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Created: Saturday December 14, 2019 6:15PM

Pierce County Corrections Jail Roster

The jail roster lists all persons that are in custody of the Pierce County jail including persons in the Yakima facility, in the hospital, and on a temporary release. The roster also lists persons released in the last 48 hours. The roster does not include persons who are on home detention, at Western State Hospital, or part of the Breaking the Cycle program.

  Jail Name Booking ID Facility Release Date
  ABEYTA, LEADIA JUNE 2019337007   New Jail
  ABSHER, JACOB JAMES 2019337010   Main Jail
  ACEBEDO MEDRANO, ALEX 2019197043   New Jail
  ACOSTA RAMIREZ, PAUL 2019267018   New Jail
  AL ANSARI, AHMED ABDULELAH 2018152025   New Jail
  ALEFOSIO, DANIEL MAX 2019317010   New Jail
  ALEXANDER, JEREMY CAIN 2019344036   Main Jail
  ALFORD, SETH DANIEL 2019328026   Main Jail
  ALLEN, ANDRE AVONCE 2019170040   Main Jail
  ALLEN, DARCUS DEWAYNE 2015064013   Main Jail
* ALLEN, JUSTIN DALE 2019347039   New Jail
  ALLEN, LAKEISHA MARIE 2019346033   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 11:38 AM
  ALLEN, ROBERT EUGENE 2019346042   New Jail
* ALLEN, ROGER 2019348015   New Jail
  ALLEN, TIMOTHY EDWARD 2019341014   New Jail
  ALSTON, SHAWN AVERY 2019326047   Main Jail
  ALVARADO, JOSIAH RENE 2019308002   Main Jail
  ALWIN, IAN RAY 2019310017   Main Jail
  AMES, JUSTIN COLE 2019346026   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 5:00 AM
* ANDERSON, ANTHONY LEROY 2019348025   New Jail
  ANDERSON, JAMES S 2019044043   Main Jail
  ANDERSON, RICHARD THOMAS 2019346043   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 4:55 PM
  ANDRADE, MINNIE PAULINE 2019340039   Main Jail
  ANDREWS, JEREMY PAUL 2019240047   Main Jail
  ANELLO, DAVID PETER 2019290022   New Jail
  APPLE, ERIC LEE 2019347014   New Jail
  ARANGO JR, TONY 2019287029   Main Jail
  ARMAJO, KRISTINA LOUISE 2019332030   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 2:00 PM
  ARMSTEAD, WESLEY RICHARD 2019232010   Main Jail
  ARMSTRONG, COREY ALLEN 2019190009   New Jail
  ARRINGTON, VANIKA CHERELL 2019338039   Main Jail
* ARTER, ALBERT BRIAN 2019348003   New Jail
  ASKINS, SHANE KELLY 2019337012   Main Jail
* ATWOOD, TYLER JAY 2019347040   New Jail
  AUGUST, ISAAC JAMES 2019252036   Remann Hall
  AUSEUGA, SIAUMAU SANELE 2019305023   Main Jail
  AVILEZ LOPEZ, MARINA VALENE 2019305043   Main Jail
  AVINGTON, DOMINIQUE JAMES 2019197024   Main Jail
  BABAUTA, JR, EDDIE TAJALLE 2019328033   Main Jail
  BACHTELER, LORNE EUGENE 2019340010   New Jail
  BAILEY, HAROLD JOE 2019249043   New Jail
  BAKER, CHELSEA WINONA TAHONA 2019312013   New Jail
  BAKER, EDWARD LEROY 2019247011   Main Jail
  BAKER, MELE MOHA 2019338047   New Jail
  BAKER, SHANE JOHN 2019331011   New Jail
  BAKER, SHON KOOLAU 2019065036   Main Jail
  BALDWIN, ROY LEE 2019306001   Main Jail
  BALLARD, RONALD LLOYD 2019130036   Main Jail
  BALLES, LARRY LEE 2019314010   Main Jail
  BALTAZAR, GARRET LEE 2019337062   Main Jail
  BANUT, COURTNEY RENEE 2019319049   New Jail
  BARNES, PAUL EDWARD 2019288001   New Jail
  BARRETO REYES, ALVARO 2019191026   Yakima
  BARTON, CONNIN JAMES 2019303012   New Jail
  BASHAW, TYLER ROBERT 2019329012   (Not in Custody) 12/14/2019 5:00 AM
  BAUGH, TIMOTHY ROOSEVELT 2018285027   New Jail
  BEAN, CHAD ALLAN 2019226020   Main Jail
  BEASLEY, DAMENIQUE LAJUAN 2019288019   Main Jail
  BEAUCHAMP, MICHAEL EUGENE 2019302005   Main Jail
  BECK, JAMES BENJAMIN 2019337026   Main Jail
  BELL, SHAWN LAMAR 2019073047   Main Jail
  BENNETT, CORY ROBERT 2019275003   New Jail
  BENNETT, II, FREDDIE LOUIS 2019233043   New Jail
  BENNING, BRIEANNA NICHOLE 2019290005   Main Jail
  BENSON, ROBERT FLOYD 2019330018   Main Jail
  BERN, BRETT STEWART 2019345003   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 11:30 AM
  BERRIAN, DARRELL PARNEL 2019304010   Main Jail
  BERRY, MICHAEL DEAN 2019332009   Main Jail
* BERRY, TREVOR ALEXANDER 2019348032   New Jail
  BERTO, ALYN KENNETH 2019347006   New Jail
  BERTSCHY, SELENA RENEE 2019121071   Main Jail
  BEST, JORDAN LEE 2019156001   New Jail
  BEYER, ASHLEY RENEE 2019300001   New Jail
  BISHOP, KEITH WAYNE 2019165039   New Jail
  BIZZELL, JIMMY DERRICK 2019286014   Main Jail
* BLACK, JAMIE MICHELLE 2019348035   Main Jail
  BLACKBURN, DOMINIC LAVALLE 2019210041   New Jail
  BLAKE, JASON BENTON 2019336013   New Jail
  BLANCHARD, ANTHONY CHARLES 2019109004   Main Jail
  BLITHE JR, ROBERT MARK 2019328036   New Jail
  BLOCKMAN, WARREN DIEGO 2019052031   New Jail
  BOHLEN, ROBERT SCOTT 2019340040   Main Jail
  BOISSELLE, MICHAEL CLIFFORD 2019304009   Main Jail
  BOLDEN, WILLIAM EVERETT 2019336027   Main Jail
  BONDAHOUSKY, ARTEM ROMAN 2019198057   New Jail
  BONIFAS, CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL 2019346046   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 4:55 PM
  BOOK, ANTHONY OSCAR 2019189032   Main Jail
  BOOTH, MARVIN LAWRENCE 2019347029   New Jail
  BOOZER, JORDAN LEGENDRE 2019322024   Main Jail
* BORJA, FRANCISCO TUSENO 2019348018   Main Jail
  BORJA, VERNON JEROME 2019346027   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 8:58 AM
* BOWMAN, ANTHONY DAVID 2019348007   Main Jail
  BOWMAN, DESTINEY JAZZMINE 2019329039   Main Jail
  BRADY, MWANDISHI KUFONYA 2019218011   Main Jail
  BRADY, TAMMY SUE 2019346018   Main Jail
  BRAME, ZACKARY ALLEN 2019190036   New Jail
  BRANDNER, ROGER ALLEN 2019336043   Main Jail
  BRETZMAN, CHARLES ANTHONY 2019286027   New Jail
  BRITTAIN, REX ALDEN 2019245004   Main Jail
  BROCKOB, ROBERT WILLIAM 2019286030   New Jail
  BROMLEY, SCOTT LEE 2019115042   New Jail
  BROOKS, WILLIAM JACK 2018334030   New Jail
* BROUSSARD, CHANTEL BRIANNE 2019347050   Main Jail
* BROWN, ALEXANDER STEVEN 2019348011   New Jail
  BROWN, CHRISTOPHER MICHAEL 2019298062   Main Jail
  BROWN, DANIEL 2019336002   Main Jail
  BROWN, JAMIE DEWAYNE 2019267013   Main Jail
  BROWN, JR, MARK ANTHONY 2018177060   Main Jail
  BROWN, LAWRENCE KENT 2019235013   Main Jail
  BROWN, NICHOLAS MATTHEW 2019255030   Main Jail
  BROWN, RANDOLPH AUSTIN 2019301002   New Jail
  BRUCKER, JASON ADAM 2019336026   New Jail
  BRUELL, STEPHAN ANTHONY 2019347009   New Jail
  BRYAN DONALD, JASON JOHN 2019294042   New Jail
