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Created: Saturday December 10, 2016 12:23PM

Pierce County Corrections Jail Roster

The jail roster lists all persons that are in custody of the Pierce County jail including persons in the Yakima facility, in the hospital, and on a temporary release. The roster also lists persons released in the last 48 hours. The roster does not include persons who are on home detention, at Western State Hospital, or part of the Breaking the Cycle program.

  Jail Name Booking ID Facility Release Date
  , JASON BRADLEY 2016323022   Main Jail
  ABEL, CHRISTOPHER DANE 2016154015   New Jail
  ACOSTA RAMIREZ, PAUL 2016326008   Main Jail
  ACOSTA, TYLER DION 2015294006   New Jail
  ADAMS, JAMES TERRELL 2016166035   New Jail
  ADAMS, JASON JEFFREY 2016326016   New Jail
  ADAMS, JOSEPH OWEN 2016340003   Main Jail
  ADAMS, JR, PETER 2016234035   New Jail
  ADRIAN, NICHOLAS WARREN 2016340034   Main Jail
  AGOSTO, MATTHEW ADRIAN 2016320057   New Jail
  AGUIRRE, CARLOS WAYNE 2016270028   Main Jail
  ALANIZ, JR, MANUEL 2016174025   Main Jail
  ALBARICO, AUTUMN MARIE 2016270004   New Jail
  ALBERT, SPENCER ELLSWORTH 2016335052   New Jail
  ALEFOSIO, DANIEL MAX 2016298029   Main Jail
  ALEXANDER, LESHAUN AYATTA 2015289020   New Jail
  ALFORD, CALEB AARON 2016335015   New Jail
  ALLEN, DARCUS DEWAYNE 2015064013   Main Jail
  ALLEN, JAYMES ALEXANDER 2016326035   New Jail
  ALLMAN, KARL GEORGE 2016318007   Main Jail
  ALLSHOUSE, GABRIEL L 2016302047   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 10:45 AM
  ALUALU, HOWIE SALETELE 2016289013   Main Jail
  ALVAREZ CALO, WILLIAM MANUEL 2013172043   Main Jail
  ALVAREZ CHAVEZ, MARTEL 2016210021   New Jail
  ALVAREZ MONTELONGO, JOEL 2016248024   New Jail
  AMBROSIA, MISTY NICOLE 2016327023   Main Jail
  AMELINE, AUSTIN MICHAEL 2016277002   Main Jail
  AN, KEVIN ERIC 2016259028   Main Jail
  ANDERSON, DUVALL GENE 2016341004   Main Jail
  ANDERSON, GENE DANIEL 2016185018   Main Jail
  ANDERSON, II, THOMAS DEAN 2016224022   New Jail
  ANDERSON, MICHAEL JAMES 2016333054   Main Jail
  ANDERSON, TYLER JEFFERY 2016178016   New Jail
  ANDERSON, ZACHARY ADAM 2016290010   New Jail
  ANDREWS, TIMOTHY JAMES 2016202028   Main Jail
  ANKER, JANET LOUISE 2016343049   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 12:25 PM
  ANTHONY, GERMARKUS DARON 2016343014   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 5:00 AM
  ARMSTRONG, CLIFTON EDWARD 2016214022   Main Jail
  ARMSTRONG, TRANIECE LASHE 2016143030   New Jail
  ARNEBERG, SHAILYN MARIE 2016312043   New Jail
  ARREDONDO, JOSE ANGEL 2016327012   Main Jail
  ARRINGTON, VANIKA CHERELL 2016318019   Main Jail
  ASH, TRAVIS MICHAEL 2016341033   Main Jail
  ASTRY, SEAN OLIVER 2016326005   Main Jail
  ASVESTAS, MICHAEL GLEN 2016338006   New Jail
  ATWOOD, TYLER JAY 2016315043   New Jail
  AVILA, JR, EMILIO 2016343022   Main Jail
  AYALA REYES, JOSE JONAEL 2016190045   Main Jail
* BABBS, JR, TYRONE D'ANGELO 2016344023   Main Jail
  BABLER, THOMAS RANDLE 2015020036   Main Jail
  BACH, DANIEL BENJAMIN 2016057037   Main Jail
* BADERDEEN, MATTHEW LEE 2016344015   Main Jail
  BAGLEY, DEBORAH LYNN 2016328003   Main Jail
  BAILEY RICH, AKEEM 2016335038   Main Jail
  BAILEY, III, CLARENCE 2016331021   Main Jail
  BAILEY, TED ROLAND 2016343004   Main Jail
  BALDOCK, AUZA'RAE MONIQUE 2016335050   New Jail
  BALES, STACEY RAY 2016154034   New Jail
  BALLARD, DERRICK RAY 2016342023   Main Jail
  BALLARD, STEVEN JAMES 2016338009   New Jail
  BANGO, DONALD WILLIAM 2015347033   Main Jail
  BANKS, CASHUNDO SCOTT 2016271007   New Jail
  BANKS, REGINALD DARCEL 2016292066   Outside - Temp Release
  BARBEE, BRENNYN KEITH 2016322052   New Jail
* BARBER, DEIDRA LENICE 2016345015   New Jail
  BARKER, CORY THOMAS 2016259007   New Jail
  BARNES, JR, WAYNE ERIC 2016335031   New Jail
  BARRINGTON, RODERIC ANDRE 2016215027   New Jail
  BARTLEY, BLAIR MARIE 2016292037   New Jail
  BASS, TE`ANNA ELIZABETH ROSE 2016314011   New Jail
  BASSE, ROBERT LYLE 2016172020   New Jail
  BATIE, DAVONTA DELMAR 2016325036   Main Jail
  BAUGH, TIMOTHY ROOSEVELT 2016288032   New Jail
  BAYLIS, KHIRY TERRELL 2016154001   Main Jail
  BEACH, JORDIN KENNA 2016319009   Main Jail
  BEADLE, KYLE RYAN 2016319001   Main Jail
  BEARSS, LOGAN CRAIG 2016201044   Main Jail
  BEELER BELL, NATHAN LEE 2016343018   Main Jail
  BEER, JESSICA MARIE 2016292043   New Jail
  BEGNAUD, II, PAUL JOSEPH 2016325005   Main Jail
  BELANGER, JAKE MICHAEL 2016312037   Main Jail
* BELCOURT, MARK ADAM 2016345018   New Jail
  BELL, JEANETTE OCELIA 2016343048   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 12:25 PM
  BELL, RALPH JAMES 2016338017   Main Jail
  BELVILLE, TIMOTHY NICHOLAS 2016327043   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 12:05 PM
  BENIEN, KEVIN WILLIAM 2016311027   New Jail
  BENNETT, KENNI JO 2016321037   Main Jail
  BERG, DAVID BON 2016331031   Main Jail
  BERNARD, MARK JOHN 2016131030   Main Jail
  BERNHARD, PATRYCE MARIE 2016342048   (Not in Custody) 12/8/2016 4:03 PM
  BERRY, REGINA JAMES 2016343029   New Jail
  BERRYHILL, BOBBY WAYNE 2016341036   New Jail
  BERTE, FRANK MICHAEL 2016123026   New Jail
  BERTHIAUME, CHRISTOPHER MATTHEW 2016343015   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 5:00 AM
  BEVOLEY, TYRONE 2016337010   New Jail
  BICKHAM, ISAIAH TYRE 2016030002   Main Jail
  BILLMAN, RAYMOND ANTON 2016309029   New Jail
  BIRCH, TIMOTHY TODD 2016310027   New Jail
  BISHOP, RICHARD LAWRENCE 2016340028   New Jail
  BLACK, JAMIE MICHELLE 2016314019   Main Jail
  BLANCO-SUHR, JORDAN ENRIQUE 2016265026   New Jail
  BLANKS, JR, DEREK LAMONT 2016218035   New Jail
  BOARDMAN, DAVID LEE 2016313035   New Jail
  BOCATCH, ANTHONY SCOTT 2016328034   New Jail
  BOLDUC, JR, DAVID LEE 2016309024   Main Jail
  BONDS, SANTORIO LORENZO 2016058005   Main Jail
  BONNER, CECIL GLYNN 2016238006   New Jail
  BOOTH, TODD MARTIN 2016258001   New Jail
* BORBON, CHRISTOPHER SHANE 2016345005   New Jail
  BOTELLO, ALONZO 2016210020   New Jail
  BOYD, BYRON KAREEM 2016229057   Main Jail
  BOYD, III, EVANS JAMES 2016083042   New Jail
* BOYD, JAMES ALLEN 2016345007   New Jail
  BRACEY, CHRISTOPHER ALLEN 2016338011   Main Jail
* BRACKENS, NICHOLAS GLENN 2016344022   Main Jail
  BRADLEY PETERSON, DILLON JAY 2016298053   New Jail
  BRADLEY, ANTONIO JULIUS 2016155016   Main Jail
  BRADLEY, MICHAEL SHVON 2016304015   Main Jail
  BRADY, JAMES RUSSELL 2016330022   New Jail
  BRAMBLETT, BILLY JOHN 2016296012   New Jail
  BRANCH, ERIC CHARLES 2016344009   New Jail
  BRANCH, JASON CYRANO 2016157006   New Jail
  BRANTLEY, JR, LONNIE LAWERENCE 2016148066   Main Jail
  BRENENSTAHL, KYLE LEE TED 2016335012   New Jail
  BRIDEN, AARON LEROY 2016217010   Main Jail
  BRIDEN, LOREN THOMAS 2016327009   Main Jail
  BRITT, NATASHIA MONIQUE 2016207005   New Jail
  BROSHEARS, RICHARD ALLEN 2016337016   Main Jail
  BROUSSARD, JULIEN BAILEY 2015338037   New Jail
  BROWN, CASEY WILLIAM 2016212003   New Jail
  BROWN, DANIEL 2016343026   Main Jail
  BROWN, DONNELL DAVID 2016342051   Main Jail
  BROWN, FALLON V 2015350030   Main Jail
  BROWN, GARY MAURICE 2016307034   New Jail
  BROWN, JEFFREY DAVID 2016298007   New Jail
  BROWN, JR, TERRY DONALD 2016167020   Main Jail
  BROWN, MATTHIAS ANDRE 2016329002   New Jail
  BROWN, RASHAAN BERNARD 2016284032   Main Jail
  BRUNEAU, DONALD RAY 2016315015   New Jail
  BRUNK, JEREMY ALLEN 2016328038   New Jail
  BRUNNER, MAKAYLA MARIE 2016333012   New Jail
  BUCHANAN, ELIJAH RASHA 2016309026   Main Jail
