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Superior Court calendars and forms are available to view and print. The calendars are regenerated every 2 hours. Also a proceeding calendar can be generated using an attorney's Bar number or case cause number.

The following disclaimers apply to all the calendars and are included at the end of each calendar:

  • Hearing and location information displayed in this calendar is subject to change without notice. Any changes to this information after the creation date and time may not display in current version.
  • Confidential cases and Juvenile Offender proceeding information is not displayed on this calendar. Confidential case types are: Adoption, Paternity, Involuntary Commitment, Dependency, and Truancy.
  • The names provided in this calendar cannot be associated with any particular individuals without individual case research.
  • Neither the court nor clerk makes any representation as to the accuracy and completeness of the data except for court purposes.

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Pierce County Web Site

More information is available at the following Pierce County web sites:

Assigned Counsel

The Department of Assigned Counsel (DAC) is responsible for the delivery of mandated legal services to indigent persons accused of crimes in the Pierce County Superior Court; Pierce County District Court; Municipal Courts in Tacoma, Gig Harbor, Fircrest, and Federal Way; and, Pierce County Juvenile Court delinquency proceedings. DAC also provides constitutionally mandated legal services to indigent parents involved in Juvenile Court dependency and termination proceedings, and to persons detained for involuntary civil commitment proceedings at Western State Hospital, the American VA Hospital, and Puget Sound Hospital. DAC also provides institutional civil legal services to residents of Western State Hospital pursuant to contract with the State of Washington.

Clerk of Superior Court

The County Clerk and Clerk of Superior Court is one of the officials provided for by the state Constitution. The Clerk's duties are mostly administrative in nature, being quasi-judicial in some cases. The Clerk is responsible for maintaining the records of all cases filed in the Superior Court dating back to 1890's. The Clerk has several quasi-judicial duties, which include issuance of various writs, orders, subpoenas and warrants in support of the Court's decisions, as well as administration of the Mandatory Arbitration System. The office is divided into six functional areas: Administration, Arbitration, Domestic Violence & Relations, Legal Services, Probate & Court Services, and Fiscal Services.

Medical Examiner

The Medical Examiner's Office investigates those deaths occurring in Pierce County which are of concern to public health, safety, and welfare. This includes all violent or otherwise unnatural deaths and deaths of apparent natural causes which occur suddenly or under suspicious or unexplained circumstances. Based on the evidence discovered, the Medical Examiner's Office makes every attempt to accurately determine the identity and circumstances leading up to the death through thorough death investigations. Modern medical and forensic science is applied to the death investigation process by highly trained technical staff so that murder shall be recognized, the innocent shall be exonerated, and previously unrecognized public health and industrial hazards shall be revealed. While interacting and cooperating with many state, county and municipal agencies, the Medical Examiner's Office provides for an independent assessment of an individual's death. This objective and independent role of the Medical Examiner's Office calls for sound and impartial forensic medical documentation and testimony for both criminal and civil law proceedings.

Prosecuting Attorney

The Prosecutor's Office is responsible for an array of legal functions for Pierce County and is organized into seven major divisions to facilitate management of these responsibilities. The Civil Division serves as legal counsel for Pierce County elected officials, department heads, and numerous county agencies. The Felony Division reviews all felony complaints and files all felony cases. The Investigation Services Division provides support to the Felony, Administration and Family Support Divisions. The Juvenile Division handles criminal and truancy cases involving youth less than 18 years of age. Misdemeanor Division handles all Pierce County misdemeanor and gross misdemeanor cases filed in District Court. The Family Support Division has the responsibility to judicially establish paternity and support obligations of non-custodial parents. The Justice Services Division manages two programs; The Victim Witness Assistance Service acts as a liaison between the criminal justice system, victims, and witnesses of crimes. EL CID is a diversion program for first time offenders.

Sheriff's Department


Superior Court

Under the Constitutional doctrine of separation of powers, government consists of executive, legislative and judicial branches. The Superior Court is the highest level trial court in state government and the only trial court of general jurisdiction. Any civil suit may be filed in Superior Court and all suits in excess of District Court's limited jurisdiction must be filed in Superior Court. All felony criminal proceedings must be filed in Superior Court. The Superior Court is also an appellate court for District and Municipal Courts. There are twenty-one Superior Court Judges and six Court Commissioners in Pierce County.

Juvenile Court

The Pierce County Juvenile Court has exclusive jurisdiction over those juveniles within Pierce County who violate the criminal laws of this State or who are in need of protection and/or advocacy as a result of abuse, neglect, or abandonment. The Juvenile Department is responsible for the provision of probation, court, detention, and support services. To facilitate the operation of these responsibilities, the department is organized into departments, with mission statements unique to each function, supportive of the overall departmental mission statement.

District Court

District Court is a court of limited jurisdiction over the following cases:

  • Traffic and non-traffic infractions
  • Criminal and criminal-traffic misdemeanors and gross misdemeanors
  • Civil matters for damages for injury to individuals or personal property and contract disputes no greater than $50,000
  • Civil claims ("small claims"), for recovery of money not to exceed $4,000
  • Name changes
  • Antiharassment protection orders

District Court Probation

District Court Probation provides the Court with thorough, accurate and timely reports; assesses each probationer and provides supervision at the designated classification level; holds probationers accountable for their behavior; and manages human and fiscal resources in a responsible manner.

Technical Requirements

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