  BRYNER, JUSTIN MORRIS 2019245030   New Jail
  BRYSON, NAOMI PAIGE 2019339003   Main Jail
  BUCKLER, DAVID WILLIAM 2019289028   New Jail
  BULLARD, GARY EUGENE 2019342026   Main Jail
  BURCHETT, NAEEM JAMELLE 2019166008   Main Jail
  BURDEN, JUSTIN CHASE 2019325025   Main Jail
  BURKS, EURIL DURRELL 2019330028   New Jail
  BURMEISTER, JR, ROBERT JAMES 2019242032   Main Jail
  BURNS, VALENTINENO PIERRE 2019286020   Main Jail
  BURT, CORY KENNETH 2019338006   New Jail
  BUTLER, BRYSON CARL 2019303038   Main Jail
  BUTLER, JOSHUA DAVACIO 2019323024   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 4:55 PM
  BUTLER, KAI DOMONIC 2019344034   Main Jail
  BUTLER, TITO ANTONIO 2019302062   New Jail
  CAETANO, FRANKIE LEE 2019340036   Main Jail
  CALDWELL, OTTAHYO WILLIAM 2019330040   Main Jail
  CALHOUN, DAVID CHRISTOPHER 2018344016   Main Jail
  CALLESEN, SHAWN MIKLE 2019297014   New Jail
  CALLOWAY, ZYSHONNE TARIQ 2019220030   Main Jail
  CAMMEL, WILLIAM JAY 2019346014   Main Jail
  CAMPBELL, JASON VIRGIL 2019345032   New Jail
  CANTRELL, WILLIE JUSTIN 2019342024   New Jail
  CARAVANTES, HENRY HUGO 2019347034   Main Jail
  CARMACK, LEROY STEVEN 2019255026   New Jail
  CARMONA MORALES, EDUARDO 2019324060   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 4:14 PM
  CARPENTER, NATHAN DALE 2019307005   Main Jail
  CARRILLO, ISAIAH SAMUEL 2019238009   New Jail
  CARRILLO, JESSICA LINDA 2019339030   Main Jail
  CARTER, ELIJAH SAJVHON 2019279031   Main Jail
  CARTER, JR, RONALD BERNARD 2019310035   Main Jail
  CARTER, SHANNA ANN 2019310015   Main Jail
  CASTRO, ANDREW RAY 2019252002   Main Jail
  CATANA, DAVID 2019344027   New Jail
* CHAMBERS, MICHAEL ALAN 2019348034   New Jail
  CHASTAIN, ALYSSA DANIELLE 2019278022   Main Jail
  CHAVEZ, MICHAEL LEE 2019262003   New Jail
  CHAVEZ, ROXANNE RODRIGA 2019238033   Main Jail
  CHHOK, CHANGRA SOY 2019192067   New Jail
  CHHUOY, SROUCH 2019278015   New Jail
  CHILDS, STEVEN PARKER 2019328019   Main Jail
  CHIPMAN, ROBERT HENRY 2019260031   Main Jail
  CHRISTENSEN, JAMES DALLAS 2019244034   New Jail
  CHRISTOFFERSON, WALTER 2019346008   Main Jail
  CHUDY, CAMERON LEE 2019290052   New Jail
  CHULICH, STEVE DANIEL 2019264029   Main Jail
  CHUTE, TROY JOE 2018071029   Main Jail
  CLARK, HOBERT WAYNE 2019213018   Main Jail
  CLARK, KAYLA LYNN 2019298016   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 2:00 PM
  CLARKE, LEVI ALAN 2019347019   New Jail
  CLEARY, SEXTON ONEAL 2019333029   New Jail
  CLELAND, BILL MICHAEL 2019295005   New Jail
  CLOUGH, RONALD LEE 2019341002   Main Jail
  COE, ASHLEY MARIE 2019336057   (Not in Custody) 12/14/2019 5:00 AM
  COFFMAN, JACOB JAMES 2019343011   New Jail
  COLEMAN, ALRICO RAY 2019181022   Main Jail
  COLEMAN, REGINALD MARCEL 2019325007   New Jail
  CONAWAY, PATRICK VERN 2019337051   New Jail
  CONKLIN, CHRISTOPHER HOWARD 2019326028   Main Jail
  CONNELLY, DONOVAN JOHN 2019324007   Main Jail
  CONNELLY, TARA SHAWN 2019346005   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 1:30 PM
* COOK, BRIANNA LORRAINE 2019348014   Main Jail
  COOK, BRYCE ELIJAH 2019232009   Main Jail
  COOK, ROXANNE RENEE 2019331027   Main Jail
  COOK, TAVAR ANTHONY 2019099040   New Jail
  COOKE, SHAWN THOMAS 2019346048   Main Jail
  COOPER, CHRISTOPHER ALLEN 2019322012   Main Jail
  CORNELIO, LUIS ALBERTO 2019326033   Main Jail
  CORNWELL, CURTIS LAMONT 2019217023   New Jail
  CORONA, STEVEN NICHOLAS 2019264009   Main Jail
  COUNTS, MARIA ANN 2018144056   Main Jail
  COX, JOHN EMIL 2019318022   New Jail
  CRAVINES, RICO TO'O 2019291048   Main Jail
  CRISS, ERIC TAYLOR 2019262045   New Jail
  CROUCH, MATTHEW RAY 2019341028   New Jail
  CROWELL, DOMINIQUE ANDREW 2019337015   New Jail
  CRUZ, JOE 2019287019   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 5:00 AM
  CUDJOE, JAVON LEE 2019215015   Main Jail
  CUEVAS GALEANA, ARMANDO 2019216016   New Jail
  CULTER LUCIER, JUSTIN JEREMY 2019324062   Main Jail
* CUMMINGS, BRYAN ALLEN 2019347041   New Jail
  CURTIS, DOUGLAS DELBERT 2019205017   Main Jail
  CURTIS, ELIJA DANIEL 2019257025   Main Jail
  DAHL, WILLIAM ROBERT 2019168049   New Jail
  DAVIS, IV, CURTIS PIERRE 2018297079   Main Jail
  DAVIS, JOHN MONTY 2019329027   Main Jail
  DAVIS, JR, GENE RUSSELL 2019245039   Main Jail
  DAVIS, KADRIAN MARQUEE 2019249035   New Jail
  DAVIS, KENNETH MAURICE 2018360015   Main Jail
  DAVIS, MICHAEL EUGENE 2019160035   Main Jail
  DAVIS, RODRICKO RIS 2019304001   Main Jail
  DAWES, DENNIS JAMES 2019334032   (Not in Custody) 12/12/2019 7:52 PM
  DEAN, BRANDON JOSHUA 2019336042   Main Jail
* DEAN, DUSTIN PARNELL 2019348006   (Not in Custody) 12/14/2019 2:30 AM
  DELEON, EDWARD ADRIAN 2019263037   Main Jail
  DELEON, OMAR ARMSTRONG 2019291027   New Jail
  DELGADO, JUAN ESTEBAN 2019311051   Main Jail
  DEMERSON, JONNIE 2019190071   Main Jail
* DETERT, REUBEN WAYNE 2019348026   New Jail
  DEVOUS, MICHAEL GERALD 2019290028   New Jail
  DEWITT, BRIAN DOUGLAS 2019331012   Main Jail
  DEWITZ, DERON DONALD 2019335014   New Jail
  DIAZ, ALEJANDRO LORENZO 2019347030   Main Jail
  DIAZ, CLARENCE ANDREW 2019330046   Main Jail
  DIXON, EMMANUEL OMAR 2019217019   New Jail
  DOE, DAVID KYLE 2019227009   New Jail
  DONELAN, IV, EDWARD JEROME 2019345011   New Jail
  DONMON, II, SIMEON NYABI 2019220012   Main Jail
  DOTTSON, REDIX CURTIS LEE 2019251008   Main Jail
  DOYLE, MEL WILLIAM 2019114011   Main Jail
  DRAYTON, TYRES EARNEST 2019197010   Main Jail
  DUNBAR, CASEY LEE 2019314034   New Jail
* DUNN, CURTIS OWEN 2019348001   New Jail
  DUNN, DANIEL ADAM 2019257017   New Jail
* DUNNE, KENNETH JAMES 2019348033   New Jail
  DUPUIS, JORDAN ALEXANDER 2019347015   New Jail
  DYKEMA, TREVOR MICHAEL 2019347007   (Not in Custody) 12/14/2019 7:00 AM
  EATON, JORDAN MARK 2019151046   Main Jail
  EDWARDS, ELENORA A 2019326015   Main Jail
  EDWARDS, JAREN LAMONT 2019332020   New Jail
  EISCHENS, TROY ROBERT 2019345012   Main Jail
  ELLIOTT, NICHOLAS PRESTON 2019325035   Main Jail
  ELLIS, JR, KEVIN LEROY 2019304032   New Jail
  ELLIS, KEENAN ROSHAUN 2019336029   Main Jail
  ELSTON, ANDREA MARIE 2019336025   New Jail
  EMERSON, CADE COOPER 2019336032   Main Jail
  EMERSON, MARCUS PIERRIE 2019339031   Main Jail