  BUDINGER, OLIVIA ADELE 2016336018   New Jail
  BURCHETTE, MICHAEL KALE 2016301014   Main Jail
  BURKE, RONALD DELESTER 2014308018   Main Jail
  BURNETT, GRADY 2016281009   New Jail
  BURNSON, BRETT MARSHALL 2016148052   Main Jail
  BURTON, SABRINA MICHELLE 2016333052   New Jail
  BUTLER, AUSTIN J 2016334054   Main Jail
  BUTLER, MARGARET FRANCES 2016327050   Main Jail
  CABLE, AMY LYNN 2016341016   (Not in Custody) 12/8/2016 4:03 PM
  CABRERA, ANDELA ROMOLOR 2016343043   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 2:15 PM
  CALLESEN, SHAWN MIKLE 2016299015   New Jail
  CALLIHAM, BRANDON VICTORLEE 2016088021   Main Jail
  CAMMON, JONATHAN TAYLOR 2016218019   Main Jail
  CAMPAS, NICK LYNN 2016327049   Main Jail
  CAMPBELL, CORY TACARIO 2016129001   Main Jail
  CANEDY, KEITH ALLEN SCOTT 2016111033   New Jail
  CARROLL, MICHAEL PERRY 2016303013   New Jail
  CARSON, PAUL ANTHONY 2015350039   Main Jail
  CARTER SHABAZZ, MUMIT HYKEEM 2016308035   Main Jail
  CARTER, DANIELLE LEIGH 2016156033   Main Jail
  CARTER, JOSHUA SAMUEL 2016296003   New Jail
  CARTER, TREY JOSEPH 2016328012   Main Jail
  CARTWRIGHT, SANTANA ALLEN 2016323029   New Jail
  CAULDWELL, MATTHEW JOSEPH 2016298003   Main Jail
  CELLI, ELISHA JOSEPH 2016088019   Main Jail
  CHAMBLISS, JASON LAMAR 2016259005   Main Jail
  CHAPA, MANUEL LYNN 2016329022   Main Jail
  CHARGUALAF, MARVIN JUNIOR 2016320056   Main Jail
  CHARLES, LEVESTER 2016222004   New Jail
  CHAVEZ, MICHAEL LEE 2016190016   New Jail
  CHESLEY, JOSEPH JAMES 2016072004   New Jail
  CHIPMAN, ZACHARY MEL 2016320030   New Jail
  CHOATE, TEREN ELAINE 2016333044   New Jail
  CHRISTENSEN, JAY MARIA 2016305030   Main Jail
  CHULICH, STEVE DANIEL 2016301050   Main Jail
  CHUM, SOTHEA 2016267016   New Jail
  CLAIR, JR, JIMMIE ALLEN 2016329007   Main Jail
  CLAPP, TIMOTHY CALLOWAY 2016291002   Main Jail
  CLARK, TYLER WAYNE 2016260020   New Jail
  CLARK, TYVELL MICHAEL 2016334060   New Jail
  CLARKSON, SHAWN PATRICK 2016325033   New Jail
  CLEVELAND, JEREMY JAMES 2016254021   Main Jail
  CLIFFORD, FREDERICK WALTER 2016343017   Main Jail
  CLIFTON, ROBERT 2016287019   Main Jail
  COBB, CHRISTOPHER LEE 2016047058   Main Jail
  COCCHIARELLA, NINO PASQUALE 2016342015   (Not in Custody) 12/8/2016 1:20 PM
  CODERA, JAMES ALLEN 2016303003   New Jail
  COE, DEANDRE WILLIAM 2016306004   Main Jail
  COLBORN, SERENA DAWN 2016339019   New Jail
  COLE, JR, GERALD LAWRENCE 2016012012   Main Jail
  COLE, JR, JOSEPH BENJAMIN 2016319028   New Jail
  COLEMAN, DANIEL ROBERT 2016321036   Main Jail
  COLEMAN, MATTHEW MILES 2016284028   Main Jail
  COLEY, MICHAEL NONAN 2016230039   Main Jail
  COLLIER, CLIFFORD JAMES 2016282015   Main Jail
  COLLINS, DAKOTA MIKALLE 2016158005   Main Jail
  COLLINS, JEFFREY SCOTT 2016342017   New Jail
  COLON, JOSE RICO 2016325014   New Jail
  COLT SARMIENTO, ALBERTO 2015320033   Main Jail
  COMBERGER, BILLY LEE 2016334008   New Jail
  COMSTOCK, JEREMY JOSEPH 2016327020   Main Jail
  CONNERS, LABARRON TESHAUN 2016338003   Main Jail
  CONRAD, JR, BERNARD ANDREW 2016308004   New Jail
  CONTRERAS, RAYMOND PAUL 2016225016   Main Jail
  COOK, DAVID ARNOLD 2016221030   Main Jail
  COOK, TONNIE EUGENE 2016342055   New Jail
  COOPER, NICHOLAS ANDREW 2016223051   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 5:00 AM
  COPPERSMITH, TYLER WILLIAM 2016342041   New Jail
  CORDOVA, ALEXANDER JAY 2016120030   Main Jail
  CORDOVA, MARCUS FRANCIS 2016326040   Main Jail
  CORNWALL, BRENT SCOTT 2016323009   Main Jail
  CORNYN, AUTUMN LEIGH 2015261052   Main Jail
  CORTEZ, PIERRE MICHAEL 2016285057   New Jail
  COTA CASTRO, JOSE ANGEL 2016250022   New Jail
  COULTER, NICHOLAS NATHANIEL 2016308053   Main Jail
  CRABLE, EDWARD JASON 2016259009   Main Jail
  CRANK, JERRI SCOTT 2016306030   New Jail
  CRAWFORD, ALEXIS ALICIA 2016318020   Main Jail
  CREEKMORE, BRANDON TERRELL 2016214031   New Jail
  CRESS, ASHLEY PARKER 2016103031   Main Jail
  CREWS, DONIVAN EMANUEL 2016288021   Main Jail
  CROSS, ELMER LEE 2016030016   Main Jail
  CROWDER, JR, JAMES WILLIAM 2016279029   Main Jail
  CRUZ MORALES, JOSE LUIS 2016236021   New Jail
  CRUZ, BRYAN JARIET 2016327004   New Jail
* CRUZ, EDEN 2016345012   New Jail
  CUDINI, DANTE ALBERT 2016214039   Main Jail
  CULVER, ROMAN LAKEY 2016343033   (Not in Custody) 12/8/2016 5:30 PM
  CUMMINGS, NICHOLAS JEROME 2016100031   New Jail
  CUMMINGS, PAUL L 2016278031   Main Jail
  CURBOW, JEFFREY CHARLES 2016322048   New Jail
  DALRYMPLE, RANDALL THOMAS 2016343038   Main Jail
  DANFORD, RYAN MICHAEL 2016332006   Main Jail
  DANIELS, DAMIEN ANDREW 2016221017   New Jail
  DANIELSEN, JOHN STEVEN 2016225047   New Jail
  DAVES, DARREL ARTHUR 2015045015   Main Jail
  DAVIS, FELISCIA FRANKIE 2016280019   New Jail
  DAVIS, JONAS MIGUEL 2016176004   Main Jail
  DAVIS, MARKIENA DE-SHANE 2016204031   Main Jail
  DAWSON, STEVEN FLOYD 2016319037   New Jail
  DAY, JARRETT JAMES 2016118048   Main Jail
  DE ANDA, EDWARD AARON 2016204032   New Jail
  DEAN, PATRICK LEROY 2016141016   Main Jail
  DEBOER, BRIAN DANIEL 2016328035   New Jail
  DECOSTA, STEPHANIE RAE 2016309045   New Jail
  DEHART, MICHAEL WAYNE 2016334030   New Jail
  DELANEY, DEVINE ZACHARIAH 2016286016   Main Jail
  DEMBY, CORDARRYL GLENN 2016190042   Main Jail
  DENATALE, ANTHONY 2016004023   Main Jail
  DENNIS, DARIUS ENDRE 2016335061   Main Jail
  DERICKSON, RANDY LEE 2016317028   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 9:09 PM
  DEVINE, MARCEL LEE 2016253037   New Jail
  DIAL, COLT LEROY 2016342001   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 12:52 PM
  DICKINSON, ANDREW LEE 2016238042   New Jail
  DICKSON, JR, WILLIAM LAWRENCE 2016328036   New Jail
  DIGIANTOMASSO, WALTER JOE 2016333020   New Jail
  DILLON, RACHEL MARIE 2016334022   Main Jail
  DITTMAR, BRYAN TIMOTHY 2016333036   Main Jail
  DITTO, DONALD LYNN 2016323051   (Not in Custody) 12/8/2016 12:28 PM
  DOANE, SHELBY ANN 2016344012   Main Jail
  DODD, AMANDA GRACE 2016270030   Main Jail
  DODDS, MARCUS ANTHONY 2016285062   New Jail
  DOE, HEIDI ANN 2016325045   New Jail
  DOLAN, BRIAN JOSEPH 2016322001   New Jail
  DOLFIN, DANIEL DREW 2016339005   Main Jail
* DOLLENTE, JEFFREN JOSUE 2016345003   New Jail
  DOUGLAS, DANA ACE 2016322020   Main Jail
  DOWELL, RYAN PATRICK 2016267037   New Jail
  DOYLE, JERAME TYLER 2016192009   New Jail
  DRUMMOND, ROBERT AARON 2016343042   New Jail
  DRURY, CLINT RAYMOND 2016254005   Main Jail
  DUANE, JAMES JOSEPH 2016206014   Main Jail
  DUCKSWORTH LOWE, ELIJAH IKEEM 2016337004   Main Jail
  DUDLEY, TREVOR CHRISTOPHER 2016255016   New Jail
  DUNEGAN, MICHAEL WARD 2016277043   Main Jail
  DUONG, DORAVORNN MARNNEZRO 2016331027   Main Jail
  DURAN, WILLIAM LYNN 2016197025   Main Jail
  DYER, ARIEL KYONGHO 2016343027   Main Jail
  ECHON, ANTHONY GATCHALIAN 2016343051   New Jail
* EDICK, JAMES ROBERT 2016345009   New Jail
  EDWARDS, SR, LACASTE LEE 2016273043   Main Jail
  EDWARDS, TYRONE LAMAR 2016331028   Main Jail
  EK, VANNAK 2016316027   Main Jail
  ELDRIDGE, JERED STEPHEN 2016331002   New Jail
  ELLIOTT, ROBERT FRED 2016110055   Main Jail
  ELLIOTT, TRASE DAMIEN 2016325026   Main Jail
  ELLSWORTH, SARAH BETH 2016296029   Main Jail
  ELSTON, KRISTA PEARL 2016315051   Main Jail
  ENEBOE, PAUL JEFFREY 2016311026   New Jail
  ENGLISH, JONATHAN ROBERT 2016312011   New Jail
  ENWILLER, JUSTIN PERRY 2016289018   New Jail
  EPPS, ANTONIO DEJON 2016143013   Main Jail
  EPPS, MARIE ANNE 2016333008   Main Jail
  ERVIN, SHAWN LEE 2016229066   Main Jail
  ESCALANTE, CURTIS K. 2016161028   Main Jail
