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The following Pierce County forms have been made available so that attorneys can retrieve and print Superior Court forms.  All forms are designed for standard 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper and must be printed or copied to white paper.  Some of the forms can be filled out on your computer and then sent to your printer.  Some forms will populate many of the fields on the form for you.  Additional court forms are available at the Washington State Courts web site.

Electronically file completed and signed forms with the Clerk of the Superior Court. You must have a LINX account and pin to efile. Contact the Clerk's Office for more information at 253-798-7757. The Office of the Clerk of the Superior Court located in Room 110 of the County-City Building at 930 Tacoma Avenue South, Tacoma, WA 98402-2177. It is open to the public from 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M, Monday through Friday, except legal holidays.
Forms E-File Printable Forms Revised
Arbitration Award PDF icon PDF icon 10/15/2008
Arbitration Settlement/Order Removing From Arb Calendar PDF icon PDF icon 11/26/2008
Order of Continuance of Arbitration Hearing Date PDF icon PDF icon 4/28/2008
Request for Trial De Novo and to Seal Award PDF icon 4/28/2008
Statement of Arbitrability PDF icon PDF icon 9/1/2019
Stipulation to Arbitrator PDF icon PDF icon 11/26/2008
Note For Commissioners Calendar PDF icon 5/21/2001
Note For Motion Docket PDF icon PDF icon 7/27/2021
Note For Trial Setting PDF icon PDF icon 5/22/2001
Page 2 for Calendaring with Additional Attorneys PDF icon 5/15/2001
Filing a New Case
Case Cover Sheet, Civil PDF icon 9/13/2023
Case Cover Sheet, Domestic/Probate PDF icon 1/03/2022
Miscellaneous Forms
Confirmation of Service PDF icon 1/7/2002
Document Coversheet PDF icon 9/13/2012
Declaration re: Electronic Signature on Document PDF icon 6/2/2005
LINX Subscription Account Setup, Attorney PDF icon 3/14/2022
LINX Subscription Account Setup, Staff PDF icon 3/14/2022
LINX Subscription Account Setup, Self Represented Party Open form in new tab
LINX Subscription Account Setup, Commercial Subscriber PDF icon 9/2/2021
LINX Subscription Agreement PDF icon 7/13/2012
Local Rules for Pierce County Superior Court PDF icon 9/1/2023
Ordinance PDF icon 7/1/2008
Registration for E-Service PDF icon 9/26/2023
Notice of Change of Email Address PDF icon 9/1/2019
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