  ENGLAND, WILLIAM BURL 2019345024   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 8:58 AM
  EPPENS, SHANE EDWARD 2019316017   Main Jail
  ERVIN, JIMARLOW LEE DELL H 2019271015   Main Jail
  ESPINOZA, HECTOR MARTIN 2019340005   Main Jail
  ESPINOZA, MARCOS MARTIN 2019337053   New Jail
  EVANS, JOSEPH TYRONE 2019347025   Main Jail
  EVANS-WILLIAMS, DEVAN MICHAEL 2019327039   Main Jail
  EVATT, SCOTT EMERSON 2019312035   New Jail
  FABER, KEITH ROBERT 2019249041   New Jail
  FARNAM, JAMES PATRICK 2019180019   Main Jail
  FARRINGTON, VICTOR DEMAR 2019022038   Main Jail
  FASCILLA, ALEXANDRA JOY 2019339027   New Jail
  FERNANDEZ MEDINA, ROILAND 2019288046   Main Jail
  FIELD, MATHEW ANTHONY 2019338037   Main Jail
  FILEMU, I'AULUALO TUASIVI 2019346045   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 3:21 PM
  FILIPO, ELAINE PATRICIA 2019302063   Main Jail
  FLEMING, LONNIE EUGENE 2019300024   New Jail
  FLORES LOPEZ, JOSE ADRIAN 2019326037   New Jail
  FLOYD, DANIEL ERNEST 2019317057   New Jail
  FORD, KEYSHAWN DAWAYNE 2019309041   Main Jail
  FORINASH, DAMIEN LEE 2019211018   Main Jail
  FORREST, JAMES HARRIS 2019294033   New Jail
  FOSTER, FAITH NICOLE 2019340021   New Jail
  FOSTER, IVAN GREGORY 2019166035   Main Jail
  FOUTS, NIA RUTH 2019321026   New Jail
  FOWLER, AUSTIN WILLIAM 2019142053   Main Jail
  FRANKS, SHONTRELL LYNETTE 2019347003   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 11:02 AM
  FRANZ, JEREMY CHAD 2019347023   New Jail
  FRAZEE, ANTHONY JOHN 2019305036   Main Jail
  FRAZER, KAYDI ANNE 2019343042   New Jail
  FREEMAN, JR, GREGORY DELVON 2019338035   Main Jail
  FRENCH, TONY 2018268072   Main Jail
  FREYMANN, AARON KELLEY 2019330005   Main Jail
  FRUNZ, RANDY LEE 2019164005   Main Jail
  FULLERTON, DANIEL PAUL 2019342027   New Jail
* GABBARD, ADAM REED 2019347047   (Not in Custody) 12/14/2019 12:40 AM
  GANTT, MATTHEW T 2018285026   Main Jail
  GARCIA, CHARLES JOSEPH 2019036026   Main Jail
  GARCIA, WALTER 2019264014   New Jail
  GARWICK, CARL FRANCES 2019335021   New Jail
  GARZA, PAULO EUGENE 2019311014   New Jail
  GASPAR ANDRES, DANIEL 2019314030   New Jail
  GATLIN, GARRETT LEWIS 2019309032   New Jail
  GAUSE, CHRISTIE ROSE 2019300030   Main Jail
  GEORGE, ANTONIO MARTINEZ 2019316003   Main Jail
  GEORGE, RICKY TOMMY 2019155065   New Jail
  GIANCOLI, DENNIS RAY 2019326014   Main Jail
  GILPIN, DUANE ANDREW 2019340018   Main Jail
  GIZAS, BRIAN JOSEPH 2019216022   New Jail
  GLASCO, NATHANIEL EDWIN 2019316035   New Jail
  GLYMPH, TROY JAROD 2019117011   Main Jail
  GODELOSON, JESSE ALEXANDER 2019345020   New Jail
  GOENEN, JEREMIAH BULLFROG 2019264031   New Jail
  GOLDEN, CHRISTINA MARIE 2019268046   Main Jail
  GONG, JUNJIE 2018209012   Main Jail
  GONZALES, BENJAMIN FRANK 2019295035   New Jail
  GONZALES, DAVID JAIME 2019287039   New Jail
  GONZALEZ, ANDRE DARRELL 2019247053   Remann Hall
  GONZALEZ, FRANCISCO JAVIER 2019291029   New Jail
  GOOCH, LACIE RENAE 2019248038   Main Jail
  GOODSON, JIMMIE WAYNE 2019346021   Main Jail
  GORE, JR, JERMAINE LARON ABDUL 2019043040   Main Jail
  GORSUCH, HAVILAH LEE 2019335023   Main Jail
  GOUVEIA, JEFFREY SCOTT 2019344009   New Jail
  GRANDBERRY, ROBERT LOUIS 2019332017   Main Jail
  GRAVES, JOSHUA JEREMY 2019292005   New Jail
  GRAY, TRISTAN ISIAIH 2019335030   New Jail
  GREEN, AUSTIN DALE 2019343023   Main Jail
  GREEN, WILFREDO MANUEL 2019330014   New Jail
  GREENE, JR, JAMES DEVON 2019337050   Main Jail
  GREVER, JAMES KEITH 2019233044   Main Jail
  GRIFFEN, SHARISE NICOLE 2019342032   New Jail
* GRIFFIN, CURTIS 2019347049   New Jail
  GUANDONG, JAMES WUOL 2019255047   Main Jail
  GUERRERO, CLINT VEHIGE 2019315042   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 11:35 AM
  GUERRY, MAJEED LAMIR 2019251002   New Jail
  GUTIERREZ RUELAS, ACENSION 2019346038   (Not in Custody) 12/14/2019 12:30 PM
  HAAS, JEFFREY RAY 2019314012   Main Jail
  HALE, JESSE DANNEL 2019335015   Main Jail
  HALES, CHRISTOPHER MARK 2019346022   Main Jail
  HALL, JOSEPH WILLIAM 2019327055   Main Jail
  HAMER, DAVEY SEAN 2019341026   Main Jail
  HAMILTON JR, KEITH BRIAN 2019290027   New Jail
  HAMILTON, CAMERON EUGENE 2019208025   New Jail
  HAMILTON, KELSEY RENEE 2019346028   (Not in Custody) 12/14/2019 3:00 PM
  HAMMAN, MARK JASON 2019273034   Main Jail
  HAMMOND, DARIUS TREVON 2019107040   Main Jail
  HAMMOND, JOHNTA DURAND 2019268023   Main Jail
  HAN, JOON 2019263028   New Jail
  HANDLEN, JOSHUA DALE 2019266035   New Jail
  HANNUM, KRISTOPHER DAVIS 2019326040   Main Jail
  HARKINS, RANDY NEIL 2019319018   Main Jail
  HARLEY, GEORGE THOMAS 2019330001   New Jail
  HARPEL, RICHARD JASON 2019298022   Main Jail
  HARRIS, ACE TANNER 2019236024   New Jail
  HARRIS, CALVIN DESHAWN 2019340034   New Jail
  HARRIS, COLLIN EDWARD 2019322030   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 4:55 PM
  HARRIS, DARNELL JACOB 2019339042   Main Jail
  HARRIS, GEORGE GABRIEL 2019325023   Main Jail
  HARRIS, JAMES ELLIOTT 2019338012   Main Jail
  HART, JOHN CHRISTOPHER 2019066019   Main Jail
  HARTMAN, GARY CHARLES 2018171045   Main Jail
  HARVEY, IAN MIKEAL SCOTT 2019345031   New Jail
  HARVEY, TERRI DENISE 2019335018   Main Jail
  HASH, ADAM DEWAYNE 2019325012   New Jail
  HATCH, DANIEL DUANE 2018273040   Main Jail
  HAWKINS, RONALD WAYNE 2019344011   New Jail
  HAWS, DAVID ALLAN 2019168023   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 5:00 AM
  HAYES, ALLEN PAUL 2019344001   Main Jail
  HAYES, NICHOLAS JEFFERY 2019133026   New Jail
* HAYNES, AARON CHRISTOPHER 2019348039   New Jail
  HAYNES, EDWARD CORTNEY 2019291059   New Jail
  HAYNESWORTH, MONJAE NYKYLE 2017277046   Main Jail
  HECKENBERG, CHRISTINE BUANHOG 2019346040   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 12:05 PM
  HEDLAND, TOM ODERT 2019045029   Main Jail
  HEIMULI, FILISI 2019324054   New Jail
  HEM, SARIECK 2019275039   New Jail
  HENDERSON, DAVID ANDREW 2019250041   Main Jail
  HENDERSON, III, JESSE JAMES 2019165015   New Jail
  HENRY, TUJUAN ARNESS 2019256045   New Jail
* HEPBURN, MICHAEL ROBERT 2019348040   New Jail
  HERRERA LOPEZ, LUCIANO 2019149047   New Jail
  HETZER, SHAREE RAUCHEL 2019346034   (Not in Custody) 12/12/2019 7:23 PM
* HEYD, KATIE ANN 2019348029   Main Jail
  HICKERSON, GAVIN LEE 2019309052   New Jail