  EVALU, CEDRICK ANTONIO 2016303016   Main Jail
  EVANS, STERLING BRANDON 2016340020   Main Jail
  EVANSON, SONJA RUSHELL 2016159008   Main Jail
  EXUM, SR, WESLEY PRINCE 2016334053   New Jail
  FALANAI, MAVAEGA 2016315011   Main Jail
  FALANIKO, TALOLO LEMISIO 2016184003   New Jail
  FAMBRO, CURTIS RICHARD 2016279039   New Jail
  FANKELL, SAUNDRA CORAL-RAE 2016298055   New Jail
  FANNIN, STEVEN CARMICHAEL 2016224049   New Jail
  FARKAS, FRANK JOSEPH 2016154047   New Jail
  FERNANDEZ, ISIDRO 2016273028   Main Jail
  FERRER, VANDRECK JAY 2016343040   Main Jail
  FIGUEROA, MANUEL ANTONIO 2016319036   New Jail
  FIGURACION, TONY JAMES 2016342005   New Jail
  FINCH, DEANNA MARIE 2016336039   New Jail
  FINCH, DUSTIN MICHAEL 2016140031   Main Jail
  FISCHER, JAY FRANK 2016233027   Main Jail
  FISHER, KISHA LASHAWN 2016277012   Main Jail
  FLAHAUT, NATASHA MARIE 2016304020   Main Jail
  FORD, DAVID MICHAEL 2016203019   Main Jail
  FORD, DONAVAN MICHAEL 2016279053   Main Jail
  FORD, ISIAH OCTAVIAS-XAVIER 2015352020   Main Jail
  FORD, LOUIS EDWARD 2016321009   New Jail
  FORD, RAY CHARLES 2016326032   New Jail
  FRACK, JASON DEVALIN 2016250005   New Jail
  FRENCH, JR, ERIC QUINTON 2016343011   Main Jail
  GABBARD, KYLE DAVID 2016307002   New Jail
  GAER, GARY BRIAN 2016229029   New Jail
  GALLEGOS, DAVID EARL RAY 2016259025   Main Jail
  GALVIN, MATTHEW JAMES 2016333002   Main Jail
  GARCIA GUERRERO, EUCEVIO 2016150034   New Jail
  GARCIA, CHRISTIAAN ANTHONY 2016231040   Main Jail
  GARCIA, JR, ALEX 2016235057   New Jail
  GARDNER, FALISHA ANN 2016342050   New Jail
  GARDNER, SETH JOHN 2016120016   Main Jail
  GARNER, DEVANTE LATROY 2016343041   Main Jail
  GARZA, JR, PAULO EUGENE 2016327017   Main Jail
  GASTELUM, JIM WAYNE 2016147065   Main Jail
  GEGENY, KAY LYNN 2016281016   New Jail
  GEORGE, ANTONIO MARTINEZ 2016277017   Main Jail
  GERBER, JOSHUA AARON 2016295010   Main Jail
  GERMAN, MARIA LUISA ORTIZ 2016343036   Main Jail
  GERMAN, PAUL TARREY 2016338021   New Jail
  GIBSON, GORDON SOLOMON 2016342040   New Jail
  GIFFORD, BRYCE WILLIAM 2016274026   New Jail
  GILBERT, SHANE CHRISTOPHER 2016325032   Main Jail
  GILCHRIST, ALFRED JEREMY 2016317027   Main Jail
  GILLETT, CHARLES DARNABY 2016334018   New Jail
  GIVENS, MARKELL LAVEY 2016260011   Main Jail
  GLEASON, PHILLIP CONRAD 2015156021   Main Jail
  GLOVER, DAVID LEE 2016313002   New Jail
  GOERTZEN, KAMIE FAITH 2016328024   New Jail
  GOFF, CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL 2016319029   Main Jail
  GOGGANS, JAIQUAN A C 2016265031   Main Jail
  GOMEZ VALENCIA, PHOENIX 2016275030   New Jail
  GOMEZ VASQUEZ, JUAN JOSE 2016321005   Main Jail
  GOMEZ, SANTOS MIRAMONTEZ 2016279057   Main Jail
  GONZALEZ, DAVID ALEXANDER 2016306006   Main Jail
  GONZALEZ, JONATHAN FERMIN 2016340006   Main Jail
  GOODIN, PAUL DEREK 2016265010   Main Jail
  GORDILLO REYES, JESUS NICOLAS 2016218014   Main Jail
  GORDON, III, RICHARD 2016298063   New Jail
  GORDON, KEVIN ALLEN 2016061015   Main Jail
  GORHAM, KIMBERLY DEENELL 2016334047   Main Jail
  GORR, SEAN LEE 2016330014   Main Jail
  GOTAY, CHRISTOPHER ANDRES 2016342056   Main Jail
  GRAHAM, CHRISTOPHER ALLEN 2016288050   New Jail
  GRAMMER, BRANDON MICHAEL 2016335008   Main Jail
  GRANT, GREGORY SCOTT 2016231052   Main Jail
  GRANT, KENNETH LUCIEN 2016323012   New Jail
  GRAVES, LONNIE KEITH 2016313033   New Jail
  GRAY, CARTIER RASHAD 2016286035   Main Jail
  GRAY, LLOYD JIM 2016196038   New Jail
  GRAY, STEPHEN ANDREW 2016323013   Main Jail
  GREEN, AMANDA ELAINE 2016313037   Main Jail
  GREEN, BRIAN RAY 2016329017   Main Jail
  GREEN, JUAN JESUS 2016259015   Main Jail
* GREEN, LEE ALLEN 2016345002   New Jail
  GREEN, STEPHON ANTONIO 2016143006   New Jail
  GRIFFIN, SHAWN ANTWOIN 2016188008   Main Jail
  GRIFFITH, ZACHARY EUGENE 2016103037   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 5:00 AM
  GRIFFITHS, MANDI LYNN 2016325019   Main Jail
  GROGAN, RIYO DIMITRI 2016344010   New Jail
  GUENTHER, WILLIAM EDWARD 2016342054   New Jail
  GUILLEN GONZALEZ, JUAN AXEL 2016336017   New Jail
  GUTHRIE, ROBERT LYLE 2016337009   Main Jail
  GUZMAN, GERARD ALAN 2016337018   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 5:00 AM
  HADDOW, MARIA ROSE 2016336032   New Jail
  HAGAN, WILLIAM H 2016275023   Main Jail
  HAGEN, JASON MICHAEL 2016297007   New Jail
  HAIRSTON, CIERRA MICHELLE 2016327051   New Jail
  HALL, JUNAID R 2016274003   New Jail
  HALL, KAILEN EARL 2016335010   New Jail
  HALL, KIERRA MARIE 2016110036   New Jail
  HALVORSEN, RANDY EUGENE 2016313038   Main Jail
  HAMMOND, MARQUIS ANTOINE 2016269012   Main Jail
  HAMPTON, SCOTT DAVID 2016308043   New Jail
  HANEL, ANTHONY JAMES 2016319019   Main Jail
  HANSEN, JEREMY JOSEPH 2016283031   New Jail
  HARDEN, TERRELL LAMAR 2016272043   Main Jail
  HARDEN-CLADY, DALLAS DAVIS 2016312010   Main Jail
  HARDIN, EBONEY SARAH ELLEN 2016104031   New Jail
  HARNISS, JOHN JERALD 2016156037   Main Jail
  HARPER, SHELLEY DIANNE 2015351050   New Jail
  HARRIS CROFT, LAMAR MARCELL 2016327025   New Jail
  HARRIS, ANTHONY LEWIS 2016309016   New Jail
  HARRIS, DANIEL FRANK 2016201033   Main Jail
  HARRIS, DARNELL JACOB 2016333033   New Jail
  HARRIS, DOMONIC ALEXANDER 2016315030   Main Jail
  HARRIS, JASON ALEXANDER 2015222004   Main Jail
  HARRIS, KAZZRICK MASON 2016257014   New Jail
  HARRIS, SEBURN EMORY 2016329008   Main Jail
  HARRISON, PATRICK RICHARD 2016340036   New Jail
  HARRISON, TROY MICHAEL 2016297001   New Jail
  HARTMAN, GREGORY STEVEN 2016204018   Main Jail
  HARTSON, GINGER SUE 2016256024   Main Jail
  HARTSON, MICHAEL JASON 2016321008   Main Jail
  HAUG, RANDALL WADE 2016248028   Main Jail
  HAWLEY, KOBIE ABDUL 2016307046   Main Jail
  HAYES, ANTHONY ANTONIO 2016056008   Main Jail
  HAYES, ANTHONY JOSEPH 2016269011   New Jail
  HAYNEN, JEREMIAH DANIEL 2016309032   Main Jail
  HAYNES, ALEXANDER GILSTRAP 2016266008   New Jail
  HAYNES, GREGORY JOSEPH 2016344007   New Jail
  HAYNESWORTH, MONJAE NYKYLE 2016321048   New Jail
  HAZEL, JONATHAN SAMUEL 2015295032   Main Jail
  HECKER, DANIEL BLANE 2016277035   New Jail
  HEDGES, AUSTIN LOREN 2016322002   Main Jail
  HEDGES, DANNY ARTHUR 2016312040   Main Jail
  HELD, NATHANIEL CHRISTIAN 2016312038   New Jail
  HELDMAN, EMYLEI ROSELYNNE 2016322049   Main Jail
  HENDERSON, JAMES EDWARD 2016166005   Main Jail
  HENDERSON, MARSELE KENNETH 2015113013   Main Jail
  HENDRON, ADAM ROSS 2016259048   Main Jail
  HENRY, DAYIN REX 2016333042   Main Jail
  HERGERT, JASON ERIC 2016342031   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 2:55 PM
  HERNANDEZ-MENDIETA, MARTIN 2016287004   New Jail
  HERNDON, LLOYD EDWIN 2016259053   Main Jail
  HERRERA, ESTEBAN 2016325016   New Jail
  HICKMAN, CHARLES JAMES 2016276022   Main Jail
  HICKS, STEVEN LEROY 2015135046   New Jail
  HILDERBRAND, JR, DAVID NEIL 2016228032   (Not in Custody) 12/10/2016 5:00 AM
  HILL, ALBERT GUTIEREZ 2016342057   New Jail
  HILL, ROBERT DURYL 2016337001   Main Jail
  HILL, ROBERT JESSE 2016323041   Main Jail
  HINTON, CORINTHIAN MARTINO 2016322043   Main Jail
  HOBAN, AARON CHRISTOPHER 2016293053   Main Jail
  HOBBS, CHELSEA JEAN 2016340016   New Jail
  HOBSON, CRAIG ALLEN 2016342035   (Not in Custody) 12/10/2016 2:00 AM
  HOCKETT, CHRISTOPHER BRYAN 2016328019   Main Jail
  HODGINS, JEREMIAH JAMES 2016254028   New Jail
  HOLCOMB, II, RUSSELL RAYMOND 2016268034   New Jail
  HOLIFIELD, TRUNG THANH NGUYEN 2016315037   Main Jail
  HOLLAND, ANDREA LOUISE 2016323011   Main Jail
  HOLLER, VALERIA LORAINE 2016312015   Main Jail
