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Please read this entire message: New Jury Duty - Blue Post Cards are in the mail for July 6th. It is important that your respond on the web or by our Phone System (this accepts jury service only). If you have a question, problem or want to email us your employment or health care letter, please email to We respond during the week only. If you just received a Blue Post Card Summons for jury duty starting on July 6 or a later date, please respond as if you plan on coming or if you need to be excused. Look at our Postpone and Excusal page for your situation. You can always email us your particular situation and we will respond. This message is updated Monday through Friday.

  • If your group number is not one of the groups to report in on the above date, please check the internet, or call (253) 798-7782 after 5:00 pm on the above date for reporting instructions.

First day jurors

  • Please bring the portion of your summons that says JUROR, in bold letters with the scan bar to use when you check in.

  • Jury parking is very limited and we strongly encourage the use of public transportation. Check your summons carefully for parking locations.

  • Superior Court will not be responsible for parking violations of any kind.

  • Disabled parking only is available in the public parking lot located behind the building. Enter lot from 11th Street. We will validate your parking ticket. Please bring your American Disability Act card or paperwork with you along with the card from the machine.

  • The County-City Building does not open until 8:00 a.m. However, Courthouse Security will begin allowing Jurors in the building at 7:30 AM so long as you have your Summons or Juror Badge with you indicating you are currently on Jury Duty. As you enter the County-City Bldg. you will be scanned by courthouse security personnel.

  • Please do not attempt to bring in firearms or any sharp bladed instruments.

  • For additional information about jury duty, access "Jury Services" or watch "Welcome to Jury Duty" on PCTV Channel 22 at 6:00 p.m. any Saturday.