  HICKS, CRAIG DELON 2019347038   New Jail
  HICKS, RONNIE 2019138022   Main Jail
  HIDALGO, ANGEL MANUEL 2019344006   Main Jail
  HIEB, ANDREW FLOYD 2019169011   Main Jail
  HIGUERA GUERRERO, BERNARDO 2019300026   New Jail
  HILL, DANA DEMONDE 2019239030   Main Jail
  HILL, MONTEZ DONTA 2019297042   New Jail
  HILL, ROBERT JESSE 2019243038   Main Jail
  HILLMAN, DEAN ALVIN 2019173022   Yakima
  HILTON, TREYSHAWN DONOVAN 2019260051   Remann Hall
  HINES, JOSHUA STEPHEN 2019327016   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 4:44 PM
  HOGAN, EDDIE LAMONT 2018075010   Main Jail
  HOLBROOK, CARL RICHARD 2019342013   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 12:05 PM
* HOLLAND, SHYEEDA MONIQUE 2019347042   Main Jail
  HOLM, ANTHONY DOUGLAS 2019337014   Main Jail
  HOLMAN, SHAUNTE MONIQUE 2019210028   New Jail
  HOLMES, AZARIO MARQUEZ 2019274010   New Jail
  HOLT, MATTHEW JEFFREY 2017257031   Main Jail
  HONDLE, JR, JASON WILLIAM 2019317030   New Jail
  HOOK, RIO CHRISTOPHER 2019331001   Main Jail
  HOPKINS, III, DARRYL EUGENE 2018003015   Main Jail
  HOPPER, SEAN CHRISTOPHER 2019342025   Main Jail
  HORYST, KENNETH LORENZO 2019341008   New Jail
  HOUN, DEREK RINDARO 2019320033   New Jail
  HOUSE, MARLON OCTAVIUS LUVELL 2019141008   Main Jail
  HOWARD, JR, RICHARD THOMAS 2019324038   New Jail
  HOWARD, STEPHEN DARNELL 2019324031   Main Jail
  HUBBARD, ADREANA GABRILLA 2019328022   Main Jail
  HUFFMAN, ROBERT EUGENE 2019302050   New Jail
  HUNTER, JR, CHARLSTON 2019330015   Main Jail
  HURST, MICHAEL JEROME 2017275045   New Jail
  HURZELER, JUSTIN WILLIAM 2019318048   Main Jail
  HUTCHINS, MICHELLE LEANNE 2019327021   Main Jail
  HUTCHINSON, DONALD EDWARD 2019330013   Main Jail
  ISAACSON, JOHNNY BART 2019295025   New Jail
  ISAAK, BOE DEAN 2019313029   New Jail
  ISDELL, EZEKIEL DANIEL 2019305013   New Jail
  ISHAQ, TREYVONE JAHEIM 2019257001   Main Jail
  JACKSON WARREN, DARON LEMAR 2019003019   Main Jail
  JACKSON, DONOVAN DUPREE 2019278033   New Jail
  JACKSON, GLEN DUPREE 2019039018   New Jail
  JACKSON, HENRY JOHN CARR 2019165001   Maple Lane
  JACKSON, MARCUS ANTHONY 2019067049   New Jail
  JAFAR, MUSE ABDULKADIR 2019011021   Main Jail
  JAMES, IRALEE ERNEST ANTHONY 2018349019   Main Jail
  JARVIS, JR, MICHAEL LEE 2019288031   New Jail
  JARVIS, PHILLIP RENELLE 2018283045   Main Jail
  JENKINS, ANTHONY ZEKE 2019160015   New Jail
  JENNINGS, MICHAEL DENNIS 2019291058   New Jail
  JENSEN, CHAD ROBERT 2019330044   Main Jail
  JIVES, TONYA CHRISTINE 2019336004   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, AMIYA TAMBOURA 2019347020   New Jail
  JOHNSON, ANTHONY MICHAEL 2019234025   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, ASHLEY ANN 2019289041   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, BRUCE ERIC 2019085052   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, DESHAWN DA'QUANN 2019338019   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, DOMINIC HAROLD 2019190033   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, DONNALLIS EZEKIEL D 2019283036   New Jail
  JOHNSON, III, WILLIE D 2019313026   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, JONATHAN DEON 2019322014   New Jail
  JOHNSON, JORDAN ANDREW 2019321004   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, JR, CURTIS CHARLES 2019195021   New Jail
  JOHNSON, SHYLEAH MONAE 2019340001   Main Jail
  JOHNSON, TONY MANDEL 2019283072   Main Jail
  JOHNSTON, TONY EUGENE 2019347017   Main Jail
  JOHNSTON, ZACHARY MICHAEL 2019282026   New Jail
  JOLICOEUR, CODY ALLAN 2019305041   New Jail
  JONES, DASMON TAIWIAN 2017277040   Main Jail
  JONES, DERRICK QUINN 2019307002   New Jail
  JONES, III, NATHANIEL 2019264015   Main Jail
  JONES, KEVIN JOSEPH 2019277011   New Jail
  JONES, MARCUS ANDRAY 2019144033   Main Jail
  JONES, SAMANTHA DAWN 2018023032   Main Jail
  JONES, TERRELL EDWARD 2018200048   Main Jail
  JONES, TIMOTHY ALAN 2019281032   New Jail
  JONES, TYLER LEVI 2019325047   Main Jail
  JORDAN, TROY LEE 2019339025   Main Jail
  JOSEPH, DONOVAN JESSE LEE 2019184003   Main Jail
  JOSHLIN, GEOFERY GREGG 2019345040   Main Jail
  JUAREZ CASTRO, OMAR 2019081065   New Jail
  JUNTTI, JAMES MARTIN 2019346044   New Jail
  KAGUARA, SARAH NJOKI 2019271005   New Jail
  KAISER, MICHAEL COLE 2019326020   Main Jail
  KARMAN, JULIA FAYE 2019336045   Main Jail
  KAUS, ALBERT GARY 2019317029   Main Jail
  KAVANAUGH, BRIAN ANDREW 2019282009   New Jail
  KEEFE, TAYLOR JAMES 2019346016   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 12:15 PM
  KEENO, DORION LEE 2019256059   Ft. Steilacoom Recovery Center
  KELLER, FRANK ANTHONY 2019090014   Main Jail
  KELLEY, PATRICK COLIN 2019336003   Main Jail
  KELLY, JR, STEVEN VEE 2019233053   Main Jail
* KELLY, JUSTIN MICHAEL 2019348027   Main Jail
  KELLY, RAYMOND PERRY 2019190067   New Jail
* KEMPER, CASADY ROY 2019347046   Main Jail
  KEO, SARROM 2019250042   Maple Lane
  KERBY, MOLLIE RAYEANNE 2019295003   New Jail
  KILGORE, ANTHONY OLEN 2019091042   Main Jail
  KING, III, CLAYTON TYRONE 2017295011   Main Jail
  KING, NATHANIEL ALAN 2019304033   New Jail
  KIRK, ADAM LOREN 2019332007   New Jail
* KLISHTA, RUVIM VLADIMIROVICH 2019348002   (Not in Custody) 12/14/2019 2:10 AM
  KLOCKEMAN, DAVID THOMAS 2019347011   (Not in Custody) 12/14/2019 9:00 AM
  KNIGHT, TYSON GARRETT 2019322016   Main Jail
* KOCH, ADAM RAY 2019347051   New Jail
  KORST, TAYLOR NATHANIEL 2019304019   New Jail
  KRAFT, ANDREA MARIE 2019346004   New Jail
  KREBS, JASON JAMES 2019346012   Main Jail
  KREFT, PAUL ROBERT 2019031064   New Jail
  KREJCI, PETER GREGORY 2019346002   New Jail
  LAGDAAN, GLENN ESCALONA 2019337018   Main Jail
  LAGUARDIA, VICTOR BRANDON 2019341021   Main Jail
  LANE, JORY NICOLE 2019333036   Main Jail
  LANG, RYAN JAMES 2019343026   New Jail
  LARSEN, AMANDA LEE 2019335016   New Jail
  LARSEN, STEVEN GERARD 2019334026   New Jail
  LARSON, JASON EUGENE 2019309028   Main Jail
  LAWTON, JEFFREY SPENCER 2019342008   New Jail
  LAY, AJ MICHAEL 2019342015   New Jail
  LAZALDE, SALVADORE 2019186054   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 3:44 PM
  LEANO, ASHLEY CLAMOR 2019337041   Main Jail
  LEBLANC, GORDON ROBERT 2019316033   New Jail
  LEE, NORRIS TREVON 2019345010   (Not in Custody) 12/12/2019 7:49 PM