  HOLMAN, JOHN ROGERS 2016344008   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 2:00 PM
  HOLMES, ANTOINE JAMIR 2016337011   New Jail
  HOLMES, ISAIAH DEVON 2016322008   Main Jail
  HOLMES, TERRILL PATRICK 2016316017   New Jail
  HOLMES, WILLIAM BLAKE 2016327034   Main Jail
  HOOD, SUSAN ANNE 2016337028   Main Jail
  HOOVER, JR, WOODROW MONTY 2016292022   Main Jail
  HOPSON, LEE ROBERT 2016299062   Main Jail
  HOPWOOD, TERENCE FRANKLIN 2016089045   Main Jail
  HORN, WILLIAM HAROLD 2016228020   Main Jail
  HORSMANN, STEVEN PATRICK 2016269026   New Jail
  HOUSTON, MITCHELL WARREN 2016174061   Main Jail
  HOWARD, CHARLES 2016312053   Main Jail
  HUBBARD, JR, LARRY MARTIN 2016341046   New Jail
  HUDSON, NATASHA NOEL 2016330007   Main Jail
  HUDSON, QUALAGINE APERO 2016336007   New Jail
  HUFF, JAYKEEN SHAQUILLE 2016120010   Main Jail
  HUGHES, JAVONTAE MONQUELLE D 2015232011   Main Jail
  HULL, CIERRA JASMINE 2016342012   New Jail
  HURD, MELVIN GENE 2016342052   New Jail
  HUSTON, DAVID OWEN 2016314040   New Jail
  HUSTON, JAY WILLIAM 2016231003   New Jail
  HUTCHINS, ERIC NATHANIEL 2016326015   Main Jail
  HUTT, ASHLEE ROSE 2016302014   Main Jail
  HUTZLER, ROBERT WAYNE 2016327015   New Jail
  HUVER, ANTHONY JAY 2016246039   Main Jail
  IBARRA, JR, RUBEN RUIZ 2016313009   New Jail
  IMHOLT, BRADLEY DALE 2016291013   Main Jail
  INGRAM, JR, DWIGHT DWAYNE 2016118001   New Jail
  IOB, MARIO PIETRO 2016319012   New Jail
  IRWIN, ROGER LEE 2015187020   Main Jail
  ISAAC, ISHA TAMECO 2016334039   Main Jail
* ISHAM, MICHAEL LOUIE 2016344025   New Jail
  JACKSON, BRUCE ALAN 2016201036   New Jail
  JACKSON, CRYSTAL SHARE 2015045003   Main Jail
  JACKSON, DELVANTE DANIEL 2016212024   New Jail
  JACKSON, EDWARD DOUGLAS 2016291032   Main Jail
  JACKSON, III, WILLIAM DOUGLAS 2016043057   Main Jail
  JACKSON, JR, FRANK LARUE 2016331017   Main Jail
  JACKSON, MICHAEL LEE 2016216053   Main Jail
  JACKSON, PAMELA MICHELLE 2016314018   New Jail
  JACOBS, ADRIAN O 2016271030   Main Jail
  JACOBSEN, RYAN ANTHONY 2016342058   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 2:05 PM
  JACOBSON, RICHARD DOUGLAS 2016341054   (Not in Custody) 12/10/2016 2:00 AM
  JAMES, ANTHONY DUSTIN 2016313062   Main Jail
  JASMER, NATHAN ALLEN 2016284008   Main Jail
  JEFFERIES, LAMAR HOWARD 2016316020   Main Jail
  JENKINS, DANIEL JOSEPH 2016280049   New Jail
  JENSEN, CHELSEA MILLAN 2016299040   New Jail
  JESKE, ROY OSCAR 2016266044   Main Jail
  JIANG, AIQIN 2016245041   New Jail
  JIMERSON, KENDALE SHOCK 2015275016   Main Jail
  JOHN, CORRINE TESHA 2016306046   New Jail
  JOHNS, SHADAHSHAUB JOSEPH 2016309030   New Jail
  JOHNSON, ANTHONY DEAN 2015187019   New Jail
  JOHNSON, BENJAMIN WARREN 2016344005   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 8:00 AM
* JOHNSON, BRYAN EDWARD 2016345006   New Jail
  JOHNSON, DERRICK JOSEPH 2016250050   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, ERIC PAUL 2016325022   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, JACOB BRIAN 2016204020   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, JAMES LARRY 2016168012   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, JAMES LELAND 2016263010   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, JOSHUA MICHAEL 2016319004   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, LAVELLE RICHARD 2016320039   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, MICHAEL DAVID 2016307039   New Jail
  JOHNSON, MICHELLE NICOLE 2016311029   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, NATHANIEL A 2016305018   New Jail
  JOHNSON, ROBERT CHANEY-COSBY 2016335035   New Jail
  JOHNSON, RONALD HUNTER 2016335028   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, ROSA MAE 2016144040   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, TIMOTHY ALLEN 2016285011   New Jail
  JONES ALTHAUS, CYRELL ANTHONY 2016323025   Main Jail
  JONES, ARDRETTA KENYA 2016218030   Main Jail
  JONES, CHARLES WILLIAM 2016321050   New Jail
  JONES, CLIFF ALAN 2015357029   Main Jail
  JONES, DEANTA DEPRIEST 2016339004   Main Jail
  JONES, DEMETRI OMAR RANDLE 2016067051   Main Jail
  JONES, DEONTEA XAVAIR 2016236023   New Jail
  JONES, DESCHAUN MONTEZ 2016251043   Main Jail
  JONES, DRAKE GIOVANNI 2016278075   Main Jail
  JONES, JAIQUAN ASANTE 2016297011   New Jail
  JONES, JAMAR LATEZ 2016148059   Main Jail
  JONES, JASON WILLIAM 2016342047   (Not in Custody) 12/8/2016 1:19 PM
  JONES, JONATHAN ROBERT 2016343035   Main Jail
  JONES, YAHDRIEL EUTEAST 2016226018   Main Jail
  JORGENSON, PATRICK EDWARD 2016194030   Outside - Temp Release
* JOSEPH, TAVARES KIEONN 2016344024   New Jail
  JOYNER, V, WILLIE LEE 2016203049   Main Jail
  KALUNE, DAVID JAMES 2016341032   Main Jail
  KAMEL, TANYA ANN 2016335029   Main Jail
  KARLIN, JUSTIN ANTHONY 2016343012   Main Jail
  KASBAUM, JAY BRIAN 2016299010   New Jail
  KAY, DAVID BRYAN 2016277020   New Jail
  KEGEBEIN, BRIAN JOSEPH 2016329014   Main Jail
  KELLEY, JASON PAUL 2016301008  
  KELLY, AARON THOMAS 2016288034   New Jail
  KELLY, ANTTWAIN LAMON 2016142006   New Jail
  KELLY, III, LEON 2016342030   Main Jail
  KELLY, III, WESLEY EUGENE 2016341039   Main Jail
  KENDRICK, III, RONNIE 2016153034   Main Jail
  KENICK, RICARDO JOSE WILLIAM 2016300036   New Jail
  KENNEY, KENNETH ROBERT 2016322042   Main Jail
  KENT, CARDELL CHASSION 2016336042   Main Jail
  KENT, EZEKIEL ORIN 2016134042   New Jail
  KEOUGH, ERIC BRIAN 2016343050   New Jail
  KILDARE, JESSE JAMES 2016298028   New Jail
  KILGORE, MICHELLE RENEE 2016326010   New Jail
  KILMANIS, DANIEL BURTON 2016343010   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 8:30 AM
  KIM, HOON 2016330018   New Jail
  KIM, SUN KYUNG 2016336034   New Jail
  KING, JAQUELLE MARQUEESE 2016343039   (Not in Custody) 12/10/2016 2:00 AM
  KING, JR, PETER DARNELL 2016342010   (Not in Custody) 12/8/2016 12:30 PM
  KING, KEVIN WYNN 2015327026   Main Jail
  KING, STEPHEN PAUL 2016279041   New Jail
  KING, ZEQUANE JOE 2016325009   Main Jail
  KINNARD, SYNETHIA DEAN 2016342053   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 12:00 PM
  KIRKWOOD, PAUL DIONDRE 2016268040   Main Jail
  KITCHENS, ZACKARY ALTON 2016319013   New Jail
  KLIER, JEFFREY JOSEPH 2016335002   Main Jail
  KNATZ, ELIJAH JUSTIN 2016329006   Main Jail
  KNIGHT, TYSON GARRETT 2016291029   Main Jail
  KNOEFLER, ANTHONY MAXWELL 2016315003   New Jail
  KNOX, ANDREW BERNARD 2016315040   Main Jail
  KNUDTSON, SAVANNAH MARIE 2016323017   Main Jail
  KOERBER, JOSEPH TYLER 2016207009   New Jail
  KOHL, TERRY MATTHEW JAMES 2016332008   Main Jail
  KONECNY, DEVIN JOHN 2016265047   Main Jail
  KOPPELKOM, JOSEPH MICHAEL 2016322038   New Jail
  KOTZ, ANDREW MARSHAL 2016341037   New Jail
  KRAMER, JOHN MICHAEL 2016304016   New Jail
  KRAPF, STEVEN CHRISTOPHER 2016343034   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 8:30 AM
  KREITEL, MATTHEW LUCAS 2016316025   New Jail
  KRICK, SPENCER WILLIAM 2016303024   Main Jail
  KURKOV, NIKOLAY ALEXANDER 2016323008   New Jail
  KVAMME, SANDRA LEE 2016342024   New Jail
  KYLLONEN, CHRISTOPHER RYAN 2016285052   (Not in Custody) 12/10/2016 11:00 AM
  LAKE, AMANDA MICHELLE 2016221043   Main Jail
  LAKIN, TREVOR RAY 2016278054   Main Jail
  LAM, VINH QUANG 2016056030   Main Jail
  LANE, MARK RYAN 2016265056   New Jail
  LANE, NICHOLAS EDWARD 2015251068   Main Jail
  LANEY, JUSTIN MICHAEL 2016327058   New Jail
  LANGFORD, ANTHONY JAMES 2016215044   Main Jail
  LAPORTE, AUSTIN JOSEPH 2016306027   New Jail
