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*** 2-Step Verification starting December 18, 2017***

Beginning December 18, 2017, the Pierce County Clerk will be implementing a 2-Step Verification process for the viewing of Confidential cases or documents from the LINXONLINE public website. This process will require two-step verification for access to confidential documents and cases by LINX subscribers. Before viewing a confidential document or case, the subscriber will be asked to complete an additional verification step before access is granted. Options include Google Authenticator, Key Fob, Email or Text message verification. You will be able to setup your 2-Step Verification from the My Account button once the system is implemented.
Please go to 2 Step Verification Instructions for more information.

Superior Court Cases

  • Search criminal, civil, and judgment cases by title or cause number.
  • View criminal case attorneys, charges, docket, proceedings, and judgments.
  • View civil case litigants, attorneys, docket, proceedings, schedule, and judgments.
  • At the Clerk's Office: Use this web site to view and print public documents filed in 2002 or later.

Superior Court and Jail Calendars

  • View and print criminal calendars which include anticipated trial dates.
  • View and print the In-Custody Arraignment List, a list of inmates who are pending an arraignment hearing in a local court.
  • View and print the Superior Court Readiness Docket which includes anticipated outcomes.
  • View and print Superior Court civil calendars by judge or attorney.

Jail Roster

  • View the entire roster or search by an inmate's last name.
  • View an inmates booking charges including links to related Superior Court cases.


  • View, print, and download Superior Court documents that were filed in 2002 or later (a subscription is required).
  • E-File and E-Serve Superior Court documents.
  • View active cases.
  • Confirm and strike non-trial proceedings on civil calenders.
  • Complete Track Assignment Requests online. (Available in the Forms section.)
  • View an attorney's proceeding calendar.

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