  LEEPER, RILEY BUCK 2019346019   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 8:58 AM
  LEIVA, GUADALUPE RAMOS 2018298056   Main Jail
  LEMON, JESSIKA ROSE 2019345026   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 5:00 AM
  LEWIS, JESSIE JAMES 2019183046   New Jail
  LHOTKA, JOSEPH JOHN 2019301026   New Jail
  LINCOLN, JR, ROGER HERBERT 2019339004   Main Jail
  LINDQUIST, JEFFREY ALLEN 2019320025   New Jail
  LINKFIELD, LEIF LOWELL 2019134044   Main Jail
  LINSON, LELAND KERMIT 2019200022   New Jail
  LOGGIN, ANTHONY LAMARR 2019343003   Main Jail
  LOPEZ CAMACHO, ALEXIS E 2019326042   Main Jail
  LOPEZ LEON, ALEX 2018270023   Main Jail
  LOPEZ ROJAS, RIGOBERTO 2019317041   New Jail
  LOPEZ, VERONICA LETICIA 2019344038   New Jail
  LOPEZ, WYATT KENNETH 2019343028   Main Jail
  LOUDERBACK, TINA MAY 2019340022   Main Jail
  LOUTH, THEODORE ANTHONY 2019318021   Main Jail
  LOVATA, COREY JOE 2019303034   New Jail
  LU, PENGFEI 2019276023   New Jail
  LUCEY, JEFFREY JON 2019239015   New Jail
  LUND, YOLANDA DONNELLE 2019330030   Main Jail
* LYONS, NATASHIA ANN 2019348021   Main Jail
  MAAE, ALEXANDROS MISATULI 2019246032   Main Jail
  MACK, TRAVIS CHANTELLE 2019253015   Main Jail
  MACKAY, JOHNATHAN RUSSELL 2019295049   Main Jail
  MAIDEN, VINCENT GREGORY 2019327032   Main Jail
  MAILLARD, JESS EDWARD 2019325014   New Jail
  MALDONADO, JORDIN MARKESE 2019329045   Main Jail
  MARCOTTE, LONNIE RAY 2018256054   Main Jail
  MARSHALL, JULIAN JAMES 2019313036   Main Jail
  MARTIN, CHARLES ISAIAH 2019344010   (Not in Custody) 12/12/2019 5:38 PM
  MARTIN, DESIRAE MICHELLE 2019312019   Main Jail
  MARTIN, JAMES ALLEN 2019327040   Main Jail
  MARTIN, TROY MICHAEL 2019346032   New Jail
  MARTINEZ, ANGEL MANUEL 2019221043   Main Jail
  MARTINEZ, SR, ELIAS JOSE 2019122031   New Jail
  MARTINEZ-MARTINEZ, DIEGO 2019106046   Main Jail
  MARTINEZ-VIVEROS, JUVENAL 2019295011   New Jail
  MATTICE, CHRISTOPHER LEE ROY 2018241033   Main Jail
  MATTSON, KEVIN KYLE 2019303026   New Jail
  MAUGA, TAYLOR KAPENETA 2019127027   Main Jail
  MAYER, RICHARD ALEXANDER 2019347033   New Jail
  MCCLAIN, FREDDIE LEE 2019255035   Main Jail
  MCCLOUD, MARK DALE 2019314007   New Jail
  MCCLOUD, MARK MACK 2019346009   Main Jail
  MCCOLLAUM, JOSHUA MATTHEW 2019328023   Main Jail
  MCCONNELL, JR, RICHARD GARY 2019323016   Main Jail
  MCCONNELL, JUSTIN TYRONE 2019333023   Main Jail
  MCCRAY, PATRICK LEE 2019347026   New Jail
  MCCREARY, MARJORIE LANE 2019310024   Main Jail
  MCDOWELL, SIDNEY 2019050017   New Jail
  MCDOWELL, WILLIAM EMORY 2019336030   Main Jail
  MCFETRIDGE, ROMAN MARCUS 2019320010   New Jail
  MCGOWAN, BRANDON JOLEE 2019227008   Main Jail
  MCINTOSH, GLENN CARL 2019243002   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 9:00 AM
  MCKEE JR, JOHN PHILLIP 2019343005   New Jail
  MCKEE, JOSHUA NOLAN 2019345002   (Not in Custody) 12/12/2019 5:38 PM
  MCKENZIE, ANDRE DEVON 2018211013   Main Jail
  MCKNIGHT, JR, CURTIS LEE 2019245042   Main Jail
  MCPHIE, CARLOS DANIEL 2019325044   Main Jail
  MECHAM, RONALD JOHN 2019344031   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 5:00 AM
  MELENDEZ, JOSEPH DAVID 2019342007   New Jail
* MELVARD, TYLER PAUL 2019348010   New Jail
  MENDEZ, CHARLES ANTHONY 2019324056   Main Jail
  MENSTER, DARTRAE JEFFREY LEE 2019344033   Main Jail
  MERCHANT, MICHAEL ROBERT 2019342021   New Jail
  MILKO, NAVIN AVERY 2018291035   Main Jail
  MILLER, NICHOLAS MORRIS JAMES 2019340016   Main Jail
  MILLNER, RACHELLE RENE 2019347027   Main Jail
  MILLS, XAVIER M 2019063022   Main Jail
  MINANO, III, FRANK HARDING 2019273032   Main Jail
  MISAENGSAY, THANOME LANOY 2019328016   Main Jail
  MITCHELL, BRANDON ALAN 2019337023   Main Jail
  MITCHELL, CARLTON JAMES 2019329031   Main Jail
  MITCHELL, JR, EDWARD WILLIAM 2019339009   New Jail
  MITCHELL, MARCUS PAUL 2019346036   New Jail
  MITCHELL, MICHAEL CHRISTOPHER 2019321015   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 9:30 AM
  MODISETTE, LEE MARCELL 2019231008   New Jail
  MOE, COREY STEVEN 2019343035   Main Jail
  MONTES, JR, ANTHONY 2019003005   Main Jail
  MONTGOMERY, ANDREW MARK 2019292031   New Jail
  MOODY, KILE MITCHELL 2019178052   Main Jail
  MOORE, BILLY BRETT 2019320019   Main Jail
  MORALES SORCHAGA, JOEL 2019282036   Main Jail
  MORALES, ALEXANDER LEE 2019337067   Main Jail
  MORGAN, DONALD JAMES 2019052022   New Jail
  MORNINGSTAR SOLIS, ANDRES M 2019238005   New Jail
  MORRIS, PRESTON JAMES 2019341005   Main Jail
  MORRIS, THOMAS WAYNE 2019201011   New Jail
  MORRISON, ELLIOTT ELLISTON 2019345030   New Jail
  MOSS, ALBERT JOUANTAE 2019298025   New Jail
  MOTTINGER, THERESA DAWN 2019296018   New Jail
  MUASAU, MAUA SIAMUPENI 2019331010   Main Jail
  MULLENS, JOSHUA JAMES 2019323020   New Jail
  MUNSON, NITOYA BROOKE 2019211036   Main Jail
  MUNYWE, MICHAEL MUTHEE 2018326007   New Jail
  MURPHY, KEVIN ALLEN 2019188004   Main Jail
  MURRAY, TYLER CHARLES 2019313037   New Jail
  MUTH, EDWARD SCOTT 2019316022   New Jail
  MYLES, NICHOLAS ERNEST 2019322027   New Jail
  NAFTEL, BRENT WILLIAM 2019347005   New Jail
  NATH, NODE CHANTE 2019259038   New Jail
  NAVESKEN, MISTY ANN MARIE 2019226005   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 5:00 AM
  NELSON, BRANDON LEE 2019334027   Main Jail
  NELSON, CALVIN RAY 2019272017   Main Jail
  NEUMANN, KYLE PAUL JAMES 2019178018   Main Jail
  NEWFANG, JOSIAH EUGENE 2019207025   New Jail
  NEY, SHARON GAIL 2019344004   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 6:49 PM
  NGO, PHUNG MINH 2019326029   Main Jail
  NICKLE, III, HARRIS OLIVER 2019346006   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 3:22 PM
  NIMS, JESSE MATTEO 2019343016   New Jail
  NOBLE, BRADLEY DANIEL 2019267059   Main Jail
  NORMAN, AARON STEVE 2019295021   New Jail
  NORMAN, ATERE KEVEL 2018351046   Main Jail
  NOTARFRANCISCO, NICHOLAS 2019347031   (Not in Custody) 12/14/2019 3:35 PM
  NOWAKOWSKI, BILLY JOE 2019117026   New Jail
  OEUNG, PITRA VAY 2019304021   Main Jail
  OJEDA MONTUFAR, BRIAN 2019163052   New Jail
* OKERSON, KORY ANTHONY 2019348022   New Jail
  OLSEN, KYLE AUSTIN LEON 2019333011   Main Jail
  OLSON, SHELBY IRENE 2019333028   New Jail
  OLSON, THEODORE WILLIAM 2019256035   Main Jail