  LARSEN, KEAGAN RILEY 2016342021   New Jail
  LARSEN, TIFFANI RENEE 2016344011   Main Jail
  LARSEN, ZACHARY MICHAEL 2016319032   New Jail
  LAUPATI, SIOLEI JOE 2016179035  
  LAW, BRIAN EDWARD 2016314005   New Jail
  LAWRENCE, KYLER WAYNE 2016331003   New Jail
  LEACH, KAYLA ALLENE 2016323010   New Jail
  LEATIOTA, MURPHY FALEULU 2016284009   New Jail
  LEAVITT, ERIN CASEY 2016175057   New Jail
  LEBLANC, JR, MELVIN KELVIN 2016325041   New Jail
  LEBLANC, REGINALD ANTHONY 2016141041   New Jail
  LEDBETTER, ROBERT KEITH 2016222009   Main Jail
  LEE, DAVID JIN 2016337024   Main Jail
  LEE, JACOB SKYLAR ALLYN 2016336023   Main Jail
  LEE, KENNETH DAVID 2016327014   Main Jail
  LEE, MARK ANTHONY 2016283025   New Jail
  LEE, TATIANA MICHELLE 2016334010   New Jail
  LEGGE, DAVID KEITH 2016171027   New Jail
  LEITHEISER, HEIDI LYNN 2016300046   New Jail
  LEMUS TRUJILLO, JUAN ALBERTO 2016244030   New Jail
  LENOW, ANTHONY MARCELIS 2016239040   New Jail
  LEONARD, DANIEL ROBERT 2016247010   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 5:00 AM
  LESTER, BRYAN MATHEW 2016144035   New Jail
  LETOURNEAU, DANIEL RICHARD 2016327002   New Jail
  LEWIS, JOHN 2016077043   Main Jail
  LEWIS, JUSTIN DEAN 2016342019   New Jail
  LICHTSCHEIDL, KYLE JOSEPH 2016282030   Main Jail
  LIDSTROM, JOHN RYAN 2016157036   New Jail
  LIGHT, TYLER JOSEPH 2016335014   New Jail
  LINCOLN, JR, ROGER HERBERT 2016341045   New Jail
  LINDSEY, TOBY DACOTA 2016339013   Main Jail
  LISI, JR, LEUTUTU 2016328018   Main Jail
  LISTER, JIHARRY DESHUN 2016343002   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 3:43 PM
  LONG, JERRY 2016297003   New Jail
* LOVATA, COREY JOE 2016344026   New Jail
  LOVE, DARREN JONQUIL 2016037031   Main Jail
  LOWDERMILK, JASMINE NICOLE 2016332024   (Not in Custody) 12/8/2016 12:27 PM
* LOWE, ISAIAH RASHEEM 2016344014   New Jail
  LOZIER, DARRELL ROBERT 2016188045   New Jail
  LUCO, ERIC ANDREW 2016278029   Main Jail
  LUKKASSON, AARON LEE 2016341022   New Jail
  LUND, YOLANDA DONNELLE 2014269007   Main Jail
  LUTHER, ROBERT DEAN 2016334031   New Jail
  LYONS, MAX AARON 2016242020   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 8:50 AM
  MAAE, ALLEN VINTORA 2016344002   Main Jail
  MACDONALD, DAVID MICHAEL 2016341025   New Jail
  MACMILLAN, JUSTIN ALLEN 2016327016   Main Jail
  MADDUX, CHERYL LYNNE 2016323019   New Jail
  MADRIZ, HUGO OMAR 2016201021   New Jail
  MAGELSSEN, JAMES DONALD 2016342008   Main Jail
  MAGUIRE, ANDREW JOSEPH 2016283028   Main Jail
  MAKOSKY, PAUL THOMAS 2016257033   Main Jail
  MALTMAN, STEVEN JAMES 2016305012   Main Jail
  MAPP, III, JAMES PURNELL 2016164007   Main Jail
* MARIANO BERNARDINO, JORGE 2016344020   New Jail
  MARIN ZALDIVAR, JOSHUA DEAN 2016326043   New Jail
* MARSH, BREANNA M 2016344013   Main Jail
  MARSILLO, CAMERON STANLEY 2016307008   New Jail
  MARTIN, ANTHONY CRAIG 2016174017   New Jail
  MARTIN, JANETTE MARIE 2016127036   New Jail
  MARTIN, KELLI LYNN 2016319007   Main Jail
  MARTIN, SR, HENRY JOE 2016342037   New Jail
  MARTINDALE, ANTHONY PARK 2016342027   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 5:00 AM
  MARTINEZ PEREZ, GINA LOUISE 2016206004   Main Jail
  MARTINEZ RUIZ, JUAN MANUEL 2016307020   New Jail
  MARTINEZ, ANTONIO MILTON 2016034039   New Jail
  MARTINEZ, CHRISTIAN OJEDA 2016295038   New Jail
  MARTINEZ, TRINO VALENTINO 2016075041   Main Jail
  MASSEY, KEOSHA LEANN 2016341052   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 2:05 PM
  MASSIE, JUSTIN PATRICK 2016328013   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 12:05 PM
  MASSIE, TRAVIS ALLEN 2016335063   New Jail
  MATHIS, RONALD BENJAMIN 2016285050   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 5:00 AM
  MATTHEWS, DREW E.P. 2016341010  
  MATZICK, MICHAEL DAVID 2016286011   Main Jail
  MAULOLO, SANELE FAAUI 2016334067   Main Jail
  MAY, DEANTE RAJE 2016333011   New Jail
  MCCARY, NEAL ARTHUR 2016335032   New Jail
  MCCLAIN, MARCUS KEITH 2016203020   Main Jail
  MCCLOUD, MARK DALE 2016309025   Main Jail
  MCCULLOCH, NICHOLAS JAMES 2016219026   Main Jail
  MCCULLOUGH, TIMOTHY SCOTT 2016320045   Main Jail
  MCDANIEL, ANTHONY TRISTON 2016316029   New Jail
  MCDANIEL, AUSTIN MICHAEL 2016333018   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 12:05 PM
  MCDANIEL, ERIC CHARLES 2016220044   New Jail
  MCDONALD, SHAD ROBERT 2016138007   New Jail
  MCELROY, NICHOLAS ALLEN 2016329015   New Jail
  MCFARLAND, BLAKE EDWARD 2016302034   Main Jail
  MCGARY, EVAN ERNEST 2016336028   Main Jail
  MCGILTON, SHAWN DWAYNE 2016343001   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 7:05 PM
  MCGRIFF, ZACHERY CHANEY 2016156038   Main Jail
  MCHERRON, JR, SAMUEL JAMES 2016174045   New Jail
  MCIVER, MAC LEROY 2016246035   Main Jail
  MCKERCHER, HILDA ELIZABETH 2016336044   Main Jail
  MCKINNEY, CHRISTOPHER 2016327026   New Jail
  MCKNIGHT, JR, CURTIS LEE 2016311018   Main Jail
  MCKOWN, RYLAND DEAN CHARLES 2016245050   Main Jail
  MCLEAN, JONATHAN ROY 2016327063   Main Jail
  MCLEARY, PARIS JAMAL 2016294009   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 5:00 AM
  MCNAMEE, DANIEL JOSEPH 2016327013   Main Jail
  MCNARY, RACHAEL LAUREN 2016338022   Main Jail
  MEASEL, JAMIE AARON 2016301032   New Jail
  MECHTLEY, TYIARA ANN 2016201024   (Not in Custody) 12/8/2016 12:27 PM
  MEDLEY, CLINTON JAMES 2016340044   New Jail
  MELBERT, CHRISTOPHER LOUIS 2016334015   Main Jail
  MELENDEZ, LUIS ALEXANDER 2016341031   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 5:00 AM
  MELTON, HAROLD EUGENE 2016309031   Main Jail
  MENDEZ, JIFFARY ALEXANDER 2013328017   Main Jail
  MENDOZA DAVALOS, JOSE MANUEL 2016219033   Main Jail
  MENDOZA ORTEGA, ALBERTO 2015015043   New Jail
  MENOCAL, RICARDO 2016331037   New Jail
  MENZIES, JR, TIMOTHY LLOYD 2016159023   Main Jail
* MIESSE, TYLER JAMES 2016344018   New Jail
  MIGALYUK, TARAS 2016304023   New Jail
  MILES, LISA DARRNEL 2016312036   Main Jail
  MILLER, BOBBY HAROLD 2016333024   New Jail
  MILLER, SADI HELEN 2016333029   New Jail
  MILLER, SONNY 2016223040   Main Jail
  MILLER, TRAVIS JON 2016333003   Main Jail
  MILLERUP, RIKKI LYNN 2016340045   Main Jail
  MILLIGAN, VICTOR SEBASTIAN 2016294016   Main Jail
  MILSAP, DEREK KENNETH 2016315041   Main Jail
  MILTON AUSLEY, LANCE 2015128023   Main Jail
  MIRANDA, TERESA MICHELE 2016284019   New Jail
  MISCHEL, TACEE SHYLAH 2016343047   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 3:50 PM
  MITCHELL JONES, JEANPAUL 2016275007   Main Jail
  MONSON, JOSEPH WILLIAM 2016311005   New Jail
  MONTGOMERY, MARIAH KAY 2016320040   Main Jail
  MONTON, NICHOLAS DANIEL 2016283017   Main Jail
  MOODY, TAYVAIRAH MONTAE 2016197032   Main Jail
  MOORE, ANDREA DAWN 2016325030   (Not in Custody) 12/10/2016 5:00 AM
  MOORE, CHARLES DONALD 2016130034   Main Jail
  MOORES, SHAUN RYAN 2016336035   Main Jail
  MOORS, KAREN TOETU 2016326017   Main Jail
  MORALES, MARJORIE JOSEFA 2016342034   Main Jail
  MORAN, RYLEE HOPE 2016273041   Main Jail
  MORENO, AMBER MARIE 2016319010   New Jail
  MORGAN, ANMARIE 2016308055   Main Jail
  MORGAN, CANDESE LYNN 2016319017   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 12:40 PM
  MORGAN, JENNIFER LYNN 2016339018   New Jail
  MORGAN, JR, BUD EUGENE 2016318013   New Jail
  MORRIS, AUSTIN DAVID PATRICK 2016318018   New Jail
  MORRIS, GARRET ROBERT 2016199030   New Jail
  MOSEBAR, JARED LUTHER 2016294032   New Jail
  MOSER, MATTHEW ALLEN 2015349016   Main Jail
  MOSTELLER, DAVID HOWARD 2016338020   Main Jail
  MUNA, CODY EDWARD CRUZ 2016231027   Main Jail
