail
  WOLFENBERGER, MICHAEL LEE 2018209057   Main Jail
  WOOD, BETTY JOANNE 2019004043   Main Jail
  WOODS, AUSHUNEA RENEA 2019007040   Main Jail
  WOODS, JR, MYRON LYNN 2017178040   Main Jail
  WOODS, KENNETH CHRISTIAN 2018117032   Main Jail
  WOOTEN, JERAD ROY 2019002063   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 5:00 AM
  WRIGHT, JOSEPH SCOTT 2019001038   Main Jail
  WRIGHT, SEAN PATRICK 2018309059   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 8:53 AM
  WRIGHT, STEPHANIE LYNN 2018358024   New Jail
  WRIGHT, TYLER JAMES 2018241050   New Jail
  WYATT, II, WENDALL KEITH 2018357031   Main Jail
  WYATT, JR, FREDERICK LEE 2018295033   New Jail
  XANATOS, DAVID ALEXANDER 2018292052   (Not in Custody) 1/14/2019 3:55 PM
  YBARRA, TRINIDAD ANGEL 2019007004   New Jail
  YORK, RICHARD DEAN 2018359005  
  YOUELL, FLOYD LEE 2019012043   (Not in Custody) 1/15/2019 8:30 AM
  YOUELL, FRANK EARL 2018086042   New Jail
  YOUNGBLOOD, MICHAEL ASHTON 2018277016   New Jail
  ZAHNOW, DYLAN WILLIAM 2019009017   New Jail
* ZEIGLER, JR, DAMON 2019015044   New Jail
  ZIAFATHY, SHAHEIN 2018355011   Main Jail
  ZIMMERMAN, DENNIS KALINOV 2018327023   Main Jail
  ZUMWALT, ALLEN NICHOLAS 2018315032   New Jail

* Booked Less Than 24 Hours Ago