  OLSOWSKI, ROBERT ARTURO 2019243020   Main Jail
  ONEROAD, BEAU JESS 2019286002   New Jail
  OSTER, BRANDON DANIEL 2019206018   Main Jail
  OSTROM, MICHAEL VANE 2019325055   Main Jail
  OTERO, ROBSHELLA SHAWN 2019274011   Main Jail
  OWENS, DUSTEN JAMES 2019127012   New Jail
  PAMON, BRANDON CHRISTOPHER 2019024061   Main Jail
  PANKRATZ, ALIE JULIA 2019170011   Main Jail
  PARFITT, VIRGINIA LEE 2019344017   Main Jail
  PARHAM, JR, GERALD FREDERICK 2019308021   New Jail
  PARKER, DEMARCO LAMONT 2018233014   Main Jail
  PARKER, DENNIS STEVEN RAY 2019204073   Maple Lane
  PARKER, MACK ANTHONY 2019182009   Main Jail
  PARSONS, JASON RUSSELL 2019309027   (Not in Custody) 12/14/2019 5:00 AM
  PASSMORE, BRENDA GAIL 2019208028   Main Jail
  PAYAN ACUNA, RUBEN 2018338064   Main Jail
  PAYES, ERICK OSWALDO 2019346029   Main Jail
  PAYNE, MATTHEW STEVEN 2019317013   New Jail
  PAYTON, SR, LESTER DWIGHT 2019329019   New Jail
  PELESASA, JONATHAN TAVALE 2019334022   Main Jail
  PEREZ, GLEN QUICHOCHO 2019241042   New Jail
  PETE, KEENAN JAJUAN 2019325001   Main Jail
  PETERS, RONALD BENJAMIN 2019308015   New Jail
* PETERSON, DANIEL AARON 2019348031   (Not in Custody) 12/14/2019 12:25 PM
  PETTIT, OLIAS DAVID 2019310011   New Jail
  PHILLIPS, JR, MELCHESTER 2019284056   Main Jail
  PHILLIPS, KURTUS ALLAN 2019284033   Main Jail
  PICHLER, SAMANTHA J VANBUREN 2019303028   New Jail
  PIERCE, DAVID MAX 2019322006   Main Jail
  PIERCE, WENDY KATRISHIA 2019330043   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 11:35 AM
  PILCHER, JR, MICHAEL EUGENE 2019323022   Main Jail
  PINHEIRO, JORDAN J 2019281052   Main Jail
  PINKNEY, JAMAAL LAMONT 2017275041   New Jail
  POINTER, III, ANDREW HOUSTON 2019217036   Main Jail
  POISSON, JORDAN SEAN 2019204018   Main Jail
  PONDS, TONY ANDRE 2019268015   Maple Lane
  POOLE, TRAEAHNA LEE 2019346047   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 12:05 PM
  PORCO, CAMERON THOMAS 2019200044   New Jail
  PORTER, JR, WAYNE ERIC 2019347021   New Jail
  POTTER, JUANITA FRANCES 2019347018   Main Jail
  POUMALE, VALENTINO ASAFO 2019319023   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 5:00 AM
  POWELL, NATHEN DANIEL 2019306011   New Jail
  PRATER, TERRY LEE 2019300014   New Jail
  PRATT, DON MICHAEL 2019252023   New Jail
  PRESLEY, AARON JACOB 2019310002   Main Jail
  PRICE, SHALEENA MICHELLE 2019288032   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 5:00 AM
  PRIETO, ANGEL 2019305010   Main Jail
  PRITCHETT, JARROD LYNN 2019312030   Main Jail
* PROSEANCHIN, ION V 2019348020   New Jail
  PUBIGEE, AMMON ELIAS 2019115011   Main Jail
  PULLIAM, JAMES EDWIN 2019321022   Main Jail
  PURCELLA, ANTHONY JAMES 2019133010   Main Jail
* QUIGGLE, LINDSEY DAWN 2019347044   Main Jail
  QUINATA, BRIAN JOHN 2019312018   New Jail
  RABBAGE, ZACHARY ALLEN 2019347037   New Jail
  RADILLA LUNA, RAUL 2019344021   New Jail
  RAMIREZ, COREY DAVID 2019065011   New Jail
  RAMOS, ERIASSY JARETT 2019336007   New Jail
  RAMSEY, CHRISTOPHER WAYNE 2019302021   Main Jail
  RANDLE, CHRISTOPHER AARON 2019346030   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 8:58 AM
  RANDOLPH, QUINCEY OMAR 2019205033   Main Jail
  RANEY, MARK ALLEN 2018245005   Main Jail
  RAY, JONATHAN 2019309048   New Jail
  RAY, JOSEPH 2019295018   New Jail
  RAY, TERRANCE JAVON 2019320023   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 4:00 PM
  RAY, TIMOTHY ALLEN 2019309034   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 4:55 PM
  RECHE, ANTWAN DOMINIQUE D 2019347013   Main Jail
  REDDING, GARY EDWARD 2018324042   Main Jail
  REED, ARON RICHARD 2019276001   Main Jail
* REED, FARRELL JOE 2019348013   New Jail
  REID, JESSICA ELIZABETH 2019247013   Maple Lane
  RENGUUL, MATHEW JOHN 2019244005   New Jail
  REVETRIA, GIOVANNI LORENZO 2019319050   New Jail
  REYES, DEIRDRE DESIREE 2019328038   New Jail
  REYES, MIGUEL ANGEL 2019308020   New Jail
  REYES, NOEL MICHAEL 2019255019   New Jail
  REYNOLDS, DILLON ANTHONY 2019341016   New Jail
  REYNOLDS, KEVIN LEE 2019312014   New Jail
  REYNOLDS, NORA IRENE 2019331017   Main Jail
  RHEY-BAUMANN, SHAWN CHARLES 2019312036   Main Jail
  RHOADS, DONOVAN MICHAEL 2019310046   New Jail
  RHYNER-ZIMMERMAN, TAMMI JO 2019340009   Main Jail
  RICH, STEVEN GENO 2019303044   Main Jail
* RICHARDSON, TYRONE LAVON 2019348017   New Jail
  RILEY, NATHAN THOMAS 2019340030   Main Jail
  RIOS, AURELIA HELENA MARCELLE 2019224024   Maple Lane
  RIOS, JR, HAROLD ALBERT 2018296010   Main Jail
  RISER, DANIEL RAYBURN 2019346013   New Jail
  ROBERSON, MICHAEL DILLON 2019334011   New Jail
  ROBERTS, II, BRIAN ALLEN 2019311035   Main Jail
  ROBERTS, JARRID WITKO 2019282007   Main Jail
  ROBERTS, JENNIFER 2019347028   New Jail
  ROBINSON, ERIC MALCOLM 2019231041   Main Jail
  ROBINSON, JAMES 2019148017   New Jail
  ROBINSON, MEGAN LEE 2019292011   Main Jail
  ROBINSON, ROBERT JOHN 2019333030   Main Jail
  ROBINSON, SHANE SANCHEZ 2019342023   New Jail
  RODIN, BRETT VICTOR 2019337047   New Jail
  RODNEY, BRANDON DESHAE 2019297016   New Jail
  RODRIGUEZ, PAUL JOSEPH 2019344030   Main Jail
  ROLLINS, LATESHA LA SHELL 2019328035   Main Jail
  ROOD, JEFFREY EUGENE 2019183037   Ft. Steilacoom Recovery Center
  ROPATI, KAZUO LOKENI 2019095026   New Jail
  ROSALES-AVENDANO, HUGO 2019328006   New Jail
  ROSE, KAREEM ARKII 2019347024   New Jail
  ROUGEAU, LANCE GENE FRANCOISE 2017298050   Main Jail
  ROWLAND, SHERMAN ROGER 2019309056   New Jail
  ROYSTER, JR, MALCOLM SHABAZZ 2019307006   New Jail
  RUBALCABA, KARLENE DEE 2019345018   Main Jail
  RUBIN, DUSTIN PAUL 2019334019   Main Jail
  RUFFNER, THERESA LYNN 2019215044   New Jail
  RUTHERFORD, SAMUEL C 2019346041   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 3:22 PM
  RUTISHAUSER, HARLEY MAY 2019304042   New Jail
  SAAVENDRA RAMIREZ, TANYA 2019081038   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 3:47 PM
  SAEGERT, TYLOR SCOTT 2019235039   Main Jail
  SALAS ESQUIVEL, ANGEL 2019247019   Main Jail
  SALKIN, JOSHUA MICHAEL 2019338020   Main Jail
  SALLINGER, RENE 2018268029   Main Jail
  SALUD, MYRONE BARZAGA 2019108048   Main Jail
  SAMORA, PHILLIP RYAN 2019317011   New Jail
  SAMPLE, TRISTAN LEE 2019086025   Main Jail
  SANCHEZ VAZQUEZ, AMADOR 2019190039   Main Jail