  MURDOCH, JOSHUA IAN 2016280016   Main Jail
  MURRAY, DOUGLAS REID 2016259027   Main Jail
  MURRAY, ZACHARIAH DANIEL 2016161039   New Jail
  MUSGA, JAKE JOSEPH 2016138013   Main Jail
  MYERS, ASHLEY GRANT 2016342011   (Not in Custody) 12/8/2016 12:45 PM
  MYERS, RICHARD WILLIAM 2016288024   New Jail
  MYKING, ERIC TYLER 2016161018   Main Jail
  NAPOLEON, REGINA LENA 2016309021   Main Jail
  NAPUTI, JEROLD KENNETH 2016285048   New Jail
  NAVARRO, RENEMICHAEL 2016245008   New Jail
  NEILSON, SPENCER ALLEN 2016301001   Main Jail
  NELSON, BRANDON LEE 2016311034   New Jail
  NELSON, BRANDY MARLYNE 2016312048   Main Jail
  NELSON, CHRISTINA LEANNE 2016324032   New Jail
  NELSON, DONALD LAMAR 2016342049   (Not in Custody) 12/8/2016 1:00 PM
  NELSON, JEFFREY SCOTT 2016333025   (Not in Custody) 12/8/2016 12:42 PM
  NELSON, KEVIN PATRICK 2016273044   Main Jail
  NESS, JASON GORDON 2016235003   Main Jail
  NESTEGARD, ADAM GRANT 2016333028   Main Jail
* NEVES, ASHLYN JEAN 2016345010   Main Jail
  NEVILL, LACY JAY 2016342014   (Not in Custody) 12/8/2016 6:09 PM
  NEWELL, TIMOTHY 2016334033   Main Jail
  NEWSON, LUTHER LEON 2016265007   Main Jail
  NGUYEN, KHAN THANH 2016342039   (Not in Custody) 12/8/2016 6:25 PM
  NIELSEN, SHANNON LEE 2016315057   New Jail
  NOMMENSEN, JAKOB JOHN 2016332030   (Not in Custody) 12/8/2016 1:10 PM
  NORMAN, ATERE KEVEL 2016301009   New Jail
  NORTHERN, MICHAEL DWAYNE 2016341047   Main Jail
  NORTHROP, ZACHARY COLTON 2016306024   New Jail
* NOUATA, JR, NOUATA 2016345001   New Jail
  NOWAKOWSKI, BILLY JOE 2016287007   New Jail
  NUSS, TIMOTHY EUGENE 2016227013   Main Jail
  NYLAND, KRYSTAL GRACE 2016325023   Main Jail
  O'HARE, SHAWN PATRICK 2016302018   New Jail
  O'NEAL, DEAN MICHAEL 2016142013   Main Jail
  OAKES, ROBERT JOHN 2016309042   New Jail
  ODEN, DILLON EUGENE 2016322009   New Jail
  ODOM, II, STEPHEN HAL 2016193039   Main Jail
  OEUN, MARADY JIMMY 2016344003   New Jail
  OLDENKAMP, JEFFREY SCOTT 2016322037   Main Jail
  OLEARY, AUSTIN CHASE 2016332027   Main Jail
  OLEARY, NANCY ALICE 2016320015   Main Jail
  OLIVE, JOSEPH FAATUI 2016322006   New Jail
  OLIVER, DANIEL LEE ZJA MOUR 2016299009   New Jail
  OLSON, CARISSA ELAINE 2016326003   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 12:25 PM
  OLSON, DANE VANDER 2016327046   New Jail
  ONEAL, ROBERT PAUL 2016328033   New Jail
  ORAK, RIGGS TAUT 2016326012   Main Jail
  OROZCO, PAUL DARYL 2016259019   New Jail
  ORTEGA, JOSE MANUEL COLON 2016330013   New Jail
  ORTIZ REYES, FELIPE MANUEL 2016166053   New Jail
  ORTIZ, SCOTTI JASON 2016127037   Main Jail
  OVECHKA, LELDON ROY 2016165040   Main Jail
  OWENS, DEVERON ZERRICK 2016339014   New Jail
  PACHECO, JEFFREY JOSEPH 2016268042   New Jail
  PALMER, III, TERRENCE BRUCE 2016306008   Main Jail
  PALMER, MEGGAN LEIGH 2016338015   Main Jail
  PAPPAS, IV, PETER GREGORY 2016343005   New Jail
  PARKER, DYLAN DOUGLAS 2016342007   New Jail
  PARKER, SHAMARR DERRICK 2016138011   Main Jail
  PARKS, ADAM ZACHARY 2015363045   Main Jail
  PARMELE, JASON PAUL 2016337002   Main Jail
  PARSONS, JOSEPH WADE 2016098043   Main Jail
  PASCOE, DREW MITCHELL 2016292007   New Jail
  PATH, PHEUM 2016161048   New Jail
  PATTERSON, MARK RICHARD 2016268013   Main Jail
  PATTON, MARCUS DESHON 2016293002   Main Jail
  PATTON, SEAN PHILLIP 2016341026   New Jail
  PAULSON, MARION RICHARD 2016340021   New Jail
  PAXTON, KADY JO 2016179018   Main Jail
  PAYNE, ALISON NICOLE 2016302015   New Jail
  PAZ, RICHARD IYALL 2016323052   Main Jail
  PEEVY, LASONDRA RENEE 2016312050   Main Jail
  PELHAM, THOMAS GIDEON 2015327013   New Jail
  PENEUETA, JAY KIT 2016342006   New Jail
  PERDUE, CODY JAMES 2016311037   New Jail
  PEREZ, GLEN QUICHOCHO 2016327041   New Jail
  PEREZ, GONZALO 2016134031   New Jail
  PERKS, KENNETH MARTIN 2016317022   Main Jail
  PERRY, JOSHUA DAVID 2016324026   Main Jail
  PESTKA, JENNI TIETZ 2016333038   New Jail
  PETERSON, JAMES MILLER 2016239032   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 1:45 PM
  PETROFF, JERAMIE TOMMIE 2016275035   Main Jail
  PETTUS, DETRIC LA TRON 2016332012   Main Jail
  PEYTON, JUSTIN EDWARD 2016333056   New Jail
  PHILLIPS, ANTHONY LYNN 2016064020   New Jail
  PHILLIPS, BRANDON ALEXANDER 2016104012   Main Jail
  PHILLIPS, JEREMY ALLEN 2016313017   New Jail
  PHILLIPS, LATINO 2016215051   Main Jail
  PHY, BRION CURTIS 2016329010   New Jail
  PICH, RUN 2016236037   New Jail
  PICKROM, DAVID LEVON 2016271031   New Jail
  PITTMAN, JERMAINE MICHAEL 2016266048   Main Jail
  PLACE, CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL 2016332026   Main Jail
  PLACID, MICHAEL BIVENS 2016212026   Main Jail
  POINTEC, RANCE MICHEL 2016320034   Main Jail
  POLO MCCLOUD, JULIO MONTERO 2016324007   New Jail
  POMINVILLE, JOSEPH MICHAEL 2016333017   Main Jail
  POOR THUNDER, QUEZON LUCAS 2016064049   Main Jail
  PORTER, SR, PERRY PRENTICE 2016327022   New Jail
  POSTELL, JR, WADE ROBERT 2016320047   Main Jail
  POTTER, JOSHUA KYLE 2016305034   New Jail
  POTTS, THOMAS STERLING 2015111045   Main Jail
  POULIOT, MITCHELL BRIAN 2016335036   Main Jail
  POWELL, CARLOS TERRILL 2016328032   New Jail
  PRICE, BERNARD SCOTT 2016335045   New Jail
  PRICE, BIJON TYREE 2016004045   Main Jail
  PRICE, SHAUNGNASSEY IYAUNDA 2016319011   Main Jail
  PRIDE, VERNON ANTONIO 2016302041   Main Jail
  PRITCHARD, BRUCE JAMES 2016340012   New Jail
  PROPHET, JR, TYRONE ANTHONY 2016049050   Main Jail
  PROVENCIO, COREY THOMAS 2016301026   New Jail
  PUENTE, JOSHUA MICHAEL 2016006033   Main Jail
  PUGH, KEVIN TYRENCE 2016181044   Main Jail
  PURVES, RICHARD LEONARD 2016338012   New Jail
  QUINTERO, ROBERT JOHN 2015351049   New Jail
  RABB, ADAM 2016343019   (Not in Custody) 12/8/2016 4:06 PM
  RAIFORD, DE'VON M 2016180042   Main Jail
  RAMENTO, NATHAN MARK 2016341024   New Jail
  RAMIREZ, ARTURO ALAN 2016300052   New Jail
  RAMSEY, CHRISTOPHER WAYNE 2016301046   Main Jail
  RAMSEY, MARTONIO CLYDE MALONE 2016093027   Main Jail
  RANDOLPH, TYLER JORDAN 2016281015   New Jail
  RASMUSSEN, DAVID ALLEN 2016049026   Main Jail
  RASMUSSEN, DONALD ERIC 2016338025   Main Jail
  RAY, JOSHUA 2016324022   New Jail
  RAY, LISA MARIE 2016327033   New Jail
  RAY, TERRANCE JAVON 2016284018   Main Jail
  RAY, YANCY WADE 2016265039   Main Jail
  RAYBELL, NOLAND RYAN CHARLES 2016343009   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 2:15 PM
  RAYMOND, NICHOLAS ADAM 2016298014   Main Jail
  RECHE, ANTWAN DOMINIQUE D 2016216042   Main Jail
  REED, LASEMIAL VARNELL 2016343030   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 8:30 AM
  REED, RAYMOND MELBURNE 2016279055   New Jail
  REHA, JAMES MICHAEL 2016327057   Main Jail
  REICHMAND, WESLEY WARD 2016260014   Main Jail
* REX-FORD, COURTNEY ALICIA 2016345016   New Jail
  REYES, KWAME MICHAEL 2016294024   Main Jail
  RHODES, JOSEPH ALLEN 2016336013   New Jail
  RICH, DOMINIC RAPHAEL 2016232030   New Jail
* RICHMOND, DAVID GREGORY 2016344016   Main Jail
  RICKS, MICHAEL ANTHONY 2016341035   New Jail
  RIDEAU, LARENDO WESTLEY 2016343037   (Not in Custody) 12/10/2016 5:00 AM
  RIGG, JUSTIN DALE 2016333061   Main Jail
  RIOS, AURELIA HELENA MARCELLE 2016015022   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 9:53 AM
  RIVERA, DOREEN SHANNON 2016294029   New Jail
  RIVERA-COOK, CHRISTOPHER 2016183024   Main Jail
  ROBERTS, ANDREW SCOTT 2016343020   (Not in Custody) 12/8/2016 12:55 PM
  ROBERTSON, JAMAL RAKEEM 2016164012   Main Jail
* ROBINSON, ANTONIO DESHAUN 2016345017   New Jail
  ROBINSON, DASJON MICHAEL 2016154006   Remann Hall
  ROBINSON, GARY RAYKEEM-JAMES 2016309017   Main Jail
  ROBINSON, RASJON ANDRE 2016154007   Main Jail
  ROBINSON, SCOTT ROBERT 2016337027   New Jail
  ROBINSON, TAMARA MICHELLE 2016343023   Main Jail
  ROBINSON, VINCENT GEORGE 2016327018   Main Jail
  ROBISON, FRANK CARLISIE 2016339010   New Jail
  RODGERS, SCOTT DARELLE 2016343025   New Jail
  RODRIGUEZ, JOSE GUADALUPE 2016343044   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 3:43 PM
  RODRIGUEZ, JUAN JOSE 2016275016   New Jail
  RODYGIN, ALEKSEY 2016342022   (Not in Custody) 12/8/2016 12:45 PM
  ROGERS, RANDY NATHANIEL 2016293047   New Jail
  ROGERS, TAYLOR MARIE 2016314030   New Jail
  ROLLINS, TRE'VONN BERNARD 2016307011   Main Jail
  ROMANOFF, NICOLE RENE 2016319024   New Jail
  ROMEO, ERIC LEE 2016230033   Main Jail
  RONEY, SHAWN RYAN 2016293035   Main Jail
  ROPATI, KAZUO LOKENI 2016298058   New Jail
  ROSS, JASON CHARLES 2016328040   Main Jail
  ROSS, SHANE LOWELL THOMAS 2016342036   New Jail
  ROSS, SR, JOSEPH ALLEN 2016169025   New Jail
  ROUTT, TONYA MARIE 2016341027   New Jail
  ROWLEY, DANIEL JACOB 2016096007  
  ROYBAL, ISAAC FRANK 2016342002   (Not in Custody) 12/8/2016 1:20 PM
  RUCH, D'SHAWN MARCHE 2016288044   New Jail
  RUDOLPH, ERVIN 2016214023   Main Jail
  RUIZ, CHRISTIAN CARLOS 2016214043   New Jail
  RUOPP, HEATHER LEAH 2016328041   Main Jail
  RUSK, COURISSA ANN 2016292031   Main Jail
  RYAN, BRETT PATRICK 2016300055   New Jail
  RZESUTEK, KYLE STEPHEN 2016332014   New Jail
  SABLAN, TERRENCE JORDAN L 2015309007   Main Jail
  SALAS, JOHNNY 2016341028   (Not in Custody) 12/8/2016 6:09 PM
* SALAZAR, JASON CARLITO 2016345011   New Jail
  SALDAVIA, TIMOTHY RYAN SHANE 2016106042   New Jail
  SALLINGER, RENE 2016299030   Main Jail
  SALUSKIN, CASANDRA ASKILAP'M 2016307024   New Jail
  SANCHEZ, FRANCIS ANTHONY 2016237045   Main Jail
  SANCHEZ-FREITAS, SHAUN LEE 2016231047   Main Jail
  SAO, TAUTALAFUA 2016298042   Main Jail
  SAR, SOPHEA 2016103051   New Jail
  SAUNDERS, BRIANA LYNETTE 2016328017   Main Jail
  SBITNEV, MARK VLADIMIR 2016139040   Main Jail
  SCALES, CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL 2016062053   Main Jail
  SCHAFFER, GREGORY MICHAEL 2016316003   New Jail
  SCHARDT, NATHAN MATTHEW 2016323036   Main Jail
  SCHMAUTZ, CHASE ERIK 2016342032   (Not in Custody) 12/8/2016 10:00 PM
  SCHOCK, KRISTI DAWN 2016343003   New Jail
  SCHOFIELD, JESSE GORDON 2016279045   New Jail
  SCHRAEDER, JAMES COLETON 2016295021   Main Jail
  SCHULTZ, CURTIS LANE 2015273040   Main Jail
  SCHULTZ, WILLIAM THOMAS 2016326018   New Jail
* SCHWER, AMEE MARIE 2016345013   Main Jail
  SCOGGIN, MICKEL 2016176011   Main Jail
  SCOTT, CLINTON TYRELL 2016342020   (Not in Custody) 12/8/2016 6:09 PM
  SCOTT, PHILLIP LEE 2016109008   Main Jail
  SCOTT, VICTOR PAUL 2016327029   Main Jail
  SELDON, AQUAILLA BERTINA 2016275046   Main Jail
* SELL, CURTIS LEON 2016345014   New Jail
  SELLERS, JUSTINE ANN 2016342013   Main Jail
  SERRANO, ZACARIAS 2016325020   Main Jail
  SEWARD, GLEN ROBERT 2016321022   Main Jail
  SHAFFER, LLOYD EUGENE 2016268043   Main Jail
  SHALLOW, JEREMIAH 2016310001   New Jail
  SHARP, ALEXANDER XAVIER 2016203048   New Jail
  SHAW, NATHAN ALLEN 2016177008   Main Jail
  SHEAFFER, ROBIN LEE 2016272029   New Jail
  SHELBY, JEFFREY DARRYL 2016310025   New Jail
  SHEPARD, TERRY WAYNE 2016318011   Main Jail
  SHERRELL, ADAM WESLEY 2016299054   New Jail
  SHERRILL, EBONY CAMILLE 2016290023   New Jail
  SHI, LIANG 2016245046   New Jail
  SHIELDS, JACOB PAUL 2016202016   Main Jail
  SHORTSLEEVE, WILLIAM SCOTT 2016320031   New Jail
  SILVERSON, KEITH ANTHONY 2016328021   New Jail
  SIMPSON, WILLIAM SHANE 2016339027   New Jail
  SIMS, JR, HUIE LA DATHAN 2016062041   Main Jail
  SINGLETON, CHADRICK CORY 2016341043   Main Jail
  SKAAR, JUSTIN DUANE 2016301047   Main Jail
  SKELTON, CHAWNI LYNN 2016344001   New Jail
  SLAUGHTER, JOHN HENRY 2016233003   New Jail
  SLEEPER, DENNIS JEROME 2016301004   Main Jail
  SMALL, PARSHAY ELLEWYEN 2016268041   New Jail
  SMASAL, DAVID JOSEPH 2016278071   Main Jail
  SMITH, DALTON LOREN 2016269018   New Jail
  SMITH, DANIEL RAY 2016334046   New Jail
  SMITH, DRACARRIO BRUCE 2016325025   Main Jail
  SMITH, ENOS DASHAWN 2016288049   Main Jail
  SMITH, JOSHUA LEE 2016340043   New Jail
  SMITH, JR, LARRY EUGENE 2016215042   Main Jail
  SMITH, JR, ROBERT LEON 2013172036   Outside - Temp Release
* SMITH, STEPHEN MICHAEL 2016344021   New Jail
  SMITHLIN, JR, BRIAN NELS 2016316002   New Jail
  SNEAD, ADRIAN RYZELL 2016334032   Main Jail
  SNEDDEN, SARAH CHRISTINE 2016344004   Outside - Temp Release
  SNYDER, JARED ROBERT PETTIT 2016110027   Main Jail
  SOLIGA, WASHINGTON KOLOSE 2016324005   Main Jail
  SOMMER, STEVEN MIKEAL 2016293045   Main Jail
  SONNENBERG, SAMANTHA SUSAN 2016273029   New Jail
  SOU, MATTHEW SARITH 2016085050   New Jail
  SOUM, LIANNA 2016305023   Main Jail
  SOVA, MICHAEL WAYNE 2016292013   Main Jail
  SQUALLY, MICHAEL ALLEN 2016262006   New Jail
  ST. MARIE, JARED A 2016343021   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 10:30 AM
  STAGGS, MELINDA VERRANNE 2016336043   Main Jail
  STANTON, TIMOTHY TALON 2016229004   Main Jail
  STAPLES, ANDREW THOMAS 2016262019   New Jail
  STARKS, JR, LEE ANTHONY 2015288056   Main Jail
  STARR, WAYLON LEE 2016286018   Main Jail
  STEVENS, DAVID SHANE 2016271041   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 8:50 AM
  STEVENSON, ANTYUS LECOLE 2016263006   New Jail
  STEWART WILLIAMS, CIARA LYNN 2016322044   Main Jail
  STEWART, ANDRE DAVID 2016107019   Main Jail
  STONE, WILLIAM WILEY 2016342026   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 8:50 AM
  STRATTON, WILLIAM SCOTT 2016323020   New Jail
  STUART, JON BRIAN 2016170015   New Jail
  STUEART, DANIEL LOYD 2016299057   Main Jail
  STULTZ, JERRY THOMAS 2016341011   (Not in Custody) 12/8/2016 1:00 PM
  SUAREZ, SERGIO JESUS 2016293042   Main Jail
  SUHANEC, JESSE MATTHEW 2015310003   Main Jail
  SULLIVAN, JOSHUA CHARLES PAUL 2015162006   Main Jail
  SULLIVAN, PATRICK ERIC 2016084014   Main Jail
  SUM, PALLA 2016288020   New Jail
  SUN, SOEUN 2015356007   Main Jail
  SUND, PAUL DONALD 2016322014   Main Jail
  SUPPAH, JOHN FRANCIS JUDE 2015355054   Main Jail
  SUTTON, CHARLES LEE 2016297009   Main Jail
  SWAILS, KELLY JAMES 2016339020   New Jail
  SWANSTROM, ROBERTA SUE 2016293016   Main Jail
  SWENSON, KEVIN SCOTT 2016271008   Main Jail
  SWIFT, III, LIONEL 2016341050   Main Jail
  TALAVERA LEMUS, MIGUEL 2016152044   Main Jail
  TALBOTT, JENNIFER DENISE 2016299051   Main Jail
  TALL WHITEMAN, KEVIN WAYNE 2016332016   Main Jail
  TAPIA, JAVIER AMADO 2016328020   New Jail
  TATE, JESSICA KATHERINE 2016341018   New Jail
  TATE, ROBERT STORMY WESLEY 2016183046   Main Jail
  TAVAI, DOMINIC FAAAGI 2016207011   Main Jail
  TAYLOR, ALEX VICTOR 2016274047   Main Jail
  TAYLOR, ANDRE JONES 2014308015   Main Jail
  TAYLOR, CODY J. 2016270013   New Jail
  TAYLOR, JENNIFER DENISE 2016342016   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 12:52 PM
  TAYLOR, REBECCA LYNN 2016341056   Main Jail
  TAYLOR, SHERAYA JEANELLE 2016228001   New Jail
  TEASLEY, BLAKE MATTHEW 2016321049   New Jail
  TELKAMP, DOUGLAS MERLIN 2016308005   New Jail
  TELLIER, BRYON CODY 2016344006   Main Jail
  TERRY, JAMAAL DAVEL 2016313042   New Jail
  TETRAULT, ANDREW RUSSELL 2016291044   New Jail
  THERRELL, ALLEN WAYNE 2016306018  
  THOMAS, BRADEN WAYNE 2016334051   New Jail
  THOMAS, JANELLE MARIE 2016224034   New Jail
  THOMAS, JIMMIE ROY 2016263039   New Jail