  SANCHEZ, JORGE ACOLTZI 2019092001   Main Jail
  SANCHEZ, JOSEPH ROGER NOEL 2019107051   New Jail
  SANDERS, ELWIN 2019329021   Main Jail
  SANTIAGO, ELIJAH XAVIER 2019289030   New Jail
  SAVAIINAEA, SALEVANA POE 2019270052   New Jail
  SAYAH, JR, ROBERT XAVIER 2019025014   Main Jail
  SCHADEMAN, GARY LEE 2019287017   New Jail
  SCHOCK, KRISTI DAWN 2019328020   New Jail
  SCHOOLCRAFT, AUSTIN WAYNE 2019345017   Main Jail
  SCHULLER, ROGER ANTHONY 2018190024   Main Jail
* SCHULTZ, CHARLES LEROY 2019348036   New Jail
  SCHWABLAND, MICHAEL W 2019330036   Main Jail
  SCOTT, JR, JEFFREY CHAD 2019325063   New Jail
* SEARIGHT, DIONCE ARMAND 2019348005   Main Jail
  SEARIGHT, JR, DARRIN LAVON 2019329010   New Jail
* SERRANO, TONJA SUE 2019348038   Main Jail
  SHANK, MICHAEL JEROME 2019260035   New Jail
  SHAW, CONLAN JADEN 2019334004   Main Jail
  SHAW, KRISTEN ASHLEIGH 2019214031   New Jail
  SHELTON, AUSTIN JAMES 2019318023   New Jail
  SHEMON, JOSHUA 2019285030   Main Jail
* SHERROD, TALISHA MARQUAN 2019348008   Main Jail
  SHOOP, HILARY LOUISE 2019344028   Main Jail
  SHORT, TIMOTHY BRIAN 2019176048   Main Jail
  SHORTREED, DALE HARRIS 2019246047   Outside - Temp Release
  SHPAK, DAVID ALEX 2019345022   Main Jail
  SIA, DOROTHY AVIA 2019335002   Main Jail
  SIBBITS, HANNAH NICOLE 2019324043   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 5:00 AM
  SIMISKEY, SAMANTHA NICOLE 2019178054   New Jail
  SIMMONS, CLIFFORD ANTHONY 2019275032   Main Jail
  SIMMONS, JR, ADAM THOMAS 2018109037   New Jail
  SIMMONS, JR, SAMUEL LEE 2019116017   Main Jail
  SIMPSON, ANDRE TROY 2019339011   Main Jail
  SIMPSON, DERON DARNELL 2019235019   Main Jail
  SIMS, KALLAI D'SHEA 2019328007   Main Jail
  SISNEROS, KYLE JORDAN 2019317050   Main Jail
  SLEEP, HAZEL ASHER 2019307038   Main Jail
  SMALLEY, DARRY DAQUAN 2019058012   Main Jail
  SMASAL, DAVID JOSEPH 2019217028   Main Jail
  SMITH, CHRISTOPHER MATHEW 2019189042   New Jail
  SMITH, DALTON LOREN 2019318004   Main Jail
  SMITH, JARED RAYMOND 2019339029   Main Jail
  SMITH, JASON DANE 2019344032   New Jail
  SMITH, JR, CHRISTOPHER HARPER 2019311032   New Jail
  SMITH, JR, EDDIE RICHARD 2018144005   Main Jail
  SMITH, KALYN PENELOPE 2019134021   Main Jail
  SMITH, KEIJUANESHIA LATASHA 2019290004   Main Jail
  SMITH, KENNETH RAY 2019345006   (Not in Custody) 12/12/2019 8:31 PM
  SMITH, NINA JOY 2019108031   Main Jail
  SMITH, QUANTREYVIS ALONZO 2017277041   Main Jail
  SMITH, RANDY 2018250007   Main Jail
  SMITH, REBECCA LYNN 2019337030   New Jail
  SMITH, ROBERT LEE 2019342003   New Jail
  SMITH, RONALD WILLIAM 2019346024   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 3:22 PM
  SMITH, TERAWON ANTONIO 2019243027   Main Jail
  SMITH, TEZON 2019115059   Main Jail
  SMITH, THEA MARIE 2019242018   New Jail
  SMITLEY, JASON SHANE 2019254047   Main Jail
  SNYDER, MATTHEW EDWARD 2019345015   New Jail
  SOIKE, JR, KIRBY ALLEN 2019324067   Main Jail
  SOLOMON, KEVIN EUGENE 2019144012   Main Jail
  SORTINO, ALISSA MAE 2019345023   Main Jail
  SORTINO, TODD KEVIN 2019338042   New Jail
  SORTLAND, KENNETH ANDREW 2019289020   New Jail
  SPEARS, MARCUS ISAIAH 2019087025   Main Jail
  SPHAR, DONALD RAY 2019223027   New Jail
  SPINELLA, STEPHANIE MARIA 2019347016   Main Jail
  ST GERMAIN, JEFFREY SCOTT 2019336040   New Jail
  STARKS, BRANDON LEONARD 2019191025   Main Jail
* STARR, JACOB DANIEL 2019348012   New Jail
  STEVENS, ANTOINE LATRELE 2019256034   New Jail
  STEVENS, JOSHUA BENJAMIN 2019227041   Main Jail
  STEWART, MATTHEW ROBERT 2019302049   New Jail
  STORLIE, BRANDON JAY 2019315014   Main Jail
  STRANGE, NICHOLAS MICHAEL 2019340031   Main Jail
  STRAY, JEREMY GAVIN 2019346017   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 8:58 AM
  STROMAN, ELIJAH MICHAEL 2019346011   Main Jail
  STUART, TIMOTHY LEE 2019300021   New Jail
  STUTZ, JAMES LEE 2019345008   (Not in Custody) 12/14/2019 5:00 AM
  SUAREZ, ANTHONY 2019320013   Main Jail
  SUD MARTINEZ, DEREK JOHN 2019289018   New Jail
  SUMMERVILLE, JR, EUGENE 2019318041   Main Jail
  SUMNER, LISA LYNNE 2019337020   New Jail
  SUTTON, CHAD ALLEN 2019320024   Main Jail
  SWAIM, FRANKIE RAY 2019297054   Main Jail
  SWAN, JACOB ROBERT 2019323008   New Jail
  SWEENEY, JOSEPH KENNETH 2019241023   New Jail
  SWIFT WEST, DONTEY ANTHONY 2019169020   New Jail
  SWINSON, DYRELL JONTAE ROBERT 2019347010   Main Jail
  TALEB, HAMED 2019329028   Main Jail
  TALL, ZACHARY ALAN 2019344007   Main Jail
  TATE, JOE ANTHONY 2019266043   Main Jail
  TATE, JUSTIN LEE 2019213038   New Jail
  TATE, TYVAL JAMAL 2019318018   New Jail
  TAUAVE, FELEI LAPANA 2019326026   Main Jail
  TAYLOR, ROMAN EMMANUEL 2019275019   Main Jail
  TAYLOR, TIMOTHY DONALD CHARLES 2019346039   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 12:15 PM
  TELEMAQUE, STEEVE STANLEY 2019334012   New Jail
  TELLIER, BRYON CODY 2019333018   Main Jail
  TERRY, JR., JAMAAL DAVEL 2019347022   Main Jail
  THOMAS, TYLER ANDREW 2019328001   New Jail
  THOMPSON, HANNAH MELANIE 2019337060   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 2:00 PM
  THOMPSON, LUCAS CRAIG 2019300027   Main Jail
  THOMPSON, RICHARD PATTON 2019340029   Main Jail
  THOMPSON, ROBBRIE PURDELL 2019121046   Remann Hall
  THORNBY, II, JAMES BRIAN 2019327044   Main Jail
  TILLEY, JEFFREY ALAN 2019325033   Main Jail
  TIMMONS, SUNSHINE RAIN 2019247045   Remann Hall
  TOLBERT, JAVONTA LASHAWN 2019346037   Main Jail
  TOLIVER, WILLIAM RAY DUVAY 2019286017   New Jail
  TOMATICH, MIKEAL RYAN 2019288039   New Jail
  TOMLINSON, JEREMY SCOTT 2019329017   Main Jail
  TONG, NALY 2019311030   Main Jail
  TORGESON, KIMBERELY DAWN 2019269003   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 5:00 AM
  TORRALBA, ELIZABETH NICOLETTE 2019347004   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 11:02 AM
  TOVES FERRER, VERON LEE 2019327047   New Jail
  TRACY, AMANDA MARIE 2019280028   New Jail
  TRIANA, OMAR ARMANDO 2019232032   New Jail
* TRINWITH, RODNEY PATRICK 2019348030   New Jail
  TROUSDALE, TIMOTHY ROY 2018357001   Outside - Temp Release
  TSCHABOLD, JIMMIE LOUIS 2019283062   Main Jail
  TUCKER, ANDREW CURTIS 2019346025   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 3:22 PM
  TUCKER, JACOB ALEXANDER 2019335029   Main Jail