  THOMPSON, JR, HERBERT LEE 2016281001   New Jail
  THOMPSON, KENNETH RAYMOND 2016273048   New Jail
  THOMPSON, METRIC LAQUOND 2016208016   Main Jail
  THOMPSON, MICHAEL WELDON 2016322034   Main Jail
  THORN, TIMOTHY JAMES 2016133043   Main Jail
  THORNE, MARCUS SHANNON 2016327008   Main Jail
  THORNTON, SCOTT ALLAN 2016314007   Main Jail
  THORNTON, STEVEN P 2016280013   New Jail
  THRASHER, HALEY NOEL 2016330016   New Jail
  TIEMAN, EDMUNDO ROMULO L 2016307023   New Jail
  TILEH, RAMEEN NASER 2016343028   (Not in Custody) 12/8/2016 1:30 PM
  TOLSON, MARK KEVIN 2016198023   Main Jail
* TOMAL, CYNTHIA MARIE 2016344019   New Jail
  TONG, NALY 2016342003   (Not in Custody) 12/8/2016 6:09 PM
  TONKIN, MICHAEL GENE 2016315010   New Jail
  TOWNSEND, TYLER MICHAEL 2016182004   New Jail
  TRENT, DEZMYN JAVER 2015232006   New Jail
  TRIPP, BRADY LEE 2016343032   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 3:43 PM
  TRUJILLO, JUAN 2016333015   New Jail
  TRUJILLO, MICHAEL ANTHONY 2016294007   Main Jail
  TUFONO, OMAHA TONY 2016097048   Main Jail
  TURENO, MASON JOSIAH 2016287039   New Jail
  TURNER, CHERISE LYNN 2016177048   Main Jail
  TURNER, II, JAMES EDWARD 2016279009   Main Jail
  TURNER, JONATHAN DONNELL 2015115008   Main Jail
  TURNER, JR, DAVID WAYNE 2015133025   Main Jail
  TURNER, TONY LEON 2016310002   Main Jail
  ULLOA, RAMON 2016224045   New Jail
  USSIN, DAMON ANDREW 2016314024   New Jail
  VALADEZ, ALEX LEVI 2016336025   New Jail
  VALDERAS, JESSE JAMES 2016340014   Main Jail
  VALDEZ, BENJAMIN RAY 2016134040   Main Jail
  VALLE CHAVARIN, SOPHIE LYNN 2016307045   (Not in Custody) 12/8/2016 10:04 PM
  VANCE, CORY JAMES 2016343013  
  VANDYKE, TYLER LEE 2016278067   Main Jail
  VANKOOTEN, KENNETH LANCE 2016330012   New Jail
  VAOVASA, OLIVER NASERI 2016271001   New Jail
  VARGAS, ANDRE GERARD 2016176018   New Jail
  VARNER, SABRINA LEE 2016336041   New Jail
  VAUGHN, MARVIN RAY 2016319026   Main Jail
* VAZQUEZ MACIAS, JOSE ALFREDO 2016345004   New Jail
  VAZQUEZ SANCHEZ, ANTONIO 2016193045   Main Jail
  VEGAS, PETER JOHN 2016123019   Main Jail
  VELASQUEZ, ESTAVAN MARTIN 2016307027   New Jail
  VENEGAS, DANIEL S 2016264026   Main Jail
  VEVEA, ALEX CHARLES 2016180038   Main Jail
  VOELLER, SABRINA DYAN 2016335064   Main Jail
  WADDILL SHOPTAW, CASANDRA LEE 2016340049   Main Jail
  WADDINGTON, JAMES DENNIS 2016327042   New Jail
  WADE, DESMOND LAMONT 2016067017   New Jail
  WAGAR, MARCUS LEE 2016228010   New Jail
  WALETZKO, DESTIN BLUE 2016327059   Main Jail
  WALKER, DARNELL DELANE 2016125039   Main Jail
  WALKER, JOHNTEESE DAMARCO 2016125009   Main Jail
  WALKER, MONTE DESEAN 2015336001   Main Jail
  WALKER, ODIES DELANDUS 2015071013   Main Jail
  WALKER, TANYA RENAE 2016293001   Main Jail
  WALLACE, VINCENT EDWARD 2016230017   Main Jail
  WALLER, TIOGA MCCALL 2016322051   New Jail
  WALSH, JACOB 2016259012   Main Jail
  WARREN, JEFFREY EDWARD 2016245029   New Jail
  WARREN, JERRMELL RASHADD 2016084045   Main Jail
  WARREN, RICK LEE 2016343016   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 8:30 AM
  WARTER, LARRY DEAN 2016279015   Main Jail
  WARUIMBO, SAMUEL KINYANJUI 2015288020   Main Jail
  WASHINGTON, EDWARD TYRONE 2016341049   Main Jail
  WASHINGTON, KENNY TRAVELL 2015121045   Main Jail
  WATKINS, JR, ALEXANDER SELWYN 2016333050   Main Jail
  WATSON, AMANDA JEAN 2016327007   Main Jail
  WATSON, JEREMY DOUGLAS 2016063001   New Jail
  WATSON, LAWRENCE THOMAS 2016252048   New Jail
  WATTS, ANTHONY LAMONT 2016343007   New Jail
  WEAVER, MICHAEL TYRONE 2016203006   New Jail
  WEBB, EARL LEE 2016278011   New Jail
  WEBBER, MICHAEL ALLEN 2016319033   New Jail
  WEHMEIER, MATTHEW LEONARD 2016299026   New Jail
  WELLS, GEORGE VINCENT 2015037041   Main Jail
  WELLS, LLOYD ERIC 2016312031   New Jail
  WELLS, QUINN MARTIN 2016216050   Main Jail
  WELLS, STEVEN JEROME 2016329020   New Jail
  WENZEL, DAVID ANTHONY 2016343006   New Jail
  WETHERBY, STEPHANY ANNETTE 2016334005   New Jail
  WHEELER, BOBBY 2016337015   Main Jail
  WHEELER, MARK EVERETT ALBERT 2016138043   Main Jail
  WHEELER, TAYLOR JORDAN 2016336045   New Jail
  WHITE EAGLE, NAOMI SUE 2016027010   Main Jail
  WHITE, DENZEL RASHARD 2016335039   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 11:55 AM
  WHITE, DOMINIC LEE-CHARLES 2016281029   New Jail
  WHITE, NATHANIEL MARQUIS 2016335065   New Jail
  WHITE, SR, ROGER LEE 2015202036   Main Jail
  WHITFIELD, NORMAN LEE 2016276030   New Jail
  WHITFIELD, ROBERT GLENN 2016338013   New Jail
  WHITTEN, STACY KEVIN 2016314052   Main Jail
  WIDEN, ERIC SCOTT 2016321032   Main Jail
  WILDER, JR, JACK RYAN 2016331008   Main Jail
  WILDER, TOSHA LYNN 2016337017   New Jail
  WILEY, CHELSEA LAINE 2016309027   Main Jail
  WILEY, NICKOLAS MIGUEL 2015232007   Main Jail
  WILKINS, SHAUN JAHMAL 2016152042   Main Jail
  WILKS, JASON CRAIG 2016314047   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, ANTHONY DALE 2016288019   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, BRADLEY JAMES 2016323054   New Jail
* WILLIAMS, CHRISTOPHER QINTONLEE 2016344017   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 3:30 PM
* WILLIAMS, DANE ELLIOT 2016345008   New Jail
  WILLIAMS, ERNEST LEE 2016238013   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, JASON DEAN 2016165042   New Jail
  WILLIAMS, JOHN THOMAS 2016343024   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 7:05 PM
  WILLIAMS, JR, ROBERT GEORGE 2015307054   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, KRISTIFER RICHARD 2016248015   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, QUENTIN JAMEL 2016228011   New Jail
  WILLIAMS, QUINZY EZEKIEL 2016144018   New Jail
  WILLIAMS, SAMUEL ARTHUR 2016253036   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, TOMESHELA LOVE 2016325024   New Jail
  WILLIAMS, XAVIER PHILLIP 2016315008   (Not in Custody) 12/10/2016 5:00 AM
  WILSON, BLAKE CAMERON 2016340032   Main Jail
  WILSON, CAMILLA LYNN 2016334043   New Jail
  WILSON, JASON ALAN 2016175010   New Jail
  WILSON, KEITH 2016313054   Main Jail
  WINN, BRET JAMES 2016343008   Main Jail
  WINTERS, AMANDA MICHELE 2016337029   New Jail
  WITKOWSKI, WILLIAM HOWARD 2016221027   Main Jail
  WITTMERS, NATHAN EDWARD 2016329021   New Jail
  WOLFRUM, JOSEPH ARLEN 2016315006   New Jail
  WOODWARD, CHARLES EUGENE 2016334017   Main Jail
* WOOTTON, JR, ROBERT WESLEY 2016344028   Main Jail
  WORLEY, MATTHEW DWAYNE 2016326048   Main Jail
  WRENNALL, MARK JAMES 2015360005   Main Jail
  WRIGHT, JAMES QUINTON 2016091022   Main Jail
  WRIGHT, PHILLIP AARON 2016343046   (Not in Custody) 12/9/2016 8:30 AM
  WRIGHT, TYLER JAMES 2016328011   New Jail
  XAIYAVONG, BOUNME 2016312009   New Jail
  YADDOW, MICHAEL LEE 2016341055   New Jail
  YAGER, CHRISTOPHER DONALD 2016245018   Main Jail
  YANDELL, RICKEY CLAUDE 2016323047   Main Jail
  YANEZ, DAVID FRANCISCO 2016337022   New Jail
  YEAGER, MARK ROBERT 2016284002   Main Jail
* YEOMAN, DAVID ALEXANDER 2016344027   New Jail
  YORK, ANTHONY CHARLES 2016335030   Main Jail
  YOUNG, ANTHONY MICHAEL 2016270011   New Jail
  YOUNG, JUSTIN LEE 2016244027   Main Jail
  YOUNG, SHAUMONT ALLEN 2016159054   Main Jail
  YOUNGBLOOD, JOSHUA LEONARD 2016265054   Main Jail
  YOUNGMAN, FARREN WAYNE 2016211020   New Jail
  ZAVALA URRIETA, JAIME 2016333026   New Jail
  ZEIGLER, ASHLEY ELIZABETH 2016330017   Main Jail
  ZIEGLER, JACE JEFFERY 2016312008   New Jail
  ZUNIGA-GONZALES, JUAN JAVIER 2016075025   Main Jail

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