  TUCKER, MICHAEL THOMAS 2019304050   New Jail
  TUILETUFUGA, JOHN MAKISUA 2019332026   New Jail
  TURNER, BARRY MICHAEL 2019324047   Main Jail
  TURNER, CERRIL DEON VANDAZ 2019303042   Main Jail
  TURNER, CHERISE LYNN 2018099049   Main Jail
  TURNER, III, JAMES JEFF 2019337001   Main Jail
  TURNER, JONATHAN DONELL 2019339007   Main Jail
  TURNER, TRACY MICHELLE 2019345013   Main Jail
  TURNPAUGH, KATELYNN 2019266052   Main Jail
  TYLER, DUSTIN JOEL 2019341027   Main Jail
  TYLER, JACOB JOSEPH 2019345005   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 8:58 AM
  TYLER, TRAVIS LEE 2019323002   New Jail
  UNDERBRINK, LUCAS EARL 2019204042   Main Jail
  VADER, RUSSELL BRETT 2019344013   Main Jail
  VAETOE, RAYMOND SINAPATI 2019266022   New Jail
  VAIALEGA, TOFU ESAU 2019309033   New Jail
* VALENTINE II JR, GABRIEL 2019347045   (Not in Custody) 12/14/2019 12:40 AM
  VALENTINE, KIRK EUGENE 2019344012   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 12:15 PM
  VAN BUREN, ALBERT EARL 2019274035   Main Jail
  VAN DYKEN, DENNIS GORDON 2019173003   Main Jail
  VANKOOTEN, SAMUEL GRADY 2019269013   New Jail
  VAOALII, JERICHO SAITIA 2019346007   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 4:55 PM
* VARGAS, SERGIO AGUILERA 2019348037   New Jail
* VASQUEZ, JACQUELINE 2019348024   (Not in Custody) 12/14/2019 4:17 PM
  VERNON, CASHWAUN EMMANUEL E 2019279025   Main Jail
  VEVEA, ALEX CHARLES 2019085035   Main Jail
  VILLAGOMEZ, LORENZO ITI 2019189011   Main Jail
  VINES SHANNON, COLBY DERELL 2018104025   Main Jail
  VISSERING, COLE ALVIN PETER 2019307033   Main Jail
  VOELLER, SABRINA DYAN 2019337033   Main Jail
  VOGT, ELIJAH ISAIAH DEANTAYE 2019345035   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 1:00 PM
  VOSHELL, DELENA MARIE 2019329001   New Jail
  VOSS, JONATHAN WAYNE 2019241043   New Jail
  WADDLE, SEAN AARON 2019310048   New Jail
  WADE, JERMAR DAVEL 2019253031   New Jail
  WADE, JOVAN ANTWANN 2019167029   Main Jail
  WAGNER, JASON ALLEN 2019245028   New Jail
  WAGNER, TRISTTEN MICHAEL 2019292012   New Jail
  WALKER, CAYANNE MICHELLE 2019345033   (Not in Custody) 12/12/2019 5:38 PM
  WALKER, CHRISTOPHER EVANS 2018364027   Main Jail
  WALKER, JORDAN BREANNA 2019296030   New Jail
  WALKER, LEO AL 2019316032   New Jail
  WALKER, MARCEL KAREEM 2019336052   Main Jail
  WALLACE, ALAN BRANDON 2019345029   New Jail
  WALLACE, VINCENT EDWARD 2019326019   Main Jail
  WARE, JESSICA RACHEL 2019258026   Maple Lane
  WARREN, JAMES EDWARD 2019289038   Yakima
  WARREN, MICHAEL LEON 2019324046   Main Jail
  WARSALLA, ELIZABETH MARIE 2019338033   New Jail
  WATKINS, MYLON GRANVILLE 2019336035   New Jail
  WATSON, BILLY RAE 2019328015   (Not in Custody) 12/12/2019 9:11 PM
  WATSON, CHARLES LAMONT 2019338016   Main Jail
  WATSON, LARRY THOMPSON 2019287010   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 4:16 PM
  WATSON, NICHOLAS DAREN 2019346035   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 3:21 PM
  WEBBER, ANGELIQUA HALEY 2019338003   New Jail
  WEIDEMAN JR, DWAINE DALE 2019337070   Main Jail
  WELCH BELL, LEIGHTON LOPEZ 2019265033   New Jail
  WELTON, DETRA LEE 2019343020   New Jail
  WENZEL, DAVID ANTHONY 2019333021   New Jail
  WEST, ALTON ELI 2019259012   New Jail
* WHITE, LEVI TYREESE 2019348016   New Jail
  WHITEMAN, KENNETH MICHAEL 2019338023   Main Jail
  WHITESELL, KEZIAH ISESI S 2019338043   Main Jail
  WHITNEY, JR, THEODORE 2019292008   Main Jail
  WIDEN, ERIC SCOTT 2019240054   Main Jail
  WIERMAA, ASHLY MARIE 2019347036   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 10:28 PM
  WIESE, CAMERON LOU GARY 2019277038   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, CLARENCE 2019283069   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 1:00 PM
  WILLIAMS, DEANDRE DENZEL 2019256017   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, DEMARCUS JEFFERY 2019325016   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, DERRIK EUGENE 2019346023   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 2:15 PM
  WILLIAMS, EMMANUEL ROBERT 2019299027   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, FRESNEL FRANCOIS 2019228029   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, II, ALEXANDER RYAN 2019064013   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, JAMIE DEMETRIUS 2019316038   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, JEFFREY MICHAEL 2019256027   New Jail
  WILLIAMS, MARCUS LOUISE 2019319027   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, MICHAEL JOSEPH 2019321028   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, SCOTT EDWARD 2019330004   New Jail
  WILLIAMS, TRENTON ISAAC 2019278023   Main Jail
  WILLIAMS, VAN ALERICK 2019283068   Main Jail
  WILLIAMSON, MARKUS CHARLES 2019189040   Main Jail
  WILMARTH, ERIC RICHARD 2019322036   New Jail
  WILNIQUE, JEAN LOUIS 2019340019   New Jail
  WILSON, ERIC NICHOLAS-RAFAEL 2019342033   Main Jail
  WILSON, TERRY LEE 2019336001   Main Jail
  WINDMEYER, BRYAN MICHAEL 2018266027   Main Jail
  WINDSOR, JARED ROY 2019197039   New Jail
* WINTER, JOSHUA DALE 2019348004   New Jail
  WITHERS, TERRANCE DEWAYNE 2018338030   Main Jail
  WITTNER, DOUGLAS EVERETT 2019346010   Main Jail
  WOFFORD, DONALD ANAINISE 2019345025   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 8:58 AM
  WOODARD, ROGER KAREEM 2019270055   Main Jail
  WOODRUFF, DAVID MARCUS 2019334014   New Jail
  WOODS, JR, JOHN RADER 2019324042   Main Jail
  WOODY, NICHOLAS ROBERT 2019337011   New Jail
  WORTH, RYAN ADAM 2019281045   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 5:00 AM
  WRIGHT, DUSTIN ALLEN 2019185004   Ft. Steilacoom Recovery Center
  WRIGHT, TYLER JAMES 2019344023   (Not in Custody) 12/13/2019 5:00 AM
  WYKE, AARON MCAUTHER 2019337040   Main Jail
  WYNNE, RITA ELIZABETH 2019314019   New Jail
* YANEZ DOVENO, ERIC LLARET 2019348028   New Jail
  YANEZ, DAVID FRANCISCO 2019248033   Main Jail
  YATES, TREVOR ALLEN 2019341034   Main Jail
  YEL, ANEI ATEM 2019214045   Yakima
  YORK, ANTHONY WAYNE 2019322026   New Jail
  YOUNG, DANIEL MALAIETEA 2019326004   Main Jail
  ZAVALA, MANUEL ALBERTO 2019347012   New Jail
  ZENO, JR, MICHAEL ANTHONY 2019326032   Main Jail
  ZHANG, JINGCHEN 2019276024   New Jail

* Booked Less Than 24 Hours Ago